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Deathworld 2
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Deathworld 2 (Deathworld #2)

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  1,273 ratings  ·  53 reviews
The stakes were slavery - or the life of Jason dinAlt.
The planet was unkown...a savagely primitive place where every man had to kill every other man - or live as a slave.
The inhabitants lived in the early Bronze Age one minute, and in the early Machine Age the next. Technology had degenerated into a number of mysteries jealously guarded by separate brotherhoods.
But Jason d...more
160 pages
Published June 1st 1984 by Sphere (first published 1964)
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Kat  Hooper
Originally posted at FanLit.

Deathworld 2: The Ethical Engineer is the second of Harry Harrison’s novels set on Pyrrus, the planet that tries to kill most humans who set foot upon it. In the first DEATHWORLD novel, space rogue Jason dinAlt discovered the secret of Pyrrus and negotiated a very tense peace between the planet and its two human colonies.

Now Jason has a new problem. A man named Mikah, who represents the religious Truth Party, has arrived to arre...more
Daniel Data
Apparently, this book is the second book of a series. I feel that I would have enjoyed the book more and given it at least another star if I had read the books in order. I had 20 pages left by the time I had found out it was book two in the series.

"Ijale crawled over and settled herself against Jason's side, shivering with cold and fright. He patted her shoulder. 'Relax,' he said, 'from now on this is just a pleasure trip.'" (End of chapter IX page 83)

I was very disappointed that Jason did not...more
The first book is much better and more interesting than this one. This book reminded me A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Twain in some way.
I wonder how he knew all these things? If I am asked about chemistry, electricity, etc I will not answer even if my life depends on this. How does he remember, he is a gambler not a scientist. Ok, maybe I am mistaken, I am better in liberal arts and cannot be a specialist in this. But my husband is an engineer, i asked him if he would be able t...more
Най-добрата част от поредицата. В нея Харисън изправя рационално мислещия Джейсън динАлт срещу религиозния и суеверен Мика Самон, като и двамата попадат на една планета с изостанало в развитието си племенно общество. Тази част е далеч по-забавна, с много леки хумористични нотки, в която Харисън осмива и показва целия "блясък" на суеверната глупост и религиозно лицемерие. Неумението на Мика да се впише в това различно общество само подчертава безсмислието и безполезността на философски и религиоз...more
Nová planeta, tentokrát o hodně méně smrtící, ale s otrokářskou společností, která je technologicky ve středověku a zbytky původních tajemství si střeží jako úzkostlivé tajemství. Ale přijde Jason a postupně zavádí vymoženosti své doby. Skoro mi to přišlo jako cesta v čase. A nešlo se ubránit dojmu, že kdyby se to stalo mě, tak jim parní stroj určitě nevylepším...
Pořád příjemné čtení.
Noel Coughlan
Having enjoyed Death World, I looked forward to Death World 2. My initial issue was that the world Jason is stranded on in the sequel isn’t as inventive as Pyrrus, and it didn’t feel as deadly. However, a much bigger issue was Micah. The entire book hinges on him being incredibly annoying and doing annoying things, and well. for me at least, he overachieves. He is the most annoying character in any book I’ve read. EVER. So much misery could have been avoided if what had happened to him at the en...more
This is a pretty lame book. First, the actual plot is just the most hackneyed sci-fi plot ever, like something a 7th grader would write. There is absolutely no character development (you could completely remove the main character and replace him with pretty much anyone--Jim DiGriz from the Stainless Steel Rat series, Abraham Lincoln, Buzz Lightyear, anybody--and it would have no bearing on the actual plot, just maybe on the dialogue.

And the dialogue is what makes it really unbearable. The main c...more
Simon Forward
So, at the close of Deathworld 1, hero Jason dinAlt has the inspired idea of setting himself up as a kind of world-taming consultant, hiring himself out to render inhospitable worlds more hospitable. Unfortunately before he can present this great business idea to the folks at Dragon's Den, he's captured and whisked off to face justice at the hands of righteous fanatic, Mikah.

This guy is ten times more righteous and indignant than a Daily Mail reader and in a strange way he's what steps this book...more
Jay Daze
Hey! This isn't Deathworld! Jason dinAlt is busted and carted away from Pyrrus (Deathworld) to face justice on the casino world he cheated in the first novel. But instead he crash lands the space craft on a world where human civilization has regressed to a primitive slave society divided into separate tribes. Harrison has his extremely pragmatic hero puncture both the extreme selfishness of the slave society and the brainless self-righteous idealism of the extremely priggish cop Mikah.

Mikah is...more
Richard Ward
I guess you'd call this a sci-fi novella (I read it in under 3 hours), although most of it reads more like some kind of prehistoric parable. It picks us soon after Deathworld leaves off, and has the same main character, but is a completely different kind of story, set on a different kind of "deathworld," this time a planet of slaves who hate each other, can't wait to kill each other, and live like beasts.

In the book's single paragraph forward, and through the main character's dialogue, we are to

Why I Reread This Book: My good friend Gregory posted spoilery messages about this book on our SF discussion mailing list, so I decided to reread it.

This is my favorite of Harrison's Deathworld books; I'd rate this about 9 out of 10 (4.5 if Goodreads allowed it). I suspect I didn't care as much for it as a kid; neither this nor Deathworld 3 spends more than a few pages on the title planet. In this one, Jason gets kidnapped by a humorless prig to face trial and execution for cheating at gambling...more
Ray Daley
I wasn't sure if I'd read this previously or not. Having finished it, I still can't decide to be honest.

Again we are following the adventures of our hero Jason Din Alt but this time we finally get off Pyrrus. Jason is hunted down by a man seeking to bring Jason to justice for crimes on another planet, determined not to be taken he sabotages the ship he is aboard so he can get away.

And there his problems begin.

He is made a slave several different times, shows his knowledge of technology and rises...more
Brandon Landers
I enjoyed it. No it is no where near as good as the previous book. Yes there is a fair amount of ethics discussion. But that isn't the focus of the book. The focus is the world they are on and what is happening. Unfortunately, the main character has always been... bland. When I read the first book I was far less interested in Jason than this strange deadly world. Jason was only interesting in that these things are happening to him. Now these things are not happening. We are in a new world and it...more
Entertaining. Most of it takes place on a backward planet (that is, mostly lacks a clearly SF setting and events) - so it's not the book for hi-tech wonders. A religious / moralistic vigilante takes Jason prisoner to be prosecuted on a planet whose corrupt government doesn't want to prosecute him. Their starship crashes on a backward planet with slavery, dog-eat-dog customs, low-tech, etc. The moralist won't do what is necessary to survive and work towards escape. Jason has to keep working to sa...more
Was OK, not as much world building as the first, so that aspect of the book suffers. There is one character that would have def. been punched a lot sooner in the story; its one of those characters that just annoys you but that is the point.
Sean Brennan
I rather liked the whole premise of this quite excellent story that Ethics/Morality is solely a factor of Environment, that Morality is NOT absolute, far less a SF adventure story than the original Deathworld tale.
Alexander Draganov
A very entertaining second part of the "Deathworld" series of scifi adventures. A mindless puritan kidnaps out hero, Jason, and plans to execute him on his own planet. Jason, however, manages to crash his ship on a planet, popolated with primitive savages. If he is to survive, he must use his wits...
This book is a scifi action comedy and if I am honest, it is less good than the original one, but still very entertaing. And just like the first one, in which Harrison masterfully ridiculed militaris...more
Read this, aka "The Ethical Engineer", over the last couple of days and it doesn't hold up to the original Deathworld. There's about the same amount of fighting and primitive peoples, but the protagonist's foil gets REALLY annoying REALLY fast. Most of the book is spent trying to prove to him that there are no absolute truths or morals, only relative ones, which involves a good deal of dialogue. Of course, the protagonist keeps saving his adversary (who just landed on Deathworld to capture him)...more
A fun quick read with a message delivered via a sledge hammer. Good 'plane is delayed for two hours' reading.
science fiction action and ethics
Feb 24, 2014 Lawrence marked it as owned  ·  review of another edition
“Deathworld 2” I believe was the name of the book that “The Ethical Engineer” was expanded into. Anyway, I read the freely available "The Ethical Engineer".

I believe the copyright expired. It's pretty good if you like a ‘man against the world’ ‘down on his luck survivor tale’. I know I do, particularly when the protagonist is quick thinking and able to use real scientific principles as in this book. Sure it’s a bit simple in execution but it has more to it than typical fare.
Scott Harris
Otherwise known s Deathworld 2 , this book is again pure escapism, highly in keeping with the first novel. It is however in a part a diatribe against religion and ends up building that argument on the stick man representative he has created for that purpose. This part of the book feels rather thin and aims beyond what the method Harrison uses can achieve. The ending is a bit contrived but enjoyable just the same.
Alex Valetsky
Easy and sometimes even funny, very light fiction book that have some interesting points if you like to think not only about things that are written directly. Discussions about about ethical and moral issues between characters can make you think, also there is a little bit philosophy about how technology and knowledge affects human lives. Definitely worth reading.
All I can say is, if the Deathworld 1 is good this Deathworld bbok 2 is much better. It's hard to put down once you started it, and has a lot of philosophical words that you can't imagine. I'am very excited to read the number three now and wanting to know what's going to happen, and if they ever going to survive in the dangerous planet where they subsist.
Michael Hall
A different planet with all new perils and adventures, Deathworld 2 continues the adventure of Jason DinAlt, wanderer and gambler. The dialogue becomes a bit wearing and the action somewhat repetitive, yet overall this is still a light hearted and entertaining read - albeit one not quite as provoking as the first book in the series
Unser Held landet gezwungenermaßen auf einem recht unwirtlichen Planeten, wird zum Sklaven gemacht und steigt dank seiner American Spirit und seines Highschoolabschlusses unter den in den Zustand der mittelalterlichen Barbarei verfallenen Kolnisten zum technischen Shaker&Mover auf. Prädikat: Sehr pulpig, sehr witzig.
Kendall Hill
A short story about the question of absolute ethics, whether such a thing exists or not. It was an interesting story about different cultures on an alien world and a satirical look at our human society. I enjoyed it enough that I finished it in about 2 days which is a record for me.
Jamie Bradway
A lot of talking and posturing, but also a lot of movement for so brief a book. As the character becomes gradually more grating and Harrison depends on Meta ex machina, my interest wanes. As there is only one more, I'm trying not to set my mind for failure. I'll finish the series.
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Harry Harrison (born Henry Maxwell Dempsey) was an American science fiction author best known for his character the The Stainless Steel Rat and the novel Make Room! Make Room! (1966), the basis for the film Soylent Green (1973). He was also (with Brian W. Aldiss) co-president of the Birmingham Science Fiction G...more
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