One Night With You
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One Night With You

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  1,172 ratings  ·  92 reviews
Anything can happen after dark . . . — Tired of being treated like a servant by her own family, Lady Jane Guthrie finally has a chance to escape . . . at least for one night. Attired in a daring gown, she arrives at a scandalous courtesans' masquerade ball looking forward to her few hours of freedom. But when she sees Seth Rutledge, her skin begins to tingle with anticipat...more
Paperback, 353 pages
Published December 26th 2007 by Avon
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I love stories in which the main characters knew each other as children and fall in love as adults. That's what drew me to read this sweet story, which I found fast-paced and full of twists and turns. Starting off, Seth Rutledge can't understand why he is so attracted to two completely different women at the same time; Aurora, a glamorous beauty he met at a scandalous soiree, and plain and proper Jane, whom he'd known since childhood. Jane Guthrie has loved Seth for as long as she can remember a...more
A Regency-ish romance so cliched, it just begs for a "Romance Convention Checklist" ala "Gossamer Obsessions" :

One philandering dead husband

One widow yearning for childhood love

One lecherous brother-in-law

One faithful old retainer

Three obnoxious children

One guilt-ridden brother/icy-hearted spurned lover

Two secret trips to masquerade balls

One puzzled attraction to two people, who are actually the same person

An interminable number of ridiculously delayed marriage consummations

One blind sister who...more
Anna An
This one was a really disappointing book. In the beggining (actually it was until almost at the end) the book was quite good. I even enjoyed it. But the end part made me mad. And if not because of the ending, I would give this book 4.5 stars. Really...

These are what made me gave such low stars :
How could Seth suddenly said that he loved Jane??? That was no explanation, or even something that "poke" his head so he suddenly realised it. It was just Seth arrived at the cottage and said he loved Jan...more
Lover of Romance
Lady Jane's life has changed, ever since her husband died a year previously and she became a widow. Now she is living with her in laws, practically a servant to every whim and need. When a opportunity arises to leave for one evening, and attend a ball...she jumps at the chance. So dressed in a beautiful gown with jewelry to match, she goes to enjoy one night for herself. She then comes across a man, whom she has loved most of her life, who broke her heart, and now doesn't even recognize who she...more
Holy Moly... I haven't liked a book like I liked this one in a while. And the fact that it's a stand alone and not another m*therfuck*ng series is just an added bonus.

I knew I'd probably like it because I have a thing for stories 'in which one of the characters has been pinning for the other for years and then wham! she/he gets her/his chance' but I did not expect to fall in love with this book.

Jane, Lady Guthrie has been in love with Seth Ruthledge since she was 16 years old. However, Seth (a s...more
seviyorum ben bu yazari yaaa:)
bu kitabini da diger kitaplari gibi begendim keske daha önce okusaydim...
seth ve jane'in hikayesini begenerek okudum bazi yerlerde seth'e bu kadar kör oldugu icin cok kizdim ama sonunda dogru yolu buldu :D
sonuc itibariyle sürükleyici bir kitapti kesinlikle okumanizi tavsiye ederim :)
Bu kitaba asık oldum :) Aslında okudugum HRlar benziyordu ama bir o kadar da farklıydı. Beni gercekten etkiledi. Aşkı,sadakati,tutkuyu ve en önemlisi dramı yansıtıyordu. Bir gecmisi olan aşıklar her zaman benim için bir puan önde başlıyor.
Konusuna gelirsek , Jane çocukluğundan beri Dükkün ikinci oğlu Seth'e aşıktır. Gözü ondan baskasını görmez onun hayalini kurar ve bir gün onunda kendisini seveceğini düşler.Ama Seth gidip Jane'in kız kardeşine tutulur. Ondan daha güzel olan ailesinde hep bas ü...more
J.D. Stroube
The only negative thing that I have to say about this book is...
I hated how Seth looked down on others who treated his blind sister badly, but continued to believe his sister could not even handle outings, marriage, and children. He was a hypocrite in this behavior.

Having said that...the rest of the book was excellent! I've now read two books by Sophie Jordan, and both were very well written. I could not put this book down, and hope that others find it to be a delight as well!
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Müthiş bir hikayedi..Ne diyebilirim ki Sophie Jordan mükemmel yazıyor.Belki kurgu basit gelebilir ama o duygu yoğunluğunu ve betimlemeleri o kadar güzel veriyor ki yazar gözünüzün önünde o sahneyi çok kolay canlandırabiliyorsunuz..Özellikle çeviri bence harika idi çünkü kitabı elime alıp bırakamadım..Kitabın nasıl bittiğini anlayamadım bile..

Lady Jane Guthrie hanımı olduğu evin kocası öldükten sonra çocuğu olmadığı için hizmetçisi konumuna düşmüştür..Kocası ile mutlu evliliği olmayan Jane kocası...more
I was so taken in by this story that I read it in one day and forgot to watch my favorite HBO show Game of Thrones! This is a sweet historical romance that has you pulling for the main characters all the way. In true romance fashion, there is the push and pull of attraction, some sort of obstacle that gets in their way, someone doesn't want to admit feelings, but in the end, it turns out pretty awesome.

What I liked about this book was pretty much everything as a historical romance fan. The chara...more
One Night with You had a pretty good premise. We have Jane, our heroine, who's a widow living under the thumb of her awful in-laws but manages to have a steamy encounter with the hero at a ball. This hero, Seth, happens to be the one man she's loved since her childhood even though he was infatuated with and soon discarded by her younger sister. Complications arise from that encounter that compel the two to marry, even though the hero refuses to fall under the power of another woman such as the h...more
Nov 03, 2009 Anna-Lisa rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommended to Anna-Lisa by:
This is the first time in a while I just can give one star for a book.

I've read some historical romances but this one...I just didn't like it. I didn't like the characters, the writing style, the story.

When I read the summary I thought I might like this because it sounded great but was full of clichees and too much in one book.

It's kinda sad because I so looked forward to read this one.

Bazı olumsuz yorumlardan dolayı okumayı geciktirmiştim ama sonunda okudum. Bence güzel bir kitaptı. Seth'ciğim zaman zaman sinirimi bozsada puanlarımı ondan kırmış olsamda sonunu nasıl getirdim anlamadım. Konuyu beğendim Seth'in hem Jane'e hem Aurora'ya aynı anda ilgi duyması ikisiyle de aynı anda kırıştırmasına sinirlendim aynı kadın olsalarda bişey değiştirmiyor benim açımdan neyse...
Esra Ç.
Sophie Jordan'ı özlemişim... Çok güzel bir hikayeydi... Aslında gayet bilinen bir hikayeyi kendi tarzıyla çok güzel anlatmış.. Anlatımıyla karakterlerin duygularını birebir yaşadım diyebilirim :) Bu yazarın daha çok kitabı çıksın biz de okuyalım konular ne kadar benzer olursa olsun zevkle okutuyor...
Meh. I got into this book several chapters and wasn't entertained. The characters felt flat and the heroine seemed a bit of a doormat. I love a romance where the couple knew each other from childhood but this one just didn't seem to do much for me.
It was 'meh'. I liked the plot concept but it wasn't executed well as it should of been done; for example, the scene were he realizes he loves her was too short.
QiJia (Hiding out in Bookalicious) 치쟈
I love the beginning till the 90% of it!

Yea just until the 90th percent.

because the last bit makes no sense.

(view spoiler)...more
Uh Oh is right Pip! (See Icon) I'm hooked on another author's writings. You may have noticed I'm a sucker for romance but what gets me is the mundane carbon copy each one ends up being. While Jordan's sound like a repeat of the same story, I believe she gives her characters different obstacles and some real life problems they must overcome or endure.

Jane and Seth were once friends until he was tossed from her home spouting his love for her sister. Jane was soon married off to a man who not only...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Lark Howard
Lady Jane Guthrie doesn't mind being a widow, but she loathes being treated like a servant in her own home. Sneaking out to a masquerade ball seems a daring adventure until she encounters Seth Rutledge, the man she's always secretly loved, and the man her sister bewitched and humiliated. Her mask makes her bold and he clearly desires her. She promises herself if he makes love to her as the mysterious masked golden lady just once, she'll be content with her lot for the rest of her life.

Seth, the...more
Tazecik yepisyeni kitabı çıkarken bir önceki kitabı Seninle Bir Gece de adına yakışır şekilde 1 günde bitti. (Tabi yorum hemen gelmiyor orası ayrı.)

Jordan'ı çoğunluk gibi Düğün Gecesi kitabıyla tanıdım. Benim için -o dönem çok tarihi roman okumama rağmen- ayrı yere sahip bir kitaptı. Ne yazık ki ondan sonra okuduğumdan aynı tadı alamadım, bu kitapta da sonuç değişmedi.

Öncelikle sevdiğim bir kaç noktaya değineyim. Kitap sevindirici bir uzunlukta. Gereksiz detaylara gömülmeden cılkını çıkarmadan b...more
Originally published at The Rookie Romance Blog.

Ok, so this book had me at the blurb. It's got lots of different things working for it- childhood friends, a bit of unrequited love and a disguised identity.

Jane and Seth were best friends as children, but she always loved him, unfortunately he falls for her shallow sister. She never sees him after he is thrown out of her home for trying to propose to Madeline. Jane is married off to a boor of a husband, and eventually is widowed. She's forced to l...more
A wonderful read. Jane and Seth grew up together, though as often happens Jane fell in love with Seth while Seth fell for Jane's sister. Fast forward some ten years or so, Jane is a widow trapped at home brother-in-law; and Seth has just returned from service in the Royal Navy.
Sneaking out of the house to meet with her friends and have a night out for the first time in the 15 months since her husband died, Jane and her friends attend a masquerade. While there Seth and Jane meet, though in the e...more
It's a story filled with the most drenching kinds of heartbreak as it follows Lady Lane Guthrie

who's been in love with her Childhood companion, Seth Rutledge. Devastatingly enough she has to watch her first love falling in love with her power hungry Sister Madeline, her family however refuses his marriage proposal and Madeline ends up breaking the young boys heart. Rutledge promises he'd never lose control over his emotions again as loving someone only carries heartbreak and misfortune and leave...more
Jeanna-Has Probably Read It!
This book was a 4.5 for me. I loved the characters. I loved how there would be so many steamy sections in here that even I had to fan myself. But there was one part that kept me from the 5 star. It was just the fact that in a couple of spots when two new characters were introduced there wasn't a lead in or anything. It would just stop talking about one group and move on to the next there wasn't even a chapter change. Threw me off the first time. But whenever she got to talking about that particu...more
Can't remember if I've read a Sophie Jordan before and forgot to check this site to see that. Oh well. This book was pretty good. Not the best of romance novels but nothing to cause me to want to chuck the book across the room.
Jane Guthrie has been treated as a servant by her in-laws ever since her husband died. But he's been dead for fourteen months and she's ready to live her life. This comes about coincidentally at the same time her childhood friend, the man she's loved her whole life, Seth R...more
Loved this book. The hero and the heroine were childhood friends. Best friends actually. She was a plain, scrawny child while her little sister was the beautiful one. So OF COURSE when the little sister started to grow up and hang around them, the hero just fell for her instantly totally breaking the heroines heart(because she was in love with hero by that point). Well the younger sister was mean and spiteful so she totally rejected the hero. Anyway, FF a few years and the hero has returned from...more
There seems to be a recurring theme in Jordan's works: the hero falls into instaluv immediately after meeting the heroine, and spends the rest of the book filled with lust for her. He then follows her around, pretty much mauls her in a super creepy way that is kind of rapey, and believes that lust and making out = twu wuv! Blah blah blah, some boring conflict happens, ~angst, then in the last five pages, the hero realizes he's been a dumb douche and apologizes to the heroine and all is well.

Limau Nipis
Jane has been in love with Seth for as long as she can remember. I love that both characters had matured over the years that they were apart. Jane was a widow who has to live under her evil brother in law and his wife's house (which coincidentally, was Jane's when she married the older brother. She has to become governess for their children).

In a masquerade ball, she met Seth, who just come back from war. And this reins her childhood love toward Seth.

It was refreshing to see both characters knew...more
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Sharie Kohler

Sophie Jordan took her adolescent daydreaming one step further and penned her first historical romance in the back of her high school Spanish class. This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and History.

A brief stint in law school taught her that case law was not nearly as interesting as literature - teaching English seemed the natural recourse. After several years...more
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“Pleasure suffused her and she snuggled deeper into his arms, her heart clenching when he tightened his hold on her. After a while his breathing slowed and his hold relaxed. Convinced he slept, she whispered, "You should have been my first." A small ache pinched her heart.
His chest vibrated beneath her hand, sending a thrilling shiver up her spine as his deep voice rumbled through the air, "I'll be your last.”
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