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South of No North
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South of No North

really liked it 4.0  ·  Rating Details ·  5,543 Ratings  ·  229 Reviews
South of No North contains some of Bukowski's best work. Among the short stories collected in the book are Love for $17.50, about a man named Robert whose infatuation with a mannequin in a junk shop leads him first to buy it, then make love to it, and then eventually fall in love with "her," much to the consternation of his real-life girlfriend; Maja Thurup, about a South ...more
Paperback, 192 pages
Published May 31st 2002 by Ecco (first published 1973)
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Sep 03, 2008 Jen rated it liked it
yeah, i went through my Bukowski phase too, although my phase was short lived. i probably would have given all of the books that i read an extra star if i rated them at the time that i read them. maybe i am not being fair. biggest lesson learned from reading Bukowski - don't date guys who idolize Bukowski. it never ever works out...
Fatema Hassan , bahrain
جنوب بلا شمال

( إن كنت ستحاول، ف اذهب حتى النهاية، وإلا، فلا تبدأ)
تشارلز بوكوفسكي

يعود بطل بوكوفسكي المفضل و النسونجي - هنري تشيناسكي - في هذه المجموعة القصصية للضوء من جديد ليكتب عن سيرته في أرضه المجهولة الطاعنة في البذاءة ، القصص بحواراتها المقحمة بحرفنة و بأسلوبها المباشر الممتع و الرّث أخلاقيًا شكّلت لي كقارئة تجهمات أدبية أو تهجمات أدبية - لا فرق - تحاول التغلب على محلّية التعبير السائد في امريكا حينها المتسم بالشبق البارد أو المعدم، حيث الجرأة مدروسة و الواقع لا زال يتغنى بالحلم الأمريكي وي
May 18, 2015 KamRun rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
گوش کن،دار و ندارمو می دم بهت که برگرده پهلوت.من فقط می خواستم یه کار خیری کرده باشم
مگه نمی دونی تو این دنیا سر خیرین چی میاد؟-
چرا،اخرش وایمیستن سر خیابون هفتم برادوی به فروختن مجله سوپر -

پنج داستان کوتاه این کتاب (نسخه ترجمه فارسی)همگی در دهه هفتاد میلادی نوشته شده اند.بوکوفسکی - شکست خورده،فقیر،دائم الخمر و غالبا بیکار اما با روزنه ای امید که هنوز ته نکشیده - خود شخصیت مرکزی تمام این داستان هاست. فضاسازی کتاب نیز با وضعیت و روحیه بوکوفسکی تطابق دارد: میزهای چوبی قدیمی و مستهلک،قهوه های پنج سن
فهد الفهد
جنوب بلا شمال

على القارئ أن يتفهم هذا النوع من أدب الحانات والمشردين، حيث تفوح من النص رائحة البول، ويمتلئ بالسكارى والعاهرات، قد لا يحبه ولا يتآلف معه ولكنه يعبر عن مرحلة معينة في الأدب الأمريكي والعالمي، لم يعجبني من المجموعة إلا قصة واحدة فقط، كانت تعرض تطور شاعر صعلوك وصعوده مادياً ومعنوياً، وكيف تغير وتطور ذوقه في الكحول والنساء.
Dale Jr.
Nov 29, 2012 Dale Jr. rated it liked it
Bukowski's short stories aren't new to me. I've read through The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Tales of Ordinary Madness. Both of those were filled with some great shorts, but I'm left feeling a little disappointed with South of No North.

It's not that there aren't some good shorts in here. There are. Personally, "Bop Bop Against That Curtain", "Politics", "Love for $17.50", and "Pittsburgh Phil & Co." were a few of the highlights. Highlights, but not stunners. They didn't throw the right
Alia (بلا همزة)
كما ذكرت لأحد الاخوة حين سألني ان كنت انصح بقراءته ام لا
فكانت اجابتي
بانني لا اعلم ان كنت ساشجع اي شخص لقراءته ام لا
فقد وصلت تقريبا منتصف الكتاب واكاد اجزم انه لم تمر صفحة واحدة بدون كلمة بذيئة او فكرة كريهة او شاذة تفوح منها روائح كريهة ! ولكن ادبيا ونظرا للبيئة التي اختارها بوكوفسكي فقد اجاد فعلا التعبير عن الشخصيات التي عكست هذه الشريحة وطبيعة هذا النوع من البشر اعني السكيرين والمشردين والخ..استمراري في قراءته برغم كل العيوب دليل انه اسلوبه غير ملل وينساب بسهولة بدون تكلف. واخيرا اعجبت بوا
Oct 02, 2015 Pooriya rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: short-story
«هیچ کار آبرومندی وجود نداره. اگه نویسنده نتونه از راه خلاقیت نون بخوره، مرده.»
«وای، بس کن کارل! میلیون میلیون آدم تو این دنیا هس که از راه خلاقیت نون نمیخورن. میخوای بگی همهشون مردهن؟»
«اونوقت تو روح داری؟ تو یکی از اون معدود آدمای ذیروج هستی؟»
«چنین پیداست.»
«چنین پیداست! مردهشور خودتو ببره با اون ماشینتحریر فکسنیتو! مردهشور خودت و اون چکهای صناریت! ننهبزرگ من از تو بیشتر پول در میآره!»
«آبجو! آبجو! خدا لعنت کنه خودتو آبجوتو باهم! نو داستانات هم هس.»
Po Po
Apr 19, 2014 Po Po rated it liked it
This is a book of short stories. Dark, gloomy, brutal and real. I adore Bukowski's colorful vocabulary and rough 'round the edges vernacular.

Mohit Parikh
Dec 09, 2013 Mohit Parikh rated it it was amazing
Shelves: przc3xx
Bukowski is a no bullshit gangsta. He comes, he shoots, he leaves.
(Yeah, innuendo intended. A little bit.)
Delara Hazegh f
Absurd... Totally absurd
Who the heck does he think he is messing with papa?!! Seriously?
Awfully horrifying catastrophic!!
Araz Goran
القارىء نفسه يخجل أن يقرأ هذه الأشياء فلا أدري كيف تمكن بوكوفسكي من كتابة كل هذا الفحش والبذاءة في كتاب واحد..كاتب فاحش شهواني محض، لا يمت للأدب بصلة..
Robin Friedman
Aug 30, 2013 Robin Friedman rated it really liked it
Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) had a gift for creating evocative titles. The title of this book, "South of No North: Stories of the Buried Life" (1975) captures hauntingly the sense of loneliness, alienation, and aloneness that underlies the 27 short stories in this volume.

Bukowski began writing short stories at an early age while he supported himself doing odd jobs and through work at the Post Office. He then turned to poetry and, eventually, to writing novels at the urging of John Martin of Blac
Koen Kop
Nov 21, 2014 Koen Kop rated it did not like it
The majority of these stories are (semi-?)autobiographical. What does Bukowski's alter ego do? He drinks, he fucks. He's a bum. When he's not on a drinking or fucking spree he tries (and fails) to hold down any mean job, or he's in hospital recovering from some booze-induced ailment. He hates his fellow men that are clean-shaven and have steady jobs. (I like clean-shaven men with steady jobs: more often than not they are decent, idealistic people with a self-deprecating sense of humor that ...more
Dec 30, 2010 Gino rated it it was amazing
My first Bukowski book and instantly a favorite. Bukowski writes with the shock of his gritty reality. He's a drunk, a gambler, a womanizer and a cheat, yet he's incredibly endearing. When I finished the book I hated myself for loving it and relating to the main character/the writer. I can't wait to read more of his work.
hanan al-herbish al-herbish
مجموعة قصصية أضمن لكم بأنها تختلف عن أي مجموعة قصصية أخرى ..
هذه المرّة مع " بوكوڤسكي " المُعدم ، السكّير و الذي تعرفونه جيّداً ، ينقل لنا مشاهد متنوعة من حياة الفقر و الأفنية الخلفية ، الحانات المظلمة ، الرجال المسحوقين و النساء البائسات .. باختصار ينقل لنا الجانب الأكثر بؤساً من حياة الأمريكيين .
Nov 04, 2013 Alfredo rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Cuentos de Bukowski. Uno de los «n» volúmenes editados en el mismo sentido por Anagrama y que constituyen la delicia de los que somos asiduos a la obra de Hank. Un volumen de cuentos que, por supuesto, repele a sus detractores como todos los demás. Cuentos firmemente anclados en el realismo sucio, en una cotidianidad gris y pastosa, en un día a día que podría ser el de cualquiera de los que leen esos mismos cuentos. Cuentos que no relatan nada espectacular: sexo, alcohol, carreras de caballos, ...more
Jul 17, 2014 Allan rated it really liked it
Shelves: audiobook
I was a big Bukowski fan in my twenties, reading all of his novels (bar 'Women' that I couldn't finish), a couple of his short story collections that were available in the UK at the time and two of his poetry anthologies. Noticing that this and another of his short story anthologies had recently appeared on Audible as audiobooks, I thought that I'd give them a try.

You pretty much know what you get with Bukowski. The short stories feature his alter ego, Chinaski pretty heavily, with all the drink
Aug 14, 2015 Chuff rated it liked it
In the middle of a divorce with nightly whiskey when I didn't believe in anyone anymore I saw myself in Bukowski's gritty, depraved world, and he spoke to me. "Yeah!" I'd say out loud, reading him. With his strange, festering, throwaway, penniless lifestyle which somehow made room for snobbery about classical music and the "good writers," I could scratch my neck, still damp from alcohol and overdue air conditioners, and clink my glass to nobody, alone with his book on my lap. But peeking back in ...more
Apr 26, 2012 Mat rated it liked it
A motley and eclectic collection of good, funny, bad and disturbing short stories. I don't mind a bit lasciviousness (sorry been waiting to use that word) in stories I read, in fact I welcome it but there were several stories in this compilation that described some pretty violent sex and even rape which I found slightly disturbing because that is a practice that I could never in any circumstances condone. Having said that, there were other stories which were absolutely brilliant. I find the guy ...more
Jun 16, 2016 Ben rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Encontré mi Charles Bukowski tan anhelado.

“–Los hombres se hacen intelectuales porque son cobardes, no desesperados. –Y la diferencia entre cobarde y desesperado es... –¡Bingo! –contesté–. ¡Un intelectual!”

"La mayor recompensa era el no tener que volver nunca cruzarse con otro ser humano por la acera, verlos pasar en su obesidad, ver sus pequeños ojos de rata, sus caras rotas y crueles, sus gestos animales. Vaya un dulce sueño: no tener que volver a mirar nunca otro rostro humano."

"¿Cómo p
Ihsan Alattar
May 14, 2016 Ihsan Alattar rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
في غرفة الانتظار في المستشفى نظرت فتاة صغيرة الى وجوهنا الرمادية والبيضاء والصفراء ، وقالت : الجميع يحتضر ! لم يجبها احد ، قلبت صفحة عدد قديم من مجلة التايم.
بعد ملء أوراق روتينية وأخذ عينات البول والدم ، أخذوني الى جناح مكون من اربع غرف في الطابق الثامن ، وعندما سألوني عن ديني أجبتهم : كاثوليكي ؛ لانقذ نفسي من نظرات وأسئلة عادة ما تتبع التصريح عن الدين ، تعبت من الجدال والروتين البيروقراطي ، كان مستشفى كاثوليكيا ، ربما سأحصل على خدمة أفضل او تبريكات من البابا !!

جنوب بلا شمال ... بوكوفسكي

ثمان و
I'm starting to feel like we're old friends, Bukowski and I. This book had stories I'd heard before but like a good friend, I listened anyway and pretended I hadn't heard them before. Because that's what you do. Because the story will be told a little differently and it never hurts to be reminded. This book showed his violent side a bit more which made me think, "do I like him less?" Surprisingly, no. He's a bastard but, I suppose, all points of view have merit and I love his writing style. So, ...more
Sep 23, 2016 Gaby rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Primer acercamiento a un autor sobre el cual las opiniones son variopintas, a algunos les gusta muchísimo, mientras que a otros les disgusta totalmente. Me acerque a este autor por su libro de relatos, ya que previamente había leído un par de ellos y me atrajo esa forma desenfadada de escribir. Bukowski es de esos escritores que se lee por muchas razones, ya sea morbo, ganas de algo diferente, más crudo o más real. Lee la reseña completa aquí:
May 25, 2016 Vishal rated it really liked it
So I wrote a pretty good review of this, and pressed Save and my review got lost.


The only consolation being that Bukowski suffered more, and through this he channeled the kind of cut-glass lyricism into his words that will inspire me forever.

No matter how many reviews I end up losing :-)
Oct 15, 2016 Kurt rated it really liked it
Four stars for the writing, very Hemingway like, and who was Buk's idol, another staccato-talking tough guy, and all. Three stars, however, for the content - which was very Buk. Overall, South of No North, a collection of Charles Bukowski's short short stories, is a fun read. "Define fun," you say? I say, define Buk.
Yazeed AlMogren
قصص من خيال تشارلز بوكوفسكي المليء بالمغامرات والخمر والنساء
Nina Rapsodia
Jun 19, 2014 Nina Rapsodia rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Todo el mundo
Recommended to Nina by: nadie
Shelves: reread

Es de conocimiento público que me encantan las historias de Charles Bukowski. No recuerdo si éste fue el primer libro que leí de el o lo fue Cartero, la cosa es que lo conocí cuando un amigo me esperaba en la estación del metro. Cuando nos encontramos él me paso un viejo ejemplar de la biblioteca y me dijo "Leete este cuento" ese cuento se llamaba "Deje de mirarme las tetas señor" y me reí tanto que supe que tenia que leer este libro de relatos. Y lo leí.

Hace poco lo vi en una venta de segund
Rob Kitchin
May 14, 2012 Rob Kitchin rated it really liked it
Bukowski’s prose is rich, whilst still maintaining a show rather than tell style, and there is much to admire in the writing. His short stories are often only a thousand words or so, but are vivid and engaging, and it’s clear why Time magazine labelled him the ‘laureate of American low life’. And even though the stories in South of No North clearly relate to his own life, especially those focused on Henry Chinaski (his childhood acne, his chronic alcoholism, his endless succession of jobs, his ...more
Maki Nasreen
Para mi Bukowsky es toda una atmósfera, es la belleza callejera, la "mierda fértil". Antes de "Se busca una mujer" había leído cosas dispersas de él en la red, "The Charles Bukowski Tapes", "BArfly", etc. Pero este librod e relatos ha sido especial porque es el primero con el que paso más tiempo, incluso estando en tránsito por espacios bastante "bukowskianos"...que hay en todas las ciudades. Algunos de sus relatos aquí compilados son simplemente maravillosos y muy profundos tales como ...more
Mar 18, 2009 Zack rated it it was amazing
Charles Bukowski once said, "Genius might be finding a way to say something complicated in a simpler way, or something relatively easy to explain in an even simpler way," or something like that. Re-reading this and Tropic of Capricorn (my favorite Henry Miller) at the same time, I realized something: the writing in both books is from (and about) the same part of American history--to be general I'll say the 1940s--but Miller was famous at least a decade and a half before any of Bukowski's work ...more
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Henry Charles Bukowski (born as Heinrich Karl Bukowski) was a German-born American poet, novelist and short story writer. His writing was influenced by the social, cultural and economic ambience of his home city of Los Angeles.It is marked by an emphasis on the ordinary lives of poor Americans, the act of writing, alcohol, relationships with women and the drudgery of work. Bukowski wrote thousands ...more
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“My objection to war was not that I had to kill somebody or be killed senselessly, that hardly mattered. What I objected to was to be denied the right to sit in a small room and starve and drink cheap wine and go crazy in my own way and at my own leisure.” 111 likes
“Like anybody can tell you, I am not a very nice man. I don't know the word. I have
always admired the villain, the outlaw, the son of a bitch. I don't like the clean-shaven
boy with the necktie and the good job. I like desperate men, men with broken teeth
and broken minds and broken ways. They interest me. They are full of surprises and
explosions. I also like vile women, drunk cursing bitches with loose stockings and
sloppy mascara faces. I'm more interested in perverts than saints. I can relax with
bums because I am a bum. I don't like laws, morals, religions, rules. I don't like to be
shaped by society.”
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