The Pale Horse (Misteri Penginapan Tua)
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The Pale Horse (Ariadne Oliver #5)

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Wanita sekarat itu berbicara pada Pastor Gorman dengan mata yang memancarkan kesakitan. “Hentikan… Harus dihentikan… Kau harus…”

Pastor itu lalu berbicara dengan sikap tegas yang menenangkan. “Aku akan lakukan apa yang perlu dilakukan. Kau bisa mempercayaiku.”
Pastor Gorman menyelipkan daftar yang berisi nama-nama yang disebutkan wanita itu, ke sep...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published 2003 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama (first published 1961)
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mark monday
Choose Your Own Adventure!

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

If you’ve decided that you’ve had your fill of dying, then choose

If you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of living, then choose
Extremely dark and chilling - read with a stuffed animal or a huggable friend nearby! Very thrilling and powerful read, and definitely my favourite non-Poirot or Marple mystery, hands down. Definitely a tense and creepy affair; the atmosphere is very much like what I would imagine the dark streets of Whitechapel would be during the late 19th Century. Mark Easterbrook is a loveable hero, intelligent and brave, and you can't help but be nervous and root for him at the same time as he plunges headl...more
The Pale Horse is Agatha Christie’s novel dealing with black magic. Dame Christie ingeniously weaves a web into the murderous world of an old inn The Pale Horse where a witch, a medium and a psychic form circle of devious intentions. The story opens with Thomasina Tuckerton in a brawl with another woman over a man and that leads to a chain of events that uncovers one murder after another. Ms. Tuckerton’s untimely death and would have been unnoticed if Father Gorman had not been found murdered af...more
Hoje, em homenagem ao seu 122º aniversário, terminei mais um livro daquela que é considerada a Rainha do Crime ou Duquesa da Morte como esta preferia ser apelidada.
É, como todos os outros, um livro que nos agarra desde as primeiras linhas e nos transporta para o mundo do crime em Inglaterra.
Apesar de, nesta história, não aparecer o meu detective preferido (Poirot), acabei por gostar muito da originalidade das personagens. Mark Esterbrook interpretou na perfeição o papel de investigador sedento...more
Early in this novel a character muses about how best to portray the Witches in a production of ‘Macbeth’. It’s his contention that rather than pushing up the weirdness so the sisters become something which could feasibly fit into a pantomime, they are instead portrayed as the kind of normal – if slightly sinister – old ladies who are frequently dismissed as witches in English country villages. As apparently all English villages have witches (a fact which all country folk know), and it would just...more
Deepa Swaminathan
Is it possible to cause the death of someone by sheer power of mind, that is, without any visible contact? Is it possible to contract a deadly disease merely by someone’s ill wish? Are there people who can act as a living bridge between the mortal world and a world of uncanny powers? Agatha Christie proposes this improbable and incredible theory in her highly interesting book - The Pale Horse.

Story - Third person’s narrative- The story starts with a description of an ailing woman calling for the...more
This was my first book to read by Agatha Christie, I’d add this book to my list of “the best books I’ve read” directly. I honestly chose this book cause of it’s title “the plae horse” since I like horses but then when I came to see who the author of the book was I trusted that it would be a good one since I’ve heard a lot about Agatha Christi and how her books are great and finally got the chance to read one.

The story starts in a tea house where a man witnesses a fight between two young girls, a...more
Laurel Young
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
First read this 1961 Agatha Christie novel of modern-day 'witchcraft' in the early 1970s. Of course I'm not reading a St. Martins Press paperback edition - I'm reading the 1962 Dodd, Mead First Edition copy to which I recently treated myself!

This was one of the better - and better-received - novels of Christie's later period, and several years after its original publication this novel was instrumental in solving a real-life mystery involving several deaths!

This was definitely what I like to thin...more
T.B. Markinson
I’ve only read a handful of books by Christie, but I have to say I’m quickly becoming a fan. I was given a copy of this book by a friend many years ago and I finally read it. While it wasn’t my favorite by her, it was still a great read. I found at times it was hard for me to put down. The plot, while unbelievable at times, was still believable in a weird way. A very interesting read.
Bev Hankins
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him... (Revelation 6:8)

It seems rather hard to believe that I had never read Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse (1961) before. After all, Dame Agatha is one of my favorites and I spent a great deal of time reading her books when I was younger--but I did not have this one logged and I did not own a copy until I picked up one of my beloved pocket-size editions in May of 2012, so I'm just going to ac...more
Well this was a little bit different from her usual mysteries, or at least from the ones I have read so far. For starters, this did not feature a Miss Marple or a Hercule Poirot and this was not set during the golden age. Rather, it features Mark Easterbrook and it is set after the Second World War (I presume since it references Hitler).

A priest is murdered after he was asked for and attended to a woman on her deathbed. She was most agitated and had something very important to tell Father Gorman...more
Un prêtre estimé de tous, le père Borman, est assassiné dans la rue.

Il venait de recueillir l'ultime confession d'une femme.

On retrouve sur lui un papier, comportant une liste de noms : des personnes mortes récemment - ou en train de mourir - de maladie.

Quel secret redoutable a pu lui révéler l'agonisante ?

Tombé sur cette histoire tout à fait par hasard, l'historien Marc Easterbrook - grand ami de la célèbre romancière Ariadne Oliver, bien connue des lecteurs d'Agatha Christie - va se passio...more
It is a pretty thrilling read, keeps you wanting more and so hard to put the book down! Agatha Christie keeps us in such suspense, piecing and trying to link clues together, with such splendid twists!!
Great read if you wish to take a break from Miss Marple and Poirot.
Kate  K. F.
The Pale Horse is in many ways a classic stand alone Christie novel, there's a young couple who are working together to figure something out, hints of horror, a tired inspector and lots of red herrings. The main character, Mark is a writer who's spending some time in the country trying to get his book done but its not working. When he's out with some friends, he sees a fight and then later hears of a place called The Pale Horse where three women live and have a spooky reputation. From there the...more
روايتي الثانية لاغاثا و قد جائتني كإقتراح و إعارة من إحدى أعز الصديقات ، في الحقيقة " رغم انني من المتعصبين لدان براون " الا ان اسلوب اغاثا في طي الاحداث بغموض و واقعيه ادهشني ، رواية بحق تجعلك تتلهف للوصول للنهايه لمعرفه سر الجريمة .. و انتهت بخاتمه جميلة و لطيفه جداً ♡
I enjoy most Agatha Christi novels. I found this one to be very interesting, and the plot was definitely quite different than many of her previous works, but I still enjoyed it. That being said, however, I didn't find it quite as gripping of a read as some of her other books.
Een pastoor wordt aan het doodsbed van een jonge vrouw geroepen. Als de vrouw overlijdt en de pastoor weggaat wordt hij even later neergeslagen.
De politie staat voor een raadsel. Waarom is de pastoor vermoord? En wat betekend de namenlijst in de schoen van de pastoor? Bijna al deze mensen zijn gestorven. Bij twee namen staat een vraagteken.
Samen met inspecteur Lejeune en Ginger gaat Mark Easterbrook op onderzoek uit. Met gevaar voor eigen leven.
Geen waardering beoordeling
©1961 Agatha Chri...more
Kate Irwin-smiler
I think this is only the second Christie I've ever read. It's an intriguing set up - two deaths in slightly odd circumstances, a mysterious list of names, and a growing suspicion that the list is connected to a mysterious group of three village witches. I enjoyed the twists complicating the plot, although it was a little hard to follow a couple times. I'm not sure why that was - whether it was just a British-slang thing, or what. But it wasn't a big problem. I was a little disappointed in the en...more
Yogi Agnia Dwi Saputro
Cerdas, seperti karya Agatha Christie pada umumnya. Karakterisasi lumayan. Trik dan teknik yang dipakai tergolong hebat menurutku (pada zaman itu sih). Yang kurang cuma plot twist aja. Tidak ada sesuatu yang heboh dan mencengangkan. Linear walaupun agak sulit ditebak. Baru pada sepertiga akhir saya baru ngeh keseluruhannya.

(Rada Spoiler!) Satu hal penting yang saya pelajari dari baca buku ini ada tiga hal. Pertama, tidak ada bentuk pembunuhan yang benar-benar baru secanggih apapun zaman berkemba...more
خيالية جداً ومليئه بالغموض

جعلتني اتوتر لمعرفة كيف قاموا بالجريمة وكيف قتلو ؟!

معقدة ومركبة جداً

هنيأ لك اجاثا على هذه العقلية الفذة
Content - I didn't like the many references to the occult even though they turned out to be bogus. Creepy. Probably my least favorite Agatha Christie even though it is pretty clever. As usual all the clues are laid out for the reader to find, but Christie is so tricky it's not easy to figure out.

Mechanics - I'm pretty neutral about Agatha Christie's writing in general. It's a mystery - I'm not expecting literary fiction here. Some of her books are better written than others - this one's pretty t...more
Matteo Pellegrini
In una sera nebbiosa, qualcuno ha seguito e assassinato il povero reverendo Gorman, recatosi a portare gli ultimi conforti a una moribonda. Chi può essersi macchiato dell'omicidio di un generoso sacerdote apparentemente amato e stimato da tutti? La polizia avanza l'ipotesi che l'omicidio sia legato a una strana lista ritrovata in una scarpa del cadevere, un elenco di persone che però non sembrano avere alcun elemento in comune fra loro. Venuto a conoscenza della cosa, lo scrittore Mark Easterbr...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Amanda Jaczkowski
Not only one of the most famous mystery writers of all time, but a pioneer in the genre, Agatha Christie never disappoints me. This particular book was a little bit strange, my brain kept getting confused as to what era the book was in. Although there were several times in the book clearly putting the setting in modern times (mentions of refrigerators and dishwashers on the first page), there was a pervading sense that it was a much, much older story. As the storyline progresses, it is difficult...more
Un cavallo per la strega è un bel romanzo che può piacere anche a chi non è un appassionato di gialli come me.
Gli elementi a suo favore sono numerosi:
non c'è un commissario o un protagonista dalle intuizioni geniali, senza il quale il caso non sarebbe stato risolto, ma un giornalista piuttosto umile, che ad un certo punto della storia vorrebbe anche lasciar perdere tutto, per non mettere in pericolo nessuno;
la storia è ambientata per lo più nella campagna inglese;
i personaggi, anche se non tropp...more

[ Recensione completa in elaborazione ]

Un po' banale e scontato, seppure la Christie come al solito cerchi di portare fuori strada il lettore e condensi colpo di scena e risoluzione del caso nelle pagine finali. Eppure, non mi ha nè preso nè emozionato troppo, forse perchè proprio a quell'ipotesi - solitamente fuorviante - che viene continuamente ventilata nel romanzo non crede neppure il protagonista nè nessuno dei personaggi, per quanto irreale sia. Vero è che l'indirizzarci da parte della scr...more
Mochammad Bintang
Ok ehem. .i admit that i was being misguided by this book but . .it is because the way agatha written this masterpiece is really goddamn smart! !for some reason i first thought (before i finish the book) that christie had gone mad cause it is not like her to write sophisticated story with a little crime in it .At first i thought that the method of killing the victim is insane and it didn't make any sense for me at all cause i'm sure that you will say "what the hell??"too if the story goes like :...more
"One of the oddest things in life, as we all know, is the way that when you have heard a thing mentioned, within twenty-four hours you nearly always come across it again." So states the narrator early on in the book. Well, not only is this phenomenon particularly true of my life, it occurred promptly the next day when I was skimming through the newspaper and came upon a review of another book which referenced this one and helpfully revealed the mystery.

Happily, spoilers don't affect me: I routin...more
Maia B.
First, I think it's hilarious that this book is written by "Agatha Christie, Mark Easterbrook (forward by)." Mark Easterbrook is the main character, not some crime psychologist who was invited to introduce a mystery novel.

Second, this was excellent. The mystery, the romance, the clues (not a single one of which I picked up on, by the way, although I did guess the murderer because there were only, let's see, TWO suspects??), the writing - Agatha Christie was brilliant but her writing style gets o...more
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Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880...more
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