Fables, Vol. 8: Wolves (Fables, #8)
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Fables, Vol. 8: Wolves (Fables #8)

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Collecting issues #48-51 of writer and creator Bill Willingham's award-winning Vertigo series, WOLVES also includes newly-created maps of Fabletown and the Homelands illustrated by Willingham and, as a special bonus, Willingham's complete script to the double-sized issue #50.
Paperback, 160 pages
Published December 6th 2006 by Vertigo
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One of my favorite installments to date. The plot was great, seeing the growth of the wolf cubs was adorable, and the resolution of Snow and Bigby's storyline great.

A great part about this collection was that the original script for issue #50 (The Wedding Chapter) was included complete with snarky remarks and hilarious comparisons. This was my favorite! (Note: I am not marking this review as a spoiler since it says in the table of contents what happens in the end.)

"Same Scene: They kiss. This

Fables: Wolves is the book where Bigby returns and this lifts everything to another level. I've mentioned before that this series has the strength of being incredibly versatile in what genres it moves between. This book captures on that versatility and expands the series. A solution to Bigby's issues is found, a war is potentially stopped in the Fablelands and Cinderella goes on an important mission up a beanstalk.

I have very little to add to the general idea conveyed of the series in my other p...more
Graphic Novel. Book 8 in the Fables series follows Bigby on a secret mission, gives us his schmaltzy reunion with Snow, and then we go on another secret mission, this time with Cinderella. It also includes the script to Fables #50.

I just wasn't that impressed with this volume. The first stories were kind of all over the place, a lot of "ONE DAY LATER" and "MEANWHILE, BACK ON THE FARM" so that I was getting whiplash from one page to the next. The Snow/Bigby reunion lacked the emotional impact it...more
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
This volume of Fables is definitely for readers who have been following Bigby Wolf and Snow White's romance. I think that it was very satisfying overall. I do have to agree with one of my fellow GRs friends/reviewers that Willingham committed the cardinal sin of an estranged couple, and that did bother me. I couldn't not give this five stars though because it was overall very well done.

I have always been enamored with werewolf stories. I tend to shy away from the gratuitously violent gorefests,...more
Apparently Fables really, really believe in God. It was mentioned four times just on one page in the big finale scenes. Seemed a bit odd with all of them coming from so many different kingdoms and religion not really being mentioned before, and this sudden Israel analogy being made very clear. We'll see how it gets carried out, or not.

But that's just a comment, not a review. Overall it was a good story that combined bringing one fan favorite story to culmination in a believable way that I'm sure...more
Mowgli continues his search for Bigby through Russia and the wilderness. Meanwhile, Snow White tries to raise the cubs at the Farm.

(view spoiler)...more
The more Fables I read, the more annoyed I get with the misogyny. I'm sorry, if someone accepted my proposal with "You defeated me. You win," I'd have to say, "No thanks, babe, obviously you are not as enthusiastic as I am." Bonus for using the patriarchal traditional wedding vows with Snow, a woman who's already supposedly learned what a s****y deal traditional marriage can be from one a**hole husband--can you really see her vowing to "obey" another? And the "Israel Analogy" or whatever the hel...more
There are some good action/adventure styled tales told in Fables, Volume 8: Wolves, but the weaknesses of this series are becoming more apparent. Mowgli tracks down Bigby, Bigby is sent on a mission to confront and threaten the Adversary so that he can settle down with Snow and their cubs, and Cinderella is sent on a diplomatic mission. For a reader who was, for a moment, quite taken with the potential of the Snow/Bigby relationship for character development and lots of brooding, this resolution...more
Oh boy a wedding issue. Yawn. My teenage self would probably have fawned over this collection with the great big fairytale wedding, but my current self is sad that Snow has finally completed her transformation from the street-smart leader of Fabletown to living barefoot with babies on a farm. Some good action and I'm always glad to see spy girl Cinderella but I couldn't follow some of the treaties and politics they're trying to put in place. Here's hoping that the story picks up again in the nex...more
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Basic Plot: Mowgli finds Bigby, brings him home, and hijinks involving the Cloud Kingdoms and a wedding ensue.

I appreciate romantic relationships in stories more than I am usually willing to admit to. However, I have a few requirements before I can actually enjoy them. I want the relationship to be based on more than love at first sight. Some mutual respect is very appreciated. I like men who are rough around the edges but treat their women well, and women who are tough in their own right but wi...more
I had to downgrade this one for its utterly boneheaded politics, and also its overly pat ending, even though it was in some ways pretty moving.

Things Bill Willingham does well: knowing when to leave well enough alone, Bigby's dialogue, coming up with unexpected ways for his characters to interact. I really like how he drops certain plotlines and picks them up later - he doesn't really force it most of the time. The scope of the book feels natural and well-earned.

Things Bill Willingham does not...more
I really do like Bigby. That character is one of the main reasons that I keep reading Fables. I even like the Bigby/Snow romance. But I'm really really sick of watching a formerly interesting female character become a glorified babysitter once she gives birth, only to emerge to broker deals between the men in her family. Also, I really, really could have done without the sappy wedding business. Ick.
I really wish I could like this series more than I do, but as it is, the things that are awesome and the things that bug the crap out of me are in constant tension, particularly in the Bigby Wolf/Snow White romance, which dominates this book.

One thing that is unequivocally awesome, though: Cinderella, Super Spy. If she had a solo title, I would be all over that.
Compared to previous volumes, this one was kind of a let down. There's less than usual in the way of actual content (30 pages of filler in the back). And I know I'm touchy, but I was really unhappy that Snow vowed to "obey" Bigby. Totally out of character, in my opinion, and annoying besides. Hopefully the series will pick back up with the next book.
This forms a sort of conclusion, or at least pause point in this ongoing story. A great resolution to the events which have been building since Volume 1. While, to be sure, there are further plot developments and places the story can go, more characters we can get to know and plenty more which can happen, with Wolves we really get a strong sense of closure with a lot of what has gone before - and it not simply a wrapping up. We get an exciting, fast paced, action packed story with plenty of punc...more
I enjoyed this volume a lot.
Of course Mowgli found Bigby.
But I was kind of miffed that he was shacked up with a girl.

Now that all of them are reunited... (well except the 7th child), will they live happily ever after?!
On to Vol. 9...
Improved from the last one... What happened to the awesomeness that was in the first 10 or so issues... This seriously continues to almost bore me.. Yet I keep reading, hoping for that awesome moment.
Razvan Zamfirescu
Am citit volumul in doi timpi si trei miscari.
Nu are foarte mult text, fapt ce m-a bucurat pentru ca am reusi sa admir si eu arta lui Marck Buckingham.
Bineinteles ca inevitabilul se produce: Bigby e gasit, **************************** nu pot sa dau mai multe detalii ca sa nu va stric supriza si placerea acestui volum.
Desi am inceput reticent cu aceasta serie, trebuie sa recunosc ca m-a prins destul de bine.
La fel ca si lumea lui George RR Martin, pe masura ce lucrurile se complica si ramifica,...more
My favorite Fable by far- I love Bigby's character- He is everything I want Wolverine to be!
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Loved it, as always. I won't bore you with my gushing.
The Fables series continues to make me all kinds of happy. The only reason this volume isn't 5 stars for me is the result of a grisly animal death. Sad. The issues in Wolves feature a little Mowgli, a lot of Bigy, and some Cinderella. Oh, how I love those shapeshifting cubs.

This volume also contains Willingham's full script for Bigby's secret mission which could lead to interesting projects in the high school art classroom: illustrate chapters of the story according to the script, use as a mode...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
(Beware: some mild spoilers in this review. There really are none, because most of the things I mention you can see coming from miles ahead.)

Mowgli searches for (and finds) Bigby Wolf -- and if you call that a spoiler, you'll need to read a lot more books, since that was utterly predictable. The main part of this book is about what Bigby has to do so he can live with Snow White and his offspring while not breaking the rules of Fabletown. Which leads to the introduction of yet more characters fro...more
This volume of Fables was very enjoyable for a few reasons. The first being the return of Bigby Wolf. After being gone for a while after "losing" his family to the politics of Fabletown and the Farm, Mr. Wolf re-enters the fold, strikes a deal with Prince Charming to go on a fantastic mission to strike back against the Adversary. Boy Blue's adventures during volume 6 have paved the way for Bigby to get revenge for the attack of the Wooden Soldiers. Cleverly plotted and using some classic fairy t...more
Nicola Mansfield
Reason for Reading: next in the series.

Comment: A very good issue! Lots of secret missions involving action, adventure and revenge. The tying up of an old plot and the introduction of a new fairy tale realm sets the stage for the focus to shift in a new direction come the next volume. As the title obviously tells us this volume concentrates mostly on Bigby, Snow and family. We start with a 2 part issue with the titular name that focuses on Mowgli's mission to find Bigby. Then comes a larger than...more
The start of this is my favorite part of the book, as we see Mowgli on his search to find Bigby Wolf. Since his introduction to "Fables", he has been one of my favorite characters. I also really enjoyed the moments spent on the Farm as the children of Bigby and Snow have gotten a little older. In the entire series so far, I find the goings on at the Farm to be the most fun. I'd probably choose to live on the Farm over Fabletown.

This is followed by what was issue #50 of the series. Bigby returns...more
Kim Miner Litton
I liked this installment, probably more in the beginning than in the end. First, I love Mowgli's character in these stories. Mowgli was never terribly compelling to me in the Jungle Book, being everything annoying about animals AND little kids. Also, he had several animals invested in keeping him alive and managed to put himself in deathly peril again. Thankfully, he has matured in the fables stories, and is charming and capable.

Once we find Bigby, the whole thing becomes a little fan-service li...more
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In the late 1970s to early 1980s he drew fantasy ink pictures for the Dungeons & Dragons Basic and Expert game rulebooks. He first gained attention for his 1980s comic book series Elementals published by Comico, which he both wrote and drew. However, for reasons unknown, the series had trouble maintaining an original schedule, and Willingham's position in the industry remained spotty for many...more
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“I love you, Snow, and have since the hour we first met. Hell, I wanted you even before then. Since before we existed. As if every movement of every star and planet, every tick of creation's clock occurred only so that we could someday find each other.” 6 likes
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