For Love of Mother-Not
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For Love of Mother-Not (Pip & Flinx #1)

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He was just a freckle-faced, redheaded kid with green eyes and a strangely campelling stare when Mather Mastiff first saw him an the auctioneer's block. One hundred credits and he was hers.

For years the old woman was his only family. She loved him, fed him, taught him everything she knew -- even let him keep the deadly flying snake he called Pip.

Then Mother Mastiff mysteri...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published March 12th 1987 by Del Rey (first published 1983)
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An Odd1
"But I don't want to be different," he insisted, almost crying. "I just want to be like everyone else." p245. The plaint of many a teen, but in a sci-fi setting. Easy to care for characters in a believable chase cross-country, saved more by smarts than deus ex machina luck. No odd omens or peculiar prophecies - straight action, motivated by different honest convictions.

In the marketplace of backwater planet Moth, Flinx, now 16, was raised the last eight years by Mother Mastiff, now 98. Gene-man...more
In an attempt to fill in some of the blanks in the Flinx backstory, Foster published this prequel to the events that took place in The Tar-Aiym Krang. It tells how Flinx was adopted, about his relationship with Mother Mastiff, about his beginning uses of his talent, and provides some context about his enemies -- information that was sort of alluded to in Orphan Star and The End of the Matter is more explicitly handled here.

Its also a really good action adventure novel, as Mastiff is kidnapped an...more
I came across this audio book series by accident and decided to try it out. The starting point for Flint and his flying dragon Pip was well developed and enjoyable from the beginning till the end. I liked Flint. He was a smart young boy and I'm looking forward to read more about his adventures.
Matthew Link
Par for the course for ADF. An enjoyable read. Nothing of earth shattering brilliance, but he's always good for an enteraining story.
Orphan Flinx is adopted (bought) by a quarrelsome old woman who owns a small shop. Her shop is located in the only large city on a planet where it rains most of the time (sounds like the Pacific Northwest). She becomes the mother he never had.

One night, he "hears" a lonely thought using an unreliable "talent" for feeling emotions and traces it to a strange winged snake in a garbage heap which immediately "adopts" Flinx as his new owner (buddy?). He names it "Pip". Well, it turns out that Pip is...more
An enjoyable read with warm interesting characters you will care about. I am "re-reading" this series now in series order as most of them are available in audio book format. For me this is science fiction from the days when there was still sense of wonder and optimism about the future. That wonderful pulse pounding feeling is sadly lacking in much of today's nihilistic fiction, and this series fills that void very well.

Having said that, I would not recommend this book as an introduction to the s...more
I thoroughly enjoyed this story of Flinx and Pip. I've never read a book by Alan Dean Foster that I can recall, but I liked his style. I understand that this book is a prequel to a whole series of books about Flinx and Pip. Flinx is adopted as a young boy by an old woman who runs a shop. She pretty much lets him run wild and learn on his own, but gives him a warm and loving home. As he gets older, he realizes that he has a "Talent," he can read people's emotions, but not in any consistent way, h...more
William Bentrim
For Love of Mother-Not by Alan Dean Foster

This is the first of the Pip and Flinx stories. Pip is an Alaspinian mini-dragon. Flinx is an orphan with interesting talents. Flinx is the unwitting target of both law enforcement and an underground outlaw group. Avoiding entrapment by either group is the gist of the story.

I have enjoyed the Pip and Flinx stories over the years and have carefully kept them for my grandson. I was delighted to find this first volume to set the scene for the later books....more
I really enjoyed the main character and I am looking forward to more of his adventures and seeing how he grows. Wish I had run across these books sooner!

On a side note I dislike how the books in the commonwealth universe have been categorized on GR. What should be done is someone needs to go through all the books and redo the whole category. They should all be under the "Commonwealth Chronology" with a second category if they are in a specific series.

For example For love of Mother-Not should be...more
This was the first book I read in the Pip and Flinx series - I'm a sucker for reading things in chronological order.

It was pretty good, and kept my interest, for the most part.

My only complaint was the bad people/the villains. They talked way too much and spent too much time spelling out their plans to the point of making me want to skip their passages entirely. I know this is a fantasy world, but how much of it was really necessary? Did we really need to have the characters talk for paragraphs...more
Iain Turnbull
The first Flinx book, this is really Flinx's origin story. It charts his adoption by the aged Mother Mastiff, who is then kidnapped some years later by the radical geneticists whose experiments led to Flinx's birth. They hope to use her to gain control over Flinx, who has empathic telepathic abilities, but doesn't know why or how to control them. The book then follows Flinx's attempt to rescue his adoptive mother, and his battle against the geneticists.

It's not a sophisticated piece of sci-fi, b...more
This book was entertaining and held my interest well. Alan Dean Foster does have a problem with shifting points of view from one paragraph to the next but I never seemed to have a problem with that.

Several of the characters had an annoying habit of being both interesting and temporary. I applaud this trait.

I was disappointed at the overall plot of the evil Meliorare Society. It seemed overly complicated and prone to mistakes. It was far to easy for a 16 year old to tear apart months of work by...more
While I found the premise of this book interesting, I'm not as impressed with the story as I wanted to be. I found it a bit too adolescent for my taste. Things were resolved so easily, then problems arose that could have easily been prevented had communication actually been open, then problems were once again easily and somewhat miraculously resolved. Meh, not my cup o'tea.

Some of the characters were great, but others, I didn't see a point to their existence. Maybe they're important later on. Ma...more
Michael Hall
This is the first Pip and Flinx story. Flinx is an orphan, who is an empath, on a strange world with a mysterious past, and an even more mysterious organization after him. Pip is an Alaspinian mini-dragon with highly toxic and corrosive venom who becomes Flinx's pet and companion. I like that Flinx's psychic abilities isn't the main focus of the character growth yet is still central to who he is and the suspense about his origins. This is the story of a youngster who survives and succeeds using...more
Kristy Maitz
It was interesting story plot. Its a starting point of Flint and Pip adventures.
Tracy Dobbs
I've seen the Flinx books in bookstores for years, but never really got around to buying them. Mostly because I hate to enter mid-series. This was a free Kindle offer as the first(timeline-wise, not as written) in the series. It was pretty good. Without any of the others, I'm not sure how it compares, but hopefully the main character is set up properly for his more "grown-up" character in the rest of the series.

I guess since this involve other world and space travel I should classify it as scien...more
This wasn't as good as I hoped. The poor Flinx is sold at an auction and ends up with a woman he comes to think of as a mother. He meets Pip and discovers his telepathic powers. Then she is kidnapped and he must go in search of her.

Not as good as the other stories I read about Flinx and Pip but entertaining nevertheless.

Loved this 3 or 4 books of this series that were out when I was younger. Flinx fired my imagination with his psionic talents, his flying, venom spitting snake, pip and him being an orphan raised on the streets.
This was written later as a prequel to tell more of Flinx's early life.
However, I wanted for Flinx to develop and use his psionic talents. The series is now something like 13 books and his mental talents are still unreliable and pretty much useless; this was a very, very, very big disappoi...more
The plot of this book is a bit tedious at times. It's a very straightforward story line that isn't terribly unique. However, the characterization is pretty strong! The back story for Flinx, Pip, and Mother Mastiff was really fun to read, particularly as I was already familiar with the characters from a couple other books in the series.

Overall, it's not a perfect novel by any means. Foster greatly improved over time, and this is a pretty early effort. Still, it's worth a read for any fan of the c...more
Carolyn Gill
I started to read this series many many years ago. I've followed the series detail the adventures of Flinx and Pip. It's been a great time. The books take you to many different exotic places filled with fun and adventure. I so enjoy a good Science Fiction series. I've gone through the different genre's of literature but, have always returned to my favorite Sci Fi's. I am rereading some of the series. I didn't love every book but most were very entertaining.
Purpleallison Hoffman
This book was very "meh". I kept waiting for it to get exciting. Or at least to a point where I couldn't put the book down. But it never got there. The story wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.
Fred D
Another good book by Foster in the Flinx & Pip series. This time Flinx pursues some men who have kidnapped his foster mother. My favorite moment in the book was his description of these giant moose-like creatures on this planet where his foster mother is being held. These creatures are huge, shaggy, and tend to trample and destroy everything in their path. Quite amusing, I thought.
Just enough of a hint of the stuff Alan Dean Foster would get actually good at later in his career -- rich, integrated world-building, reasonably interesting character dynamics, and so on -- to make it readable despite how clumsily it's all put together. (I can definitely see how it would be awesome to a twelve-year-old boy. And I do mean that as a compliment.)
I've been wanting to read this series forever, but I had no idea where to start. When I finally found this book it took me forever to find time to read it. I am truly glad I did! Terrific story and wonderful characters! I really hope that the rest of this series lives up to this prequel book. Judging by the amount of books in the series, I am optimistic.
Introduces, by way of a prequel, the characters Pip and Flinx.
My book has this cover:
ISBN-10: 0727844032

Re reading this after a few years was like reading a YA novel, a bit of a chore to be honest!
Bruce Hamilton
This is the forth book about Flinx and Pip but is chronologically first in the Flinx/Pip timeline. It is an easy read but delves into moral ideals about medical research. So passages read as a litt le to forced or contrived to be believable, with the events occur in compressed period of time and resolving themselves in a awkward manner.
I read this years ago and absolutely loved it. I fell in love with the main character Flinx and have faithfully followed the series ever since. I've been disappointed in what I perceived to be eco-political messages in the later books in the series, but I've been able to return again and again and enjoy this wonderful story.
Pip & Flinx. Who found the other ? At the end off this book you still wonder.
Flinx is not a boy like all boys, sometimes he knows what other people are feeling, and for this reason he is tracked, by some dark group that want to use his abilities to prove they are right, and by government agents to be "fixed".
good enough to go on. much yet to be revealed.
I remember reading of Flinx and Pip when I was in grade school and lucking it more than this. This felt like a prequel the was not needed. The plot was standard. And if you read the first actual book. You would notice that the character really does not grow much. Sigh. Was a bit of a letdown.
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Bestselling science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster was born in New York City in 1946, but raised mainly in California. He received a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA in 1968, and a M.F.A. in 1969. Foster lives in Arizona with his wife, but he enjoys traveling because it gives him opportunities to meet new people and explore new places and cultures. This interest is carried over to his writing,...more
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