A Rather Curious Engagement
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A Rather Curious Engagement (Penny Nichols #2)

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Penny Nichols has the London apartment, the classic cat, the villa in France, the fabulous bank account, and the great guy to share them all with. So everything's perfect, right? Er, well... Pursued by gigolos, gold diggers, an ex-wife, and highly aggressive salesmen, all chasing after their millions, freelancer-turned-heiress Penny Nichols and her boyfriend, Jeremy, decid...more
Paperback, 384 pages
Published July 1st 2008 by NAL Trade
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Kristi Brown
I enjoyed reading this book and was reminded *again* that I really need to go see Lake Como, Italy in person. Really, I look at a beautiful photo of Lake Como, Italy every single day in my dining room. This book was a oerfect Sunday morning read. I will have to check out more of C.A. Belmond's work. She does excellent character development. And, the theme of a historical romance suspence genre is a great page turner combo! And there's the author's note at the end where she gives props to Margare...more
*sigh* I just love these. They are my favorite kinds of stories. I can very much imagine watching them all unfold as old movies, akin to my favorite old Hayley Mills films. I wish they still made movies like that. I'm pleased someone out there still writes stories in this manner. I can't decide which book is my favorite. I absolutely adore them all!
Rachel Rogers
Another lovely book. Was it brilliant? No. But it was a fun romp again with progress in the Penny-Jeremy romance, despite Jeremy acting like a dolt at times.
happy sigh...
In my quest to read C. A. Belmond's "Rather" series, I've now finished the second book, A Rather Curious Engagement. It was every bit as charming as Belmond's introduction to heroine and heiress Penny Nichols in A Rather Lovely Inheritance.

Penny and her cousin-but-not-really Jeremy are deeply in love after realizing their feelings for one another in the first book. With their shared inheritance gained in the first installment of this series, from great aunt Penelope, they make life decisions tha...more
Susan Ferguson
A continuation of the adventures of Penny and Jeremy. They have their inheritance sorted out and are besieged with requests for them to invest in various projects and make donations in support of various charities and causes.
They go to an investment counselor and explain some of their problems with the money to him. He suggests they set aside money for everyday expenses, set aside some money for a big purchase (for a dream purchase) and hold onto the rest of the money in safe investments for a y...more
Ever wonder what it would be like to suddenly inherit enough money to be able to do anything you wanted? How about a villa in France, a classic car, and a good looking lawyer boyfriend named Jeremy with a sizeable inheritance of his own thrown in for good measure? Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? Just ask Penelope Nichols, heroine of A RATHER CURIOUS ENGAGEMENT who has come into this windfall courtesy of her Great Aunt Pen and she might tell you that the grass is not always greener....more
Another quick grab from the on-going book sale shelf at the Ellsworth Public Library, A Rather Curious Engagement was a blend of innocence and innocuous adventure. The author thanks Margaret Atwood in the acknowledgements and is apparently a recognized screenwriter, which made the overall "gee whiz!" tone of the book more unusual--at first I assumed it was a self-published "I like escapist stories with no swearing" sort of effort. Here are a few sentences I thought worth noting as exemplars: "Pe...more
American heiress Penny Nichols and her boyfriend Jeremy Laidley are on their second adventure in what is now a trilogy of art theft, mayhem and intrigue by C. A. Belmond. While "A Rather Curious Engagement" was neither as engaging or witty as Peter Mayle and Sophie Kinsella, it did provide an interesting story that takes Penny and Jeremy from London to the South of France and beyond in search of the happiness that a rather large inheritance promises to bring them. Along the way, they find themse...more
This was a nice follow up to A Rather Lovely Inheritance. In this book we follow along with recent heiress Penny, and her co-heir, Jeremy, as they adjust to their new romance, as well as their new lifestyle. Part of this new lifestyle involves the purchase of a luxury yacht, and plans to sail it around the Mediterranean for the summer. Along with the yacht comes an unexpected mystery of a missing heirloom; a mystery that must be solved before they can begin their new life. This certainly is not...more
A Rather Curious Engagement by C.A. Belmond is the total opposite of Promise the Moon. This is one delicious book about an American television freelancer researcher named Penny Nichols who came into a great deal of money from her great aunt in England. I didn’t have the chance to read A Rather Lovely Inheritance, which is the first book in this series. Belmont did a fine job of bringing the reader up to speed about Penny and her very distant English cousin and boyfriend Jeremy Laidley who also h...more
Darcy Odden
Penny Nichols and Jeremy Laidley are getting married. Penny's French relatives want the wedding to take place in France, while Jeremy's insist they be married in London. Money is no object since Penny has inherited Great-Aunt Penelope's millions.

Penny's French relatives loan their wedding tapestry to her especially for the wedding, but the tapestry is stolen. Penny believes the tapestry has woven into it clues to the family's treasure and so does whoever has taken it.

Penny and Jeremy must endure...more
Yun Zhen
Not the best book ever but at best... okay.

The book was merely a regurgitating of events but it could not make me empathise with each character or make them my friends or enemies, lacking in character development I personally thought.

The plot moved slow and finished a bit too quickly for my liking. I wish the author could have focused more on the finding of the aquamanile although I can't quite decide yet whether the eventual twist was a bit disappointing. But it was a clever twist though whic...more
This book is somewhat fluff, but I really enjoyed it. Who wouldn’t want to suddenly have no worries and a carefree life and someone to share it with? What could be cheesy, isn’t. There was a bit more recapping of events from the first book (A Rather Lovely Inheritance) than I thought necessary, but it helped tie the two together in a way. I liked that Rollo was back and maybe not such a bad egg after all. I like that Penny uses her interests and skills, but in a different way. I enjoyed the myst...more
So far--like the first book with these characters--I find the setting and premise charming, and I'd love to immerse myself in it, but there isn't the necessary depth. I hope this one is a bit better than her first. :) (Although that was ok and cute.)

Ok, I've finished. My reading experience was fairly slow and unenjoyable, with the exception of about 50 pages in the middle. I think that the stakes in this story where perhaps too low for me to care about the characters, as they weren't too develop...more
This is book #2 in the "Rather" series and I loved it as much as I loved Book #1! In this book Penny and her guy buy a vintage yacht at an auction and plan to cruise the Mediterranean Sea in it. But their dream-boat vanishes while being overhauled and turns up in another harbor, damaged. Penny is determined to find out who hijacked their boat and why. This leads them into another chase around France and Italy in search of an old man's missing treasure and the boat hijackers. There are so many th...more

A Rather Curious Engagement continues the adventures of heiress Penny Nichols and her boyfriend Jeremy. Penny and Jeremy decide to allow themselves one big splurge as they try to figure out what to do with their new fortune. A vintage yacht being auctioned off catches their eye and they dream of quiet, relaxing boating trips. Naturally, what they get is more than they bargained for and when the yacht mysteriously disappears Penny is on the case.

This second book in the Penny Nichols series is as...more
What would your life be like if you just unexpectedly inherited beaucoup dinero? Well, for one thing you would be dealing always with people who have a need or use for your money and have tons of ways to help you spend it. This includes ex-wives, shady family members and hordes of the deserving poor. Penny Nichols and Jeremy her boy friend have thrown their lot together and before settling down to new business ventures decide to take a gap summer. They have one exciting adventure after another w...more
This series is actually pretty good. The main characters are engaging, light and funny. The story is complex and fun to follow. A mystery without a dead body! It has exotic locales, descriptions of fine food, romance and intrigue. Light, fun reading. Also, there was less swearing in this book, which I found very, very interesting. The first one had little swearing, a few f-bombs, which I hate, but mostly the kind my dad used when he hurt himself making something. I was pleasantly surprised to fi...more
European settings and art thievery - always fun! The ending of this book was a little meh to me - I'd probably give it 2.5 stars if I could. I'll keep reading the series and hope that the next book is stronger.
I read the first in this serious several years ago and found it to be quite silly and perfect mindless reading. So I sat down yesterday afternoon and knocked out this one. It is just as silly and light hearted. It was a nice way to get lost in France and Italy for a few hours. Penny Nichols and her cousin Jeremy (aren't actually blood related) inherit a villa, London townhouse and painting that ends up making them millionaires. In this book Penny and Jeremy buy a yacht and are enaged in finding...more
Another of the series and more light summer reading.
Mar 19, 2014 Bunny added it
Second in this delightful series. Fun light reads.
Penny Nichols and her boyfriend/adopted cousin Jeremy Laidley are finally settling into being filthy rich. At the advice of their accountant, they decide to splurge on a yacht that's up for auction. But when the yacht is stolen, they're plunged into another mystery. This one includes aquamanalia, a lion that was sculpted to look like Beethoven. Of course, that's not the only bump on their road. Jeremy's ex-wife Lydia is still showing up, trying to shove Penny out. But she's up for a rude awakeni...more
The first in the series was an incredibly light piece of fluff. I enjoyed it for what it was, entertaining beach reading. I picked this up and was concerned it would disappoint. The first novel was not so strong that I felt compelled to seek out this, I just ran across it accidentally. Perhaps it was the low expectations, but it was exactly as the first, entertaining, light and nothing particularly special. It ended leaving the feeling that there would be another in the set. These have been fun...more
still cute. I could see getting sick of these, however, unless something interesting pops up.
K. East
Installment 2 in this lightweight but mildly amusing series. The playing out of the mystery was a bit convoluted [not unlike the first volume], but the travelogue is what keeps me coming back; these are places I've wanted to visit but haven't been able to, nor could I go in the style of the wealthy portrayed here. The characters weren't as entertaining this time around and generally the story wasn't as interesting. But it only took a day and a half to read it, so no big investment of time or psy...more
Carol Heiss
Cute frothy mystery with likable characters.
Not as clever as the first book (A Rather Lovely Inheritance). In all honesty, I read the first half, in order to get the plot and players identified, then I skipped ahead to the final 3-4 chapters.
I doubt I shall be reading the third book in this series.

If you are paying attention to how long it took me to read this--I read several other books between the time that I started this and finishing it. This book just didn't hold my attention. (Obviously).
Gail Goetschius
Yes, I am hooked on the adventures of Penny Nichols, sleuthing art historian. Number two in the series, A Rather Curious Engagement , is just as delightfully simple and simply delightful as number one. This book too has mystery, love, and adventure. Additionally both books have overlapping family trees and valuable artifacts that contain even more valuable works of art. A perfect diversion on a rainy afternoon .
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