Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures (Zamonia, #3)
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Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures (Zamonien #3)

4.42 of 5 stars 4.42  ·  rating details  ·  3,993 ratings  ·  281 reviews
From the author of the cult classic The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear comes another fantastical journey into Zamonia. This captivating story from the unique imagination of Walter Moers is astonishingly inventive, amusing and engrossing.
Paperback, 688 pages
Published December 27th 2005 by Vintage Books (first published January 1st 2003)
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Dec 21, 2007 Lisa rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone with a sense of fun
Moers may have become my favorite author. I picked this book up on a whim, off the sale table at Powell's, and it was stunning. I think it's a children's book, but it's the rare children's book that doesn't adjust the language to read at "a sixth-grade reading level" or sanitize any of the violence. This book turned out to be the beautiful love child of J.K. Rowling and Norton Juster, raised by L. Frank Baum and the entire staff DC Comics. Beautifully illustrated, marvelously gory and violent wh...more
We should all have some Wolperting in us. Walter Moers is a magical writer.
I completely disagree with the Washington Post - Rumo is no mash-up of Rowling/Douglas Adams/Shel Silverstein, nor is it *silly*. Moers is like no one else I've ever read, I think I can safely say that he stands alone in his style of writing. This particular novel has more plotline than previous ones I've read, and yes, it was too long - but it was too much of a *good* thing, which is better than too much of a bad thing. Everyone has got to try reading a Moers book at least once - he is so fabul...more
Saskia Marijke Niehorster-Cook
I was at once taken in by this great saga of a wolperting dog who is smarter and braver than most inhabitants from his Island Zamonia.

If a bit more graphically violent than it's first companion book " The first 13 &1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear", the miraculous adventures of this hero begin with his kidnapping as a baby. His unfortunate luck brings him to be a captive on a floating rock inhabited by savage cyclops whose main desire is to eat live beings in gruesome manners. Fortunately, thi...more
Nov 19, 2010 ilovepancakes rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: no one.

Wacky. Weird. Whimsical. A wonderful cure for chronic insomnia.

I understand that the native language of this book is not English, so I ought to cut some slack, but I am traumatized from the agonizing amount of effort I put in to finish this book. I almost quit after 300 pages, but, by God, I swore I would not let some measly book defeat me! I never give up on a book, unless it is "The Tommyknockers" or "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".

I almost kept a running tally of redundant words,

I picked this book up on a whim from the local used book store. A walking talking wolf thing wielding a dandelion knife possessed by a demon just sounded fun. The blurb stating the book was equal parts J.K. Rowling, Douglas Adams, and Shell Silverstein seemed a little hard to live up to, but it was interesting praise none the less. When I looked on goodreads and saw an average rating of over 4 stars, I was sold.

I'm a bit sad to say that the book didn't live up to the four star rating, the high...more
This audiobook was so much fun! and i love Walter Moer's zany Zamonia :) I had a great time following Rumo journey from a Hackonian dwarf farm to Roaming Rock and Wolperting, to Hel and back again. I learned the blood song and can now hold my own in a karaoke contest with the dead Yetis. I'm sure I'll be taking a peek into the drawer labeled "R" on Professor Nightingale's chest-of-drawers oracle again soon, but this time in hardcopy...I heard there are illustrations!
Here's the my blog where I post my reviews too :)

I like plot driven books. I am always a little afraid of books that involve too much background information and characters that are (or at least seem to be) redundant. Sure Rumo could have a lot shorter. But would it have been the same fun and thrilling ride? Probably not.

The book lives from it's background. Without it the book plot would be something like: "Rumo grows up searches for love and fights for it." I was a...more
Adam Callaway
The second book in the now Zamonia Quadrilogy (loosely connected), is the story of a young Wolperting pup named Rumo, and his adventures growing up. Some of the absurd things here are: Roaming Rock, a moving boulder that is home to a bunch of Demonacles, one-eyed ravenous cyclopses, a double-bladed talking sword named Dandelion, Gornab the Ninety-Ninth insane king of Hel, and General Tick-tock and his Copper Killers. This last one is probably the most richly imagined part of the book. General Ti...more
The one of the great achievements of Rumo is that, despite being a book of epic proportions, never becomes a chore to read. There are many more to choose from: for example, the delightful illustrations by the author spaced throughout, the biazare flights of imagination, the varied and unique characters, and a plot that is strange but never hard to follow.

Strange is a good way to describe Rumo, but it is a strangeness grounded in both science and in literary savviness. Cliches are subverted with...more
This book reads like a children's book for adults. Although the tale starts off innocently enough, and maintains a child-like quality, it quickly delves into a lot of violence and some pretty scary ideas/monsters. (Nurn Forest, The Metal Maiden, The Vrahoks!) So don't look at the illustrations and think this is good for younger children, unless you think that they can handle ample violence and literary gore!

The book is broken down into two parts:The Overworld and the Underworld. I personally enj...more
Sometimes a book just calls out to me from a bookstore shelf, and this one did. German author Moers creates an other-world fairy tale with a hero known as Rumo, a "Wolperting": a dog/wolf creature with an abundance of teeth, antlers, oppossable thumbs, and the abilities to fight like a Spartan, speak and build civilizations. I was hooked from the first page, which I felt compelled to read outloud. The writing is playful and sharp. For all its wierdness, the story becomes compelling very quickly....more
They always say never to judge a book by its cover, but I always do. In my opinion it should be "Don't Judge a book ONLY by its cover." but the cover should be judged.

The reason I say this is because I went to the library one day pressed for time. I am odd with how i look around at books. I really just go to a genre section I like, then find a good title, then if i like the cover+title I scope out a few pages to see how it is written, then I go from there.

This book had me at the cover. I love w...more
The follow-up to Moers' 13 1/2 LIVES OF CAPTAIN BLUEBEAR, this novel gives us the story of two late characters in that book, the Wolperting hero Rumo of Zamonia and his less savory associate, Volzotan Smyke, a gambling-addicted sharkgrub.

And if those introductory words don't put you off, then this might be the book for you.

Unlike the absurdist memoir character of BLUEBEAR, Rumo's story has a more directed arc - one defined by a Silver Thread that only he can see that beckons him to places beyon...more
Oh! So magnificent! Longish, it's true--some of the back stories peppered throughout maybe could have been whittled back or out to decrease the bulk of it, but what a fabulous journey. I thought this was like Lord of the Rings, but much more enjoyable and creative. Any lover of fantasy should read this book, especially because it is that rare gem of well-written fantasy, not just a genre stock fiction. How had I never heard of Mr. Moers before? I thought this was a pleasure, and I plan to read a...more
If you mixed together The Princess Bride, The Phantom Tollbooth, and 300, then you might have something approaching Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures. Rumo is a well-written fantasy with strange creatures, graphic fighting, and a very high body count. I loved how it told stories within stories. This was especially prominent near the beginning of the book, and I thought it was brilliant; however, as the book went on there were fewer stories within stories and the frame story became the main ac...more
Rahul Mishra
Walter Moers is a story teller.
Not a novelist, not a brilliant literary genius... he is a story teller. His genius is in spinning a yarn and ensuring you are hooked. He may have ADHD, the way keeps changing track and tells stories about each character, each city, each historical event... and through all of it he keeps you hooked.

Rumo, a wolperting- which is a half dog, half deer- and his journey through Zamonia to find Rala, his silver thread... his encounters with the copper killers, his journ...more
Translated from the German. A fractured fairy tale comic adventure that's whimsical, weird, violent, philosophical and great fun for me.

Bronson Pinchot is a terrific narrator with a fantastic range of vocal characterizations.

The story could have been a serialized cartoon that would have fit nicely as a addition to the Bullwinkle Show. Rumo, the protagonist of the story, is a Wolperting, a sentient horned canid creature, whose adventures begin when the farm he lives on is attacked by giant demo...more
Oh war das toll. Ich habs natürlich geschafft die Bücher komplett achronologisch zu lesen, aber das tut dem Ganzen keinen Abbruch. Bemerkenswert finde ich nicht nur die Fülle an Sub-plots und Geschichten in Geschichten die alle letztlich von Bedeutung sind, sondern auch die Tatsache, dass die unaussprechlichen Grausamkeiten das wohlige Gefühl, dass sich bei mir einstellte, nicht kleinkriegen konnten. Ich war entrüstet, empört, angeekelt und dann kurz darauf entzückt, glücklich und verzaubert.

Iridescent Decline
You know, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book as much as 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear (the only other Moers book I've read so far) but I totally did. For somewhat different reasons.

Someone in publishing keeps rehashing the idea that Moers work is a combination of Douglas Adams, Shel Silverstein and JK Rowling and describes every book that way (at least in my copy). While this was somewhat true for Rumo, there was definitely less focus on wit and hilarity and more on an epic odysse...more
Tyler Anderson
Rumo might taste like a kids book when you first pick it up, but it really isn't. It's a funny, witty, violent, mean, scary and sometimes horny book with goofball illustrations and a wildly satisfying and approachable story of adolescent ardor and heroism as performed by a walking talking ninja-like dog.

This is a really freaking great book, perfect to relieve your brain if you read too many books written by PhDs.

And worth mentioning: it's by a German author. Kudos to the translator.
Jason Howard
Audience and Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Do I recommend: Yes, especially if you like young adult fiction like Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia. Books that can be read by adults but are for kids.

One word review is: awesome!

My one sentence review is: A fun, whimsical fantasy adventure with great characters and an imaginative world full of surprises.

Synopsis: Rumo is about a wolperting (a wolflike creature that is sentient, can stand on two legs, and has razor sharp reflexes and innate kick-ass...more
Chris Callaway
Very fun...gets stronger as it goes...very imaginative with a surprisingly British sensibility (surprising given that the writer is German). It's like a combination of a Grimm fairy tale, the Hobbit, a Miyazaki film, and Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'd rather give it 3.5 stars, but it's worth reading for those who like fantasy books.
One of my favorite books. An amazing story that follows the life of Rumo, a brave little Wolperting (a sort of dog creature with deer horns), and the incredible characters he meets along the way.
Recommended for fans of Douglas Adams, Monty Python, or anyone that enjoys a good fantasy.
Mit gewaltiger Stimmakrobatik gibt Dirk Bach jeder Figur dieses Meisterwerks eine eigene persönliche Stimme. Das Buch zu Lesen war schon ein Abenteuer für sich aber es sich vorlesen zu lassen und noch dazu von Dirk Bach ist noch mal eine ganz andere Liga.

Der kleine Wolpertinger Rumo wird von Teufelsfelszyklopen entführt und gefangen genommen. Während seiner Gefangenschaft nimmt ihn Volzotan Smeik unter die Fittiche und so wird in Rumo der Kampfgeist geweckt. Zusammen mit Smeik flieht er und beg...more
Whimsical. Epic. Zany. Fantastical. All of these words barely crack the surface of how to describe this book. Moers' imagination is unlike anything I have ever read. He takes his readers along for one hell of a ride. And every outlandish, out there, crazy, ridiculous scenario/character/world he comes up with absolutely bursts with life from these pages. He is truly a master of fantasy.

Follow Rumo on his quest to find the elusive Silver Thread. His Wolperting senses lead him from one adventure to...more
Li'l Vishnu
‘All secrets can be fathomed in miniature.’ — Dr. Kolibri, p. 128

This exactly what I want in a fantasy novel: everything you expect, along with a whole lot of what you don’t. I feel like most fantasy novels take a single idea and stretch it till it sags; this book is shedding ideas perpetually, almost as if there is a disgust for lingering on something too long. And some ideas (such as the restaurant where you pay to talk to yourself) are so good that it’s agonizing to see them put to rest in fi...more
Let me just take a few minutes to say that I have been reading voraciously for years and the three novels I have ready by Walter Moers are some of my favorite of all time. He is truly like no one else. Above and beyond fantastical. I loved Rumo, although it is admittedly the darkest of the three. If you haven't read anything by Moers yet I suggest starting with The City of Dreaming Books and working your way up from there as the other two (Rumo, and The Thirteen and a Half Lives of Captain Blueb...more
Rumo, Rumo, Rumo! After reading my first Moers book, the one based on the paintings I was absolutely hooked. DO NOT be put off by how thick the book is, the amazing pictures take up quite a bit of space amongst the text. This is not your typical everything is peachy faerie tale, there are MANY dark and fowl creatures and situations along the way. Your imagination is certainly stretched beyond itself, with not all moments being caught in pictures. The book is structured to come across new charact...more
Ah, if only I could give half star reviews, because if I could, that bright shining bar at the top would be lacking one tiny sliver.

"Rumo" is much like its predecessor, "Captain Bluebear", only instead of a collection of tales it focuses on a single one. This would be fantastic... if Rumo himself wasn't such a bland character.

Oh, the writing is fantastic and the story itself really is fresh and original... but the only problem is the lead himself. That is, literally, all that is wrong with thi...more
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Walter Moers was born in 1957 and is a writer, cartoonist, painter and sculptor. He has refused to be photographed ever since his comic strips The Little Asshole and Adolf were published, the latter leading him to be declared persona non grata by the political right in Germany. Walter Moers lives in Hamburg.
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