Existential Psychotherapy
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Existential Psychotherapy

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  1,623 ratings  ·  51 reviews
The noted Stanford University psychiatrist distills the essence of a wide range of therapies into a masterful, creative synthesis, opening up a new way of understanding each person's confrontation with four ultimate concerns: isolation, meaninglessness, death, and freedom.
Hardcover, 544 pages
Published December 8th 1980 by Basic Books (first published January 1st 1390)
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I love this book! I've heard people, again and again, make the assertion that philosophy, and in particular existential philosophy, has no real-life, down-to-earth, practical use. Well, Irvin Yalom's Existential Psychotherapy proves that to be false.

Yalom draws on the insights of existentialism in order to formulate an approach to psychotherapy that is grounded in the "ultimate concerns of life;" namely the concerns of death, freedom, existential isolation, and meaninglessness. These concerns, Y...more
يكي از بهترين كتابايي كه توي زندگيم خوندم
با اينكه اولش با يك عنوان پر طمطراق و نزديك به 900 صفحه مواجه ميشي ترس برت ميداره اما فكر كنم سريع تر از اين كتابي نخونده بودم
نگاه اروين يالوم به زندگي جالبه و كلن شخصيت جالبي داره
Nima rafiee
این کتاب با تحلیلی متفاوت از ریشه های اظطراب های روان شناختی انسان و با رویکردی فلسفی و غایت شناختی انسان به او کمک می کند تا به تحلیلی عمیق تر و واقع بینانه تر نسبت به اوضاع فردی خویش و جامعه دست یابد .
دکتر یالوم با مطرح کردن عناصر های ماهیت شناختی انسان مانند مرگ . تنهایی . ازادی پوچی و تحلیل های روانشناختی انها به خوانند کمک می کند تا با عناصر اصظراب اور درونی خویش روبه رو شود و بتواند قبل از به قول هایدگر "ناممکن شدن هر امکان دیگر " زندگی پرمعنا تری را تجربه کند و از روزمرگی های بی خود و بی...more
abdolreza farsi
Jul 22, 2012 abdolreza farsi marked it as to-read
راه درک برخورد هر فرد با چهار نهایی نگرانی : انزوا ، بی معنایی ، مرگ ، و آزادی .
‮خیلی خوب بود.
‮بیشتر لذتی که من ازش بردم به خاطر روندیه که با کنار گذاشتن مقاومت ناخوادآگاهم٬ تو شناخت گره‌های روانیم شروع کردم. تفسیرهای مختلف یالوم و مثال‌های متعددی که از بیماران مختلف می‌آورد٬ باعث می‌شد به کرات خودم و مشکلاتم رو تو صفحاتش ببینم و به پیشروی بیشترم کمک کنه.
‮یه کار تألیفی‌ه که کلی تحقیق و تجربه و تفکر پشتشه.
Dec 12, 2008 Kara rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people who want to understand Everything
I might actually be in love with Dr. Yalom (or Irv, I call him Irv). His take on existentialism explains...everything. And his style is so clear that this book, which is meant to be an academic text, is comprehensible (and enjoyable) by anyone.
Irvin Yalom is as brilliant a communicator as he is a psychiatrist. Together with his book on conducting group therapy, this is one of the clearest, best organized, and most comprehensive books I've found yet on any aspect of my profession.
Lily Pilly
I love this book because of its discussions about death and dying, freedom, isolation, meaninglessness and one's very place in life. I think it is also very helpful if the reader has some knowledge and interest in philosophy.
Behdad Khoshnava
فوق العاده بود. واقعا بعد پایان خوندنش انسان خردمندتری خواهید بود
Corin Wenger
A monumental book focusing on 4 aspects of life that concerns psychological defense structures: death, freedom, meaninglessness, and isolation. I am about 1/2 way through the first section on death, and it's fascinating how he integrates literature, philosophy, and clinical case studies of people with neurosis or psychosis. Irvin Yalom seems as much a philosopher as he is a psychotherapist, summarizing in non-jargonized language the ideas pertaining to the subjects from people as diverse as Kafk...more
John G.
We used Yalom's textbooks on group counseling when I was in graduate school back in the day and I was so intrigued with his writing ability and his earnest approach, that I decided to read quite a few of his fiction books, but also this text on Existential Psychotherapy, in fact, I'm using his "four givens" of existence as a framework for a professional presentation. I love reading his books, who would ever think a text could be so gripping and interesting and real? Yalom and Fromm to me, are th...more
Irv Yalom is more than just a television celebrity and novel writing SUPERSTAR. He is also a kick-A therapist with aspirations towards philosophy. I think Irv sort of wishes he could have been back w/ Sartre in those Paris coffee houses back in the day. I like many of his insights and I think he is best when he speaks about the importance of the therapy relationship. That is where Irv helps me most- learning to apply interpersonal stuff that comes out in session to the client's broader life and...more
Apr 11, 2007 Jason rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Those looking for an alternative understanding of psychology
Yalom presents an account of psychology and psychotherapy from the perspective of existentialism. He argues that much of psychopathology derives from existential questions about the meaning of life, death, and such that haunt the human person. It's a refreshing change from the psychoanalytic, behaviorist, and neurobiological paradigms that often dominate the discourse in psychology. Those interested in philosophy, especially in its late 19th and 20th century Continental varieties, will find many...more
I didn't finish. Yalom's writing is excellent, and he synthesizes existential philosophy very effectively, drawing from literary fiction and nonfiction. There is much to be gleaned here, but I need to digest the section on death for awhile before I'm ready to move on. I read the section on death anxiety while on a beach vacation. Some people thought that was pretty funny.
alison e
Apr 25, 2007 alison e rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Everyone
Shelves: books
Before anyone enters therapy I would really recommend reading this book. It will probably save you the 180 bucks a week. It might not solve any of your problems, but at least it will help you realize that no one else can either.
Mohammad Rezaei Niya
کتاب حجیمی بود ولی واقعا ارزشش رو داشت... انصافا اینکه پشتش نوشته «نوعی درمان به شمار می رود» راست میگه... اگر دقیق خونده بشه واقعا یک واکسن روان درمانی خواهد بود
If your at all interested in psychology or existential philosophy, then read this book! Brilliant!
In college I read Norman O. Brown, Marcuse, R.D. Laing. I'm not really sure how this escaped my attention. Having absorbed a lot of the existential literature, I wasn't sure how relevant this book would be having now been written over 30 years ago, but I enjoyed it immensely. It was extraordinarily well constructed. It made liberal use of the existentialists - Sartre, Camus, Heidegger, Kierkegaard. It used fiction to effectively illustrate points - Tolstoy, Flaubert, Kafka, Wolfe. There was a de...more
Cary Schroeder
Dec 27, 2010 Cary Schroeder is currently reading it
Wonderful book with more angles to use to help clients. However, most people I know read it in college and some how never understood it. They probably ruined their chance of being a good counselors due to not understanding the book. The book should of spent a lot more time than one page explaining that peoples choices are influenced from their past. Also, he should of mentioned a lot more that it will always end rapport by telling a client, it was your choice to make that bad decision and now th...more
Barnaby Thieme
In this classic textbook for therapists, Yalom identifies four primary existential problems that have widespread clinical implications, analyzes their etiology, and describes possible avenues for treatment. Yalom identifies four basic problems and explores them based on psychological, philosophical, and literary treatments: death and fear of mortality, freedom and the problem of contingency, isolation, and meaninglessness.

His basic model is Psychodynamic, which is to say he believes that people...more
Psikoloji öğrenmeye devam. Tuğla gibi kitap ama meraklısına kendini okutuyo :)
Since this book doesn't belong to me, I've only thoroughly read the parts which matter to me most now, but I would definitely like to buy it and read the whole book slowly, giving it its due respect. In spite of this being initially a text book for psychotherapists, the author's language and style is easy to read and understand even if you are not a professional.
I'm very glad I've been advised to read this book at this point in my life. It definitely provides food for thought and sways you into...more
Noorah Alhasan
It's a great book for those who are "wandering" and would like some psychological explanation as to why they think and feel the way they do.

The first three chapters are death, freedom, and responsibility which help to put things into perspective. The only thing I didn't like about the book is the excessive use of therapy session examples for each chapter, which I guess appeal more to the psych student than the interested layman.
This book was like reading "The Never Ending Story". As you read it, you discover aspects of and complexities within yourself. It deals with areas that are both basic and essential to the human experience: Death; Freedom & Responsibility; Existential Isolation; Meaning and Meaninglessness. i highly recommend this as we seek to discover our own existential predicament and better understand others.
Jake Maguire
I really enjoy Irv Yalom's writing style. He is clear, concise, and the subject matter is very fascinating. How do we cope with the truth of our existence? I'm sure everyone has their own take on reality, but this book probes the depths of the soul to bring you closer to the reasons you find for living a more authentic life.
Rita Bardos
huuu...nagyon érdemes elolvasni. nem könnyű olvasmány, de megéri.
a négy egzisztenciális félelem (halál,szabadság,elszigeteltség,és értelemnélküliség) nagyon egyértelmű, mégis tabuk kerülgetése nélkül, vagy nem félrebeszélve nehéz róluk beszélni.

kevés könyvet olvasok el kétszer, de ezt újra el kell olvasnom. :D
Sophia Dunn
A must-have for every clinician's shelf. Yalom is as masterful a writer as he is a clinician. Written in clear, erudite English without a trace of jargon, Yalom finds and communicates the heart, mind and guts of therapy. I have few heroes, but Yalom continues to inspire after twenty years of practice.
Michael Faccini
The sections on death can be a little dry at times, but the text is certainly interesting. It is largely theoretical and assumes the reader to be an already-practicing therapist, but some useful clinical examples are included to show how existential therapy can be applied.
Eugene Snegov
Книга не слишком легка для понимания из-за своего объема и местами довольно сложного языка, но мыслей и идей, в ней приведенных, при должном раскрытии хватит на десяток серьезных художественных романов. Даю себе зарок - перечитать ее лет эдак через пять.
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Irvin David Yalom, M.D., is an author of fiction and nonfiction, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University, an existentialist, and accomplished psychotherapist.
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