The Art of Seduction
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The Art of Seduction

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The season's most talked-about all-purpose personal strategy guide and philosophical compendium," said Newsweek of Robert Greene's bold, elegant, and ingenious manual of modern manipulation, The 48 Laws of Power. Now Greene has once again mined history and literature to distill the essence of seduction, the most highly refined mode of influence, the ultimate power trip.

Paperback, 466 pages
Published 2001 by Penguin
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Sean Great question Umberto. I personally have used many of the techniques in this book and had plenty of success. It is important to point out, however,…moreGreat question Umberto. I personally have used many of the techniques in this book and had plenty of success. It is important to point out, however, that if you are aiming for sexual seduction that you must be good looking (healthy, in good shape, groomed well, dressed nicely, smell divine without being overpowering). I used to read this book every night before I went out salsa dancing and I would practice trying to "cast a seductive spell" over women, and I got quite good at it. Also at work I managed to get all the attractive women fawning about me because I was subtle, charming, polite, suggestive, slightly flirtatious, and a little coquettish.

As a man what I learned from this book is how to allow myself to be slightly feminine in order to mirror female psychology and thereby entrance them like a bird looking at its own reflection. I don't have the heart to use people though, and then dump them like a cold-blooded brute; that would be too sinister.

Another thing I used with great success from this book is the art of being indirect - not forceful. If you want to seduce someone who is seemingly impossible to seduce it is paramount that you not give them any reasons to reject you or to think that you are purposefully trying to seduce them: the trick is to seem aloof to the seductive things you do around them (things that are bound to make them think sexy thoughts about you: such as the way you do your hair, your cologne or perfume, your subtly sexy clothes, the suggestive way you move, your vibrant health and fit body, the sound of your seductive voice and the subtle... oh so subtle way you speak to make their ears perk up - without giving away too many signals about your intentions.) I could go on and on. It takes years to learn, but I suggest you start today and practice, practice, practice.

So to answer your question: yes I have tested the advice and suggestions given by this book literally "on the field", on people, on real life situations. And yes, it does work. Remember that if you are using it for erotic seduction that you MUST be healthy and fit; you must dress nice but not be snobby about your looks; you must groom well; and above all you must not have any major anti-seductive qualities such as: very low self-esteem, extreme vanity, rudeness, or greed.

Lastly, keep in mind that the more success you have as a seducer, the more envy you will stir up among the members of your own sex. When I am at my best is when I have to watch my back the most from the extremely envious looks and snares by other guys who are jealous. I've almost come to blows on more than one occasion by some jealous jerk who has no other reason to mug me than he is envious of how much the other women like me. This will happen to women as well. So be forewarned and learn how to disguise your seductions to some extent from the envious eyes of rivals - otherwise they will dog you relentlessly. Then again that is what Robert Greene's other books will help you with - to defend yourself against them. Both "The 48 Laws of Power" and "The 33 Strategies of War" will also teach you a great deal about the Timeless Art of Seduction - IF you view them through the lens of seduction while reading. (less)
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I can't find the perfect word to convey how awful this book is. It espouses a completely manipulative style of dealing with other people in which they are all prey to be hunted. It's noxious. I also believe that I know one of the master seducers who is referred to in the book under a pseudonym, which was terrifying in its own right. It's not about how to do what I would call "seduction." It's about how to control, direct, engineer, exploit, manipulate, machinate, maneuver, steer and hunt others....more
I thought it was going to be another annoying "to get him to do this flick your hair." Love this book, it is filled with little inside novela type of things, historical facts, and it has just some of the most interesting people in history. I love history so this book really did it for me. I could read it over and over not even for the seductive element but just because it is so good (in my opinion). The little side note quote and stories are a must read, don't skip over them, too wonderful you'd...more

Due to it's misleading nature and implications one could be lead to believe that the sections in this book may be used to seduce another.

In modern society the need to seduce another would have unhealthy implications and in my opinion comes from a waek/try-hard mindset. It's like saying 'who I am isn't good enough so I'll put on a fallacious act and be that cool/attractive person.'

Sure it might seem like a good idea but ultimately doing such a thing would cause you to lose connection...more
A great read. It assumes that you are a liar and manipulator by nature, but once you get past that, it's a fascinating study. Some great annecdotes from famous figures in history make it enthralling in parts.


Like Tim Ferriss's The 4-Hour Workweek, this book is packed full of useful information that you would want to come back to again and again, which is something difficult to do with audio format.

It pretty much lays it out for you. Equal parts philosophical and psychological, it outlines each step of the seduction process. Some people condemn the techniques and strategies propounded here to be "amoral" and Machiavellian, but the truth of the matter is: they work. And they have b...more
Tim Pendry

Almost hypnotically repetitively at times, this might be the book that Machiavelli could have written about love if he had been a jaded modern.

Unfortunately for those determined to be 'nice' in the world, there is scarcely a line in this book that does not ring true.

For better or worse (depending on your stance), Greene is persuasive that seduction is a game between equal partners where the 'victim' is willing enough for what they will get out of the process.

It is about the flow of power betw...more
May 09, 2007 Mo rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: lovers, not fighters
Shelves: schwing
I have three copies of this. It's endlessly entertaining.
Uh... there's a LOT to be learned from this book about human psychology. To really get the best/most of it, you have to stare yourself in the mirror and ask the hard questions -- where do you fall in the various archetypes? What anti-seduction techniques do you personally exhibit? And what kind of victim are you?

I can't decide which book is more interesting and entertaining and thought-provoking, this or the The 48 Laws of Power, the anecdotes from history, the margin quotes/stories are EXCEPTI...more
Laryssa Wirstiuk
Since I started reading The Art of Seduction, I've recommended it to just about EVERYONE because everyone seriously needs to read this book. It gave me so much insight into people's desires and the reasons why we're attracted to others. I feel like my mind has completely opened up. As a writer and reader, I feel like I have better insight into character relationships, and I want to explore these new things I've learned in my fiction. Now I watch almost every movie that involves a love interest t...more
I found this book in my town's public library and decided to pick it up on a lark. I've spent a lot of time reading this book--which is unavoidable because it's long--and I've come to the realization that this is a classy version of the pick-up artist.

The classiness of this version comes from the extensive use of classical literary and historical examples. Referencing Casanova, Salome, Evita, and many others, Greene does his best work in using these examples to explain how they were effective in...more
Everyone should read this book.

I was initially turned off by the preface's assertion that seduction is an art developed exclusively by women some 5000 years ago (I believe that it's just the way the sexes talk to each other, and it's never been the purview of solely either women or men) but after I waded into the main text it began to impress me a little more.

It's tiresome to have everything presented as a "how to manipulate someone into playing your evil little game," but the information is s...more
Zoë Bulboff
Nov 08, 2012 Zoë Bulboff rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Zoë by: A girlfriend gave it to me
I want to read Robert Greens other book The 48 Laws of Power so when someone gave me this book I thought I'd check it out too.

This was an interesting book. Parts of it I enjoyed.

I love learning about the psychology of why we like things or why things are popular so that aspect of it was facinating.
It breaks down how movie stars, politicians and world leaders seduce their public. WHY we are drawn to them or why some leaders are better public speakers than others. Very interesting and helpful f...more
Feb 18, 2009 Zara rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Nobody ever!
Really? I mean some good work went into this in terms of historical research I guess...But it so was not for me. It just seemed so silly. Nothing deep or meaningful. It was a tad...silly. And a bit painful to read. I did not agree with most of the points made or categories drawn. Human beings are way more complex than this. No. I would not recommend it. For anyone. I am actually afraid of what damage it could do to a lost mind or in twisted hands.
This is not your Karrine Steffans vixen manual..This is your comprehensive manual of how to seduce not only men but an entire empire. With this manual I have received a proposal, gained a stalker and experienced a riven heart. It was great! lol
This book is best used for gaining or building on perspective rather than as a how-to book. It provides some insights into patterns of human behaviour that can be useful far beyond what the title and the marketing image implies. I could have done without the authors repeated use of the words "victim" and "manipulation". Such deliberate negatives come off as cheap and with malicious intent, meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator, rather than an understanding of dynamics that occur in in...more
Oh, if only this book had been published when I was a teenager! The quality of my adolescent and college years (okay, and my early- to mid-twenties) might have been far richer, and I might have been so much better at living the hedonistic lifestyle I tried to maintain.

There's a new show on tv about a detective (I think he's a detective) who is so good at figuring everything out first that everyone else thinks must be psychic...but he's not psychic; he's just PAYING ATTENTION. That's supposed to...more
The proverb is true: beware of false flattery. This prose is extremely obnoxious in the way that it is written to promote manipulation. If you ignore those tiny bits, it is entertaining to read the historical and literary character analysis. Attraction between people is part using what you got and part know how. Some famous people analyzed include: Marilyn Monroe, Byron, Cleopatra, Caesar, Thomas Jefferson, Casanova, Charlie Chaplin, etc. Of that batch Cleopatra was leaves the most striking imag...more
Ben Love
Every year I reread Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power. It’s a definitive, sensible and valuable reference. My thoughts on that drew me to this book as well as a recent unhealthy personal interest in topics of psychology.
This is not a book for light reading. It’s heavy duty and requires all of your attention.
Robert gives his often dark analysis of seduction in a logical, sensible order that overlays on itself to build up to a massive compendium on the topic. It is dark, deceptive, anti-social...more
Riku Sayuj
'A History of Great Seducers' would have been a more apt title.
Omar Hegazy

"Seduction is Distraction"
"I would rather hear my dog bark at a cow than a man swear he loves me "
"The masses have never thirsted for truth.they demand illusions, and cannot do without them. they constantly give what is unreal precedence over the real"
"Never Complain. Never explain "
"You know what charm is , A ways of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question "
"people who display no weakness, on the other hand , often elicit envy anxiety and fear!"

This was not only informat...more
Laural Bourque
I wish I'd bought the non-concise version, but this is very interesting nonetheless. Throw your ethics out the window before you start reading, although it is very much unisexual. It does apply a tiny bit more to men than women, but the whole point of seduction is it is a power over someone who's fallen in love with you. Love, not lust. And a man in love is just as "silly" as a woman in love. It even goes over types of women from history who were seductresses, as well as the rakes and Don Juans...more
Nick Ruffilo
I really enjoyed this book and the clinical way that it reflected upon the greatest seducers/seductresses of all time, but I do have one minor comment to make - Some things were hastily researched.

The message doesn't change, and the tactics are still the same, but a few things weren't completely fact checked. One thing that sticks out heavily in my mind was a story about how Casanova refused to marry a woman and instead found another suitable husband for the woman. Robert Greene states the reas...more
For everyone out there who thought this book is about manipulating the other person - you misunderstood it. This is not a practical guide telling you what to say or do, it's more a psychological (and a bit of a historian) study of how people react to certain stimulations. The book teaches you to take your time and study the one you want - to learn how they think and what they want so you can offer them that.

One of the points here is that everyone has a dark side and appealing to it is one of th...more
Khalid Almoghrabi
this book can be chopped off to its half without losing the content essence. the books as the title appeal is about seduction and is important to learn how to get close to a person whether that for love, politics, or to get closer to boss or wife. the book is written in poetry style and that made it long. I recommend listening to the audio version of the book since it abridged. good book, though, in the topic
After reading this book I lent it to my friend. Her comment was, That book is dangerous. She was single at the time, a year later married and has a newborn.... Yep, its the high cost of manipulating pleasure. This book is the ultimate in guilty guilty pleasures! Do you dare to read this Pandora's box of a book?

This book has gotten me in and out of all sorts of trouble.

Good trouble--the trouble that I want.

In case it fails-- back to the drawing board.

Hefty servings of historical flavor, from around the globe, to teach you how to hold em by the balls.
През голяма част от книгата имах чувството, че чета хороскоп.

Освен това, не знам за оригиналното издание, но оформлението на текста в БГ-изданието на Сиела (превод на съкратената версия на книгата) хич не ми допадна. Прахосничество на хартия с тези широки полета отстрани, където спорадично са поместени цитати от различни автори (като Киркегор, Шекспир, Овидий, Хосе Ортега-и-Гасет, Жорж Батай и разни други, разсъждавали по-задълбочено върху изкуството на любовта). Всъщност тези цитати са може би...more
I can't really add more to what other people have said about this book. It was definitely an interesting read and opened my eyes up to some things not only about daily interactions, but about myself as well.

Some cons:

Unfortunately Greene tends to be extremely repetitive in his books, retelling the same biography of a given person over and over again. I understand some people may want skip around in the book and so this can be beneficial for them, but for those of us who may choose to read from...more
Amany  A A
a very beautiful way of presenting some of the most interesting figures of history and how they made their ways of being who they are and what they managed to do

you would relate to alot of the things said here about the none spoken rules governing a man women relationship ( and the man-crowed relationship in case of mass seduction e.g election ) , yet i wouldn't classify this one as an Actual " how to " sort of books fact as a whole am not sure of how good and cohesive it is as a seductio
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Best-selling author and public speaker, Robert Greene was born in Los Angeles. He attended U.C. California at Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he received a degree in classical studies. He has worked in New York as an editor and writer at several magazines, including Esquire; and in Hollywood as a story developer and...more
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