The Beast in Him (Pride, #2)
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The Beast in Him (Pride #2)

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  7,689 ratings  ·  331 reviews
Some things are so worth waiting for. Like the moment when Jessica Ward "accidentally" bumps into Bobby Ray Smith and shows him just how far she's come since high school. Back then, Jess's gangly limbs and bruised heart turn to jelly any time Smitty's "all the better to ravish you with" body came near her. So, some things haven't changed. Except now Jess is a success on he...more
Paperback, 325 pages
Published April 1st 2008 by Brava (first published January 1st 2008)
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Note : I hope this review is not like you read Discovery Channel or National Geographic, or promotion for a new Zoo in the town.. *smirk*

My first thought when reading Shelly Laurenston' s book...


Seems there's no normal character in her books. Both men or women, shifter or not, children or adult, they're crazy and insane in their own way... :))

BTW, in this book, meet new shifter in the town!
The African Wild Dog!!

For further information, look at Wikipedia :P.
4.5 stars

I had such an amazing time reading this story. I'm getting to love this series more and more with every book. This book is a full length, so in it you get to know the couple much more than in the first 2 stories from book 1. But we still have plenty of that amazing sense of humor this author has. I swear I love her, she makes me laugh so hard that many times I have to stop reading to be able to stop laughing like an ass.

In this installment we get to read about Bobby Ray (Smitty) Smith....more
Jessie Ann Ward grew up an orphan in the small town in Alabama that was ruled/run by the Smith family. They are a pack of wolf shifters who have a reputation for protecting family at all costs. Jessie has been mercilessly picked on by all the female wolves, especially Sissy Mae Smith a female Alpha. Jessie is considered weak she is a wild dog shifter who has no pack. Jessie has always been in love with youngest brother Bobby Ray Smith and he always looked out for her and intervened when the bull...more
Jessa Ann, the heroine of the Beast in Him, makes this book as far as I'm concerned, rising from her relative bottom of the pack status to alpha female without changing her core personality one iota. (GEEKS RULE! Shewolves drool!) Although it takes most of the book for her alpha wolf shifting destined to be her mate Smitty to finally realize it.

Ok, I'll admit,These books are little too over the top to be pick of the litter for me, as it were, but what the heck- they do make me laugh from time to...more
Crazy for Books (Stephanie)

When Bobby Ray Smith aka "Smitty" left home for the Navy, he left someone behind. A young wild dog shifter named Jessie Ann. Jessie Ann, how had the distinction of being Bobby Ray's sister, Sissy's, favorite punching bag. In fact most girls in town targeted Jessie Ann. Because female wolves did that, but mostly because she was a wild down in a town full of wolves.

Sixteen years later, Bobby Ray is working a job with his partner, Mace, only to discover that Jessie Ann is not only t...more
Julie (jjmachshev)
I woke up early this morning to finish this book. Now, I love to sleep, so that should be a hint as to how much I enjoyed this book.
Jessica has waited twelve years to get back at Bobby Ray Smith for rejecting her kiss before he left town to join the Navy...and boy was it worth it!! As one of Bobby Ray's friends said "...she shot your ass down like a jet over enemy territory." I snorted my way through this book. Between the shifter jokes (there are dogs, wolves, and lions...oh my) and the redneck...more
Miss V-Cam *Shameless, Bitchy & Not Sorry*
DNF @ 30%

This was just so chaotic and campy...and I'm just not in the mood for it right now.

I also don't like how Smitty seems to expect Jess to get over his sister physically abusing her as a teenager...I get that it's all some weird pack mentality, but I've read some weird pack books and...not cool.

It got such great reviews from my friends though, so maybe I will try and revisit it later...
Jo ★  The Book Sloth★
What happens when a wolf and an african wild dog fall in love??
All sorts of awesomeness!!!

Bobby Ray Smith is a wolf, and not just any wolf, he is now the Alpha of the New York Smiths. Bobby Ray, Smitty for his friends, has managed to suppress his wild and feral side, something not easy since it seems to run in the gene pool. There is one person who always brings the edge to the front, one person which can rattle him and always had. Little Jessie Ann Ward. The one woman who made Smitty run, not b...more
After reading The Mane Event, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. And, once I did I was so disappointed. While The Mane Event had laugh out dialogue and larger than life characters, The Beast in Him had confusing dialogue and annoying characters.

The dialogue and narrative were so chaotic at times that I kept checking to see if perhaps my book was defective. Often the dialogue was used to explain what was happening and it jumped around so much that I had to go back and reread certain p...more
Laurenston continues to deliver that humor that sucked me in with the first book. I have to admit that I was skeptical with Bobby Ray having his own story but I was happy with how it turned out. I liked Jessie Ann's character alot. I felt so bad that she had been bullied for so long. She was the true underdog.

Bobby Ray was first introduced in the Mane Event as Mace's partner. He's now in NYC running a security company that was hired by Jessie Ann. The two share a history from childhood. S...more
♡♥Ang ♥♡
Love love Loved IT!!

All i can is is Fried Chicken and Cherry Cobler!!!

I love this series!!
9/3 - Why are all the shifter women so CRAZY? Constantly attacking each other, tearing each other apart (literally and metaphorically) - it makes it hard to like any of them except Jessi(ca)e Ann (for unexplained reasons dogs don't get violent with each other or other species like the wolves, hyenas, bears, lions, and all the other shifter species in Laurenston's supernatural world). I can't stand Smitty's sister Sissy Mae and can't imagine enjoying her story, if there is one. She, and Ronnie Le...more
Lady Allison
This was the first full length Pride book & it featured our lovable wolf Smitty - or Bobby Ray Smith as the Tennessee pack know him. I loved Smitty! I think his whole character can be summed up in an excerpt of his conversation is Jessie Ann (I mean, JESS-I-CA) Ward, the wild dog he could never forget & who drove him mad pretending she didn't remember him.

"Your exact words were: 'I challenge you, Bobby Ray Smith, to get me back into your life.'"
"I never said that."
"That's what I heard."

Laurenston continues to deliver humor and heat both, with her sexy shifter series

Beast in Him is a great follow-on to Laurenston's The Mane Event (Pride, Book 1), it's fun combination of humor and spicy romance with an abundance of sexy Alpha shifters both male and female.

We met 'Smitty' Bobby Ray Smith, werewolf and former Navy SEAL, who was both buddy and business partner to Lionshifter Mace the lead in the last book. Smitty is sexy confident and cocky about his skills with women, he hasn't h...more
The Beast in Him is laugh out loud hysterical at times and at others totally frustrating!! I thoroughly enjoyed every word! Well, maybe not every word...some words I can do without, but I can live with them because the story and characters are freakin' hilarious!

I loved Smitty! I want a Smitty, can I have a Smitty, please!! Any time he prefaced a comment with "Now Jessie Ann" you knew a 'Smittyism' or logic-according-to-Smitty was coming and it would more times then not have you laughing or blus...more
Duchess Nicole
Shelly Laurenston is my hero! I swear, every book I've read of hers just keeps me laughing and marking quotes to laugh over later. If you've never read one of her books, just read ONE! You'll soon devour the rest. I thought this series was more romance/erotica, and it is. But it's so much more. There's always a great plot, lots of action, tons and tons of humor, and I've never really laughed so much during a sexy scene. Don't get me wrong, she can write some hot and steamy love scenes. These men...more
♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
Wow... I expected so much more from this book. I hate that!

Well, Jessie Ann grew up within the Smith pack of wolf shifters, as a foster child. Her being African wild dog, she was small but fast. She grew up running & hiding. She always had a crush on Bobby Ray Smith, but hated his sister & her crew.

After high school, she became a very successful computer nerd & runs into Bobby Ray who now has a security firm. He likes her. She runs from him.

Anyway it's a back and forth thing with n...more
Better than The Mane Event, not as good as Beast Behaving Badly. It's funny at times, and even had some emotional punches. The story is good enough, but there wasn't enough plot I think, and the conflict in the relationship seemed a bit far-fetched to me. Communicate people!

I loved the Wild Dogs though, there were a very cool and goofy bunch, and I wouldn't mind learning more about the backstory of the Kuznetsov Pack, that's hinted at in this book.

I really liked Smitty, and adored his mother, wh...more
I continue to enjoy Shelley Laurenston. This book is no exception. I love the Smith Pack. Just a bunch of down home wolves trying to make it in the big city. Smitty and Jessie are hysterical. Jessie was a nerd and had the biggest crush on Smitty in high school and Smitty secretly liked Jessie. Now that Jessie owns her own company and is not the scared little wild dog anymore. She puts Smitty through hell. This book is so funny and the wild dogs are entertaining. When everyone gets together, it i...more
I wanted to continue with this series which had been pushed down my TBR for so long now, and this one was just sooo good, excellent witty dialog, made me laugh several times. I loved the cocky sexy hero and the interaction of the mean and mischievous characters of this series.
HERO is a Warrior, former Navy and current security advisor, who after many years runs into the special, nerdy, wild dog female he used to protect in high school.
SCENES/CONTENT: several/steamy
GENRE/TONE: paranormal/witty
Aparajita Mukherjee
Despite the title, the 'beast' in question, Bobby Ray, is not not at all a beast but a gentleman or at least he tries to be. He has always tried to look after the weaklings, especially, little geeky Jessie Ann and even tried to do the right honorable thing where she is concerned.
Jessie is a lone wild dog shifter in a town full of wolf shifters and she is continually tormented by the she-wolves headed by Bobby Ray's sister, Sissy Mae. Bobby tries to protect her as much as he could but then he le...more
Aly is so frigging bored
2nd read: March 2013
Buddy read with Jo
It was even funnier the 2nd time around!

1st read: November 2012
Buddy read with Maru
Mollie *scoutrmom*
Dec 24, 2012 Mollie *scoutrmom* rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of shifter romance
I'm not sure I understand the world-building in this book, but these are two great protagonists falling in love in the funniest sit-com I've read in a long time.

To begin with, they knew each other in high school, when she was a geek who had a huge crush on him. Fast forward more than a decade, and she is a hot, savvy, successful businesswoman. They meet again, and he keeps asking her out in front of their friends. She keeps turning him down to protect her heart, and his friends won't let him hea...more
Shannon C.
4.5 stars: A wonderful read by Laurenston, this book was full of zany humor, crazy antics, romance, action and suspense. I couldn't put it down--read it almost in one sitting!

The story really pulled me in. Geeky, smart girl makes good when she grows up; her former crush from high school shows up and is smitten; and then she leads him on a merry chase. The wild dog pack and their antics are hilarious. And I loved the Smith pack from the earlier books, of which Smitty the lead male character is p...more
I really enjoyed the first 2/3rds of this book: it was funny, interesting, page-turning and hot.

Bobby Ray Smith and Jessie Ann Ward (Lord, what names) were somewhat friends in high school. Bobby Ray is one of the infamous Smiths of the Smith wolf pack. Jessie Ann was the lone wild-dog shifter (which put me off for a few minutes, but I got over it) in town, and because of that she was picked on relentlessly. Bobby Ray tried to protect her when he could, but the night before he leaves for the Nav...more
Scott-robert Shenkman
Mine! (SHE says)

I fall in shock…

For the first time in any of the zillions of shifter books I’ve read, the female shifter says it first! Jessie’s an alpha that out-alphas the male alpha. Plus, she’s a dog. No really, she is. She’s a dog shifter. As a woman, she’s no dog – she’s gorgeous. She’s also black, and I thought that was very, very cool, because that fact just came up casually in the story. It wasn’t like I had to be “warned” that I would be reading a “multi-cultural” romance. And this is...more
Oh. Oh. OH!!!!!!!!!!
I heard that Sara and Zach are going to make an appearance!
Oh Oh OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Be still, my little heart.
OMG!!!!!!!!!! They are going to appear! I cannot think now! I need to scream!

Meh...Sara and Zach only appeared once. ONCE!


But I must say, this is wayyyyyyy better than the first in series. At least, Jessie had some guts. Which to my disappointment, still not enough to rival against Sara, who only appeared once but totally stol...more
Spunky & not-so-suprisingly funny, if you're familiar with Shelly Laurenston's style.
What girl doesn't dream of making her teenage crush drool at her feet when she's all grown up and womanly? Jessica gets her chance in full glory. But does she really know what can of worms she's opening with taunting an all grown up Bobby Ray? Hell no! And thats what makes this such a fun and heated tete-a-tete between these destined mates. And it doesn't hurt to see their animal sides getting into the fray...more
Maria A. Jimenez
Bobby Ray Smith:
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Jessica May:
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Smitty unhinged his jaw where he’d marked her as his for eternity. He grabbed tight hold of her hips and yanked her back as he drove into her. Taking what was his, giving her everything he had. Because as much as she belonged to him, he belonged to her.
WOW! Great read! The cast of characters in these books are hysterical! The ones from the south are just big ol' hillbillys and I fell in love w/ them. Bubba and Janie Smith (Smitty's parents) are without a doubt the funniest parents I've ever read. We didn't get to see much of them til the end of the book but once they were in the picture I couldn't put the book down.

Smitty was hot and yet trying to figure out what the hell Jessie Anne wanted from him was funny. She was literally driving him cra...more
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Originally from Long Island, New York, Shelly Laurenston has resigned herself to West Coast living which involves healthy food, mostly sunny days, and lots of guys not wearing shirts when they really should be. Shelly Laurenston is also The New York Times Bestselling author G.A. Aiken, creator of the Dragon Kin series. For more info on G.A.'s dangerously and arrogantly sexy dragons, check out her...more
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“Do you think I’m pretty?”
Smitty glanced away from the computer screen he’d been staring at for the last three hours, looked at his sister, and shook his head. “No.”
“What do ya mean no?”
“You asked. Sorry if you didn’t like the answer. I always thought you were funny lookin’. Asked momma, ‘What is that thing laying in your bed?’ And she said, ‘I found it hiding under a car, you be nice to it now.”
“Smitty gave his best pout. “Why are y’all trying to hurt me?”
“Because it’s fun?”
“It’s easy.”
“I love it when you cry.”
Smitty sighed. “Forget I asked.”
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