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3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  45,323 ratings  ·  1,299 reviews
Bill Wile is an easygoing, hardworking guy who leads a quiet, ordinary life. One evening, he finds a typewritten note under the windshield wiper of his car, "If you don't take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have ...more
Paperback, 494 pages
Published April 1st 2007 by Punto de Lectura (first published 2005)
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This is indeed a novel with speed incorporated!

As the title Velocity hints the rhythm of the narrative. A clear fast tempo.

You are barely getting comfy in your seat when you realize that you need to fasten your seatbelt right away!

The premise is simple but performed in a brilliant and very entertaining way.

I liked real quick the protagonist and I fear even quicker from the antagonist.

Nothing is left to the chance. You will witness a carefull crafted masterful plan by the villain.

I enjoyed in
Will M.
A very weak novel by Koontz. it's like he was contradicting himself when he gave the book a title of "Velocity" when in reality it was slow as shit.

The main character was really likable at first, but he slowly became boring as the novel went by. I didn't seem to hold my interest because most of the book contained nothing but jibber jabber. A lot of useless stuff written just for the novel to be longer than it should be. The amount of useless things said over powered the little of action that th
Rinda Elwakil
ابق منخفضاً، ابق هادئاً، دع الأمور بسيطة، لا تتوقع الكثير، استمتع بما لديك، تحرك قدماً..

هل أنت جاهز للسرعة؟

رواية عن غريزة البقاء..عن ذلك السبب المجهول الذي يجعل الفرد منّا متمسكاً بحياته التي طالما تمني الخلاص منها، و الذي يجعل مشرداً كسيراً لن يخسر العالم برحيله شيئاً يصاب بذعر حيواني بمجرد ما يهدد حياتيهما شئ، أي شئ..

بيلي ويلز، نادل بسيط، كاتب قليل الشهرة، عاشق وفي يرعي محبوبته الراقدة في غيبوبة لسنوات متصلة، يُسّجل ما تنطق به خلال نومها و يحاول استنتاج أحلامها..هل هي آمنة سعيدة أم تعاني يا
Usually people go on smoke breaks at work to take a break from their routine paper-pushing to talk all raw about chicks and cuss a lot. Thank god where I work I can do these things from the comfort of my desk, so when I go on a smoke break I can talk about things that actually take up to ten minutes to discuss (seeing as I’ve been seeing the same chick for years I don’t have much in the way of interesting conversation anyway). Sometimes I will rap about the futility of Chicago football, usually ...more
Araz Goran
من أروع الروايات البوليسية التي قرأتها وأكثرها رعباً وتشويقاً..
حقاً هذه الرواية مدهشة وخاطفة للأنفاس..

الشكر الجزيل للأستاذ حسام عادل والأخت حماس على ترشيح هذه الرواية لي، ممتن لهما حقاً، وأنصح كل أصدقاء الجودريدز بقراءة الرواية ..
Velocity is the essence of mass-market fiction. Billy Wiles, an everyman bartender finds a note under the windshield of his car - If he takes it to the police, a schoolteacher will die. If he doesn't, an old woman will be killed. Billy visits his cop friend and tells him about the note. The cop thinks it's a hoax and tells Billy to dismiss it. It turns out it's not - the schoolteacher dies. Billy starts receiving other notes, forcing our bartender to choose the fate of people that are close to h ...more
This is the first Dean Koontz novel I have ever read. I had thought of him as a sort of lesser version of Stephen King--pulpy and popular. While there was that in this novel, it was well crafted. The protagonist, Billy Wiles, proved to be a complex character. The identity of the villain was kept secret until close to the end. And there were literary allusions sprinkled throughout the book, which was a refreshing surprise.

The final scene seemed a little facile, and the villain seemed a little to

حركة، سرعة، تأثير

هذه قواعد اللعبة

مع إجادة فن الأداء والكثير من الجنون واللامنطق
تخرج لنا هذه الرواية
أقصد هذا السيناريو الحىّ بكل تفاصيله

أؤكد لك أنك ستفاجأ كثيرًا
لن أحرق الرواية بأى سرد لها
أفضّل أن تكتشف المجهول بنفسك

اقرأ الرواية لن تندم

ربما تستفيد شيئًا وربما لا
لكن إن كنت من هواة أفلام الجريمة والحركة
فستعجبك بالتأكيد

Salman Dhrubo
ইংলিশে Velocity শবদটার অরথ হচছে বেগ । তাহলে একটা থরিলার উপনযাসের নাম ভেলোসিটি হয় কিভাবে যদি না সেটাতে কোন পরকারের বেগই না থাকে । কেবল মাতরই শেষ করে উঠলাম ডিন কুনটজ এর ভেলোসিটি । নিরদবিধায় বলতে পারব আমার পড়া সবচেয়ে দরুতগতির থরিলার গুলোর মধযে নিঃসনদেহে সবচেয়ে উপরের দিকেই থাকবে এই বইটা । আকষরিক অরথেই বইটা পেজ টারনার। একবার গলপে ঢুকে গেলে শেষ না দেখে বের হতেই ইচছে করবে না ।

বই এর কাহিনী আবরতিত হয় আমেরিকার এক ছোট শহরের বারটেনডার বিল ওয়াইলিস কে ঘিরে । নিরঝঞঝাট মানুষ বিল । খুবই সাধারণ এক জীবন যাপন করে
Velocity by Dean Koontz moved fast!!

Billy Wile seems like a fairly normal fellow -- he is a bartender who has a fiancée living in a rehabilitation home who has been in a coma for a few years. Billy had been a writer, but lost his motivation to continue and now works out his shift pouring beer and making small talk with patrons at the neighborhood bar.

The book starts out with a humorous part -- where one of those patrons recalls a neighbor's "death by garden gnome" ...

After that shift, Billy re
Beth Frink
This book was an easy read--couldn't put the book down. Very interesting, and really makes you think. What would you do, if you were given a choice like this?
Sarah Sammis
Velocity starts with death by garden gnome and gets weirder from there.

The back of the book has the message: "If you don’t take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have four hours to decide. The choice is yours." Going on that piece of information alone, one might think that Velocity will be a typical "ticking time bomb" type thriller; it i
Jo Ann
This is only my second Koontz, and it was a big upgrade from my first experience with this author. Velocity is an appropriately named title for this quick read. This is one of those edge of your seat experiences. I'm usually pretty good at guessing who the villain is, but Koontz managed to keep me in suspense till almost the very end. I half guessed correctly, but I didn't see the second punch coming. Way to go Mr. Koontz!
Apr 24, 2008 Holly rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: who like fast pased murder mysteries
Recommended to Holly by: DJ CC
Dean Koontz’s unique talent for writing terrifying thrillers with a heart and soul is nowhere more evident than in this latest suspense masterpiece that pits one man against the ultimate deadline. If there were speed limits for the sheer pulse-racing excitement allowed in one novel, Velocity would break them all. Get ready for the ride of your life.


Bill Wile is an easygoing, hardworking guy who leads a quiet, ordinary life. But that is about to change. One evening, after his usual eight-
Velocity certainly interested me enough to encourage quick reading, so the skeleton of the story can't be that bad. But I can only give it the two-star "it's okay" rating because everything about the novel, except its spine, seemed to be too thin. I guess I mean that several things happened so quickly that Koontz forgot to make any explanatory links between them. The novel felt very thrown together, as if maybe the author had promised to write something, but was very behind. Variations on the un ...more
Jamie Belmudes
Another horror/thriller author that I love to read. Again it is horror/thriller time of the year so Koontz is perfect for the occasion.

Now reading this I was getting a little bored. It wasn't quite the thriller I thought it was going to be. It's definitely not my favorite writing from Koontz. He tended to explain certain events or objects that really didn't belong to the story. He also made a character, Lanny, who didn't seem to be the brightest cop in the Napa Valley. The story just wasn't a fu
Velocity by Dean Koontz
Napa County California seems to be a quiet place were not much really happens but things change when Billy Whiles gets off work at the local bar and finds a note under his windshield stating "If you don't take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have four hours to decide. The choice is yours." Billy takes the note to
Jane Stewart
I like suspense and danger but not this type of suspense and danger.

I purchased this three years ago. I could not finish it. I did not do a review at the time thinking Koontz was not an author for me. Recently I read Lightning by Koontz and loved it. Therefore I’m now reading several of his books. I’m posting this as part of a group of reviews for comparison purposes - for readers who have tastes similar to mine.

I was frustrated, afraid, and felt hopeless watching Bill being threatened and manip
I read a lot of Dean Koontz books in my teenage years. His writing style is very easy to adapt to and the stories are usually fast paced and fun. I have found that his books can be hit or miss...I loved some and couldn't finish others. Velocity ranks as one of my favorites by Koontz.

The Good: The author wastes no time in getting the story started. The reader is emerged in the action and adventure from the first chapter. The game of cat and mouse that is played between Billy and the unknown kille
Amir Atef
مبدئيًا.. الكاتب "دين كونتز" له قصة عجيبة هبقى أحكيها بعدين... ندخل بقى في رأيي عن روايته "موعد مع الجريمة" ودي تاني رواية أقرأها له.
* بيلي وايلز، نادل في بار... في إحدى الليالي وجد ورقة على عربيته مكتوب فيها (إذا لم تأخذ هذه الورقة إلى الشرطة...سأقتل إمرأة شقراء جميلة ... وإذا سلّمتها للشرطة سأقتل بدل عنها إمرأة عجوز
أمامك ست ساعات لتقرر. الخيار خيارك). واكتشف إنه بيتكلم بجد لما مسلمش الورقة ومدرسة شقراء اتقتلت... وإن في رسايل تانية هتخليه متورط في أكتر من عملية قتل...!!!!!!
* إثارة وتشويق وساسب
Ежко Таралежко
След шведската глупост имах нужда от живителна глътка качествена мистерия и се обърнах за помощ към Дийн Кунц.
Докато Стефчо Кинг е едноличен пожизнен крал на съвременния ужас, а Клайв Баркър - сърдития братовчед с роялистки претенции, мустакатият г-н Кунц е по-скоро дребен симпатичен благородник - живурка си в царството на кошмарите, на никого не пречи, на никого не вреди.
И пише интригуващи, макар и леко несериозни романи.

Специално в "Ускорение", Кунц е изоставил влечението си към мистичното и п
Velocity is the first Dean Koontz novel that I have read, primarily because he writes in a genre I am not particularly fond of. Actually that’s not really true – I like a good thriller, but I am a pretty squeamish kind of guy, and Koontz (or so the book blurbs would imply) has a tendency to delve into the darker and more horrific sides of human nature. Having said that, I must admit I really enjoyed Velocity. I couldn’t put it down, turning the pages into the wee small hours of the morning.

Velocity was the first book that I ever read by Dean Koontz. The idea of the book was original and creative. The plot alone was interesting enough to ensure that the book wouldn’t be “bad” but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t disappoint.

The first chapter throws Bill into a crazy inescapable situation and you’re immediately eager to find out what Bill will chose and what the next note will bring. There are a lot of questions the reader will develop throughout the story because the source of the n
Maybe only 3.5 stars

This book was a bit of a misnomer for me. I thought the beginning was unique, intense, dripping with dark humor, and full of cliffhangers. At that point, each chapter added more and more to the speed of the story as the velocity increased and Billy's life quickly careened off course.

Then, about halfway through, the breaks were thrown on. Gone were the cliffhangers. The shorter, more intense chapters became interspersed with longer, more introspective chapters as Billy came cl
Sarah ( Paris )


بيلي الشاب الطيب الذي يعمل بكد ..
والذي لايملك في حياته إلا كتبه ..
ورعاية حبيبته والتي دخلت غييبوبة بسبب تسمم غذائي ..
كل شيء هاديء وجيد ومثالي ..
حتى ..

ذاتَ مساء بدأت الحكاية ..
يخرجُ بيلي من عمله ..
ليواجه كابوساً .. عندما بدأ مختلٌ
بإرسال رسائل تهديد بقتل أناس لا يعرفهم ..
مع موعد نهائي ..
" وتحدي يقول الخيار خيارك

تقتل مدرسة شقراء ثم تصل رسالة أخرى ..
فيعرف بيلي أنه قاتل جاد ...
مجرد التصور انكم قد تكونون مكان بيلي كافِ لإرعابكم ..
وشجاعته فقط مع نضاله من أجل من يحب ..
سيخرجه من هذا الموقف ..
Dean Koontz at his best!

Billy is just a man working in a bar. Until a murderer decides to play a game. Against his will Billy is drawn into a race against time. Will he discover who the killer is before it's too late?

This book keeps you guessing who the killer is, with a lot of twist and turns. The suspense lasts till the very end.

I really enjoyed reading this book, would recommend!!
I don't blame Koontz for writing a crappy book. I blame myself for reading it. "Twilight Eyes" is the only reason I ever pick up a Koontz novel. I keep thinking that someone with the talent to write suck a book had to have written something else worthwhile.

Maybe so, but folks, this ain't it.
Kasia S.
Reading this book was quite fun, perhaps best described as feeling very lucky for not being in the main character's shoes. For a regular young guy keeping busy by bar tending, Billy Wiles is not very remarkable until we see him in distress. Out of the blue his life is being pulled in all sorts of crazy directions and the puppeteer pulling all his strings is a total freak who plays twisted mind games and plants all sorts of discriminating evidence in Billy's house, memorabilia of his past killing ...more
Matt Barker
This was a fantastic book from beginning to end. Once you start reading this book, you will not be able to put it down until it is all over.

Publisher's Summary

Bill Wile is an easygoing, hardworking guy who leads a quiet, ordinary life. But that is about to change. One evening, after his usual eight-hour bartending shift, he finds a typewritten note under the windshield wiper of his car.

If you don't take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. If y
A very interesting, precisely detailed (more on that later), spine-tingling murder thriller. The way Koontz writes keeps you riveted, because he pays attention to every detail, the way Billy Wiles carves wood, decorates his house, eats, or even sneaks into a house that may or may not contain a vicious, cunning killer. Not perfect, but perfectly designed to keep you reading while simultaneously freaking you out. Scary, mysterious, and thrilling. Towards the end it can get a bit graphic, but that' ...more
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Acknowledged as "America's most popular suspense novelist" (Rolling Stone) and as one of today's most celebrated and successful writers, Dean Ray Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers around the world and the praise of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and adventure that strike to the core of what it means to be human.

Dean R. Koontz has also published under the na
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