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The Price of the Phoenix (Star Trek Adventures, #4)
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The Price of the Phoenix (Star Trek Adventures #4)

3.31 of 5 stars 3.31  ·  rating details  ·  370 ratings  ·  41 reviews
Spock is caught in a deadly game of galactic intrigue the stakes of which are the sovereignty of the Federation--and the life of Captain James T. Kirk.
Mass Market Paperback, 182 pages
Published July 15th 1977 by Bantam (first published January 1st 1977)
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A courageous and important book that dares to posit the theory: Kirk & Spock…friends, shipmates, comrades…LOVERS???


A careful reading of this book makes it obvious that the piercing insight of the authors, Ms. Marshak & Ms. Culbreath, perceived far more deeply than most into the subtleties and nuances of the complicated relationship between Kirk and Spock. In fact, they saw more than many of the most ardent fans of the show may have been willing to notice or even admit. Crazy you say? Ba
5 Minute Price of the Phoenix

KIRK: *dies*

SPOCK: Prepare to face thy doom, Omne.

OMNE: I have the technology. I control the horizontal. I control the vertical. I control this entire planet. I can bring him back.


OMNE: He's yours to have and to hold.. if you give me the Federation.

SPOCK: I left the Federation in my other pants.

ROMULAN COMMANDER: *helps Spock* What makes him think you've got the Federation?

SPOCK: Vulcans are godlike and superior. Of course we own the Fed, Starfleet, NBC and
"We will not sell what makes love possible," the Commander said.
"But THAT is the price of the phoenix," Omne said. He laughed then, darkly. "And you will pay."
- from Chapter XXIII

On paper, this book sounds like it should be pretty good -- it's got an unflappable and suave villain, technology that brings questions about the meaning of life itself to the forefront, and not one but TWO Captain Kirks. It even starts in the middle of the action... in fact, it seems like we've come into the story at
Mike McDevitt
My uncle Spock had a special friend.
They dressed alike. His name was Jim.
I've never seen two friends like them.
They were very, very... friendly men.

(Apologies to Flight of the Conchords)

In all the Kirk-Slash-Spock meaningful words that say so little and reveal so much, I notice the other excellent reviews haven't mentioned something I found most disturbing. The giant unbeatable cowboy villain, Omne, rapes Kirk. The writers don't use the word but several times refer to 'The crime worse than death
Sooo...this is one of those books that was almost ridiculous but because of that, I absolutely love it. I love the idea of it, it's very interesting. I've read it twice already, reading it a 3rd time as I write this. Maybe I love it because it is so different from any of the others that I've read yet still holds a bit of Star Trek in it...I don't know. But whatever it is, I'm sure I'll be reading it a million times over. :)
I read this one years ago, when I was a pre-teenager. Technically, it's a decent enough book- well-written, characters well developed, etc,etc.
HOWEVER! This book is a strong contender as the first-ever 'slashfic' fanfic written about Star Trek. The women who wrote the book either don't understand men and how we think about ourselves and each other, or they -desperately_ wanted to see Spock and Kirk as gay lovers.
Murray Writtle
This was my first venture into "franchise" fiction. I never did much more but this was a revelatory glimpse into what it could be. I thought it was a very cool exploration of what Kirk and Spock's characters could be. I probably wouldn't give it five stars now but that's how it struck me at the time.
I am very aware of this book's limitations, but have given it Five Stars nonetheless. It was one of the very first ST novels I read and I ADORED it! I must have read it 30 times. I rate it highly for nostalgia's sake, and for the fact that it remains the best ST "wallow" I ever read.
This one and "The Fate of the Phoenix" are two of the absolutely best Star Trek novels I've read. The writers really captured the charcters and put them into interesting situations. I've bought every Star Trek book these authors produced, but there weren't enough of them.
Published fanfiction. Angst. Mush. Serves it's purposes well. Sometimes you just *need* angst and mush. And Spock.
James Sorensen
Kirk is dead. Burned to death trying to save a woman and her child on the planet below. An accident? Spock ahs called it murder and has gone planet-side to confront the killer.

Omne is the leader of the planet. A planet of neutrality were the best and the worst come to ply their trade. Could Omne be the most powerful man in the Universe, capable of bringing down the Federation or Romulan Empire. Omne has a surprise: James T Kirk. Or is it Kirk? Omne claims to have the process to reproduce anyone
An astonishing book, no less so because it has that same inability to realize concrete detail, the same abstraction of characterization that I have noticed in this pair's other stuff. And the reason for this is absolutely clear - in the first 20 pages, we have things which most writers would shrink from as too strong for a climax - Kirk's death, his resurrection, a deep emotional link, the discovery that he's really a duplicate, the beginnings of a relationship with the Romulan Commander. Even a ...more
Dann Wilhelm
The problem with this book wasn't the interesting premise or the stylized dialogue (very much written to emulate the actors speech patterns on the show), it was the lack of emotional depth. Oh, it tried but for me it got it wrong. I felt no connection to the characters emotions or their struggle to survive. Perhaps because after all these years of reading Star Trek novels, I know the main characters will always ALWAYS survive, so it takes the suspense out of it. The only time a main ST character ...more
Oh, I love this book! one of the first ST novels I ever read, it remains a fav to this day. I love the plot and the relationships. The doctor's care. And Kirk and Spock moments. What I love about this book is: It was written before mile long rule book of "do and don't" of writing a ST novel comes in to effect! Go and find yourself a copy. One of the best from Bantam Books.
Lisa (Harmonybites)
I wasn't sure how to rate this, because it's both a favorite, but a guilty favorite; not exactly the best science fiction, or even Star Trek fiction, has to offer: it's melodramatic and over the top with slashy overtones between Kirk and Spock. But it's very memorable, and I remember eating it up as a teen, back when just seeing a Star Trek work of fiction was novel, and it makes a lot of the later pro fiction, with their reset buttons and requirement to stay within the lines, look rather bland. ...more
I can definitely see why this novel in particular is well known in the Kirk/Spock circles, but personally, I don't think they acted out of character at all. Plot-wise, not extremely well thought out and a little too, I dunno, cut and dry? Simple? However, the moral implications were interesting and there were a few moments where I had to take a break and breath because things got intense!

The Romulan Commander, though! What a BABE. Seriously. I’m basically in love with her now and I’m really imp
Ha ha ha this book made me laugh hard numerous times. Talk about sneaking a romance novel into a cover that says Star Trek! Easily the worst book that I've ever finished - which means it was worth reading, but I won't be going on to the sequel. The concept is cool - the villain figured out how to use transporter technology to capture both body and mind and effect immortality - but the true thrust of this novel is all about sexual tension and melodrama between the 5 main characters (the villain, ...more
Benjamin Plume
This might be the worst Star Trek novel I have read. (For those of you unfamiliar with these novels, that means it was REALLY BAD)

The book opens with no explanation of where the Enterprise is or why it's there, and stumbles through clumsy plot devices from there. The villain is lazily conceived, with unexplained and inconsistent power. The science gimmick makes equally little sense, and while the concept of a perfect biological double with perfectly duplicated memories has potential, that potent
Kevin J.
Found it a frustrating read. The concept is brilliant, but the story telling relied on a familarity with context and subtext that the authors failed to provide. I don't expect my authors to hold my hand through a story, but this text failed to give enough clues as to just what the hell was going on--especially in the dialog passages. I felt as if there were things I was supposed to already know in order to understand what was being said. That said, I will admit that metaphor has always been a bl ...more
Molly Hardee
I have really mixed feelings about this book. I really, really didn't like the writing style. However, the general idea I find GENIUS. Of course, I enjoyed the ultimate bromance part of the story but I felt like it really fell short because the writing just couldn't portray the substance. Definitely a must-red if you're a Spirk fan but don't expect scientific plot-hole-free Star Trek book, here.
When I first tried to read this book around twenty-five years ago, I couldn't even finish it. A quarter century later, I found it more palatable. The philosophical and metaphysical aspects of the story keep it interesting, despite the sloppy pacing of the plot and the lack of any exposition to bring the reader into the story at the outset.
This is probably a pretty crap book, but I don't care, it hits all of my Trekkie buttons so hard. Jim Kirk is basically replicated, and the copy, original, Spock and the Romulan Commander must all try to beat the bad guy, untangle various romantic implications, and figure out how to deal with a perfect replica. Fun times.
It's been 36 years since I've read 'The Price of the Phoenix', so what has stuck with me all these years? This is a perfectly fine story, but it's NOT Star Trek. This seems to be an exploration of the emotional angst and helplessness that many women must feel when trapped in a relationship with a dominant, controlling man.
Ultimate guilty pleasure Star Trek book. I don't know what Roddenberry was thinking letting these two write this almost slash fiction book, but it's goooooood. (And cheesey)
Michael Hanscom
One of the earliest Star Trek novels, and it shows. Incredibly dated, and wow, bizarre -- practically officially sanctioned slashfic. Rather painful to read, really.
Georgina Shores
This book was a hot mess. There really isn't another description for what was basically a circle jerk between spock, Kirk, and the romulan commander. Skip.
I read this book when I was a young teen, and I remember the turgid prose. I also thought it blew all the other Star Trek books I'd read out of the water.
This book is the best kind of badfic. It gets three stars for making me laugh, but I actually could not finish it. It is horrifying and awesome.
Bryn Hammond
My fave Trek book of old. With sequel 'The Fate of the Phoenix' though that got a bit soggy, even for my early teens.
Stuart Davies
Unenjoyable and ridiculous story with weakly written characters that held little interest throughout.
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