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Sword Art Online: Progressive, Vol. 1 (Sword Art Online: Progressive Light Novel, #1)
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Sword Art Online: Progressive, Vol. 1 (Sword Art Online: Progressive Light Novels #1)

4.44  ·  Rating Details ·  697 Ratings  ·  53 Reviews
"There's no way to beat this game. The only difference is when and where you die..."

One month has passed since Akihiko Kayaba's deadly game began, and the body count continues to rise. Two thousand players are already dead.

Kirito and Asuna are two very different people, but they both desire to fight alone. Nonetheless, they find themselves drawn together to face challenges
Paperback, 368 pages
Published March 24th 2015 by Yen On (first published October 10th 2012)
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Sep 11, 2015 Elspeth rated it liked it
I really enjoyed this one. It's fleshing out a bunch of the first time skip from the first novel.
I hope book two gets delivered today so I can see what's going to happen on the third floor.
Jun 06, 2016 Jaime rated it it was amazing
Sword Art Online Progressive 001, by Reki Kawahara

The first time I heard about Sword Art Online was from a buddy I play MMOs with. He recommended SAO and the rest is history. I love Sword Art Online – I think the animation is beautiful, I thought the idea was clever, but, especially after reading the original short story, I thought it was lacking in the narrative part. Progressive 001 fixes this. This first book covers floors 1 and 2 – the bossfight with the Kobold Lord and Taurus King (a boss
Araceli Schlosser
Jun 19, 2016 Araceli Schlosser rated it it was amazing
"The image of Asuna racing, hair rippling in the wind, was like a shooting star in the midst of the dungeon.... ...she could have one day led an enormous guild and been a leader to the player population. Like a shooting star, endlessly lighting up the sky of this dark, hopeless game of death."

I first got into SAO at my husband's suggestion. He explained the premise: the players of a virtual reality game get imprisoned inside the game. Their lives are tied to their avatars. If they die in the gam
Sep 29, 2016 Cecedoll21 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: favorites
Omgs what can I say about this manga , I absolutely adore it , the way Kirito and Asuna are portrayed as characters is really empowering, and they just make the perfect team. They really are a piece in a pot I love the sarcasm in this manga, I for one am fluent in sarcasm lol , I have red and watch the series, and yes manga is way better than the series. One difference I have to point out between the two is the way kirito is in the series and on the manga , in the series he's more of a badass, ...more
John The Mage
Sep 30, 2015 John The Mage rated it it was amazing
I think this is a really awesome book. This book sends me into that world where the story takes place. This book's is genre is probably Sci-Fi, Romance and Adventure. The book is about a 16 year old (about) teenager called "Kirito"who was trapped in a game called "Sword Art Online" eith other 10,000 players. He has to survive, clear the game up to the 100th floor and if a player dies in the game, well no respawn for you in game and you die in real life.

The story takes place in the world of Aincr

I loved this even more than the original series! (Though that may very well be because of how many times I've experienced the main storyline now... Which is about 5 or 6.) It was awesome getting to see Kirito and Asuna from pretty much the very beginning of the game (In this series, Asuna reeeeeally reminds me of Taiga from the manga/anime Toradora... >>), and I really love how much detail Reki puts into his light novels. I'm a pretty big video game lover, so I eat all
Jun 08, 2015 Paige rated it it was amazing
Although the relationship between Kirito and Asuna is developed a bit more quickly than it is in the original SAO novel, I really love that Kawahara is retelling the story of SAO floor by floor. I felt like both in the novel and in the anime it was a bit rushed, that there was more to this story then what we were reading/seeing. I mean to be trapped for two years in a virtual world I couldn't help but feel like there were more moments that could have been revealed to us to really give us a ...more
Raphaël Chantigny
Hard to get a translation of these ATM, glad I read them on baka tsuki when they where there!
Nov 06, 2016 Sophia rated it it was amazing
This book "Sword Art Online Progressive, Vol.1(Sword Art Online: Progressive Light Novel,#1) is a sci-fi book, for it takes place in the year 2022, and is a very technical time period. This book is extremely interesting and good, for it gave more detail about the stories of the characters. For example, they didn't just introduce a person that didn't have a backstory.

The main characters of this book is a flipping perspective of Asuna Yuki and Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito). To start off, I have seen th
Nov 10, 2016 Vanessa rated it it was amazing
When I watched the anime I loved the beginning but the end kind of fell short for me. So I decided to give this book a shot and I loved it!!! The world was just amazing, all the different quests and little quirks like the tremble shortcake (which I want to eat now) really added to the story. The characters also seemed a lot more genuine, Kirito wasn't over powered and it was interesting seeing how Asuna was trying to deal with being stuck in the game. There were many new characters, Argo was a ...more
Feather Dust
Dec 03, 2016 Feather Dust rated it liked it
This book was okay. It was (to me) an original story. I hadn't read of or heard of a story quite like this one before. That's what interested me so much. I watched the anime and enjoyed it. I never got to finish it like I would have liked. Who would have imagined a life stuck in side of a video game?
Some parts of the book were slow and I guess with my genre of books changing, it seemed too kid-like for me I guess? It was hard to keep my focus with this book. I may pickup on the anime again.
Nov 30, 2016 Hoang rated it it was amazing
This book is my type of story about watching a normal character becomes stronger. It's not exactly focus on the progress but still kind of. For who like RPG games and Manga, this book will be easy to read because it has many action parts and the story develops pretty quick :)
Nov 04, 2016 Joseph706 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: manga
I LOVED THIS BOOK! It is a mixture of Fantasy, sci-fi, and action, and for video game fans, is a real awesome manga. Featuring VR, huge swordfights, and beautiful artwork, this is a great manga. 私はこの本を愛しました!(I loved this book!)
Sean O'Hara
Nov 16, 2015 Sean O'Hara rated it liked it
The original SAO is such a frustrating series. The premise is golden: 10,000 people trapped inside a virtual reality MMORPG with no way out but to defeat the game's final boss -- but if their character dies along the way, their brain gets fried in real life as well. The initial set of characters kick ass -- Klein the elite guildmaster who leads his men through countless battles without any casualties, Agil the trader who keeps the front lines supplied with the best weapons, and Asuna an amazing ...more
Jun 29, 2015 Gabriel rated it really liked it
First off, I'll admit the whole reason I've ever gotten into this series is because of the (rather lackluster) anime adaptation, of which I haven't seen the second season of. If only because I only want to read the novels. It was only afterwards I sought out fan-translations of the light novels and, a while later, Yen Press's English localization. Still not the best story ever, and in a way just a over-glorified fantasy story, but the novels did it so much better; in other words, the anime ...more
Christopher Scott Pua
Oct 07, 2016 Christopher Scott Pua rated it it was amazing
Recommended to Christopher Scott by: Moises
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Jul 29, 2016 Omegavesko rated it really liked it
(Note, this is a review for the official Yen Press translation of this volume to English, not the original Japanese edition or a fan translation.)

The best way to describe SAO: Progressive as a series is that it’s a reboot of the Aincrad arc, which is (more or less) the first two volumes of the main series covered in much more detail. Essentially, the ‘goal’, realistic or not, is to cover the clearing of all 75 floors one by one. Right now it’s hard to say how much it’s going to conflict with the
S.Q. Eries
Mar 24, 2015 S.Q. Eries rated it it was amazing
Shelves: manga
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Emir Girgin
Sep 21, 2016 Emir Girgin rated it it was amazing
Well the story of aincrad is of course better than the rest, with asuna of course
McKenzie Richardson
I received a copy of this book from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.I went into this book knowing nothing about the rest of the series. The characters and storylines are set up in a way that no background knowledge is required and this book can be read without having any previous knowledge of SAO.This was a really cool concept for a series and it was played out in an interesting way. The combination of game setup, upgrading, and boss fights make it feel like playing a game, but still ...more
Apr 05, 2015 Steve rated it really liked it
This is the story of SAO retold from the start. This first volume starts with Level 1 and 2, the story of level one is essentially episode 2 of the anime (Bi-ta). Level 2 is a new story about weapons fraud (it is more interesting than it sounds).

Kawahara's intention is write level by level stories, and to expand the understanding of the game engine and minor characters. In this book the stand-out minor character is Argo the information trader we see briefly in The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and we lear
Chase K.
Mar 30, 2015 Chase K. rated it it was amazing
This is book was about all of these civilians getting trapped in a mmorpg meaning a massively multiplayer online role playing game called "sword art online-aincrad". The main character "Kirito" has to go on a brave journey to fight his way all the way up to 100th floor of aincrad. On the side of his journey meets many new friends like Klein, Silica, Asuna, and so many more. Finally he finds the creator of the mmorpg and slays him. And if you die in game you die in real life "irl".

This book was r
Shazza Maddog
Apr 08, 2015 Shazza Maddog rated it liked it
This story takes place entirely inside of a computer game - Sword Art Online - and follows the first adventures of Kirito and Asuna during their first meeting and subsequent partnership in the game.

Sword Art Online is the name of a game created by Akihiko Kayaba and during the beta run, Kirito played. But when he, and thousands of other people, joined the pay-to-play game, something horrible happened - all the players became stuck in this virtual reality game. And, worse, it seems like the only
Shannon J.
Mar 31, 2015 Shannon J. rated it liked it
Basically, this is a revision of the original SAO, chronicalling how Kirito and Asuna advanced through the game level by level. I have to admit I like the idea of going back to fill in the blanks of the original SAO story, which jumped around in time alot, but I DO have a few issues with this book.

Retconning Asuna and Kirito's first meeting to one where he saves her annoys me. It makes her just another damsel in distress, instead of the high level, capable fighter we see in the first SAO. Worse,
Jan 06, 2016 Steven rated it liked it
As a big fan of the Main Series of SAO, this book, suffers from the same problem other sagas like GoT or Naruto suffer, the author becomes a Fanboy of himself or something about his writing.

In GoT you now can expect deaths of protagonist characters every other page the same you can expect a "Kirito-Asuna" romance on this book.

The series no longer deals with the problems of believing yourself strong due to a virtual reality that really doesn't transfer that to real life (or it does?) is no longer
Feb 21, 2016 Cameron rated it really liked it
I really enjoy this different take on the SAO setting. No longer constrained by the contest in which he created the SAO universe, Reki Kawahara is rebooting the series so that he can tell more and greater stories about the world of Aincrad and the characters within.

I will admit that this book will not be for all SAO fans. The anime's first arc has a very quick paced story line, with many of the stories alternating between despair (Sachi anyone?) and hope. This series on the other hand is taking
Scott Taylor
Jul 01, 2015 Scott Taylor rated it it was amazing
As a Sword Art Online fan, I really can never get enough of the original vision of writer Reki Kawahara. Here, Progressive takes the reader back to the beginning and further details the events of Levels 1 & 2 of Aincrad. I loved the new stories here, and accepted Kawahara's excuse that he simply wanted to write more about Kirito and Asuna so he's making a different arc. You get used to this quickly, and I can't wait to get more details on Levels 3&4 in Progressive 002. If you like ...more
Sep 22, 2015 Erica rated it it was amazing
Out of the translated light novels I've read so far, this one was among the easiest to digest. Wording is smooth and fairly organic, which allows the intriguing content to shine.

I would've preferred a longer look into Asuna's POV, but I can forgive that when the SAO Progressive manga focuses more on her journey.

The added details in game mechanics, battle capabilities, and world-building, are the biggest selling points of this "reboot" series for me.

I can't wait to get the next one. Fingers cross
Jan 30, 2016 Katie rated it it was amazing
I love Sword Art Online. I feel in love with the anime and had to read the source material. So glad they started releasing the light novels in the US. The original light novels are great but these progressive ones are even better. You get more stories behind why Kirito is so strong. More in game mechanics. Such in depth look at the different levels and more character stories. I hope Kawahara sensei I can keep up with his writing plan of 2 levels a book and get through all 75 levels.
Jul 31, 2015 Nicole rated it really liked it
Shelves: light-novel-read
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Kawahara Reki (川原 礫) is the writer of Sword Art Online and Accel World. He also uses the pen name Kunori Fumio. His hobby is cycling.
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