Cyril oder Wie schmeckt Liebe?
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Cyril oder Wie schmeckt Liebe?

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Cyril ist ein moderner Cyrano de Bergerac. Er dichtet zwar nicht, aber dafür kocht er für sein Leben gern. So gern, dass er das Mädchen, das er liebt, hintergeht und sich in Teufels Küche bringt.

Wenn Cyril kocht, dann träumt er von Rose. Nur weiß Rose nichts davon - weder von Cyrils Liebe noch von seinen fabelhaften Kochkünsten. Bevor der etwas dickliche und unbeholfene Cy...more
Hardcover, 217 pages
Published August 31st 2005 by Arena (first published August 11th 2003)
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Nina's Book Review for Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw Stew


1 book Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw
28 delicious recipes related to the story
1 lb. nice guy/nice girl/fat guy love triangle
1 whole Cyril aspiring to be a chef and loves Rose
1 whole Rose, beautiful hippie chick
1 whole Nick, nice guy and best friend of Cyril
1 cup thoughtlessly-concocted plan to get Rose for Nick
a dash of pity for Cyril
240 ml orange juice for reader
1 sandwich or a plate of whatever food is available
1 cup c...more
I loved it!!
It was cool cause it had like the recipes!!
Homewood Public Library
Overweight high school senior Cyril has two secret loves: Cooking and Rose. Of the two, he considers cooking the only attainable goal. Rose - beautiful, vegetarian, perfect Rose - will never see him as anything but a friend. So Cyril concentrates on his cooking, perfecting recipe after recipe to prepare for his AICA (American Institute of Culinary Arts) entrance exam. Meanwhile, an old friend, Nick, moves back into town. At first Cyril is ecstatic, since he and Nick were once inseperable friends...more
When I picked up this book, I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know anything about the author or his type of writing style. Nevertheless, I was willing to give it a try. I was glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

The thing about this book and its main character, Cyril, is that he's not perfect. He's an unpopular kid. There is no getting around the fact that he's overweight, loves food and loves to cook even more. His best friend is a girl. She has no idea that Cyril is infatuate...more
Penny McGill
A romance from the perspective of the boy instead of the girl... it's a treat to anyone who is trying to provide RA to teen boys however, one glance at this cover and I really don't think we'll have them beating down our doors to read it. Oh well, it is a great story for any teen.

Tucker Shaw has his protagonist - Cyril Bartholomew - in his last year of high school and all ready to take on the practical exams for entry into a prestigious cooking school. The reader is in luck because Cyril has bee...more
Sandy D.
YA romance a la Cyrano de Bergerac, except the boy cooks like a dream instead of speaking poetically. The recipes at the end of every chapter look really good, and the descriptions of food are droolworthy, but the romance is a bit flat and predictable. And I didn't really want to know any of the characters better.
2/2.5 stars.
I grabbed this on my way out of the library because the title and cover were intriguing. I expected the book to be somewhat corny, but this was rather disappointing. I think the concept was good, but the actual story wasn't quite as great.
This book was amazing in my opinion. It kept you on your toes because it was sad what was happening but you had that feeling everything was going to turn out how it should be. The book was about a guy that was in love with this girl and was a great chef. But his bestfriend came back to town and hit things off with the girl. Then everything turned out good and how it should of in the end. I liked this book because it gave very deep detail and it had many great recipes. I disliked how the next cha...more
The relationship between the two main characters came off pretty creepy rather than nice. I'm all for the occasional cutesy "He loves her so much he can't stop thinking about her" book. But with Flavor of the Week it came off as more of "He loves her so much he is truly obsessed with her and needs a life outside of watching her every move and food".
I felt like this book had a lot of potential, but it was just done wrong. For one thing, there are several points when Nick is giving Rose food and...more
Worst book I've read in quite a while.

One of my (many) problems with this book: Don't listen to the little recipes. As someone who is a culinary school graduate, a lot of the advice is wrong. For example, in the first recipe for the kitchen sink cookies, it says that you can line the baking tray with wax paper, and not to worry because it won't burn or anything. No, it won't burn, but it certainly will melt, so do not use it in the oven. Ever. Stupid little things like that helped to ruin the b...more
Synopsis-A boy named Cyril has a passion for cooking and is in love with a girl named rose. He tries to keep his feelings and cooking a secret from everyone, but when an old friend moves back to town, everything comes out. Cyril cooks for nick (his friend) and rose believes its nick cooking. When she finds out nick isn’t the one behind the food, she is outraged and separates from both of them. If you want to know what happens to them, read the book!

Audience: 12+
Purpose: teaches t...more
Rachael Woohoo
Does anyone else think the summary on top is wrong? I'm pretty sure Cyril's best friend is Nick, not Chris

For a food lover like me, Flavor of the Week is quirky and short read filled with great recipes that are fun to share!

One of the reasons why I like this book is because it stands out from whatever else I’m reading. Let’s start off with Cyril - he’s overweight, totally sweet (especially towards Rose!), and is a genius with food. How often do you have a male protagonist in YA that isn’t good l...more
Overweight high school senior Cyril has two secret loves: Cooking and Rose. Of the two, he considers cooking the only attainable goal. Rose - beautiful, vegetarian, perfect Rose - will never see him as anything but a friend. So Cyril concentrates on his cooking, perfecting recipe after recipe to prepare for his AICA (American Institute of Culinary Arts) entrance exam. Meanwhile, an old friend, Nick, moves back into town. At first Cyril is ecstatic, since he and Nick were once inseperable friends...more
Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw is a present-day adaption of Edmund Rostand's play, Cyrano de Bergerac. In the original play, the main character, Cyrano, has a large nose and writes poems for a girl he admires but signs them as his best friend.

Flavor of the Week is slightly different. Cyril is an overweight boy who loves to cook. In fact, he hopes to get into the American Institute of Culinary Arts and then become a famous chef; that is if he can pass the strict audition. But few people know o...more
Kayla F
Flavor of the week is about the a guy named Cyril. he is an amazing cook and he has a huge crush on his best friend but she just thinks of him as a friend. At first Cyril is very excepting to the fact that he is just a friend to Rose but then one of Cyril’s friends Nick that had moved away moves back to Cyril’s Neighborhood. Rose starts to like Cyril’s friend and Cyril get’s jealous but doesn’t show it. Rose then eats some of Cyril’s kitchen sink cookies and she is in love and said she would go...more
For my birthday a friend gave me a gift card to Borders, Flavor of the Week was on the bargain shelf for a dollar, so I picked it up on the theory that at that price, it couldn't be a disappointment :)

It wasn't. Paralells to Cyrano were more subtle than I expected, and I have this silly secret addiction to cheesey high school romance stories. It was definitely cute and amusing, though I was a bit irritated at the idea of Cyril helping his friend get the girl he supposedly loved.

Setting them up,...more
Brewer Community School
Flavor of the Week is about about a guy Cyril who is an amazing cook. But the thing is nobody knows that Cyril is a chef only, Nick his friend, and a few other people. He has a crush on this girl, Rose. But when his friend comes back from New York, Cyril helps him get Rose. So throughout this story there is love triangle. Cyril is Rose’s best guy-friend so when she finds out that Cyril made all the food she gets wicked upset. Cyril is distracted by Rose and tries to make it up to her, but in the...more
This book is amazing! I can relate to Cyril having such big culinary dreams and talents and I know how it feels to never be the person of interest. It has some less-than-desirable language choices, but it's a lovely read. The recipes add to the good points and I recommend Flavor of the Week to all young adults out there looking for a good book. (:
This retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac is a fun and quick read, perfect for teen (or adult) foodies! Cyril Bartholomew is an overweight sixteen-year-old who has a passion and talent for cooking (which he keeps secret from his friends). Cyril is in love with his friend and lab partner Rose. When Cyril's best friend Nick moves back to town, the budding romance between Rose and Nick puts Cyril in a difficult position: should he be a good friend, or try to win Rose over himself? This entertaining stor...more
Judy (Geeky Reading)
This is simply a sweet, cute, short story.
It's about Cyril, not the cutest boy around (supposedly), but one who has a heart of gold. He can cook, love cooking, but is embarrassed about it. He doesn't want anyone to know, including Rose, the girl that he's crushing on. And then his old best friend, Nick (I swear, it's Nick! Even if the synopsis says Chris), moves back to town, and decides to try to win Rose over, by making Cyril make food and pretend he did it.
Cyril is a sweet boy, who needs...more
Minnie Nielsen
I thought that Flavor of the Week was a great book! I especially loved the fact that it had the actual recipes in it! I've tried all of them and they are really good! This is one of those books that I would read over and over because I just love the story. I picked this one up when I was in high school, and going into culinary arts, like Cyril, was definitely a possible decision for me.
I know that this book gets some criticism for the fact that it is supposed to mirror the play Cyrano de Berger...more
Linda Katzman
Cyril loves food. Since he was able, he has loved dabbling in the family kitchen until they just let him take over all of the cooking for the household. He feeds his friends well. It doesn’t bother him so much that he is the fat kid in school or that Rose, his true love, will never see him as anything more than a friend. At least he has her in his life and his fantasies. Oh, the food he would cook for her. That is his big secret. Only his family and his best friend Nick know that cooking is his...more
This was a nice quick and light read, really enjoyable. I read it in one day.

The characters have their own life, even for such a short book. The main characters (Rose and Cyril) had good character development. Cyril's sense humor was great! My favorite part of the book was the Aphrodisia chapter, it's descriptions were beautiful and nicely romantic.

And the recipes are a great touch to a book like this one! If the main character loves cooking, I think it is a great idea to put the recipes of what...more
Jesus Moses
This was a pretty short book, but it was pretty cute. Very cliche, but cute.
Flavor of the Week is a cute retelling of the Cyrano de Bergerac story. Cyril is an overweight high school senior, who happens to be an amazing cook. Cyril is applying to the AICA - American Institute of Culinary Arts - when he becomes embroiled in some teen drama. Cyril's best friend Nick asks Cyril to cook for him in order to win Rose's heart. Of course, Rose is the girl of Cyril's dreams. The novel ensues with somewhat predictable results. However, the story is fun. There are recipes after ea...more
Zoe Schultz
The plot was unique and the recipes delicious .
I read this a while back, and the cover is deceiving. It's not a saucy romance as one might infer, it's a modern day retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac set in high school. {An overweight aspiring chef has a crush on girl. His handsome best friend likes the same girl and woos her using HIS delicious food, all the while taking the credit for himself.} There are some yummy recipes that go along with each chapter as well
. . . we made the chocolate fondue, and it was delish.

It was a cute read, though...more
I read Flavor of the Week early after its release and, being a girl easily impressed by simple, cute love stories, I can only say that I loved it. Maybe slightly predictable, I agree, but as I teenager I didn't care, and in my heart this books remains a 4+. Especially in a day and age where teenage books seem to focus on sex/alcohol/drugs, this book proved me that I didn't need to be a oversexed, popular girl to be successful and reach my goals. Great read, great recipes and great memories.
Ashley W.
It is now my favorite book! It is a great story about love, and cooking (my two favorite things. It also has recipes in it if you like to cook. the book is about a boy named Cyril is an overweight guy who loves a girl that his best friend want to be with. Since he such a nice guy he agrees to cook for her and give his friend all the credit for it. He also is applying for a cooking school so making food for his friends is good practice.
This book was fluffy. I expected fluffy, I got fluffy. For the most part I have a love-hate to Rosie who Cyril, our main character's love interest. Nick I had a love-hate as well. The characters didn't have much depth to it except Cyril who I felt bad for the whole entire time. The recipes were interesting, but the story was just okay. The ending wasn't really a satifying ending, but that's how it goes, I guess.
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Tucker Shaw, who has been featured on the Today show, is the author of Everything I Ate and many popular books for teens, including Confessions of a Backup Dancer. His previous Amulet novel, The Girls, was a twist on Clare Booth Luce's classic play The Women. He lives in Denver, where he is a food editor for the Denver Post.
More about Tucker Shaw...
Anxious Hearts The Girls Everything I Ate: A Year in the Life of My Mouth Confessions of a Backup Dancer The Hookup Artist

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