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Heroes (Heroes Graphic Novels)

3.6 of 5 stars 3.60  ·  rating details  ·  1,160 ratings  ·  163 reviews
This volume collects the first 34 installments of the online graphic novel. Read the amazing stories that happened in-between the aired episodes.
Hardcover, 233 pages
Published by Titan Publishing Company (first published November 12th 2007)
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I always intended on reading this (a collection of all 34 webcomics from the first season of Heroes) right after it was released. Two more seasons of Heroes went by before I randomly picked it up while browsing my library's graphic novel selection, and I'm rather glad I waited.

It's generally known that seasons 2 and 3 of the show haven't been very well received by fans. I didn't come down quite as hard on them as many fans did, although I no longer looked forward to it with impatient eagerness.
Do people like being a hero? The idea has been flying around us for centuries. Take Spiderman and Superman, for example? Do you think they like supposedly saving the world multiple times? I don't think so. Yeah, Peter Parker and Clark Kent both are well known reporters of seeing and reporting Super and Spidey in action, but do they like trying to put their lives in jeopardy? I don't think so.

Look at Niki, Petrelli and Claire. They all know they have powers, but do they always have a desire to us
Molly S
Heroes... in a way, its extremley complicated. I don't really think the character will ever REALLY know, like, what the hell is going on. They will always be discovering that no one is like them, and that exposing themselvs can be potentially dangerous.
I think just the series in general is really saying something about the society we live in today. Like, having a lot of power is difficult to control(in a way i think that has to do with Peter because his power is to absorb any power of someone he
Donald Armfield
My wife and I watched the TV series; dedicated watchers. This is one of those that turn out "The book is always better than movie" although its a graphic novel.

One character (not in show) Wireless. She has the power of reading wireless waves; text messages, emails and computer connect online.

The comics are quick to the point. It doesn't drag out with long periods of unneeded information. Side characters are brought in that were not really touched on in show. Overall if you seen show this a MUST
I am not ashamed to say that I really enjoyed the TV series Heroes - ok it did get a little convoluted at times and even run the risk of disappearing up its own... well you get the idea, but why am I taking TV when I am on a book site. Well the book in question sort of gives it all away.
This book is actually a whole collection of short comic strips - some varying from a few pages to others running over several instalments. They all vary, some are from before the series, some link scenes you do n
Claire's power is invincibility. But is she really invincible? Obviously physically she is. But emotionally, I don't think so. She is constantly forced to lie to keep her status in tact. Both at school and at home. Which get's me wondering, is her family its self invincible?

Claire is always fighting to hide her power, which could pull her family apart if they knew. Like when Claire kills the quarterback, she's risking everything she knows and loves to save girls from being raped. And when her b
Deborah Ideiosepius
This is a nice graphic novel that I picked up in the library, I think in the Young Adults section. The first few stories had me enthralled, after which the novelty wore off a little because every story seemed independent and I couldn't help wondering when the story arcs were going to connect already. They did eventually, there were a couple of overall plot arcs as well as the shorter ones and I liked the whole collection. The artwork is good solid fare, quite standard to the action trade-paperba ...more
I have NO IDEA how to judge a graphic novel. So, my 5 star rating is based solely on enjoyment factor. A few background points:
1) This is the first graphic novel I've ever read.
2) I looooooved Heroes the TV show.
3) I got this book for the purpose of getting to enjoy some of the Heroes characters and story lines again (and see some new characters).
4) Multiple, different authors writing sections didn't bother me and I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't seen reviews mention it.

I think that people wh
I’d previously read this book all in one shot, after watching season one of Heroes, but this time I decided to read it episode by episode as I re-watched the season—you know, to get the original experience that was intended when the comics first came out on the Internet.

In a word: “Meh.”

I’m just really not sure what to think about the book. I mean, they couldn’t have included any stories here that were of vital importance to the TV show’s plot, because if they did, anyone who didn’t read the com
Johnathan Dove
Jun 04, 2010 Johnathan Dove rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: yess
Recommended to Johnathan by: merlin
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All the Heroes have a problem that their powers can't fix. These Heroes are confused because they don't know where their powers came from or how to control it.

For example DL took Micah but my question is how is it that killing DL is going to get Micah back. Like seriously somebody else could take Micah or Micah could run away. Killing people is not going to help the problem it is just going to make it worse. Micah knows about Jessica, Jessica is really hurting him instead of protecting him.

Kattia P.
May 07, 2010 Kattia P. marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
I'm wondering why Nathan lied to his wife? I mean although what he did was wrong, he could've apologized and tried to explain to her.

If i was him i would've tried to explain to her. But i think what he was thinking was that if he did tell her the truth that would've made her lose all her hope of walking again.

Nathan situation makes me notice that Peter is a really good brother. Even though they've had there differences. I mean when the journalist came to have lunch with the family the journalis
Well, it seems like the heroes didn't have their powers since they were born. But I like that this book gives us the beginning of a whole adventure still ahead of them. It seems like they're all using their powers for good. But Niki sdeems to not be able to control her power... yet. I'm wondering if she'll learn to control it or if in the end Jessica will have more strength to overpower her.

I'm thinking that ok so yeah, maybe we aren't two different people but we do have different kinds of emo

I think that the reason Ando and hiro never actually leave each other is because they are sort of like brothers. Ando slows Hiro down allot but Ando is also one of the only people who believe him and certainly hiros only friend. To people watching Heroes you are always thinking how annoying it is to have Ando dragging Hiro further and further out of hie was to places he doesn't want to go, but from Ando's point of view Hiro is sort of annoying to him about spending all their time in America goi
This show is very complex. I think it shows how much people judge each other. Maybe for once we should stop and really listen to what each other has to say. like when Hiro tried to tell his co worker that he has the ability to move time. Hiros co worker paid no mind to him. As time moved by Hiros co worker was convinced that he can move time because he saved a little girls life in japan from a a speeding truck coming right at her. After that incident Hiro thought it was his duty to save people. ...more
whats up with ted? why is he so angry all the time? it could be the fact the the FBI are about to lock him in a mental facility. but even before that, he was angry with rage, for some reason. his power is to go nuclear. but he only uses his power when he's angry. i really don't know why he went into a random person's house and blew it up.

now, i understand if your wife is in the hospital, with cancer, on her death bed, you'd be angry. but that doesn't give you the right to kill people.

maybe te
Good guy, bad guy, or just a regular person. Many of the people in the show Heroes are finding out what their abilities (super powers) are. Whether they decide to use it to help the world or not is their choice. But some people seem like they good be good or bad to me. They looked like they're going to use their powers (abilities) to help the world but then they had a flash of evil where it looks like they could go the other way. Like when Claire found out that she was basically invincible she s ...more
May 10, 2010 Asha712 marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
This story is unique. so are these people, they are all special in someway,it isn't really like all the other hero books and movies and shows that you would typically spider-man he gets bit by a spider or something and then he becomes a hero. but in the movie lets take Niki for example, nothing superficial happens to her. one day she looks in the mirror and there's this whole other side of her just standing there glaring back at her, the evil side of her. nothing bites her she doesn't ...more
I think that the main idea in this book is that you have to accept yourself for who you are, and not try to fight who you are, because who you are destined to be is not going to change. So, you should just make the best of it. In the story, Claire tries everything she can to be normal again, and to stop being who she really is, (a super hero) but of course that doesn't work because she can't just decide to not have powers, but she still tries to fight them. I mean, you can either fight who you a ...more
Finding your true identity by good or evil.What is super power's?is it for good or evil ? .Nobody knows about Niki,Hiro,micah or peter, and Clair. Are those powers there ture identity?

Im not shure.Niki a women who stares herself at mirror and see another person that is there.Is that really what she suppose to be ? or does she have to be a women who stripes for a living with his son now is it is both good and evil so niki im shure yet she 50 % each.
Now Clair is girl who want's to be normal ,l
May 08, 2010 Johana712 rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: to anyone that has seen the show
Recommended to Johana712 by: Mr.Ravin
Shelves: fav-books
In the book, Heroes , there are many stories about different people with different powers. Some of these people are, Claire, peter and his brother, niki, micah, Hiro, and Isac. even though these people share things in common, like having powers, they are also different in many ways. for example, the guy that can paint the future, can only paint the future if he's high. the rest of them don't have to get high for their powers to kick in.
This story kind of got me thinking about how, could it be
In Heroes, Every character is important, they are not "Just another person." They are special. Pete can fly, but he doesn't know how people would react if he told them. The knowledge that he is important, and "meant for something... Bigger" boosts his self confidence in a huge way. He wants to be somebody big, lately he has been left behind standing alone in his brothers huge shadow of fame and importance. But what can he do? His brother is a congress man.

People often want to think of themselves
In this story, each main character has a strange trait. Some are scary and some are cool. At first some of the characters, like Claire are sure of their powers but some characters, like Hiro try and try until they are sure. The characters may use their powers for good or for bad. Niki has a power that she has two sides of her. One is her regular self as a mom and the other side is an evil killer. Hiro uses his powers for good. He can freeze time to help/ save the world.

The world that we live in
May 09, 2010 Ames712 marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Heroes. Not the movie but heroes, like the good people in our world that do great things to help our society. Why do we call them heroes, I mean what would happen if we only relied on them to help us all in the world? Soon we would become so reliant that we wouldn't try to accomplish anything that takes some effort. Like opening a pickle jar, if we didn't know how to survive without those heroes, we would be calling them every 5 minutes.

I know that nobody knows about Niki, Clair, Hiro, Micah, P
Heroes to me is about being different. but is that what it is actually about? and if so, what about being different. When I look at all the characters and I try too connecting them, there are these small little wisps of connection that they have with each other. I don't think any of them are aware that the other characters are going through the same thing. they definitely don't appreciate it. but are you ever, connecting with someone if you don't know what he or she share with you?

Peter (the o
I think that this is a really good movie to watch, because, it's complicated. You really have to think to understand the movie.

There are heroes in our world, and there are evil people. In order for the whole "Hero saves the world" thing to work, the world has to be mixed with different sorts of people and different sort of personalities.

In the movie Heroes, a bunch of people are somehow connected to each other. All of these people have powers, and everyone is sort of linked together.

For example
There are heroes all around us. They may be the person sitting next to you for all you know. They seem perfectly normal. Take Niki, Hiro, Peter, Claire, and all the others. If you were walking past them in the street they would seem like just another person, until you really get to know them.

When Niki and Nathan first met, they didn't notice anything strange about each other. Hours passed and they still didn't even have a clue about what each other was.

You never know when you're with a hero or
Well when ever people hear the word heroes, they automatically X out the idea of villain and a picture of Superman in his suit saving a child from a disaster. But the bottom line is, They are pretty much people too, trying to lead on their lives, as if they were as common as the rest of us.

Niki is trying to do the best that she can to keep Micah safe and protected even thought, what she IS, is very much endangering the both of them. She tries to hide who and WHAT she is to most of the people out

Heroes are always thought of as spandex wear people that go around saving people knowing that it is what the meant for. In this the heroe's consist of : a crazy stripper, a man that cant even speak english, a wanna be congress man, a day dream who thinks he can fly, a suicidal girl, and last but not least a herione addict.

When you hear it would be a shock these are definitly not the people in spandex that have everything. Thesse are people that are slightly confused of there powers but are so
What does it mean to be and become a hero? Do you have to save the world or save some person? In Heroes each character has this special ability but I wonder what should they do with it. Some don't even know what to do with it but the some even use it for evil purposes.

I really liked Heroes though most of it was unexpected to me. I thought that there would be more bad guys since there were so many people with abilities but what if more people who acquired this power don't use it for the good. I d
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