I Lick My Cheese And Other Notes: From The Frontline Of Flatsharing
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I Lick My Cheese And Other Notes: From The Frontline Of Flatsharing

3.62 of 5 stars 3.62  ·  rating details  ·  423 ratings  ·  58 reviews
A hilarious guide to flatmates, in all their weirdness, told through the notes they leave for each other - the good, the bad and the highly antisocial.
Hardcover, 248 pages
Published October 11th 2007 by Sphere
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this book is okay; everyone else seems to find it way more hilarious thatn me. while it is true that some of the notes make you want to meet the authors of them and kind of find out just what the hell is wrong weith them, its overall pretty tame (read: english). im curious to see some less restrained redblooded new york roommate notes, but maybe people round my neck of the woods dont bother writing notes, we just get punchy...
I love books that are compilations of found notes, but there was one thing about I Lick My Cheese... that I could live without: the author's commentary and/or humorous speculation as to the story behind the notes.

If you were to compare I Lick My Cheese... to Frank Warren's PostSecret books, you'd see what I mean. Frank Warren doesn't explain the postcards he publishes, but instead leaves them open to interpretation by the reader.

Oonagh O'Hagan prefers to write a little blurb about each note. In...more
Another silly book I happened to find at the dollar store, so why not give it a try? Some parts of it were funny, some parts of it were 'meh'.
My one gripe was that some of the notes were difficult to read (some really bad penmanship), and having the note transcribed underneath would have been helpful to the reader. Anyone that has had roommates (the good, the bad and/or the ugly) would probably get some laughs from this book.

The website that this book stemmed from (www.roommatesanonymous.com) se...more
I found this to be more a perusal book. I couldn't bring myself to sit down and read through it page by page. Overall its mildly amusing, but read it or don't--your life isn't going to change much.
The cover note "I lick my cheese" is the best note in the book. I like the concept, but I think a funnier group of notes could have been found.
Enter your notes at www.roommatesanonymous.com
Macks Soto
I thought this book was ok, could have been funnier and too long for my taste.
This book contained a great many funny notes that had me laughing for a good long time, however there were also many that I did not find funny at all. They were very "meh", and I found myself wondering why they were included. While I'm on that subject, some of the authors commentaries were very funny - she included some of her own experiences and funny stories of flat-sharing, which added a little bit extra to the book, but again, I feel that some of the commentaries were added just to pad the b...more
This book makes an interesting and often very surprising read. It reminded me how lucky I am with my flatmats at dorms and also that I was right to feel uncomfortable in my previous flat. But there were two things that I did no like very much - first, the notes are handwritten and often very hard to read. The writer apparently encoded all of them so it would be nice to add a transcription to the illegible ones. And then there are the writer's comments about the notes - sometimes they werevery he...more
This very funny book appeals to the voyeur in all of us and presents uncensored evidence from everyday lives. The pages contain reproductions of all sorts of notes between roommates along with the authors comments. The notes run the gamut from angry, downright hostile, and irate to silly and sweet. Living with roommates, as many of us learned at some point, is not for the faint of heart. "From the bedroom to the living room and all the filthy kitchens and bathrooms in between, every imaginable t...more
Jan 01, 2011 Keera rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone With Previous Roommate Experience
Shelves: nonfiction, humor
I'm a huge fan of these sorts of books (such as Found, Mortified, and Post Secret). I got this for Christmas and finished it in a few hours. I really enjoyed it. It's light and funny. As someone who had to move out on her first roommate, I can completely appreciate where the writers of these notes are coming from. However, some of the words stumped me because I believe their British terms, but the author's notes explained the situation well. So if you're not at all familiar with British slang an...more
Could have done without the narrative. Just the notes would have been fine.
As a student this was an interesting read, and it kinda made me grateful about my housemates!
I Lick My Cheese and Other Notes: From the Frontline of Flatsharing is an easy-to-read, amusing book. It's a compilation of notes, written by people who share flats, covering a variety of subjects. A few of the notes made me laugh out loud, but the biggest plus point for me was the fact that it didn't require much concentration!
Michelle Ablett
I usually really like these types of books..
I didn't find that many of the notes funny or interesting and a huge amount were incredibly hard to read (partly because of bad handwriting and sometimes because it was photocopied blurry!) and those that were funny or interesting were slightly ruined by the huge amount of text that accompanied it and 'funny' remarks.
I prefer to read this sort of book where it is simple note after note after note and we're left to form our own opinions.
The title "I Lick My Cheese" made me pick up this book. If you have ever had a roommate you'll immediately understand. This is a collection of notes left by real roommates to each other. The author added commentary about who, what, why etc...,I thought it would be a lot more humorous, but I only had two laugh out loud moments (my measure of humor). It was a light read, good for a read fix if you are addicted to reading and need to read now and finish it quickly.
Thought this one would be a lot funnier. It was kind of boring and sad.
Brought to mind really rundown shithole apartments with cluttered, filthy kitchens and countertops all covered in dried food and goodness only knows what else. And just..filthy bathrooms with grime everywhere. Ew. I'm making myself sick.
I would never want to live with a roommate. Ever. sefp[pf
I think once or twice I laughed out loud. For like a second. But just..no.
A lively, quick read which transported me back to my years of college and house sharing. Some great notes, some weird notes and some painfully familiar notes. I've had my share of anally retentive housemates obssessing over trivia, but my own personal nadir was a house mate who ate a pizza and drank a bottle of wine, leaving a note offering to replace them at a later date. Leaving me hungry and facing a trek to the off licence.
I could totally relate to this book. Having flat-shared with 7 other people, notes were continuously left around the place, increasingly ruder and angrier as the year went by.
Whilst other people didn't enjoy the authors notes, I did. It broke up a book which can be flicked through, or time to read the explanations or thoughts behind the notes.

A throughly good read, especially if you have ever been in that position.
This was a hilarious collection of notes left by roomates. Each page consists of a note left and the author either makes comment on the note or explains the situation. I haven't laughed so hard since I read Shit my Dad Says. I really enjoyed the imagination some people have and the excuses people use for their roomates. I loved it!
Although the book seems long, it's quite a fast read, I finished it in an hour.
The only thing that kept this one from a 5-star rating is the fact that I don't find gross to be synonymous with funny. Gross is just gross.

But other than the gross ones, which wasn't even half of them, this was hilarious. I think anyone who has had to share space with another person for more than a day can appreciate this.

Also, some people are psycho, but that was hilarious in this context, too.
most of the actual notes are really funny - written on all kinds of materials, discussing crazy flat-sharing situations - some we've all been in, some surreally bizarre :)
sadly, the author's comments exceed the amount of note content and are far from amusing. the book would have been a hoot if it were only a collection of notes with much fewer comments. meh.
just laugh-out-loud funny. i've had the chance of sharing space with roomies - back in college, and now, still am. it's fun when you love the people your'e with, but overall, it may be a hit or miss. such an enjoyable book, definitely satisfies my voyeur tendencies! and if you're fond of posting notes or lil pick-me-up post-its like me, you'd cherish this book, too!
Marianne Stehr
It is funny, but there are many Europeon slang terms, flat, bum, bloke...that are a little hard to understand at first and then the writing on the notes themselves is so poor that you find yourself squinting to see if you can read it. Funny, but seriuosly don't buy it, swap it or find it at the library, laugh for a few minutes and then give it back.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book . That may be because I could relate to quite a lot of the notes throughout .
I must admit I skipped over some of the explanations as they were simply the authors thoughts rather than the actual back-story to the note .
No doubt I will find myself flicking through this on a semi-regular basis .
This was an amusing collection of real notes left my roommates. After finishing this quick read, I was happy and relieved that those days are over for me (although my roommmates were great, I like my space!). These notes go to prove that if you're looking for a roommate, careful screening is a must!
Amie M
This is a must-read if you've ever had a roommate. And for those of us that haven't had one in forever (almost 15 years here), it will be a hilarious reminder of why we choose autonomous living.

It literally took little more than an hour to read so you have no excuse!
Sarah Kadhim
Having lived with some interesting characters over my life I could totally relate with some of the note writers.This had me in stiches. It's gross, funny, makes you angry at the wrong doer and even shocks that some could stoop so low.
Ah, it brought back memories...but I have to say that in 10 years of having roommates, I don't remember the notes, there must have been some, but it's all faded into the annals of time...super fast read & amusing.
Absolutely hilarious. Gave me appreciation for having mostly sane roommates and made me look back and laugh on funny moments. Currently this book sits on my coffee table and it always grabs guests attention :)
This is a very fast read, and I have never laughed so hard while reading. In case the title sounds cryptic, this is a post-it note someone attached to their cheese to keep their flatmates from stealing it.
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