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Beware of Boys
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Beware of Boys

4.19  ·  Rating Details ·  171 Ratings  ·  111 Reviews
When a hungry wolf meets a young boy he knows exactly what he wants for supper! But the boy has a very clever plan and suggests some very special and delicious recipes - like Boy Soup, Boy Cake, and Boy Pie. Soon the greedy wolf is running round trying to find all the ingredients - with hilarious results!
Paperback, 32 pages
Published June 24th 1993 by Puffin (first published 1991)
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Katherine Dyson
Oct 02, 2012 Katherine Dyson rated it really liked it
This was a very enjoyable book that I feel children will engage with.

The fairy tale leads you through the story with a boy who gets captured by a wolf. However the boy cleverly distracts the wolf from eating him straight away by suggesting he makes a soup. Unfortunately for the wolf, he forgets the salt but the boy describes another recipe that will taste just as good, boy pie. The wolf collects all the ingredients for boy pie but once again he forgets the salt. The wolf starts to get a little a
Oct 01, 2015 Jamila rated it really liked it
This is a fun, engaging book that will surely entertain younger and older readers.

‘Beware of Boys’ features a bold, witty and smart young boy that unashamedly takes on a big bad wolf, and wins! Through deceptions and witty distractions, the unlikely relatable hero manages to escape the hungry predatory wolf.

I found this book both hilarious and captivating, and loved that the protagonist managed to simply outwit his opponent through confusing and misleading instructions. This also makes a refresh
Stuart Willy
Dec 18, 2012 Stuart Willy rated it really liked it
Beware of Boys – Tony Blundell

When a boy is met by a hungry wolf and is promptly taken back to his cave there is only one likely outcome. Naturally that is what you would think but as the title suggests, small boys should be treated with caution. As the story unfolds the calm and cunning boy plays on the wolf’s desire not just to assuage his hunger but to have a lovely meal to boot. Conjuring up elaborate boy flavoured meals with a vast array of ingredients, the small boy takes the wolf’s eyes o
Huma Khan
Oct 07, 2012 Huma Khan rated it really liked it
Recommended to Huma by: Alison
When a hungry wolf meets a young boy he knows exactly what he wants for supper! He captures the boy but the boy has a very clever plan and suggests some special and delicious recipes - like Boy Soup, Boy Cake, and Boy Pie. Soon the greedy wolf is running round trying to find all the ingredients - with hilarious results. The book arrives at a very satisfying conclusion where by the end, the wolf is exhausted and collapses under a pile of ingredients. The boy happily bikes home to his mother, wher ...more
Nov 27, 2011 Jennifer rated it liked it
Book Review

‘Beware of the Boys’ by Tony Blundell

‘Beware of Boys’ written by Tony Blundell tells the story of a small boy’s adventure after he is captured by a wolf. The wolf takes him back to his cave to eat him. The boy cleverly manages to trick the wolf into not eating him by suggesting new and exciting recipes for the wolf to try. Predictably he manages to escape from the wolf and is back home in time for dinner.

There are only two characters throughout the book, the wolf and the boy. The bo
Rebekah Shuffle
Sep 29, 2015 Rebekah Shuffle rated it really liked it
Beware of Boys is about a stupid wolf capturing a clever and clever young boy and wanting to eat him for dinner. However the story isn’t as simple as that, as the wolf is running around finding ingredients for recipes the young boy has made up e.g. Boy Cake. The wolf doesn’t realize what the boys cunning plan was until it was too late, and the wolf learns a silly moral at the end of the story.

This book could be used between both Key Stages 1 and 2; in Key Stage 1 it would be beneficial for the
Oct 02, 2012 Robbi rated it it was amazing
This very humorous book is about a young boy who gets captured by a 'big, bad', hungry wolf as he walks through the forest. Unlike the assumed stance a child would normally take, this young boy is very bold, witty and intelligent, and throughout the story shows how he can outsmart the wolf.

After taking the young boy to his cave in the forest, he threatens to eat the young boy, however the boy cunningly sets the wolf a number of tasks to 'help' the wolf enjoy eating him even more. He devises thr
Oct 04, 2013 Jodie rated it really liked it
This is a funny adventure book suitable to read to younger children from reception up, but has an instructional level of 90-95% for years 2 to 3 on average.

It is about a young boy who goes for a walk on the woods. He is captured by a greedy and seemingly fierce wolf, whom he then manages to cleverly outwit when the beast tries to eat him.
The boy outwits him by giving him several recipes, first for boy pie, then boy cake, then boy soup. Each time he is given a recipe, the wolf runs around madly
Nicola Devine
Oct 13, 2013 Nicola Devine rated it really liked it
This book tells the tale of a young boy who goes for a walk in the woods. As he strolls through the woods, he becomes captured by a fiercely terrifying wolf. As the wolf is bigger, scarier and stronger than the him, the boy realises that he must use his intellect to outsmart and trick the wolf. The boy does so by giving the wolf recipes from which he must gather the ingredients. Each of the recipes are based around a tasty dish which the wolf could use to cook the boy in including boy pie, boy c ...more
Jashim Uddin
Oct 04, 2015 Jashim Uddin rated it it was amazing
Beware of boys by Tony Blundell

This book is hilarious and very engaging. It is about a hungry wolf who meets a young boy in the forest as he takes a short cut. The big bad wolf knows exactly what he intends to eat. But the boy is very witty and has a very clever plan, he suggests some very special recipes including the ‘Boy’. The boy tells the wolf of some great recipes including Boy Soup, Boy Cake and Boy Pie. The wolf falls for the little boys trick and goes to gather all the ingredients. But
Aaron Campling
Oct 10, 2012 Aaron Campling rated it really liked it
This hilarious fairytale tells the story of a young boy who gets captured by a wolf. However, as the title suggests, it is the wolf that has reason to be worried.

The wolf's intentions are clear from the start; he plans on eating the boy. If only it were that simple. In an attempt to save himself, the boy suggests that the wolf make 'Boy Soup'. Excited by this idea, the wolf gets a list of ingredients that he will need. Upon returning to his cave and the boy, the boy tells the wolf that he has fo
Daniel Bush
Jan 10, 2013 Daniel Bush rated it it was amazing
‘Beware of Boys’ is a humorous story with an interesting twist to the classic fairy tale of wolf meets child – wolf tricks child of Little Red Riding Hood.

In the story, a devilish (and hungry) wolf captures a boy, but this smart boy manages to outwit the creature by convincing him that he would taste better in a soup, pie and cake. The wolf returns from ingredient-finding missions only to find out that he is missing something to complete the recipes. With each errand the wolf becomes increasingl
Micheál Hanratty
Oct 05, 2012 Micheál Hanratty rated it liked it
This book is not the greatest fairytale I've ever read nor is it the worst. The main reason why I say its not the greatest piece of childhood literature I've ever seen is because the language at times can be quite colloquial.I feel this is far from ideal as most Children in the Key Stage 1 category find it difficult enough to grasp everyday words.

What this book has is beautiful illustrations which Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 will adore. This book can be best described as an adventur
Dec 08, 2012 Sam rated it liked it
Beware of Boys is a fairy tale written by Tony Blundell. It tells the story of a boy who is captured by a wolf. Unfortunately for the wolf, the boy uses a lot of cunning to outwit him – that is, tiring him out by sending him for endless ingredients for boy recipes. The story ends with the wolf locked in his own cave by the cunning boy.

Blundell’s story has a difficulty rating of 90 – 95%. This makes it suitable for students in Y2, Y3 and Y4. During guided reading, the teacher can test the studen
Aleha Begum
Jan 14, 2012 Aleha Begum rated it it was amazing
Book review of ‘Beware of Boys’ by Tony Blundell

This story is about a hungry wolf that meets a young boy and wants to eat him for supper. However, the boy has a clever plan and suggests some delicious recipes, such as Boy Soup, Boy Cake, and Boy Pie. The boy manages to succeed in his plan and makes the wolf very tired from collecting all the ingredients for his recipes. This results in the wolf being too tired to eat his supper and the boy traps the wolf in his cave and manages to escape.

I thoro
Steffie Tamuyeye
Sep 29, 2015 Steffie Tamuyeye rated it really liked it
Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell is a very enjoyable book that allows children to explore their imagination as to what could potentially happen in the story.

The story is based on a small boy who takes a walk in the forest, when all of a sudden, he encounters a wolf, who happens to live in a cave. The wolf has prepared his taste buds several times as he wants to eat the boy, but on three separate occasions, the boy sends the wolf on a wild goose chase for ingredients that will make himself desira
Kirsty Rice
Oct 13, 2013 Kirsty Rice rated it it was amazing
Beware of boys is a fantastic book about a boy who gets kidnapped by a wolf in the woods. He then continues to trick the wolf into collecting several unnecessary items by telling him different recipes of how to cook yummy boy.
I found this book funny, and I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next! I think it will definitely keep children entertained throughout. It would be a good book to read for reception and KS1 to the whole class. It can then inspire many different activities fo
Jun 07, 2012 Christian rated it really liked it
'This is no ordinary fairy tale and no ordinary small boy! He knows how to get the better of any wolf, and what this wolf needs, he decides, is a very special cookery lesson...' Beware Of Boys is a brilliant twist on a traditional tale and truly an engaging read for primary children. The story sets up the traditional scenario of a boy threatened by a wolf who wishes to eat him. There is a brilliant twist at the end of the story which is complemented by small nods to this throughout the story and ...more
Mark Rasem
Jan 05, 2012 Mark Rasem rated it really liked it
The story of a small boy who, when taking a short-cut through a forest on his way home, is captured by a hungry wolf.
When the wolf announces to the boy his intentions to eat him, the boy suggests a recipe for 'Boy Soup' that the gullable wolf finds intriguing enough to go out in search of the ingtredients for.
When he returns, the boy prompts the wolf wolf on a missing ingredient, leading to the repetitive cycle of the wolf being continually being outsmarted by the boy, who eventually plays out a
Samuel Tsoi
Oct 03, 2015 Samuel Tsoi rated it it was amazing
Beware of Boys is a story about a boy who is captured by a wolf and taken to his cave. The book is about how the boy escapes the wolf’s cave by recommending how to cook a boy through three different recipes, with each one more delicious than the next. Throughout the book the wolf is required to collect ingredients to cook the recipes, however each time, the boy provides the list for each recipe, an ingredient is always left out.

This was a funny short story, which was well illustrated throughout
Tharema Alim
Oct 06, 2013 Tharema Alim rated it liked it
Beware of the Boys is a book that I read in my English lesson in University and I had to analyse the book and see if the book would be a good read for children. The conclusion that I came to was that it is a good read for children as it is filled with vibrant colours and pictures which will engage the children. The story is a trickster story as it is about a boy outsmarting the wolf in number of humorous ways which will get the children laughing - mostly the boys.

I believe that it would be a gre
Oct 11, 2013 Fiona rated it really liked it
Shelves: pgce
‘Beware of Boys’, by Tony Blundell is a children’s book I read whilst in an English lesson in University. I along with most of my colleagues found the book incredible amusing.
The plot is about a little boy who comes across a wolf as he is taking a short cut through the forest, the wolf tells the little boy that he intends to eat him, but what the wolf does not know is that he has met his match as the little boy has a few tricks up his sleeve. The boy tells the wolf of a great recipe called ‘Boy
Saadia Munshi
Oct 05, 2013 Saadia Munshi rated it it was amazing
This book is about a Little boy who manages to outsmart a wolf who has captured him, whilst taking a short cut in the forest. The little boy asks the wolf whether he will cook him first and the wolf replies saying what he had in mind. The little boy first gives him a list of ingredients and the things for boy soup. The wolf then sets off to gather all the ingredients and items he will need to cook the little boy. When he returns the little boy says the wolf forgot the salt. He then gives the wol ...more
Dec 30, 2012 Emily rated it liked it
This book follows the story of a young boy who encounters trouble with a hungry wolf. This hungry wolf is eager to eat the boy, however the young boy persuades the wolf to collect an array of ingredients to make him even more appetising. This would be a good book for year one or two as it uses basic vocabulary and has a lot of illustrations to aid the readers understanding. It also use repetition in threes to aid the learner in the structure of the story which would be useful in KS1 for sequenci ...more
Rebecca Lees
Oct 26, 2012 Rebecca Lees rated it it was amazing
This book puts a twist on normal fairy tale stories in which the boy would be captured by the wolf and put into a stew. However in this story, through his witt the boy has been able to make a fool out of the wolf and trapp him in his own home through a series of tricks.

The book is very original,humorous and engaging for children especially those who have read the original fairy tales. The pictures are very detailed with humorous descriptions of recipes, which could never be possibly eaten. The
Charlotte Peters
Oct 02, 2013 Charlotte Peters rated it really liked it
This book is a delightful tale of a young boy, who manages to trick the greedy wolf, and as a result stops the wolf eating him. He does this by persuading the wolf to collect ingredients for a number of boy recipes, with each recipe the wolf gets more tired and this both buys the boy time, but also lets him plan his escape. The text is funny and the use of repetition such as 'you forgot the salt' mean that it is a really interactive read.

I particularly enjoyed the recipe pages within this book,
Oct 17, 2013 Habibah rated it it was amazing
Mr Wolf bites off more than he can chew when he spots a boy in the woods and decides to eat him for his dinner. Greedy Mr Wolf suspects nothing as the boy comes up with ridiculously funny recipes and sends him running around all over the place collecting ingredients. The boy includes items for himself each time he sends the wolf out.

This book can be read to chilodren of all ages, additionally it can be used to teach year 3/4 children how to write instructions as well as hown to follow instructio
May 11, 2012 Jennifer rated it it was amazing
I was first introduced to this fabulous book during an English session at university as part of my PGCE course. I loved it so much I bought it to share with my step-daughter (7), and wasn’t surprised when she loved it too. A great example of twisting a classic tale, the very hungry Big Bad Wolf in this particular tale is beautifully deceived by a very smart little boy. The very clever boy offers the Big Bad Wolf a selection of very, well shall we say, interesting recipes for boy soup, boy pie an ...more
Jan 13, 2013 Isaac rated it really liked it
When a hungry wolf encounters a young boy in the deep, dark wood he cannot quite believe his luck. Not only has his dinner arrived but the boy himself suggests the most mouth-wateringly, tasty recipe the wolf has ever heard. The wolf simply cannot resist the temptation to gather together the ingredients required for this delicious snack. However, all is not how it first appears and the seemingly innocent and naïve boy may just have a trick or two up his sleeve.

I would recommend this book to chil
May 09, 2012 Jenny rated it it was amazing
‘Beware of the boys’ is a fantastic picture book featuring a small boy who has been captured by a hungry wolf. He announces to the boy that he is going to eat him but unfortunately for the wolf the little boy is very clever and outsmarts him. The boy offers a suggestion- a number of very tasty recipes for ‘boy soup, boy pie and boy cake’. The gullible wolf then demands a list of ingredients. The boy then tricks the wolf by suggesting various types of recipes the wolf could use to cook him. The w ...more
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