You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again: The True Adventures of a Hollywood Nanny
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You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again: The True Adventures of a Hollywood Nanny

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New and completely updated edition

Hilarious and addictive, this chronicle of a small-town girl’s stint as a celebrity nanny reveals what really happens in the diaper trenches of Hollywood.

When Oregon native Suzanne Hansen becomes a live-in nanny to the children of Hollywood über-agent Michael Ovitz, she thinks she’s found the job of her dreams. But Hansen’s behind-the-scen...more
Paperback, 304 pages
Published December 26th 2006 by Three Rivers Press (first published 2003)
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Suzanne Hansen spent a year working to care for the three children of Hollywood power player Michael Ovitz and his wife, Judy. Nearly 20 years later, she wrote her first book about the experience. In it, she writes of how the Ovitzes routinely neglected their children and mistreated their staff, as did their friends and neighbors in show biz.

Many people found a lot to criticize about this book, and I can say that I found a lot of Hansen's issues to come about on account of her own lack of exper...more
Voyeuristic fun that kept me wanting to return to the book almost like I was one of the author's girly pals she shared gossip with. With reality TV these days, I wasn't really shocked by the entitled attitudes of the players the nanny worked for. The author's first employers, the Ovitz's were portrayed as people who you would never want to be or know.

There were times when the author's age at the time she nannied was immature and sometimes irritatingly stupid. There were also times when I defini...more
i wasn't really into this. it's a memoir by a woman who went to hollywood & worked as a nanny for a high-powered well-connected entertainment business couple. it wasn't a great situation, not because her employers were evil, horrible people, but because of the inherent power dynamics at play in such a situation & the fact that when the author got the job, she was like 18 & fresh out of nanny school & totally failed to agree to a contract or even any verbal arrangement about what...more
I didn't review this book after I finished because I was thinking it was just an easy read that didn't read leave a lot of thinking. But I was wrong. I have been thinking about this book more than I would like. It has changed the way I look at celebrities and their "success". I would love to have lots of money and be skinny and have someone to do everything for me, but it would kill me to do it at the expense of my children. I have found myself to be much more cynical in the last few days of any...more
I have always liked reading about stars and Hollywood life, probably because I know my own life will never be like that. This was a nicely written account about nannying to the stars. It's nice to read that at least some of the stars are down to earth and reasonable, although most seem to be high maintenance at least according to the anecdotes in this story.
I don't know how this author did her job, it seems like one of the most nerve-wracking jobs one could have. I identified with the moving aw...more
I've never wanted to be a nanny, and after reading this I think that you'd have to be crazy to want to be one. You'd have to really love kids in order to put up with their parents. The author shows how different celebrity parents can be. One seems horrible, another loves their kids and it shows. I could never do it. Even if the parents weren't famous. For the most part of the book, when the author is getting belittled by her employers, I just wanted to yell at her to stand up for herself. I'd sa...more
Memoir from a former Hollywood nanny. This was fine; defintiely a quick read (I read it during the commercials of the Chargers/Raiders game). The writing was pretty lackluster. I didn't find it "funny" as the description called it. And the author was a real dipsh*t at times. Interestingly I thought the best parts of the book were at the end when she a couple of nice employers. And I expected the "mean" ones to be more jaw-droppingly terrible. They were certianly annoying and no one I'd want to w...more
I'm not sure how she survived in Tinseltown, but Suzanne found a way to get more than one job in one of the most shallow-personality places on earth. She tells her stories with humor and more than a little bit of patience, but I'm amazed at how naive she was. To her credit, she did her best under horrific circumstances. Her first employers treated her like a piece of furniture, there only to take their children off their hands and keep them out of the way. Their love of money, fame, and power is...more
Jessica Lawlor
I’ve always been fascinated by the world of nanny’s. I absolutely loved reading The Nanny Diaries last year which gave me a little peek into the semi-fictional world of a NYC Nanny. This book, You’ll Never Nanny in This Town Again gave me a in depth look into the life of Suzy, a nanny for a wealthy Hollywood power family.

Suzy comes from a small Oregon town and upon graduating from high school isn’t sure of her next steps. She’s always loved children, so she decides to attend a few month program...more
I read this book in about a week, just an hour or two each night, so it's quick, easy read. And I have a lot going on right now, so I wasn't in the mood for a heavy or deep, meaningful story and this fit the bill.

I think the reason for my low rating is that I was disappointed by the lack of humor. I had read "The Nanny Diaries" a few years ago and remember laughing through it. I had hoped this one would be somewhat similar.

This is the real-life account of one former Hollywood nanny and her emplo...more
Suzy Hansen graduated from high school adn had no idea what to do next. She didn't want to go to college and she definitely didn't want to hang aroun Cottage Grove, her tiny Oregon hometown. So on the advice of her guidance counselor, she heads to Portland and attends the Northwest Nanny Institute. After graduating at the top of her class she decides to head to Hollywood and try her hand at being a nanny to the stars. Her first job is with Michael Ovitz, THE most powerful man in Hollywood. While...more
Sam Choi
Amusing story about a young nanny finding herself working for the top agent in Hollywood. I didn't realize it was a true story when I bought it ...

The supposed mega-agent Michael Orvitz, actually comes off pretty well -- fairly sympathetic most of the time until the end. It's his wife Judy comes off as a mean person.

In the end, I find the story something of a compromise ... it's not really that titillating in terms of Hollywood gossip, and not really that mean-spirited an attack on the ridiculo...more
Holly Lee (Bellas Novella)
I am currently a Nanny and I can tell you first hand, that I have never experienced anything like what the Hollywood nannies have to put up with. Thank god for that!

If you thought the Nanny Diaries were scathing, well check out this true story. Author Suzanne Hansen holds nothing back while telling her story of a short lived career as a nanny to the stars.

The majority of the book features her working for notorious Michael Ovitz. Turns out that the guy is as much of a jerk as rumor has it. On o...more
It's easy to get taken advantage of in Los Angeles when you're too impressed with Being in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, most 18-year-olds who move there are going to be in that situation. Suzanne Hansen's memoir of her few years as a "Hollywood nanny" is full of a lot of not-so-surprising stuff as well as a fair amount of name-dropping. At the same time, it's difficult not to have a certain empathy for her, as she dropped into the home of the most powerful agent in Hollywood from rural Oregon.
Ok, being a former preschool teacher and part time nanny, I am a sucker for any Nanny type book. Ms Hansen has written a book using the real names of some of the Hollywood Elite that she nannied for in the 80s. Her writing style is friendly...much like sitting down with a girlfriend to Dish! I am not surprised at the things I read in her book. It has always amazed me that people with SO MUCH money tend to scrimp and whine where their children are concerned. For example, the parents drive Mercede...more
Sep 30, 2008 Brenda rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Those interested in the inside workings of Hollywood, nannies
A young woman from Oregon graduates from nanny college and heads straight for the bright lights of Hollywood. This volume follows her through three nanny jobs for some big names in the Biz.

I enjoyed reading this book like I enjoy reading People magazine from time to time. It may be a little deeper than that, but not by much. The author is a decent writer, but not great. She is fairly honest about her experiences and her own actions and feelings during them. Interesting insight into the workings...more
Making a career decision at 18 or 19 isn't always best. When your career decision is to be Mike Ovitz's nanny you will quickly learn to regret it.

A small town girl from a logging town in Oregon ends up mixing with A-listers while discovering their foibles and frauds.

My favorite part is that each chapter begins with a quote from a famous celebrity mom about how hard she works to take care of her kids.

This is a quick, breezy read
Maryssa Slattery
A very interesting read; although not quite as juicy as I might have hoped. It was nice to see the contrast between how money and fame can change people. For some it might make them lose touch with reality and others can manage to keep themselves grounded. It reminds me a lot of the saying that people's true character comes out with how they treat those who help them whether it be a waiter at a restaurant or your child's nanny.

My biggest complaint is how much the author spoke about her boyfriend...more
This was a fun escapist read. If you find yourself perusing People more than regularly and always up on the latest gossip, you'll probably enjoy it, too. I've always had my opinions on stars and their families, but then we're always "told" that they're "just like us," and "hands-on" mommies. It was nice that all the little tidbits she included in this basically tossed those claims aside. And I was worried she would make herself out to be a martyr and was glad when she included that less than ste...more
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I'm halfway through this book and can't seem to want to finish it (I hate not finishing books). It's just not very captivating and doesn't provide any hollywood secrets or insights that you wouldn't just assume from TV or gossip mags. I just don't find myself rooting for the nanny because it seems like she cares too much about little things that don't matter. So the parents spend tons of money on trips and parties but are stingy with the little things like an iron or a collect call, but who real...more
Denise Parchen
This book was like jumping back in time when i was a nanny for a powerful family that i will choose not to name, i lived in Brynmore PA and it was truly a glimpse into the lives of the 1%. I also wanted to write about my experiences and I could feel my hair standing up on my neck when i was reading her experiences with her first family. So very very similar to my own it was a weird feeling to know so many others also experienced the same issues. I was so isolated while i worked for them and had...more
A truly juicy read about what goes on in the homes of the rich and famous from the perspective of the nanny. The nanny describes her year working as a live in nanny for Michael Ovitz's ( CEO of CAA and superagent to the stars) children. The author was just 19 when she took this job and fortunately for her this was an era in Hollywood (late 80's) prior to the requisite non-disclosure contracts that the famous now require any potential employees to sign. The author also works for Debra Winger and...more
Two stars says it: it was ok. It did bother me that the author exposed the faults of her first Hollywood employers - the Michael Ovitz family. Why bother? It seemed nasty, especially since the family has kept other servants for many many years. Otherwise a light hearted look at being a nanny, a profession that did not satisfy the author who went on to become a nurse. After the Ovitzs she worked more happily for Debra Winger and the Danny Divito/Rhea Perlman family. But she was so stupid and unpr...more
took me a while to finally finish this one. it was just blah. i'm guessing it's only a ny times best seller because of its star studded content because it's clearly not due to its fabulous writing. nanny school and nursing school does not a writer make. e.g., the book was written in first person, but kept having random journal entries included throughout each chapter. i already know what you're thinking, i don't need your journal to tell me. it was an interesting story i suppose, if you care abo...more
Tara D-K
I thought it was great. I loved that she used real names. It did get a little enough-is-enough with the comparisons between her small town life and LA. I mean, she went to LA because of it's "LA-ness" then hated on all of it. Her bosses were complete a-holes and took total advantage of a 19 yr old naive girl but she didn't write the book at 19- she wrote it as a married mom/adult. At that point, it was unnecessary to go on and on about how life was so much "better" in her hometown. You either wa...more
I found this book extremely frustrating. It reads as if the author is trying to settle the score by airing the dirty laundry of her old employer. While I do not condone all of the actions of her employers, the author sets her self up for failure by not dealing with basic employment matters (outlining job responsibilities, signing a contract, etc.) at the beginning. As her employment continues, she does nothing to remedy the situation and only complains about it. In contrast to The Nanny Diaries...more
A fun inside look at being a Hollywood nanny, though I wish she'd had a longer career with more stories to tell. Overall, an easy read but not spectacular.
This book names, names and it was a fun read into what nannies go through.
Oct 21, 2011 Krista rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommended to Krista by: Library Whim
Shelves: memoir, contemporary
I'm being harsh and following the goodreads mouseover text: I thought this book was OK, meaning I liked it fine. I wish I could give it 2.5 stars. It was a quick light read, with some good nuggets of food for thought about money particularly. I could see more of myself than I wanted to in the recurring ways the rich employers would pinch pennies in nonsensical ways, despite being rich, because they were afraid of being taken advantage of.

Favorite quote: "Sometimes friends are a good substitute f...more
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