Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show
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Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show

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Bestselling writer Orson Scott Card founded the online magazine Intergalactic Medicine Show in 2006. It has been a big success, drawing submissions from well-known sf and fantasy writers, as well as fostering some amazing new talents.This collection contains some of the best of those stories from the past year.

There is fiction from David Farber, Tim Pratt, and David Lubar...more
Paperback, 432 pages
Published August 5th 2008 by Tor Books (first published August 5th 2005)
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Oct 07, 2008 rivka rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: all spec-fic fans, especially OSC fans
Wonderful collection of some of the best spec-fic shorts today. I never manage to find time to read the online zine (most of my reading is done when I can't use the computer), so this volume was perfect.

I may come back to this review and go through each story. For now, I just have to say that Scott Roberts' Eviction Notice is a must read. Horrible and terrifying and wonderful. And a bunch more adjectives too. ;) And since it's one of the stories readable (in its entirety) using the Google Previe...more
Three stars as a whole, four stars to Scott M Roberts' short story 'Eviction Notice'.

Give it a read for some great short stories about everything under the sun.
I love decent sci fi short story collections with multiple authors! And there are 3 Ender universe stories, only one of which I'd read.

Now that I'm sensitized to Card's politics I try hard to evaluate his stories on their merit, not his politics. But I notice that there is only one (apparently) story by a woman--but perhaps few women writers contribute to his Intergalactic website?

PINES library apparently has NONE of the Intergalactic Medicine Show collections so I guess I'll look for some at P...more
This was a really neat book! I have heard of the online magazine published by Orson Scott Card, but I had never read any of the works. And the thing that got me to pick up this book in the first place was the new stories from the Ender universe (big Ender's Game fan). It was neat to get to learn more about those characters that I have 'known' for so long. I was pleasantly surprised, though, by some of the other works in this collection, though! As to be expected, I liked some works better than o...more
Lady Knight
There really are some amazing stories inside this anthology. I've written my thoughts about each below (there's only room for a couple of lines for each).

In the Eyes of the Empress's Cat (by Bradley P. Beauliey)

Al-Ashwar is called upoon to attend to the Empress's cat Bela. Al-Ashwar discovers that there is something very wrong with the cat and to heal her it requires that everyday he return to give out a remedy. While carrying out his duties he becomes smitten with the Empress's handmaiden, Rabi...more
Paul Lunger
In Card's "Intergalactic Medicine Show" we get a collection of 18 short stories taken from the magazine of the same name written from Oct. '05 to Feb. '07. Card himself is the author of 4 new tales in the Ender-verse ("Mazer in Prison", "Cheater", "Pretty Boy", & "A Young Man with Prospects") which fill in story gaps with some of the characters themselves in the popular series of books. Also "Fat Farm" by Aaron Johnston is based upon a work of Card. Eric James Stone is the other author with...more
Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show is actually an online magazine for writers of science fiction and fantasy. This book is a compilation of short stories that have been published in the magazine.

Is it any good? Well... there are four stories in the book written by Card, one of which I'd already read in Ender in Exile ("A Young Man with Prospects"), one about Mazer Rackham, one about Ender's Battle School classmate Han Tzu, and one about Bonzo Madrid, a bully who picks on Ender when...more
Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show contains eighteen short stories of varying length, four of which are written by Card himself, as well as a fifth that is a “graphic novel” interpretation of one of his tales. On the whole this collection varies in quality, but Card’s contributions are definitely the most well-written. This is not to imply, necessarily, that they are more enjoyable; as someone who is not overly familiar with Card’s more famous works, I found many of the other stories...more
I read this several weeks ago but have put off writing a review because I am somewhat acquainted with three of the authors represented in the anthology and wanted to give them their due as well as highlight some of the other stories. But of course now I've had to return the book to the library and can't find a table of contents anywhere and can't remember a bunch of the stories.

But I can say this:

I enjoyed "Tabloid Reporter to the Stars" by Eric James Stone for its blend of hard sci-fi and humor...more
This is a mixed review because it was a very mixed book, typical of one filled with short stories by different authors. I really enjoyed and would recommend about half the stories, liked another quarter of them, thought some of the others were fairly good, or at least a good attempt. Only one really missed the mark. The one that was a miss for me lost me before the end of the third page. The author threw way too much into the story right away rather than letting the reader feel his way through t...more
Good, but not great. I liked, but didn't love the Ender world stories. I bought the book for those stories and was mildly disappointed. They're OK, but all a little preachy at the same time. Of the other stories--most sci-fi, a couple fantasy--, there are some really good ones, and a lot of OK ones. I just wasn't feeling the "deepness" they were going for.

Some other reviewers have recommended "Eviction Notice," but it was the hardest for me to get through because it was so dark. My favorite was...more
Short stories work really well for a compulsive reader (myself) who doesn't have long stretches of time to read (also myself). Usually, when I get into a story, I ignore all other responsibilities, including bedtime, to find out what happens next. With short stories, I found this compulsion was naturally mitigated cuz each chapter had a full resolution.

Plus each story had sci-fi/fantasy's signature steep learning curve which makes reading so engaging to me. I also really liked reading the autho...more
I didn't actually read this book cover to cover, because I had already read most of the stories in the online magazine. (http://www.intergalacticmedicineshow.com) There were a few stories that I had to reread, though, and it was good to be reminded that Orson Scott Card's magazine tends to be better than many other magazines at providing a selection of short fiction that I really enjoy.

The bonus to reading this anthology is getting the afterward to each story, where the author explains a little...more
Oct 09, 2008 Zach rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Any SciFi or Fantasy fan
This collection of short stories offers a wide range of 'sci-fi' with a high concentration of good quality stories. There were only a few I didn't care for, but others might like them.

My favorite was probably 'Tabloid Reporter to the Stars' and 'The Mooncalfe' and 'Call me Mr. Positive' follow with a tie for second place. Originally I bought the book so I could read the Ender short stories, but I ended up with so much more than I had anticipated. Anyone who hasn't read much from the Ender's Game...more
This is a fun Sci-fi anthology. You will like it especially if you are a big fan of Card's Ender series since it includes 5 short stories by Card about different characters in his Ender's Universe. Some of the other stories by other authors are quite good including "Tabloid Reporter to the Stars" which I got a big kick out of. Others, I felt lukewarm about. And there is another story "Entombed" that is a bit disturbing. But the best thing about this anthology is that at the end of each story the...more
This book reads exactly like what it is; a collection of short stories written largely by amateur authors as writing exercises or assignments. Everyone has heard if you like sausage don't watch it being made. That certainly applies here. I'm sure that these stories have great appeal to aspiring sci-fi authors, but to me they felt a bit, well, raw. Admittedly, I'm not a real sci-fi fan but more of an Orson Scott Card fan (and a fair-weather one at that). Card's stories were far and away the best...more
A steller collection of science fiction. I would recommend this to all SF fans. There are some background stories for Orson Card Card's Ender universe. True short stories of a few thousand words and novellas. All are intense and well written.
All stories come with a little epilog written by the author, giving some wonderful insight into their thinking process. Many of the authors are early in their careers and I am looking forward to new works by them.
Started reading in November, 2008 and fin...more
There was only one story in this collection that didn't finish, and I probably could have if I'd tried a little harder. Otherwise,it was an enjoyable collection of stories. A few stood out, but they were all worth a read. I appreciated the variety, and I like the author's comments at the end of each story. I haven't been reading the magazine online because I didn't want to deal with my PayPal account, but reading this book made me think that it might be worthwhile.
Tim Hicks
3.5 stars really. Several Card stories fill in the Ender universe a bit, mostly as prequel character sketches. The rest appear to be successful workshop exercises, which is OK but some of them don't feel like the work of a fully developed writer yet. As long as you know that they are fine. The afterwords do a good job of explaining this, and often add interesting insight to where the author came from with the idea.

A worthwhile but not memorable read.
Okay so I only sort of read this. I feel a bit guilty about it, because I'm sure all the short stories in here are worth reading, but I only read the Enderverse stories. Hey don't shake your head in disgust at me like that, that's why I downloaded the book! That being said, I may give the other stories in this anthology a shot some time. All of the Enderverse stories were enjoyable and worth reading, and I particularly enjoyed "Mazer in Prison".
I read Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. Orson Scott Card is a good bet, and this book doesn’t disappoint. I recommend this book to all who are impressed by the imagination of talented passionate authors. It is a great collection of mystical, magical stories. It leaves you thinking of possibilities beyond our natural realm of reality. And the author’s afterword following each story, adds a nice touch.
Fans of Orson Scott Card will greatly enjoy this collection of short stories, not only because the master himself has entered four shorts of his own, but he fills the anthology with authors he, himself, appreciates. Card adds a few Ender Universe stories as well, for those fans of the very popular series.

Enjoyable and thought-provoking. Check out the website at http://www.oscIGMS.com for even more.
I always wondered what this was because I thought the title was stupid. I have just now learned that it's Card's publishing website and also a collection of short stories to advertise for his website. I liked almost all of the stories. Surprisingly most of these stories were the author's first attempt at selling a short story or a result of an exercise at Uncle Orson's Boot Camp. Great job.
Joseph Gowen
A collection of short stories, mostly from young, new authors, but also a couple from Card set in the Ender's Game world. I was impressed by these stories. I wasn't too surprised that I liked them, though. Card is one of my favorite authors, so if he likes the stories enough to purchase them for his online magazine, that is a pretty sure bet I will like them too.
Didn't read all of the short stories, only read:

Mazer in Prison -- Orson Scott Card
Audience -- Ty Franck
Cheater -- Orson Scott Card
Pretty Boy -- Orson Scott Card
Fat Farm -- Aaron Johnston, based on the story by Orson Scott Card
The Box of Beautiful Things -- Brian Dolton
Taint of Treason -- Eric James Stone
A Young Man with Prospects -- Orson Scott Card
Mike Coville
For those not familiar with the sci-fi short story website called IGMS, it stands for InterGalactic Medicine Show. It is the brain child of writer Orson Scott Card and it has been an amazing find for me.

For the complete review please click here.
Reading my way through all the issues. Some favorite stories so far:
Dream Engine, by Tim Pratt
Rumspringa, by Jason Sanford
Under Janey's Garden, by Margit Elland Schmitt

Love, Cayce, by Marie Brennan, is quite hilarious.

I'll keep adding... but in all, MORE than worth the yearly subscription ($15) that gives you access to all the issues.
Most of the stories in this collection were 5 stars. A few were 4. One, I could not drag myself through, though I tried 3 times. One or two were borderline-mediocre.

On the whole, an excellent investment because I know I'll be re-reading most of these stories for years to come, and mostly a great read, entertaining and thought-provoking.
This is a great reminder of the power and importance of short stories in sci-fi. There are some real gems in here - and only one stinker. Orson Scott Card included four new stories in here from the Ender universe to draw in his fan base. Those are as good as you would expect, but some of the other short fiction is even better.
I've decided I like short stories. They're fast and you don't feel like you've wasted a lot of time by reading one that isn't as good as others. This is a good collection. Most are sci-fi and although some are pretty bad and others are ok, there are a few gems. Definitely worth checking it out of your local library.
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