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The Lake House (When the Wind Blows #2)

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The memorable story begun in When the Wind Blows continues in this thrilling new novel, and its one that really soars! Frannie ONeil, a Colorado veterinarian, knows a terrible secret that will change the history of the world. Kit Harrison, an FBI agent under suspension has seen things that no one in his right mind would believe. A twelve-year-old girl named Max and five ot...more
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published June 30th 2003 by Headline (first published January 1st 2003)
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I've never before read such a ridiculous, poorly crafted book with such blatant mistakes. There was bad writing and overblown language, but the huge problems with details in this book were impossible to ignore.

Like the fact that Frannie tells this story as a narrator to an audience, except when there are perspective switches to characters who tell the story in more conventional third person.
- And when there are riflemen shooting at the kids, and they shoot down a plane (with a regular rifle, no...more
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Published in 2003 by Hatchette Audio
Read by Hope Davis and Stephen Lang.
Duration: 7 hours, 35 minutes.

The Lake House is the story of six bird/human hybrids who are created as the result of genetic experiments. They all can fly and all have superhuman strength.

This book is very poorly paced. Great chunks of action happen with shorthand writing and then Patterson spends nearly an hour of the 7 1/2 hour book describing two of the characters' first sexual experiences. The Lake House skips o...more
A book so crap I threw it across the room when I gratefully finished it.

I don't remember the first one, When the Wind Blows, being this bad. If I had I wouldn't have read this, but I'd bought it cheap based on my like of Patterson's Alex Cross series. What is so bad about the Lake House?

Let's start with the title. The protagonists spent their time between the last book and this one in the Lake House, and only visit during the epilogue in this book.
The tagline on the cover 'Don't read it alone i...more
I don't know what possessed me to not look at the author's name before I picked this book up to read. I hate James Patterson's writing. I started reading the book, thought to myself that I didn't like the writing style, got about 100 pages in (struggling to stay with it) and then actually checked to see who the author was. I could have kicked myself. His books are pathetically simplistic. His chapters are all either 2 or 3 pages long. The dialogue is so simple that I doubt there are any words of...more
Fun read, but sequel almost repeat of original...

Like most Patterson novels, this one raced along (on top of his usual short chapters and fast pace) to a relatively satisfying conclusion, although somehow it seemed like the last 15 miles of a 500 mile race were mysteriously eluded. But unlike the author's other efforts, there wasn't much original in this story. Not only is the cast identical (except for the villain) to "When the Wind Blows" (namely, Kit, Frannie, and the six bird-children), but...more
Mary Chrapliwy
James Patterson does it again!

The Lake House is the follow up to When the Wind Blows, a truly magical tale. The story opens with the inevitable court/custody battle between Kit and Franny and the parents of the winged children. Of course in true Patterson style, there are several layers of subplot and evil doers lurking around every corner. There was one flaw - a confrontation in the story was a little too neatly resolved.

Narrators can make or break an audiobook. I've abandoned them in the past...more
Despite Patterson being one of the biggest, as in most books sold, authors in the land, I hadn't heard of him until recently. I thought I'd try something of his, and found this at my local library. The edition I listened to is actually from Time Warner, and features Stephen Lang and Hope Davis as narrators. My assessment? If this is representative of Patterson's typical work, then I'm not sure what all the hoopla is about.

This is a thriller dealing with genetic modification and the consequences...more
Sydney Smith
Deep within the Rocky Mountains, Max and five other “special” kids attempt to be normal. All six children live in separate houses, with different adoptive families. They are running and hiding from sick and twisted people from The Hospital, though only the eldest, Max, is aware of the people searching for them, (she hides it from the other, younger children). The children come to trust two outsiders, Frannie and Kit, and begin to believe that they are only safe with them, at a cabin they refer t...more
Although this novel took me longer to read, on and off, it's also difficult to classify it under genres. I kept it as mystery, since I didn't read When the Wind Blows, and since Patterson writes mysteries. But it does have sci fi/fantasy elements in it, the mad science appeal of Robin Cook's Mutation and horror elements a tiny bit of Dean Koontz. So it's a combination of this and that. Maybe I should've read When the Wind Blows first. When I do read that book, maybe I can understand it better. T...more
Thom Swennes
When I started this book, I found myself checking the cover as I was sure it was Michael Crichton as I was immediately confronted with DNA manipulation and winged cherubs. As the story develops Dean Koontz and Stephen King pick up the pen and plunges the reader into horror. If you add a little medical and surgical insight from Patricia Cromwell your literary meal is complete. The Lake House and its avian twist isn’t like any James Patterson book to date. The chapters are short and the story flow...more
Jacki Donnelly
Well I have read many of James Patterson's novels and am usually a fan of his work. When I chose this book for a quick pre-vacation read I was not expecting the "supernatural" and was really in the mood for a typical mystery Patterson novel. As I began the first chapter of this book it was quite apparent this was not a typical Patterson read. But as a fan I decided to continue reading to see where he took me and where we would end up.

Well, I have to first say apparently this is a sequel to anoth...more
Steven Brandt
A secret laboratory, euphemistically called The School, has been performing illegal genetic experiments on human embryos. Most of the experiments failed and resulted in gross abominations, but not all of them. Max, Ozimandius, Icharus, Matthew, Peter, and Wendy were created at The School. The D N A of the six children was combined with that of birds, resulting in completely viable half human half avian life forms. In other words, the children have wings, and all the other equipment necessary for...more
FBI agent Thomas "Kit" Brennan and veterinarian Frannie O'Neill rescued the six Winged children from the School where they lived in appalling conditions and were the subjects of dangerous experiments. The octet lived together for four months before they were returned to their biological parents but in that time the children, who had bird DNA mixed into their genetic make up, imprinted Kit and Frannie as their parents. Kit and Fran sued for custody and lost but when danger threatened, the childre...more
Neil Scott
Oh no, I hope this book has not put me off James Patterson forever. I am a huge fan of the Alex Cross series and a fan of fantasy books among others. So, I started off with the series opener, When the wind blows, which I thoroughly enjoyed - birdlike, flying kids running from evil men - whats not to enjoy?
Now, back to The Lake House. As with all Patterson books there are 100 plus chapters, all about 3 short pages long, which makes it a quick and easy read, which is the only reason I decided to f...more
It seems that a lot of James Patterson's books are either hit or miss with me. This was another one that seemed too far-fetched for me. I got about halfway through it before I decided I wasn't going to bother wasting anymore time on it. It seemed pretty good from reading the synopsis of it, but then when I read it the synopsis was truthful and all but it left out a good deal of the real storyline, for example that the kids in the book are half human, half bird. It also states in the beginning of...more
"Six extraordinary children are trying to lead normal lives in the Rocky Mountain countryside. They live in different homes, with different families, but there is something powerful that connects them. Something that puts them in terrible danger. The only time they've ever felt safe was when they were together in the waterfront cabin they call the Lake House. And the only people they've ever trusted are Frannie and Kit, the couple who rescued them from unimaginable evil once before." When that e...more
Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson
When I read When The Wind Blows, I discovered a whole new side to James Patterson's writing, and I must say it was a delightful thing to read. This sequel, however, sadly falls more than a little short of the first book.

Well, the first half of the book was fine. Gory and sexy and dramatic and suspenseful as it should be, but when it came to the ends of the plot threads, I felt like Patterson just completely lost interest, or was simply out of ideas. The first plot ending is hurried and leaves yo...more
The story "The Lake House" is very good book. It is very intriguing throughout the book. You start to care about the kids and the troubles they have to deal with and the drama of being a kid growing up and the extra stress that ensues because they are very special. When Max the other kids taken away from Kit and Dr. O'Neill in the beginning of the book and they are given to their parents their trouble only grows and makes things harder for everyone. This is a very good book and I would recommend...more
I wasn't terribly thrilled with "Lake House" as I was reading it, but when I got to the end, I started flipping back through to see if I had accidentally skipped some pages, or if my copy had a printing error. Patterson completely skipped the action he was building up to. On one page, the characters are preparing to escape their confinement, on the next, everything is over. Not even any explanation of how they got out, or what the bad guys were doing. I kind of feel like saying I was cheated wit...more
Packed with page filling redundancies. It had so many possibilities but I remember reading somewhere that his first of the series startled him in being a best seller. Obviously he wasn't prepared for that, it's gives me the feeling he did not want to write it and in places it reads as if written by a very untalented teenage girl. He saves the story but that's only after it's bored me to tears. I would not have continued reading if it hadn't been recommended by a relative ( the whole series--egad...more
I've heard Patterson's name every once in a while over the years but never got around to reading one of his books. Last week my husband and I went by a thrift store to drop off some yarn and I checked out their books. Saw this book, thought it sounded interesting, and thought, "Why not?"

(Edit: When I went to shelve this book I discovered that I had 2nd Chance, the second in the Women's Murder Club. I have in fact read two other books of his, they simply left hardly an impression.)

Ever watched a...more
My sister gave me this book almost a year ago and I just barely got around to reading it. It isn't the usual type of book I read so I was a little skeptical at first, but once I started reading it I didn't want to stop. I really enjoyed it. It was a fast and easy read. I want to read the first book When the Wind Blows now to see how it all started.
I found the plot predictable, the characters unitersting, and the author's attempts to make them intersting, unsuccessful. The idea of a bird-child just didn't click with me. Two stars for the writing style being easy to follow and adequately concise.
Kelsey Pepa
I have a hard relationship with this book because while I loved the characters and storyline, I got bored and found myself getting preoccupied with other things. This is the first novel I've ever read by James Patterson and I really like his style of writing so I will definitely read more of his work. I especially liked the whole "Peter and Wendy" thing and next I need to read When the Wind Blows which is the first book in this series. I just felt that the story was kind of rushed and I believe...more
I never know the book was actually the sequel of When the Wind Blows and a prequel of Maximum Ride Series until I read about it somewhere early this year. I love the series so much and gave a little effort hunting this book in a used bookshop, hoping that I will know a little bit more on the series of how it started. It was a very quick read, plus it's a page turner with short chapters. Although with quite a lot of characters, I don't easily lost track because each character have their own indiv...more

I read the Maximum Ride novels before reading this series. I have to say that the Max in Maximum Ride is a whole lot better than the Max in this book. This Max is much more sensitive and it's weird. The other Max kicks butt and is a bad-ass. So the names are knew for the flock. I somewhat like Oz but he's more reckless than Fang. I love how Patterson explains more of whats going on scientifically instead of being in the dark like the Maximum Ridde novels. Max has kids?????...more
The whole flock is back

Maximum (Max)

Is now 16 years old


Is Max's younger brother, age nine. .

Ozymandias (Oz)

Is the same age as Max. .

Icarus (Ic)

A little younger then Max and Oz

Peter and Wendy

Four year old twins

The book starts out with a custody battle between Kit , Frannie and the Bird Kids parents . The Judge give temporary custody to the Bird Kids parents . All the Bird Kids are depressed and unhappy in their new "normal" lives and wish to return to live with Frannie and Kit. Max a...more
Adriane Devries
My husband checked out Lake House on audio from the library for our cross-country driving trip, and since he was the designated driver for almost 3,000 miles, I complied. I was more than a little afraid, based on the cover artwork, that this was one of those popular mystery-romance novels that sell by the thousands and have really bad dialogue. Imagine my delighted surprise when not long into the story appear genetically altered children and an evil scientist performing heinous acts against huma...more
This sequel is the only book from the series I have listened to as an audiobook (German), and it was decent and enjoyable entertainment. I found the science fiction a bit too far-fetched at times, or rather, in need of more explanation to make it a little more believable, but it is possible that the audiobook was abridged. I would have enjoyed a little more depth - the overall idea of the series is quite catching, but has a lot more potential than the book makes use of, even as part of a series....more
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