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She Came to Stay
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She Came to Stay

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  1,732 ratings  ·  95 reviews
Written in 1943, this book was written as an act of revenge against the woman who nearly destroyed the author's life with the celebrated philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre.
Unknown Binding, 416 pages
Published October 9th 1995 by Flamingo (first published 1943)
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Your guy, whom you are totally smitten with, somehow talks you into agreeing that it's OK for him to extend your relationship into a menage a trois including another, younger woman, that you don't really like very much. You're seething with jealousy, but, because of various abstract principles, you can't even admit it to yourself in so many words. So you write a novel based on real events, where you describe her as the empty-headed little bitch she is, and conclude by killing her, which you alwa ...more
Rebecca Evans
The subject matter of this novel by Simone De Beauvoir, who was the long-term partner of famed French existential philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, seems a somewhat odd one for a prominent feminist. The relationship between De Beauvoir and Sartre was not a conventional one- far from it in fact- and is explored in this story of a woman suffering an existential crisis caused by the introduction of another woman to form what becomes a rather bizarre menage à trois.
Françoise (quite obviously a represent
When I started reading ‘She Came to Stay’, I could no way foresee how long it would take me to finish reading it. There were intermittent I-give-up and will-take-it-up-later phases after I got hold of this book. The story was good but no way short enough to proceed unaided with a plot as uneventful as this. Nothing much happens though we get to know of the emotional turmoil of Francoise which just increases in its intensity the more deeply she feels her estrangement in her relationship with Pier ...more
This is billed as the book SDB wrote when one of Sartre's lovers (Olga Kosakievics) entered their lives and threatened to disrupt the famous partnership about which so much has been speculated. This description doesn't do the book justice.

It does, nevertheless, need to be admitted from the start that Beauvoir is not remembered best for her novels and this one illustrates why: this is no literary classic. It is not a page turner, not a tour de force - at times I had to make myself pick it up to g
بثينة العيسى
لم يعجبني الكتاب، أقول ذلك الآن بعد أن أنهيته، وطوال الـ 600 صفحة لم أكن قادرة على الانحياز له أو ضده! ورغم أنه كتاب طويل نسبياً، إلا أنه كان من الصعب علي أن اضعه جانبا وأن لا أواصل القراءة، فقد تمت صياغته بمهارة، وهو غني بالحوارات التي جعلت صفحاته الكثيرة تنساب بسلاسة إلى ذاكرتك القرائية، وعنصر التشويق الأغنى - من وجهة نظري - هو أنه سيرة مبطنة لتجربة خاضتها سيمون دوبوفوار مع جان بول سارتر!

يحكي الكتاب قصة زوجٍ يعيش حياة مثالية من السعادة ( فرنسواز / بيار )، سعادة متحققة ومكتملة لدرجة السأم، ويبد
Ah, existentialism. The philosophy of freedom...

Sure. If you're a white, middle-class guy like Sartre.

Existentialism and practicality don't really go hand in hand. Lovely theory, though.

Francoise and Pierre invite young, beautiful Xaviere to share their relationship, and, initially, they're delighted with the fresh perspective she gives them. It all changes when Pierre and Xaviere declare their love for each other, and suddenly, Francoise feels trapped in the relationship that was meant to be
Apr 24, 2008 Jasmin is currently reading it
I have always, ALWAYS been obsessed with the love triangle of Jean-Paul Satre, Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Foucault since my cherished time in England when I learned a whole cultural theory of philosophy not taught in the American educational system. I then became an avid obssessive student of post-modern dialectic. Although I have read the Second Sex, it is her lovers and relationships with the men in her real life which fascinate me. This novel is supposed to be the story of her obsession and d ...more
Milica Anđelić
I was trembling with anger during the entire book. The characters are intentionally led to the extreme of their emotions. Simone did this to question love and relationships: how tolerant and honest can you get? Francoise couldn't bare to be honest, but she was extremely tolerant. Did she suffer her "tolerant" humiliation because of love or pride? She wanted to hide this petty human emotion that consumed her and that's why she was silent until the end. She couldn't bare the thought of someone kno ...more
I can't finish this book. In fact, I think I hate it.
Otherwise known as 'Never get on the wrong side of Simone de Beauvoir'

I first came across Simone de Beauvoir through looking at quotes from her most famous work, The Second Sex, an iconic re-constructionist feminist text. Her ideas really interested me, and so when I found out that she had written novels I was really intrigued. She Came to Stay is particularly interesting as it is based on the real life relationship between de Beauvoir and the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre with whom she had an (v
mai ahmd
هذه الرواية تحكي دو بوفوار جزء من سيرتها الذاتية وأساسها علاقة الصداقة والحب التي جمعتها مع الفيلسوف جان بول سارتر وكما جرى في الواقع عقدت فرانسواز وبيار عقدا يناسب أفكارهما الوجودية وينادي بالحرية والإخلاص في آن واحد , اتفقا الإثنان على ان يسمح الواحد منهما للآخر بإقامة علاقات عاطفية على شرط أن تكون علاقتهما هي الأساسية دون أن يسمحا للواعج الغيرة أو رغبات التملك أن تسيطر عليهما وحيث أن فرانسواز التي كانت تمثل شخصية دو بوفوار متيمة ببيار فقد دفعت ثمن هذا الإتفاق طوال صفحات الرواية كانت فرانسواز ...more
The biggest problem I had with the love triangle contained within "She Came to Stay" is how easily it is for all the characters to have affairs and think nothing of it. I'm not sure if it is part of the times of Paris in the 40's though I believe if Sartre and de Beauvoir really loved and cared for each other, they could commit affairs and then tell each other about them openly. The story makes Francoise look weak and pathetic by putting up with Xaviere who was clearly after her man. I would hav ...more
Strong and almost striking at times.
Beauvoir makes you love and hate all her main characters in this powerfully written book.
أقمار المسيري
نبدأ في ثاني رواية لي للكاتبه العملاقه سيمون

أمر عجيب ان تعود احداً ما ، مجرد امرأة ، امرأة تسرع لأن ثمة عملاً عاجلاً في انتظارها . لم تكن هذه سوى لحظة كسواها من لحظات حياتها . رواية المدعوة . سيمون دوبوفوار

كلما وهن عزمها لم يكن عليها سوى النظر في عينيه الرماديتين لاستعادة ثقتها . المدعوة . سيمون دوبوفوار

لا يخطر له ان المرأة القوية يمكن ان تتعذب كأي امرأة اخرى . المدعوة . سيمون
Johannah Gage
Maybe my favorite quote, and a good example of Beauvoir's beautiful prose... "All she had to do was make the simplest of gestures - open her hands and let go her hold. She lifted one hand and moved the fingers of it; they responded, in surprise and obedience, and this obedience of a thousand little unsuspected muscles was in itself a miracle. Why ask for more?"
I have to say I am happy to see that i am not alone in my frustration with this novel. I finished it not because I liked it, but simply because I wouldn't let it beat me. In regards to the female characters I had to constantly remind myself who the author was as the way they were portrayed (shallow, moody, weak, easily manipulated and at times completely delusional) was on the verge of offensive. I had the constant impulse to slap or at least aggressively shake each if the major characters. The ...more
أقمار المسيري
نبدأ في ثاني رواية لي للكاتبه العملاقه سيمون

أمر عجيب ان تعود احداً ما ، مجرد امرأة ، امرأة تسرع لأن ثمة عملاً عاجلاً في انتظارها . لم تكن هذه سوى لحظة كسواها من لحظات حياتها . رواية المدعوة . سيمون دوبوفوار

كلما وهن عزمها لم يكن عليها سوى النظر في عينيه الرماديتين لاستعادة ثقتها . المدعوة . سيمون دوبوفوار

لا يخطر له ان المرأة القوية يمكن ان تتعذب كأي امرأة اخرى . المدعوة . سيمون
Ahmad Sharabiani
نخستین داستان «سیمون دوبوار» است، تحقیق و مطالعه‌ی تلخ و نیشداری است درباره حالات روحی یک زن، همین عنوانش شد «میهمان» و در سال 1943 نشر یافت
An honest view on the feelings of jealousy - based on the life experiences of Beauvoir with her life-time companion Sartre.
Fiomn Wrab
Duvidei bastante entre dar-lhe 3 ou 4 estrelas. Como obra está bem, mas é mui pouco dinámica e finalmente acaba por se tornar tediosa demais. Acho que a autora procura conscientemente esta sensaçom de cansanço e saturaçom, tam próprios de qualquer relacionamento conflituoso, mas afinal é excessivo.

A história trata sobre um relacionamento aberto (hoje diríamos poliamoroso) fracassado. Um leitor desatento, que nom conhecesse a autora, poderia pensar até perto do final que os problemas som inerent
“Anyone looking at this whole scene in a mirror could well imagine that it was an old dream come true. When she was twenty, in her dreary little bedroom, she used to prepare mincemeat sandwiches and bottles of cheap red wine for Pierre, pretending that it was a choice supper with foie gras and old Burgundy. Now the foie gras was on the table, together with caviar canapes, and there was sherry and vodka in the bottles; now she had money, any number of connections, and a dawning reputation. And ye ...more
Хмм, много странно усещане имам след прочитането на тази книга. Всъщност, стигнах до средата и прочетох само финала. Историята е за едни заплетени любовни отношения между трима души, които на моменти стават четирима. Имаше силни изказвания и прозрения за човешките взаимоотношения, но и много, които за мен бяха неоправдани и немислими, дори на моменти - дразнещи. Освен това всичко се въртеше през цялото време до тези отношения, на тези трима души и това ме караше да усещам страшна досада, защото ...more
Simone De Beauvoir's novel “She Came to Stay” provides a detailed view into the relationship between two very passionate and intelligent beings – Pierre and Françoise. It is no secret that Pierre represents De Beauvoir's long-time partner Jean-Paul Sartre and Françoise is an embodiment of the author. “She Came to Stay” is a very brave novel that explores the limits of love, possession, and freedom in the context of an unconventional relationship.

The novel is quick to describe the love between t
This is a good book interspersed with a boring book. I enjoyed the parts about the parties that were thrown and the interactions between the three main characters. What caused me to put the book down were the long stretches detailing Francoise's (and by extension de Beauvoir's) inner state of ennui. She has bouts of nihilistic depression, which colour the story, but I get tired of reading about someone's troubles endlessly rattling around in their skull. I got enough of that going on in my own h ...more
When philosophy is embedded in the works of novels, the realization to how it is humanly applicable in action/thought pervades all through the workings of the story. I feel the Beauvoir's mentality; the reasoning to which she has taken stance for existentialism. While reading the book, I felt that I appropriated her sensitivity to thought and judgments. Having the insight of her intimate friendship/love affair with Sartre, it was interesting to live their dynamic by the act of reading this novel ...more
حسنًا جيدة بما يكفي , هذه الرواية التي تدعى المدعوة دفعتها بوجهي ذات صباح صديقتي حنّو وهي تقول لي في الليلة التي تسبقها سأحضر لكِ "فتنة" في الصباح وفي يوم اشبه بالغيم قالت لي بصوت هامس "تفهمك" انا كزافيير أخاف بأن أغير عاداتي الصغيرة ,امكث في بيتي طويلًا وأندس عنهم جميعًا , لم يكن الكتاب الوحيد الذي اجدني فيه فأنا غالبًا اجدني محشوة بين الأسطر .لم تكن الرواية الأولى التي اغلقها وأنا اهتف يالله , ولم تكن الرواية الشاذة التي احبها بعمق وأتكيف معها بعمق لدرجة التخلص من الحياة التي تحيط بي . لكن هي ...more
It's been mire than 5 years since the first time I read it in and I still remember it enthusiastically. A pleasure to read and a great insight into human nature and the way people think. Focuses on the underlying psychology of all the heroes and is one of De Beauvoir's greatest novels!
Sep 05, 2014 Matrou rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: personne
Recommended to Matrou by: Ma mère
Et gnagnagna et françoise était très jolie et gnagnagna et en fait Françoise la jolie intelligente que tout le monde adore et respecte = Simone de Beauvoir.
Le style est là, on ne peut le nier, l'histoire nombriliste, misérabiliste et prétentieuse. Une horreur à lire!
this made me unbelievably angry all the way through, so while i hated it, it did spark emotions, which i guess means it must have done something right.
C'était merveilleux de lire les livres de Simone de Beauvoir, en commençant par celui-ci. Une plume féminine et féministe courageuse et stricte.
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"Simone de Beauvoir was a French author and philosopher. She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics, and social issues, essays, biographies, and an autobiography. She is now best known for her metaphysical novels, including She Came to Stay and The Mandarins, and for her 1949 treatise The Second Sex, a detailed analysis of women's oppression and a foundational tract of contemporary femin ...more
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