Das Buch Der Namen
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Das Buch Der Namen

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Die sechsunddreißig Gerechten dieser Welt. Wie lange werden sie noch leben? Das weiß nur Gott – und diejenigen, die sie töten. Ein uralter Papyrus mit einer Namensliste. Nach jahrelanger Suche im ägyptischen Wüstensand hält Sir Rodney ihn endlich in den Händen. Wenige Minuten später ist der Archäologe tot. Damit nimmt eine rätselhafte Mordserie ihren Lauf. Auf der ganzen W...more
Paperback, 400 pages
Published December 1st 2006 by rororo
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AdultFiction Teton County Library
Teton County Library Call No: F GREGORY
Susannah Broyle's Rating: 3 Stars

The perfect read-a-like for The DaVinci Code…except instead of delving deep into Christianity’s roots it goes into Judaism’s history. It takes an obscure Kabbalah belief that there are 36 pure, godlike people in every generation. If there are any less, bad things begin to happen. It has all the classic ingredients for a religious themed mystery: an unlikely, unbelieving protagonist who needs to save the world, a beautiful, i...more
Sue Smith
I can honestly say that this book just makes you appreciate a book that is well written. This 'action-adventure' had me gritting my teeth and rolling my eyes more times than I care to think about. Truthfully, I was ever so glad it was finally over. It's not a bad premise for a story and certainly had potential to be on par with the Dan Brown series in the right hands, but it fell well short of achieving it. There were so many times that were implausible or impossible that I often found myself sn...more
Rich Weatherly
Best selling authors Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori deliver a well crafted, thoroughly researched suspense thriller in Book of Names. Get ready for a sweeping cinematic portrayal of a world spinning out of control. This panoramic story reaches back to the dawn of man drawing on a Talmudic tradition that Adam compiled the Book of Names. This book is believed to list thirty-six Lamed Vovniks for each generation of humankind. According to the legend, these righteous souls stand between life as we k...more

The premise of this book is simple, into every generation there are 36 pure souls (lamed koviks) that are born who through their existence keep the earth together. If any of these souls die then bad things start to happen - war, famine, earthquakes, etc. Way back when in Biblical times Adam, bright boy that he was wrote down the names of every living creature including who all the lamed koviks in all the coming generations.

As you can guess with all these pure...more
Fantastic book. I found it on a fair and was intrigued by the text on the cover "watch out, Dan Brown". I had at the time just finished Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and liked his books very much. The book of names is about 36 righteous people in each generation that save the world from devastation. As they are being liquidated one by one, by the Gnoseos,a religious sect that intends to destroy the world, ultimately, disasters start occurring. The main character, professor Shepard, possesses th...more
Estelle V.
Je ne vais pas vous mentir : sortir du carcan fantastique a été très dur pour moi. J’ai mis plusieurs mois pour finir ce livre, préférant d’autres lectures (notamment la saga Hunger Games quand je l’ai achetée). Mais finalement, même haché menu, ce roman a fait son petit effet.

Tout d’abord, il explique un peu l’un des nombreux concepts de la Kabbale. Perso, quand on me parle de Kabbale, je pense à Madonna. Oui, je sais, cela fait très people de penser directement à la chanteuse avant de penser à...more
Buku thriller ... itu sudah banyak di pasaran.
Buku thriller yang membahas konspirasi Templar dan segala teori konspirasi Kaballahnya itu juga udah biasa (nyaris basi malah).
Buku thriller yang mengangkat konspirasi dari sudut pandang seorang penganut kepercayaan Yahudi dengan Kaballahnya yang mistis dan unik, nah itu baru tidak biasa.

Buku ini menyuguhkan pada kita sebuah cerita mengenai 36 orang yang 'berbudi baik' yang dikatakan menjaga keseimbangan dunia dari kehancuran oleh bencana maupun pera...more
Synopsis: Protagonists David Shepard and Yael Harpaz are on a mission to save the world - and David's step-daughter - from a secretive group called the Gnoseos. Of ancient origin, the group wants nothing less than Earth's destruction, which they believe will occur if all thirty-six of the world's purest souls are killed. With their numbers quickly dwindling and disasters increasing exponentially, David and Yael find themselves enmeshed in a sinister battle against the Gnoseos and their lethal hi...more
Heather Koehler
The best thing about The Book of Names is that Gregory and Tintori don’t insult their readers by keeping up a ruse for too long. Once they reach a point where any reader can figure out who the mysterious antagonist is, they give you his full name. They don’t torture their readers with eye-rolling moments throughout the rest of the book for the simple shake of a final, ‘shocking’ moment. For that, they’ve come up with something more inspired.

The science behind discovering the thirty-six Hidden On...more
The plot: University Professor David Shepherd, raised in the Jewish faith but for years a nonparticipant, becomes a key player in thwarting an evil plot to destroy the world. Following a childhood accident, David somehow became a channel for a higher power, and for years he's been recording names that come to his awareness in strange ways. Come to find out, they are the names of the 36 "pure souls" that have lived in every generation, without whom life on earth would end. The conspirators have m...more
Previous TCL Reviews
The perfect read-a-like for The DaVinci Code…except instead of delving deep into Christianity’s roots it goes into Judaism’s history. It takes an obscure Kabbalah belief that there are 36 pure, godlike people in every generation. If there are any less, bad things begin to happen. It has all the classic ingredients for a religious themed mystery: an unlikely, unbelieving protagonist who needs to save the world, a beautiful, intelligent sidekick, religious symbolism, evil sects, and the apocalypse...more
This is a fast-paced thriller involving a Kabalistic interpretation of the Book of Names. This ancient document, ostensibly written by Adam, contains an encoded text listing the names of 36 individuals of each generation whose righteousness preserves the earth and its inhabitants.

David Shepherd, a poli-sci professor at Georgetown U, has been prompted with names out of the blue since he was about 15 years old and he has been recording them in a notebook. He has no idea that the names he’s recorde...more
The idea behind this book was very intriguing. It stems from the belief that Adam had written a book that contained all of the names of the "Blessed Righteous People." The world must have at least 36 of these at any given time. Without them, catastrophies begin to happen. Enter the Nosios, a religious group that thinks it knows better than God and tries to kill them all. The theory is that the minute the last "Hidden One" dies, the world will end, and they will move to a higher sphere. This book...more
Dlho som váhala, kým som si ju napokon požičala z knižnice. A neľutujem, skutočne bola tým, čo sľubovala. Zaujímavá hlavná myšlienka o prepojení existecie spravodlivých vo svete, ktorí udržujú jeho chod, hrozivé zobrazenie sekty a jej fanatickosti, do ktorej sa počítajú aj najvyšší predstavitelia krajín, postupne sa odhaľujúci príbeh a jeho čiastočky, ktoré do seba zapadnú ako puzzle... jediným mínusom bol len vlečúci sa záver (za ten dávam o jednu hviezdičku menej).
The New York Times o knihe n...more
Not terrible, but fairly pedestrian suspense novel that never quite lived up to the intriguing premise on which it is based.

The main characters are familiar and relatable, but not exactly memorable. I was curious what would happen to them, but didn't feel as though I was concerned for them. I was not deeply invested, in other words.

As with just about any suspense novel that centers around a cult or group of bad guys, the final few chapters were a hastily thrown together flurry of meticulous figh...more
Laura Williams
I really, really enjoyed this book - I read it in two sitting but had to get up and walk away periodically as the pace was actually making me nervous. Lol. For fans of Dan Brown, Dan Silva, Barbara Wood's Prophetess. I didn't know much about Kabbalah and Judaism and this was very informative. The characters were well developed, believable and easy to like. The story was not unbelievable and, because it wasn't about Christianity and the story line hadn't been done to death - it was fresh and new....more
I liked the mystical aspect of this book, it was a very enlightening look into Jewish mysticism, which mirrors Islamic mysticism in so many ways, but has it's own unique stories and myths. It was an AMAZING idea, but the authors' writing styles was very annoying. The main character runs around the world, and struggles with every trip, yet as soon as he makes it one place, he realizes he has to be in another. It was quite annoying, and not very well written, which is a shame, because the idea was...more
Very start of the synopsis for this book : “Within each generation, there are thirty-six righteous souls. Their lives hold the key to the fate of the world. Now someone wants them dead.”

Yep – that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. If you are expecting deep, meaningful plot or even a plot that makes a whole lot of sense, this is probably not the book for you. But the characters were interesting and the author maintained a great mounting sense of panic and intrigue as the book went on. I would rate...more
I expected more from this book. Although the plot is good, overall the storyline suffers from being overly rushed, apparently to “create” suspense: it brings to mind low-budget all-action-no-story movies. It felt like reading only one paragraph from each chapter of a fully developed story. Most chapters are no longer than two pages . . . which does little more than emphasise the shortcoming. (Possibly the short chapters may have resulted from coercing the text to fit exactly into sixty-three cha...more
Yes, very similar to a Dan Brown novel. The action cannot be faulted, it kept me on the edge of my seat, and desperate to keep reading.
The religion link felt a bit unbelievable - lots of detail, but with more detail it seemed more unbelievable. A recommended and enjoyable read, but don't expect too much.
A fictional story of Jewish and Kabala beliefs. David Shepherd, a college professor, has suffered an odd phenomenon since an accident when he was 13 years old. Names pop into his head without warning and without apparent meaning. But when he is drawn into the mystery of some unexplained deaths and very important stones, one of which is in hs possession, this mostly secular man is forced to face his Jewish roots and beliefs and come to terms with them in order to believe the circumstances he find...more
My dad got it for me for Xmas it was great over all but 2 spots I found myself just "getting through it" in the beginning (like most books) and towards the end
Most must-save-the-world-by-means-of-rudimentary-mystic-religious-education-on-the-go novels are grounded in Roman Catholicism and the secrecy of the Church's "protectors." This one, however, focuses on the Kabbalist view of the world and spirituality. The book made me curious about the deeper focus of this Judaic religion, but not hungry to read more about the protagonist David Shepherd (could there be a more obvious name choice for the Jewish hero about to save the world?) Good, quick read tha...more
Mar 27, 2014 Drew marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Note to self - have read another of hers in a Nora anthology and liked it
Amanda R
I enjoyed this book. It was a fast, easy, gripping read. I've always loved books that involve impending doom as well as supernatural stuff in them. The premise was an interesting one - that there are 36 pure souls in the world and destroying all of them would bring about the end of the world. It was a little predictable in parts and I could see where it was heading early on. I do also wish the relationship between David and Yael could have been developed beyond your hero and the attractive woman...more
I was an instant fan of Dan Brown and read all 3 of his books with wide yes and my hands gripping the pages trying to read as fast as I could! It was somewhat like that with this one. Not quite as fantastic, but a pretty darn close comparison. I just love the origins of religion and people's beliefs and how they can be so different but the one constant is that there is a God and He had a son that came to Earth. All the other stuff is just details and with secret societies and hidden books and ri...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I was very disappointed with this book. The author criticizes the trivialization of kabbalah by celebrities. This "spiritual thriller" is follows a very similar formula to The Da Vinci Code. The plot throws in various kabbalah facts and terminology and stirs it all together to serve up a superficial and meaningless kabbalah stew. You won't find the true mystical spirit of kabbalah in this novel. If you want to read a novel with a serious treatment of kabbalah, I would recommend Bee Season, or Th...more
This was a good bit of fun. It had been sitting in my tbr pile for quite some time. This is a fast-paced thriller along the lines of the DaVinci Code. Complete with antiquities.

Years after a childhood accident kept shoving names into his head, Professor David Shepherd is forced into taking the hero role when the Gnoseos go after people with those very same names - including David's step daughter.

Jewish antiquities abound. Hidden clues are decoded. Friends are revealed to be enemies. The action m...more
Mystery, mysticism, arcane references to things that interest me. It's a winner.
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Jill Gregory's novels have...more
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