Midnight Mass
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Midnight Mass

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Vampires have always lived in Eastern Europe. But with the fall of the Soviet Union, they began to spread across the continent, then the world, turning whole populations into vampires--or human cattle. Having overrun India, the far East, and the great cities of North and South America, the forces of Night are now spreading into the countryside to consolidate their conquest...more
Paperback, 416 pages
Published November 1st 2005 by Tor Books (first published 1990)
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Mike (the Paladin)
I sat up late and finished this book last night. It's not a "bad book" I didn't hate it, but I had some gripes and it really didn't hold my interest.

I like Wilson's "Repairman Jack" books, at least I've liked most of them so far. So when I read the synopsis of this one and it sounded interesting, I picked it up.

I am sort of a "vampire purist" if you are referring to the vampires we all know from Bram Stoker, that is the Eastern European variety (as opposed to say the Asian vampires which are ba...more
So a rabbi, a priest, a psychotic nun and a militant lesbian atheist walk into a bar... Sounds like the beginning of a truly awful joke, doesn't it? That's exactly what I thought when a friend of mine was describing it to me. I'd never read any F. Paul Wilson before and have to admit to not a few ounces of trepidation, yet I am always interested in tales of fiendish bloodsuckers crushing mortals under their heels so figured I'd give it a shot.

Wilson writes in the forward to this quick action rea...more
The Flooze
Mar 22, 2009 The Flooze rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of early Stephen King
(Firstly, why is the book description wrong? It's Father Joe and Sister Carole. Who the heck are Dan and Carolyn?)

Thrilling and horrific, with a dose humorous irony. Wilson's Midnight Mass is a return to the grisly, purely evil side of vampiric lore. And it's a welcome addition to a genre inundated with romanticized depictions.

Reminiscent of Stephen King's The Stand, Midnight Mass flashes back and forth between several groups, allowing us to see events unfold through everyone's perspective: the...more
The best vampire book EVAH! One day F. Paul I hope you will let us visit Father Dan and his niece and see how they are doing in the world of vampires. If you want to read a good romance book with no sparkly vampires, just pure true evil ones, this is the book.

Re-read for Halloween 2010 and it was just as good! Scary and good! Father Dan has vampire issues. The vampires want to take over the world.....for a food supply that is. Evidently us humans are mighty tasty. Now Father Dan must come to te...more
Admittedly, I'm a semi-novice reader of vampire books. Much of the world and our East Coast have being overtaken by vamps and their ilk. Three main characters take it upon themselves to save the remaining "normal" population by destroying the head honcho vamps in NYC.... As I get further into the plot, niggling thoughts keep asking: umm, why are there no defensive actions being taken by the rest of the "untouched" US??? Supposedly millions of citizens are too paralyzed with fright to act?
The min...more
If you're as sick of floppy-haired vampire heartthrobs as I, read this book. Wilson's vampires are the repellent, bloodsucking bastards we've come to lovingly loathe. These vampires are more Dracula and Salem's Lot than Team Edward.

When the teenage girls of the world (and some of their moms) were dividing into Team Jason or Team Edward, I had already declared for Team Buffy. First of all, it's BUFFY. Second, I've always been more interested in the vampire hunters. Too often, the vampire geeks of...more
William Malmborg
If vampires are real, and their bite spreads the infection, then how come they haven’t taken over the world? I used to hear this question all the time when I was younger, my little brother always tossing it my way whenever I tried to talk to him about a possible vampire novel or series that I wanted to write (still want to write). It is a legitimate question, yet one that I never had a satisfactory answer for at the time, and rather than trying to reason it out with him, I usually just switched...more
I ended up putting this one down 30 pages from the ending b/c i got busy with other shit, but then 29 days out from my last update, I realized i don't actually give a damn what happens in the end. Wilson writes in the introduction that he wanted to get back to vampires that were actually scary and predatory instead of brooding and mysteriously sexy. I agree with the goal but he missed by a mile with this book. The bad guys are one note and only frightening in an 80's high-on-coke-&-power Wal...more
Aug 14, 2009 William rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Vampire lovers
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was about vampires as cunning vicious creatures not cute and cuddly school mates! Fast read. I was a little disappointed in the ending but overall it went well.

I am a little fuzzy on the lineage concept in that initial offspring in the vampire family tree were intelligent but the further one got from the original progenitor the more beastly the vampires became. To me this seemed self destructive for continued vampire existence.
I had high hopes for this book, but I lost interest in the second half. The beginning, it gives one hope that real vampires, not the romantic variety, aren't dead, and Wilson really makes you believe in a world overtaken by Nosferatu. SPOILER ALERT. But the 2nd half never takes advantage of Father Joe being turned by a feral. He never becomes a mindless monster...slowly. The lack of risk and danger facing the protagonists really bored me. So much potential: wasted.
My first F Paul Wilson book and I liked it a lot. A return to the good old days of vampire lore but with a modern setting. This was a lot of fun to read, comparable to watching a solidly good B-movie.
An enjoyable and clever diversion that doesn't require overthinking, but stay away from the movie (it's absolute dreck.)
Well, I hadn’t read a vampires-as-the-bad-guys vampire book in a long time and I really liked F. Paul Wilson’s Adversary Cycle series. So when I saw this in the used-book store, it felt like all things had fallen into place.

Except, dude. Okay, it’s a small thing, but the blurb on the back of the book couldn’t even get one of the main character’s names right. The Goodreads blurb gets both that one and another one wrong. There is no Father Dan, nor is there a Sister Carolyn. (Her name isn’t mentio...more
So, I've really been into the vampire fiction lately.

Of all the books that I've read in the genre of late, this one wasn't BAD, but it was the last dazzling one.

From the description of the book, you'd think that this story would show more of the vampires taking over the entire world with more narrative from their viewpoints. The vampires (coming West from Europe) never really get past New York City. There's even one point in the book where a character says that they've not even really started t...more
Vampires have always lived in Eastern Europe. But with the fall of the Soviet Union, they began to spread across the continent, then the world, turning
whole populations into vampires--or human cattle. Having overrun India, the far East, and the great cities of North and South America, the forces of Night
are now spreading into the countryside to consolidate their conquest.In a town on the New Jersey shore, the vampires have just arrived, along with their
human henchmen, the cowboys, who round up h...more
Masha K.
A rabbi, a priest, a nun and a lesbian... no, they don't walk into a bar; they are fighting vampires. Seriously. And it's not actually as much fun as it sounds.

Ok, in fairness it's not a TERRIBLE book. It does move along and has some entertainment value. I dislike it for two reasons. First, because I love Wilson's Repairman Jack series and think that an author of this caliber should know better. Second, because quite frankly it's offensive on several levels and I don't feel I need to put up with...more
Allen Garvin
Now here's a fun vampire novel! It enthuisiastically embraces all the standard vampire tropes. Anyone whose blood is drained by a vampire becomes a vampire. At some point a few months before the start of the book, vampires in Eastern Europe suddenly realize they can rule the world easily by geometrically increasing their numbers. Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have all fallen. Now they've taken over the major east-coast cities of the US. The only things that repell them are sunlight,...more
Joseph Farand
In Wilson's scary thriller, vampires are taking over the world. Now they have landed on the East Coast, the first step in conquering America - the last bastion of humanity. The world is on the brink of an apocalypse until in Lakewood, NJ a band of humans rise up against the undead and their minions. This still might not be enough until the resistance learns a secret that could be the salvation of humanity. Vampires are depicted as demonic creatures, whose only concern is for blood. But they have...more
David Agranoff
When I was young there were three authors I could also count on, that I considered my three favorite authors whose books I enjoyed over every one else. Those three were Clive Barker, Richard Matheson and Stephen King. As an adult my tastes have changed, the amount of authors I have read have expanded and within the last year I put F.Paul Wilson into my current top three(Today he is with John Shirley and Robert McCammon).

Midnight Mass is prime example of why Wilson is on my top three list. Comp...more
A Vampire-genre novel, written by one of my favorite authors. Not part of a serial, a stand-alone work. What I term a "Vampire Apocalypse" has occurred, turning large portions of our global population into vampires. Humans not turned either exist in fear in small areas, or are raised as cattle.

The vampires behave as vampires in the traditional sense; they do not get to venture out of doors, they cringe at the sight of a cross, burn in sunlight, and are scarred by the cross.

Midnight Mass is an ac...more
Stony Graves
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Aaron Ingram
A fairly uninspired take on the vampire genre, rife with tired tropes and stale stock characters (the protagonist is actually a disillusioned, alcoholic ex-priest seeking redemption). I've read other offerings from Wilson, and know first-hand that he is capable of much more than this. However if you're a fan of apocalyptic fiction, and you're looking for a non-too-taxing distraction, this will certainly suffice.
Jul 18, 2007 Sherrie rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: vampire lovers!
I can’t believe F. Paul Wilson doesn’t get more hype. He is a seriously GOOD writer. A fine story teller. This is a story of vampires..(sorry)..however, it’s much, much more! It’s about faith, religion, community, following your heart and all that good stuff! Vampires are taking over the earth..and like “The City of the Dead (Book No. 58 of my 2006 Book List!) they’ve taken over New York City. Oh..and it’s got a nun who is also a demolition expert (well, she was a chemistry teacher). She ROCKS!...more
Bob Vincent
Not a bad read, although the main characters tend to be cliché...for example, it's easy to imagine the protagonist as Captain America wearing the Roman Catholic collar of a priest. What was disconcerting, however, was that the main antagonists of the book...the head vampires, the really, really baddd bloodsuckers, are treated as stage dressing for the most part. Overall, not a bad adventure story, would have enjoyed more character development, especially of the vampires, to "up the stakes" a lot...more
A new vampire thriller from the bestselling author of The Tomb and creator of Repairman Jack. In a town on the New Jersey shore, the vampires have just arrived, along with their human henchmen, the cowboys, who round up human cattle for the overlords.
A GREAT Read...To this day I can still remember scenes from it...and that's saying a lot as I read 4 - 7 books a week.
May 18, 2009 Jack rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: horror
In Wilson's first true vampire novel, he dusts off some of that old forgotten vampire law. In the present day, Vampires have taken advantage of civil unrest in Eastern Europe to spread across the world. As the undead-scourge make their way across to the United States. In this new environment rag-tag team of hardened and jaded individuals resist to the bone.

These vampires do not mess around, in fact these ones actually laugh at how wrong Anne Rice was in her portrayal of vampires. I was also amus...more
World War V (I mean the letter vee, not a Roman five). Wilson's vampires are not poetic tormented souls; they're greedy, evil, single-minded monsters. The vampires hiding in eastern Europe have decided the time has come to take over the world and literally farm humans for blood. Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are overrun, and they've established themselves on the east coast of the United States. The story is about the human resistance.

Midnight Mass is not beautifully written, but it's not bad...more
Too many ellipses (...), cliche, I find it humorous that it's Father Joe in the book but the back flap (and even the blurb on here) call him Dan, too much POV switching with no need (and again too many ...), and just not my thing. At least the vamps didn't sparkle though.
Nov 07, 2008 Kellie rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: People who enjoy vampire books, horror books.
These are not your Anne Rice vampires! F. Paul Wilson's vampires don't have much in common with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. This book contains all of the mythos (garlic, crosses, holy water) without any of the romanticism. And these vampires are mean

Midnight Mass takes you on the journey of four people fighting against an incredible surge of vampire power on America's east coast. Although three of the main characters are a rabbi, a priest and a nun, religious discussion is tempered with pragmatism...more
Before Guillermo Del Toro came out with his Strain Trilogy, there was a small, often missed novel by F Paul Wilson that harkenned back to the vampires of yester year. Bloodthirsty heartless creatures of the night whose only desire was to continue their lives by ending yours.
This is a vampire novel before the coming of the teenage teeny bopper; lets fall in love with the three hundred year old vampire hanging out at the local high school degeneration of the genre as a whole.
This is a vampire nove...more
William Thomas
Typically, I would refrain from giving a book like this 4 stars. It isn't even slightly literary, and there would be no value in a second reading. However, Wilson gets points for bringing back the original vampire lore, and not rewriting it ala Lestat or The Twilight books. This is a book steeped in the old Catholic superstitions, utlizes religion as a base point for the entire book and religious iconography, an keeps up a relentless pace in the book that propels the reader forward in the story....more
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Francis Paul Wilson is an author, born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He writes novels and short stories primarily in the science fiction and horror genres. His debut novel was Healer (1976). Wilson is also a part-time practicing family physician. He made his first sales in 1970 to Analog and continued to write science fiction throughout the seventies. In 1981 he ventured into the horror genre with t...more
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