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The Book of Sand
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The Book of Sand

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  4,496 ratings  ·  204 reviews
'One of the most remarkable artists of our age' - Mario Vargas Llosa. "The Book of Sand" was the last of Borges' major collections to be published. The stories are, in his words, 'variations on favourite themes...combining a plain and at times almost colloquial style with a fantastic plot'. It includes such marvellous tales as "The Congress", "Undr" and "The Mirror and the...more
Paperback, 125 pages
Published February 16th 1979 by Dutton (first published 1975)
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Paquita Maria Sanchez
There's something really sensory and textured about JLB's fiction writing. Reading his work always invokes the distinct smell of dusty leather-bound books, the creaking sounds of flawed wood floors lightly tread upon by anonymous figures in the corridors of giant, empty houses, the odors of burnt coffee and blackened toast, a wind-gust through a broken and off-kilter porch chime. A little stuffy at times, but in that charming, quirky professor sort of way, the one who always wore mod-colored twe...more

مجموعة قصصية عميقة و مكثفة و رمزية - لا واقعية سحرية و لا شيء من هذا القبيل - لبورخيس و الذي ينظر إليه بشيء من القداسة ساباتو و فوينتس و بينيديتي و يوسا و كل عباقرة أمريكا اللاتينية. هناك الكثير من أحاديث الكتب و الكتّاب و هذا ليس بمستغرب على بورخيس ليس لأنه قضى فترة من عمره أميناً للمكتبة الوطنية في بوينس آيرس و لكن لأمنيته الشهيرة في أن يكون الفردوس على شكل مكتبة.
Bill  Kerwin

This is one of Borges'last books, and many of the pieces here are less than his best. "The Congress," however, is a tale of the microcosm as powerful and effective as "The Aleph," and "The Book of Sand" is also one of Borge's finest stories. "The Sect of Thirty" is an excellent short piece, and the theological implications of this account of heresy are both disturbing and illuminating. Don't expect too much, and you will enjoy watching an old master at work.
Abu Hasan
بصراحة، وكشخص يسمع عن بورخيس كثيرا وطالما تشوق لقراءة شيء من كتبه، فإن التجربة الأولى لي مع بورخيس من خلال هذا الكتاب جاءت مخيبة لآمالي
الرمزية مكثفة، وكان على المترجم بذل جهد أكبر في توضيح كثير من المصطلحات والعبارات التي لا يستطيع القارئ فهم الرواية بدون فهم مغزاها وموقعها في سياق القصة ودلالتها الرمزية
أتمنى أن يكون لي تجربة لاحقة مع بورخيس تمحو أثر هذه التجربة
Mamdouh Abdullah
تحتوي هذه المجموعة على بعض من قصص بورخيس الشهيرة : الآخر, أولريكا, المجلس, أوندور, يوتويبا رجل مُتعب, القرص, كتاب الرمل. يستخدم بورخيس في قصة كتاب الرمل رموزه المفضلة موضوع العالم كمكتبة لا متناهية.
عالم الكتاب والمكتبات, المطلق واللانهائي. كتاب محدود بحجم معين ذو امتدادات هائلة: كأنها غابة ما إن يدخلها القارئ حتى يجد نفسه في عوالم ماورائية لا نهاية لها.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
Apr 27, 2013 Jayaprakash Satyamurthy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jayaprakash by:
Shelves: fantasy, borges
A re-read, actually, and a different translation, but anyway.

I don't see this as lesser Borges at all. The stories rarely have the stunning extrapolative gymnastics of Ficciones or The Aleph, but I think they have a more serene, wistful charm that places them as high as the former works. 'Ulrikke' is Borges' only romantic fiction, and it partakes of the strangeness of an MR James story. His Lovecraft tribute, 'There Are More Things' anticipates both Aickman and Ligotti in its assimilation of Lo...more
محمود حسني

بورخيس .. الرائع .. المجنون .. المشعوذ .. النصاب ..

كل حاجة واي حاجة

لكن اهم صفة في طريقته وكتاباته انه بيصمم انه ياخدك لعالم تاني غير العالم اللي احنا عايشين فيه

فيه بعض القصص مفهمتهاش .. لكن فيه حاجات كتير لمستني ..
يقول بورخيس عن كتابته... أكتب لنفسي, و أكتب لأصدقائي, و أكتب... كي أخفف من عبء مرور الزمن
This book is titled "The Book of Sand" after one of its short stories. In that short story, The Book of Sand is called such because it is a book with no beginning and no end and no pattern to its pages. I think it makes a suitable title for the collection of stories as a whole, though for slightly different reasons. When I read this book, trying to keep a grasp on the stories and their meanings and interconnectedness was like trying to hold a handful of sand - always slipping away, finding ways...more
Mike Clinton
I hadn't read Borges before - at least aside from just in passing - and am glad that I finally did. This short volume combined very short stories in one half with poems in the second half. I preferred the poems, although I liked the stories well enough, too. The poems seemed more substantial, whereas the stories seemed to be in some ways musings about scenarios given some development and shape but not very much. What he accomplishes in both the stories and the poems is a sensibility that weaves...more
Lucas Leite
More impressions in my personal blog of reviews

It wasn't iPad, neither internet, it was sand (or paper)

"The number of pages in this book is no more or less than infinite.
None is the first page, none the last"
Jorge Luis Borges - The Sand Book

Reference to one of the tales, The Book of Sand is a small compendium of 13 short stories of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. Together, these stories have in common the fantastic nature of the peculiar writing of Borges. But more than that, the 13 st...more
Ultima raccolta di racconti dello scrittore argentino, in questa edizione integrata da altri quattro racconti composti in tarda età. Il racconto iniziale (L'altro) vede l'autore, ormai anziano, incontrare un giovane se stesso. Sembra quasi un ipotetico passaggio di testimone tra il Borges degli anni '40 (L'Aleph e Finzioni) e questo. Ed in fondo un po' lo è. Lo stile rimane inconfondibile, ma la scrittura si smussa, i temi diventano leggermente più intimisti e le parole più dosate. Il tutto rima...more
Uno de esos libros que tranquilamente podés leer un fin de semana lluvioso (tal como estará ocurriendo en alguna parte de este hemisferio en unas pocas horas nomás).
Resulta que el bardo se permite un par de licencias (solo un par) y escribe (o dicta a su horda de tipeadoras) estas pequeñas historias. Y resulta que lo hace con su don, simpleza, casi pidiéndonos permiso.
Hereje seré si escribo (entre todas las demás) que me gustó muchísimo "El soborno" y "Ulrica".
Rest in peace, Borges.
(Todos los...more
Fatema Alammar
جملة بورخيس ثقيلة ومحمّلة بالأفكار، عوالمه غامضة وممتعة لأبعد حد،أحيانا يسرد مثل طفلٍ يعبث بحبات الرمل، وأحيانا يكون جديّا أكثر من اللازم، وتارة يصير راويا مترددا، وتارة أخرى يكتب أشياء صادمة ومرعبة.

أعجبتني قصة المجلس كثيرا، ووجدتُ في نص الآخر لعبة فانتازية رائعة، أما قصة أوندر فهي قصة عن البحث، والحظ، والاكتشاف، والفهم، وعن ما تعطينا إياه الحياة.

May 21, 2008 Marisela rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Todd
Actually, I'm reading it in Spanish. But Goodreads doesn't have El Libro de Arena as an option...yet.

I'm really enjoying Borges, he has such a unique and consistent style. So unusual, imaginative and poetic.
Hajar Ahmed

يقول بورخيس. " لقد أعطتني الحياة كل شيء أيضًا، الحياة تُعطي كلّ شيء لكل شخص، و لكن أكثر الناس غافلون عنها. إن صوتي لمُتعب و إن أصابعي لضعيفة و لكن أصغِ لي "*

أيضاً، لا تقرأه إلا بترجمة الغانمي.
بثينة العيسى

رغم صغر حجم الكتاب إلا أن قراءته لم تكن سهلة، لأن بورخيس يكتبُ المتاهات، وعالمه مليء بالمرايا والألغاز والميتافيزيقيا .. أحببته أقل من قصائده، بورخيس الشاعر أجمل.

أحمد جمال سعد الدين
مربكة جداً على قدر جمالها.. كتابات بورخيس عموماً تثير شعوراً بعدم الفهم، والسعادة، والغرابة على حد سواء
Me dijo que su libro se llamaba el Libro de Arena, porque ni el libro ni la arena tienen ni principio ni fin.
You have to be careful reading Borges - too much all at once and you start to feel a dreamy disconnect from the world. Much the same effect can result from reading a large chunk of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy. I enjoy this disconnected state of mind, although it does impede normal life activities somewhat. What is perhaps more extraordinary is that this effect is produced by a translation, despite the fact that Alberto Manguel (who ought to know) commented rather dismissively on English t...more
Sofia Teixeira
O Livro de Areia de Jorge Luis Borges, é um pequeno livro de contos que primeiro estranha-se e depois entranha-se. Existe um enorme sentimento de transcendência ao longo da leitura. A constante metafísica presente nos contos, leva-nos por vezes a deambular num mar filosófico que parece não ter fim.

Apesar de ter a sua pitada de fantástico, penso que o grande impacto que este livro acaba por ter no leitor é a obrigação de exercitar a mente e estar completamente atento e concentrado na narrativa...more
Emre Ergin
Ayni seylerle oynayip duran bir cocuk sonunda kursun askerlerin silahlarinin barut koktugunu duyumsayabilir. Oyunun suresi bir asra yaklasirsa etrafindakiler de duyar bu kokuyu, kalplerine girmeyen mermilerle yaralanabilirler. Borges ne zamandir kullandigi oyuncaklarina bu kaydager son kitabinda oyle ustalikla suflorluk yapiyor ki, bir omrun bu derece butuncul bir tiyatroya adanmasini yerinde bir karar olarak degerlendirmekten baskasi gelmiyor elinizden.
بورخيس المتيم بألف ليلة وليلة يظهر جليا في هذا الكتاب أو القصص القصيرة إنه بدل شهرزاد في العصر الحديث حيث القصص تدور في الغرب بحنكة مختلفة وأسلوب خيال بورخيس المعهود مع لمسة من الغموض وقصص تكون البداية هي النهاية في أقلها.
خيال بورخيس الخصب يسافر بين الماضي السحيق إلى القرن الخامس عشر مرور بعصر ما بعد الفضاء (المستقبل) كما تظهر في إحدى قصصه المشوقة.
عانى بورخيس ضعف البصر وظهر بوضوح في كلماته وقصصة "اتذكر، حسبما رأيت، يخيل إلي،..."
مما قاله بورخيس عن كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة [هذا الكتاب] بما يعتبر حينئذ...more
زهرة أندلسية
لم تعجبني سوى قصة واحدة ، أو بالأحرى لم أفهم سوى قصة واحد :D
لو أني أعلم أن بورخيس من أمريكا اللاتنينة لما فكرت في القراءة له .
فكل تجاربي في قراءة ذلك الأدب عقيمة للغاية .
El libro de arena (“The Book of Sand”) is a 1975 collection of short stories by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. While Borges had made his name in the 1940s with the stories that would go into Ficciones, this collection dates from much later in his life and reflects the preoccupations of growing old. It is also widely considered to be of much lower quality than his earlier work.

Fans of Borges will recognize the usual distinctive features of his fiction: the protagonists occasionally cite a...more
Chris Rogers
If you've read House of Leaves, you will know that Borges is mentioned a lot in the book as well as the online discussions of the book.

I've been reading the books that I think Danielewski took the inspiration for, and the short stories from the collection Book of Sand show a few signs of it.

Most meaningfully, the book of sand, is pretty much identical to the idea behind House of Leaves. And Borges is a very romantic writer of the word.
Quite a good read.
Fascinating. Now I understand why people practically worship Borges. This book is the literary equivalent of a hot cup of real tea. Not a herbal infusion, but real, distilled camellia sinensis leaves. It is a smooth read, sometimes bitter and sometimes relaxing.

The stories in The Book of Sand are important for the way they deal with their respective themes. Most of the stories aren't particularly exciting on their own, one must relish their true meaning. It is a hedonistic read, but it also has...more
Procyon Lotor
In questi ultimi racconti - sempre sui temi tipici - Borges si prende pure il piacere di svelare alcuni suoi trucchi retorici. Alcuni, perch� come ricreare quella sensazione per cui perfino un vecchio reazionario scettico, dopo pochi paragrafi, accoglie la rivelazione che Don August�n dopo essere passato per tutte e sette le citt� di Cibola ha riportato il serpente piumato dal continente perduto di Mu, con un "eh gi�" "ovvio" "ci mancherebbe che non l'avesse fatto" come se gli annunciassero che...more
Me dijo que su libro se llamaba el Libro de Arena, porque ni el libro ni la arena tienen ni principio ni fin.

¿Qué fumaba Borges? Dios.
What are the odds that I was reading about the battle of Clontarf yesterday, and today I read a Borges story that is set right after it?


The Congress(El Congreso)
The Mirror and the Mask(El espejo y la máscara)
The Disk(El disco)
The Book of Sand(El libro de arena)...more
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Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo (Spanish pronunciation: [xoɾxe lwis boɾxes], Russian: Хорхе Луис Борхес) was an Argentine writer and poet born in Buenos Aires. In 1914, his family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain. On his return to Argentina in 1921, Borges began publishing his poems and essays in Surrealist literary journals. He also worked as a libra...more
More about Jorge Luis Borges...
Ficciones Labyrinths:  Selected Stories and Other Writings Collected Fictions The Aleph and Other Stories Selected Poems

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“I do not write for a select minority, which means nothing to me, nor for that adulated platonic entity known as ‘The Masses’. Both abstractions, so dear to the demagogue, I disbelieve in. I write for myself and for my friends, and I write to ease the passing of time.” 14 likes
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