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Artifacts (Faye Longchamp, #1)
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Artifacts (Faye Longchamp #1)

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  827 ratings  ·  121 reviews
Faye Longchamp has lost nearly everything except for her quick mind and a grim determination to hang onto her ancestral home, Joyeuse, a moldering plantation hidden along the Florida coast. No one knows how Faye's great-great-grandmother Cally, a newly freed slave barely out of her teens, came to own Joyeuse in the aftermath of the Civil War. No one knows how her descendan ...more
Paperback, 288 pages
Published March 30th 2004 by iBooks (first published 2003)
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Shazza Maddog
This is one of those serendipitous books - I saw it on a table at the library, read the dust cover and thought, "Hmmm, Mom might like to read this. Hmmm, I might like to read this," and checked it out. Mom read it in less than two days. It took me considerably longer but I still very much enjoyed it.

The story revolves around Faye Longchamp, a mulatto woman, who lives in the Panhandle area of Florida. She doesn't believe she fits in anywhere - not the white nor the black world - and she's hiding
Delightful is: discovering a gem that, at first glance, seems a bit slapdash and mediocre, but turns out to be one of those can’t-turn-the-pages-fast-enough, diamonds in the rough. Artifacts is one such gem: A delight to read, ponder, adventure along, and solve.

All good qualities: atmospherically transporting, characteristically diverse and interesting, with a culture-rich plot dabbling in history, amid full-flush intrigue. I especially loved the strong, yet appropriately flawed main character,
This is the first mystery in the Faye Longchamp mystery series. I reviewed number six in the series earlier in the year and though I wasn't lost, I was interested enough in the relationships, especially Faye's husband Joe Wolf Mantooth to find out more about the series. It took awhile for my library to dig up some of the books, but this one was so great it had me wishing I was home. There were all the elements of a mystery, murder, many suspects, doubt, subplots and looming threats to our protag ...more
This slow cozy almost made my abandoned shelf. The writer's style grated on me. Loving that particular area of Florida, that's what kept me plodding on. The premise sounded intriguing. Faye and nothing else about her occupation was believable. Nor were points of the plot. If I knew much less about archeology and had not been to digs in Pompeii and near Naples, I might have been able to swallow it easier. But it was still primarily the writing style itself that turned me off.
This is the first book in a series that is new to me, but was written several years ago. The story surrounds Faye Longchamp, an archaeology student who is a descendant of a slave holder and one of his female slaves. Faye lives on an island off the gulf coast of Florida, and is trying to save the island and her family's old plantation/mansion from developers; at the same time Faye draws the attention of a murderer who is trying to cover up old murders, and willing to kill others to hide his past ...more
I really only stuck with this book because a friend of mine, whose opinion I value, loves this while series. I found it a slog. I didn't really get interested until page 200, which is not a good sign. Partly I am getting to be an old fogey, so I really did not like the fact that (view spoiler) ...more
Brick ONeil
All right, I'll admit it: I'd been looking for free books in the Amazon Kindle store and came across this interesting cover and title. I've always loved archaeology and antiquities. The skeleton on the cover is what drew me in, plus I have a soft spot for female detectives, even reluctant ones like Faye Longchamp.

She's a former archaeology student in Florida, living in her old ancestral home, Joyeuse hidden on a secluded island off the coast, living in secret. The island had been inhabited by an
When Faye Longchamp discovers a long-buried body while "pot hunting" on a tiny sliver of an island off the coast of Florida's panhandle, and two of her colleagues from an archaeological dig are found shot at the dig site, Faye's life becomes infinitely more complicated. Desperate for money to keep from losing her ancestral home and torn between letting the past stay in the past or dragging some facts out into the light, all while a hurricane is bearing down on the coast, her life is complete tur ...more
Lady Bren
I really need to find a way to record how I found a book, especially if it is part of a series and of course if I love it.
When I first read the synoposis I thought this was going to be a series similar to the Temperance Brennan books by Kathy Reichs I couldn't have been more wrong. While I love the Bones series Mary Anna Evans's charactger Faye Longchamp is nothing like Temperance. Financially unable to complete her degree in Anthropology Faye will take any work that allows her to dig. She's a
Doward Wilson
This first excursion into a new author and series was a huge surprise, in a great way! Faye Longchamp does everything she can to make the money needed to pay the taxes and upkeep on her home. Handed down thru several generations of strong willed women, the old plantation sets on an island off of Florida. Faye is a former archaeology student, a woman of mixed-blood and a fascinating character in every way. Her struggle to save her home has reduced her to finding and selling artifacts on the famil ...more
Vicki Gooding
As I started the book, it was enjoyable, not necessarily gripping until all of a sudden the book grabs you and is hard to put down. A single female of mixed race lives in a home she inherited from a female relative of the civil war era and has been passed down to the women since that time. She's highly intelligent, enjoys archaeology, but finds herself making illegal digs and selling of artifacts to support herself. She's avoiding paying taxes on the mansion by keeping the outward appearance run ...more
This is #1 in A Faye Longchamp Mystery.

This takes place on a fictitious barrier island along the Gulf of Florida. Faye is a student of Archeology and is helping a friend of hers that is a professor look for artifacts. Two of the people that were working with Faye are found murdered and the story centers around who did the deed and why. The Sheriff is at a loss and is trying to look at all the clues.

Faye does stumble on some things and she does hold things back, because she doesn't want to falsel
Kirsten Lenius
This was a great mystery and my third good book in two days. It required a lot of knowledge of archaeology, history, geography and anthropology, plus the ability to create complex characters and unveil them gradually. I read this through in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
L.T. Fawkes
Mary Anna Evans, FREE on Kindle. I love a mystery series with fresh characters and an exotic, well-drawn setting. This has both. You can't help but root for Faye Longchamp as she fights for her heritage and solves a mystery as well. Very entertaining.
Karen Laird
Mary Anna Evans

This book came highly recommended by a fellow reviewer who had read and reviewed the book for her website. Even though I have never had the privilege of visiting the beautiful state of Florida, I discovered that there was a place of beauty that drew me to wanting to visit this state far more than Disney World ever has.
Artifacts was more than a story of a young want-to-be archeologist in the backwaters of the coastal islands off the Florida panhandle. It was a deep dive
Debbie Heaton
In Evans’ mystery novel, archeologist Faye Longchamp is determined to save history. With all the work her falling down mansion requires, she finds herself illegally selling artifacts she finds in the area as she works to stay off the grid of the authorities. But when two of her archeology students are murdered, and her friend Joe Wolf Mantooth is arrested for the crime, the media frenzy forces Faye to work the clues to find a killer before she loses everything that’s important to her.

A fast-pace
First, my enthusiastic thanks goes to Jen, whom I'm privileged to follow here, for alerting me to the existence of this book and the entire series. I literally would have had no idea as to its existence had it not been for her excellent review.

Faye Longchamp is only a breath or two away from an archaeology degree. She studied harder than her classmates, and unbeknownst to her at the time, she garnered the positive notice of her professor, a vibrant woman named Magda who has a part in the book. S
This is an enjoyable first installment in a series featuring amateur sleuth/archeologist Faye Longchamp. I enjoyed Evans' descriptions of the setting on fictitious islands off the Florida Panhandle and her main character, a biracial woman living in the dilapidated plantation home of her ancestors. There are multiple murders, artifact thefts and a hurricane. The plot had some serious holes, so it's probably just a 3.5, but I liked it enough that I'm going to binge read at least the next few books ...more
Susanna Bullmam
I am not sure how I came across this book it was probably recommended by kindle but the fact that it had a mixed race protagonist appealed to me. I enjoyed the murder mystery .
I also enjoyed the unfolding of the mystery of how Joyeuse plantation came to be handed down through Faye's maternal family lane through the entries in the diary she found. Though I think had I found the diary I would have read it all in one go though I understand the gradual drip feed of the story worked as a plot devise.
Nicely paced mystery with an intriguing setting (the Florida panhandle) and characters. The "detective" figure, Faye Longchamps, is an impoverished woman, of black, white, and Creek descent. Before she had to drop out of college, she found she had a real talent and passion for archaeology. She puts this to use in various ways: on a dig run by her former professor; on the grounds of her one legacy, a now ramshackle plantation house that she is desperate to restore and hold on to, despite the fact ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Relics by Mary Anna Evans is an interesting read. The protagonist, Faye, is a doctoral student (imagine me liking that ;-P) heading up a dig in Alabama under the direction of a Ph.D. who seems intent on making sure that she does not complete her research. In fact, the entire project appears to be destined for failure in multiple ways. When a fire breaks out in the women's bunkhouse and the one person on the team who has befriended Faye dies, a real mystery opens up. Faye is determined to solve i ...more
Artifacts has all the right elements for an easy read, interesting characters, a good mystery, a great setting – unfortunately, nothing about this book was memorable enough to make me continue with the series. I think primarily, my misgivings are related to the protagonist Faye Longchamp, who comes across as something of a do-gooder.

Ordinarily I enjoy flawed heroines, but the author’s attempt to humanize Faye with character flaws also serves as a plot device to emphasize her moral fiber. Faye o
Carl Brookins
A thriller with an angst-ridden and interesting female protagonist.

The protagonist in this interesting novel, Faye Longchamp, is a mixed-race single female who can usually pass in either camp, yet is clearly uncomfortable in either. Moreover, neither camp is welcoming. Consequently, Faye Longchamp, bright, ambitious, wary of entanglements, generally goes her own way.

She’s technically a squatter, living in the ruins of her ancestral home on a small island on the western coast of Florida, an area
"This story is about a mulatto woman, Faye Longchamp, who is not comfortable with her heritage. She does not enjoy being around people in general and finds it difficult to make friends. She lives on her own island near Tallahassee, Florida.

An Indian male, named Joe Wolf Mantooth lives off the land on her island. He does not share her ancestral home. Joe's ability to remain calm is an attribute I truly hope to I can learn to emanate in my own life.

Faye has studied and trained in archaeology, alt
On occasion, I am in the mood for a good mystery. Artifacts was just that; a good mystery with interesting characters. Faye is a mostly self taught archeologist who is working for a local dig when a couple of her co-workers are murdered. She holds a few secrets, so she tries her best not to get involved. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that their deaths may be related to the body that she herself found while digging for artifacts to sell on the black market. That is the basic outline of h ...more
first in a series of mysteries that involve archeology in the U.S. This one is set on the coast of the Florida panhandle, where Faye lives in her family's decaying island mansion. Faye is a devoted archeology student who must take to pothunting and selling her finds on the black market. And of course she finds a skeleton and must decide whether to report this and expose her illegal activities. Interesting character. Interesting setting & mystery. Recommended.
Well, I was reading this yesterday, and ended up staying up late into the night to finish it! A really absorbing story with a strong, unusual heroine -- I loved her archaeological passion, her strong connection to the land and sea of her Florida Panhandle home, and the interesting secondary characters, like her boss Magda and her friend John Wolf Mantooth, so comfortable in the wild and so lost in civilization.

I can't wait to read more in the series.
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this book. I enjoyed every bit of it. The characters were all so interesting and I look forward to reading more about them. I especially liked the journal that enabled the sort of time travel edge to the story of Faye Longchamp and the women of her family. The fact that it takes place in Florida is an added bonus for me. Living in a land locked state, I love reading books with coastal scenery. Looking forward to book #2!
Pamela B.
Whoo, Lord. It's 5:14 a.m., just finished this all-nighter, and feel I haven't breathed for the last four chapters. What a barn-burner this book is, and it has everything: history, characters with layer upon layer of intrigue, who-done-it in spades, and a protagonist to fall in love with. I'd sell my last pair of shoes to fund downloading Evans' next book, which I am about to do, right this minute. No rest for the happy reader!
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Mary Anna Evans has degrees in physics and engineering, but her heart is in the past. Her series character, Faye Longchamp, lives the exciting life of an archaeologist, and Mary Anna envies her a little. Her first novel, Artifacts, won the Benjamin Franklin award and it was named by the Voice of Young America (VOYA) as an "Adult Mystery with Young Adult Appeal." Her second novel, Relics, was an In ...more
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