Night Whispers
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Night Whispers (Second Opportunities #3)

3.71 of 5 stars 3.71  ·  rating details  ·  5,291 ratings  ·  152 reviews
Eight "New York Times" bestsellers and more than twenty million books in print have affirmed Judith McNaught's stature as the reigning monarch of superb storytelling. Now, she creates breathtaking suspense and harrowing plot twists in her thrilling new page-turner graced with the unforgettable characters and vivid, atmospheric details that flow from the rich imagination of...more
Hardcover, 400 pages
Published November 1st 1998 by Atria Books (first published 1998)
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Sophie ♥
Jun 06, 2013 Sophie ♥ rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Judith fans and crime readers
I have a lot to say about this book. It's definitely one that I want to share my opinions and thoughts with you guys on. So I know a lot of you are familiar with Judith McNaught's stormy and passionate 'epics' but her more recent works have been reaching further towards the crime genre. So my first piece of advice to any of you who are considering reading this book is this: don't expect the tragically beautiful love stories that characterise her older books. Night Whispers, Every Breath You Take...more
this is my 1st Judith McNaught book, because of it and the effects after reading it, i have to give it a 5star.

the effects? i bought ALL JM books. and loving each of them. though, i am inclined to rate it less than 5, as compared to her other books, this 5 star represent the honour of it for changing my life.. chewahhh :)
Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish)
Oh, thank the Book Gods. I was so scared I was going to hate this. I loved Perfect but then I hated Every Breath You Take with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, so it was a real toss up as to whether or not I'd enjoy this. There was a lot in the blurb that said to me I might hate this book too, but it worked out in such a way that I did like it.

While the pacing of the book was pretty weird, I liked the progression of the story and couldn't immediately guess who was guilty of what.

I pretty mu...more
Sloan is one of those heroines that, based on the blurb on back of the book, you're pretty sure you're going to hate. She's blonde, gorgeous, has no idea she's gorgeous, rescues children, kites, puppies, and old ladies, and can kick your butt if she feels the need. But somehow, I didn't hate her, probably because she was just so darn *nice*.

Sloan is very happy being a policewoman (a very beloved policewoman - see aforementioned children, kites, puppies, and old ladies) in her small town whe her...more
The beginning was atrocious -- sappy, 2D, like an amateur, fake opening. I felt like gagging.

But I kept reading, and I was glad I did so. Not as good as some of her others -- there was a plot hole or two, the male lead was exactly like all of her others, which is getting dull, etc. But there were some good characters, as well, especially Courtney.

My brain is mushier than a day ago, which was exactly my intent. These books are meant to be read for pure entertainment and fluff, and that's the way...more
Dinna Ken
That was BRILLIANT!!!

Okay.. here is the thing about this book.. I complained about why Ms. McNaught's books in this series is so long.. but in this story I was like.. where is the rest of it? I want more!!

A beautiful, marvelous tale! And a lovely way to tell it! You never get disappointed with Ms. McNaught's books and you'll always hunger for more..

On for the next one ;)
Elvie Doll
This book felt formulaic and tired. Also, the first quarter of the book is filled with people and situations that I would avoid to my utmost in reality, which made that part of the story trying. The heroine's biological clock is practically deafening her, her mother comes across as a brainless twit, her best friend is portrayed to be shallow and mercenary, and her boss is such a blatant chauvinist that he ought to be up to his neck in lawsuits. Is it any wonder that I was questioning whether I w...more
This is an unoriginal, boring, unattractive book.

Sloan Reynolds is a very beautiful woman who is attractive to all men, and she doesn't know it. She is short, blonde, curvy and has lavender blue eyes. That is the most merciful description you will get of her appearance because the author deigns it useful to remind you almost constantly, and always with a mention of how gorgeous she is. Sloan is continuously complimented by those around her because of her extraordinary kindness and intelligence....more
I'm a bit out of my genre here, and I'm seriously not a romance fan (unless of course it's slash fanfiction), so take that as context, if you will, for the two stars. I pretty much rolled my eyes through most of the characterization - it all seemed incredibly light and fluffy, and then the sheer wallowing in the depiction of the lives of the wealthy made me slightly nauseous. However, just as I was about to throw in the towel, we actually got some plot (praise the literary gods!), and the resolu...more
I grew up on harlequin romances! 15 century british romances, half indian -half white man kidnap beauty romance, but after reading Twilight my first vampire and werewolf book, and first series book, I left my 13 year love affair with romances behind and graduated to YA novels, more vamps, utopia, dystopia etc....still desiring someone to fall in love with another someone
.....but nothing like the unbridled passion between the pages I'd read for ages.

All that to intro this book. I thought it a my...more
Night Whispers wasn't bad but it wasn't completely satisfying, compared to other novels by Judith McNaught.

The storyline initially captured my interest, focusing more on suspence and intrigue, which is a departure from her other novels, which tend to reflect a tumultuous and passionate love story. Sloan Reynolds is a detective living a modest life, far removed from the glamour and wealth of her father and sister who she has never met. When she is given an opportunity to reunite with her estrang...more
Yuck. Bluck. Ick.

Judith McNaught is well-known for her very thick scenes--"thick" meaning lots of description, good backstory, maybe a tad too much internal dialogue. But her characterizations and storytelling are what make her stories great reads.

Not so this book.

Night Whispers reads like a ghostwriter wrote it. It was filled with very thin scenes, and barely any romance (which, for a romantic suspense, is a touch odd), and a way-too-transparent suspense that wasn't suspenseful. I gave it 100...more
Michelle Kelly
Night Whispers was ok. Not the greatest. On the good side it did have quite a bit of suspense and I was really rooting for the villian not to be who I thought it was going to be.

The reason that it fell flat for me was the romance aspect. There was potential for Noah (rich business man) and Sloan (female cop) to be really good but to me there was no chemistry. It seemed forced and not smooth. The ending was way to rushed. I think it was because the ending chapter wrapped up with her apologizing...more
Hanife Albayrak
Noah (Daşlığınla Yaktın Kavurdun Gençliğinde Karşılaşsak Küllerimi Süpürürdün Heralde hihih ♥) Olay kızımız Sloan ın babasının kendisiyle temas kurması üzerine FBI ın ünlü dedektiflerden biri ismini şimdi zikredemiyorum aklımda değil Kusursuzdaki FBI ın ta kendisi :D Neyse kızımızı buluyor ve babasının yasadışı işler çevirdiğini ve bu olayı bulmakta kızın ona yardım etmesini istiyor kızımızda bu FBI ile oraya sevgili gibi tatile gidiyorlar :D emme velakin gel görün ki :D Bizim kızımızın kardeşin...more
Onur Birler
Offf çok hüzünlüyüm :(
Okumadığım tek bir kitabı kalmıştı Judith'in ve malesef onu da okudum, bitti :(

Bir insan evladı bu kadar mı güzel yazar, okutur kendini. En vasat denilen kitabı bile ortalamaların kat kat üstünde, inanılmaz keyifli...
JM'in kalemiyle tanışmamış okurlar varsa çok üzülürüm gerçekten, çok şey kaçırıyorlar.
Ben bu kadın sadece adını yazsa onu bile okurum valla, o kadar seviyorum kendisini!
Boşuna "Yüreğin Kraliçesi" demiyorlar ona :))

Gece Fısıltıları yorumumu okumak ve Noah için b...more
It was not the usual Judith McNaught book. There was mystery and it just seemed I was reading someone else's book. But I liked the changed. The plot was not bad. But I wish she had elaborated Sloan and Noah's love story. Noah's personality lacked few things. I felt there were few questions unanswered in my mind. It was fun to read about Paul Richardson. I never guessed that he was the same guy from Perfect. It was hilarious. I loved Courtney. I think I would like to read her story some day.It wa...more
Brenda  Britton
I love JM books so I loved this one. It was a combination of a mystery and romance but I wondewred at first if Paul Richardson was going to fall in love with Sloan especially because of his early introduction in the book. I did like Noah though and wanted her to fall for him which she did. I liked the suspense and there was the sadness when it seemed things were not going to work out which is enough to cause a few tears.
Sabrina (Soter) Sally
3 e 1/2
"Non ci sarebbero mai state prove. Eppure, una ne aveva. L'aveva sempre avuta. La prova era negli occhi di Sloan quando lo guardava, nelle sue braccia quando si stringeva a lui, nel suo cuore quando faceva l'amore con lui."

Se non fosse stata la McNaught avrei dato quattro stelle piene, perché in fondo non è stata una brutta lettura, ma da lei so di potermi aspettare molto di meglio e da qui la mia delusione D: Quando ho letto "donna poliziotto" mi aspettavo una protagonista tutta d'un pe...more
This was the first novel that I have read by Judith McNaught. I was hoping that it would be more of a mystery than a romance and I was so glad that it was.

The story takes place in a small Florida community. The main character is Sloan Reynolds, who was raised by a single mother along with a best friend named Sara. Sloan knows that she has a Father and a sister and they are extremely wealthy. However, Sloan loves her Mother and is happy with her modest upbringing. She also knows that her Father'...more
I slept around 3:30 pm last night because I had to finish this book. For some unconceivable reason, I just couldn’t put it down; I know that I wouldn’t be able rest in peaceful slumber without finishing it first, and so I did.

The heroine, Sloan, is a down-to-earth policewoman who is completely devoted to her job. Thirty years ago, her father took her older sister (well, it was actually her father’s mother) and completely abandoned them (Sloan and her mother). After a lifetime of pretending to be...more
Night Whispers
Noah Maitland and Sloan Reynolds
5/5 Stars

Night Whispers is the third book of Second Opportunities series by Judith McNaught.

Favorite Quotes
"It's a relief that they don't impress you either. That way, I can
soothe my wounded pride with the knowledge that I'm not the only one who can't get anywhere with you." -Noah

"Let's not play games with each other. I've already played them all, and you wouldn't enjoy them even if you knew how to play them." -Noah

"You take my breath away." -Noah
Judith romanlarını aslında pek de sevmemişimdir. Her zaman iki karakter birbirine aşık olur, sonra biri aldatıldığını düşünür, ötekine öfkelenir, pişmanlıklar vs.. kısacası hep aynı. Bu kısımları hiç hoşuma gitmese de kadının elinin kuvvetli olduğu da aşikar. Bu kitap tarihi değil modern hikayelerinden biriydi. Paul Richardson adlı karakter yazarın "Kusursuz" kitabındaki karaktermiş, ben de bunu son sayfalarda anladım açıkçası. Kusursuz'da yazık oldu demiştim o karaktere, burada da aynı hatayı y...more
Loved Noah and Sloan <3. Great plot and there is somewhat of a murder mystery for the last quarter of the novel. Someone killed Sloan's great grandmother (95 years old).

The beginning started off a little slow but it created a good backdrop and insight to Sloan's life as a cop and how she was raised by a single mother and her best friend Sara who is almost like a sister to her. You don't meet Noah until further into the book when Sloan agrees to go undercover into the Reynold's family to assi...more
Susurros en la noche- Judith McNaught

Cualquier libro de Judith, aunque sea parte de una saga, es un buen comienzo para conocerla. Mi mayor obstáculo fue que al haber leído otros libros tan emocionantes de ella, la última parte de la saga de Paraíso me dejó con ganas. Me cuesta entender que la que escribe es la misma que me dejó una noche sin dormir con Zach y Julie. Susurros no es mal libro, pero me faltó emoción para temrinar esta saga con un sentido de justicia a los dos anteriores, dos hermos...more
Red Austin
Closing your eyes to try to treasure and preserve that beautiful feeling you have in your heart is a great way to express how much you loved and still loves what you read. That unfathomable feeling you have that drowns your heart in a state of indescribable satisfaction and contentment tends to give way to a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of the masterpiece you have encountered.

I will tell you one honest thing that came into my mind after reading this novel.


Being grateful...more
Amelia Fransiska
Ada yg kurang menurut gw...

Bukan krna hero n heroine nya ketemu di bab 15,
tp ky bukan nvl JM..
Yg pasti pas bc gw gak ngerasain emosi yg biasa muncul pas bc nvl2 JM laen...
Karakter2nya ky asal jadi githu... Aneh!
Kecuali Courtney, satu2nya karakter yg bikin ni nvl menarik.

Sloan Reynolds - seorang policewoman- di hubungi ayah kandungnya,Carter Reynolds yg telah menelantarkan dia dan ibunya sejak dia lahir.
Carter mengundang Sloan berlibur di rumahnya di Palm Beach dgn alasan dia ingin mengenal putri...more
Night Whispers - G
McNaught, Judith
A policewoman in a small Florida community, Sloan Reynolds knows that her modest upbringing was a long way from the social whirl of Palm Beach, the world inhabited by her father and her sister, Paris. Total strangers to Sloan, they have never tried to contact her -- until a sudden invitation arrives, to meet them and indulge in the Palm Beach social season.

A woman who values her investigative work more than a Dior dress, Sloan is unmoved by the long-overdue pare...more
Sloan is a policewoman. Her life is much different than her family's. Her mom and dad divorced when she was young. Her life was completely different from her sisters life. Her sister and her dad were socialites and were basically rich and famous. Sloan holds a grudge against them. She still secretly hopes that one day they will reunite. The last little bit of the book is a murder/mystery. Sloans grandmother gets killed while Sloan is out for a walk. The book was very well written and I really en...more
Another enjoyable book by JM although to me, I prefer her historical writings much better. What I enjoyed about Night Whispers was that Judith brought back a previous character from her book Perfect (Paul Richardson) and completed his character's storyline in Night Whispers. Thank you Judith (not unlike another character everyone wanted and hoped to have an entire storyline created and JM fans and yes you know exactly whom I'm referring to). I found the story to be a bit draggy in parts and then...more
Sloan Reynolds is a long way from Palm Beach. Abandoned by her father at a young age, Sloan has been raised in a small Florida community by her mother and has become a good cop. When her father calls out of the blue and asked that she come visit, her initial reaction is to ignore it, but when FBI agent Paul Richardson shows up and asks for her help in investigating her father, Sloan agrees to head to Palm Beach with Paul accompanying her.

When Sloan arrives, she falls in love with her sister Pari...more
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Judith McNaught is a bestselling author of over a dozen historical and contemporary romance novels, with 30 million copies of her works in print. She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station. McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance subgenre.
More about Judith McNaught...
A Kingdom of Dreams (Westmoreland, #1) Paradise (Second Opportunities, #1) Whitney, My Love (Westmoreland Saga, #2) Almost Heaven (Sequels, #3) Something Wonderful (Sequels, #2)

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