Buddha, Vol. 1: Kapilavastu (Buddha #1)
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Buddha, Vol. 1: Kapilavastu (Buddha #1)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  3,492 ratings  ·  331 reviews
Osamu Tezuka�s vaunted storytelling genius, consummate skill at visual expression, and warm humanity blossom fully in his eight-volume epic of Siddhartha�s life and times. Tezuka evidences his profound grasp of the subject by contextualizing the Buddha�s ideas; the emphasis is on movement, action, emotion, and conflict as the prince Siddhartha runs away from home, tr...more
Paperback, 400 pages
Published May 2nd 2006 by Vertical (first published April 12th 1983)
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Seth Hahne
Sep 19, 2007 Seth Hahne rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: anyone with patience and a lot of money - or a good library
Shelves: comics
At 3013 pages, Osamu Tezuka's Buddha was something of an investment in time. I received the last two hardcover volumes of the collection (vol. 7 and 8) for my birthday at the end of July and began reading from start to finish in mid-August. It's true that one could possibly read the entire collection - and a handsome collection it is - in a day (at perhaps two hours per volume), but I didn't feel compelled to rush things.

In Buddha, Tezuka presents a curious blend of themes and styles. This proje...more
Sam Quixote
I admit I’m not the most enlightened (rim shot - thank you!) guy when it comes to Buddhism, or religion in general for that matter, in knowing its origins, tenets, and so on. But I do have a rudimentary understanding of Buddhism and the Buddha having read Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha” a few years ago, and because of osmosis through pop culture. Buddhists believe all life is sacred, something about existence being suffering, and reincarnation, with the Buddha as an enlightened chap who figured out...more
Riku Sayuj
Nov 01, 2012 Riku Sayuj rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Riku by: Anand Ayyadurai
Anime Buddha with no expressions spared... what next?
Tyler Hill
I originally collected and read this series as it's hardcover volumes were releases in the United States, a half dozen years ago. But, having recently watched PBS's documentary about the life of Buddha, and having read several other books by Tezuka since then, I figured it was time to revisit the series.

In all honesty, while the series is essentially about the life of Buddha, it's a very hard series to encapsulate. To start, it's worth pointing out that Buddha isn't even born until about 2/3rds...more
I read this book several years ago, I confess, not a whit out if any interest in Manga. I'd read a scant few "manga" at the time & was thinking: why do all these books seem suspiciously similar to each other down to how the characters were drawn, their roles and (most) surprising, even most of the plot lines!
However, my first foray into the Manga of Tezuka was I can only compare to being introduced to some of the animated films of Miyazaki or even some of the works of the great Japanese fil...more
It feels like it's from the eighties, and when the weird meta-comicky jokes start in like the last quarter, it feels unfocused instead of inventive. Still though, everything else totally works, dude was a comic book master genius, lots of things *do* feel inventive and exciting, and the little peanut who runs around naked and peeing on everybody- because of empathy with animals?- is my favorite comic book character in a long time.

Isla is totally right and now I totally want to read the rest of...more
Mahabharata dan Ramayana mengesankan keteraturan. Para brahmana yang bijaksana dan para satria yang gagah perkasa yang bertindak sesuai dharma masing-masing. Kita bisa menangkap kesan harmoni dan keselarasan dari sistem yang berlaku saat itu. Misalnya saja, waktu perang Bharatayudha terjadi, kedua belah pihak menyepakati dulu bahwa perang harus berlangsung di padang Kurusetra.

Sayangnya sebuah sistem bisa menjadi korup, seperti halnya yang terjadi di India pada saat lahirnya pangertan Siddharta G...more
Laura Zurowski
I'm very fortunate to live up the street from a most awesome bookstore, Copacetic Comics, which carries a very well-curated selection of graphic novels, comics, small-press/indie books, and other assorted words of interest.

I had gone into the store looking for Charles Burns' Black Hole (for the very eclectic book club I'm a member of) and as it was a quiet, summer afternoon, started chatting with the owner. Being a bit unschooled in graphic novels beyond the big-guns like Sandman, Persepolis, an...more
Tezuka's liberal adaptation of the Buddha story is both riveting and kitschy in its use of 80s lingo and Manga humor and silliness. In the end, Tezuka's ability to tell a fast-paced, well-oiled tale outshines all these cartoonish trappings.


The mix of Manga humor and action with the gravitas of a spiritual text is discriminating and quite original. Tatta's use of 80s lingo takes away from the any of the period believability in the story. Chapra and Tatta's stories are heartbreaking but lose...more
David Schaafsma
So, you walk into a bookstore and you see shelf after shelf of manga, different categories, crazy volume after volume of individual titles and you go: nah, don't know where to start, too cartoony, don't get it, too much of an investment, what's the best way to go for an adult just wanting to sample some of the best stuff? That was me, 3-4 years ago, and since I was teaching a graphic novels class, I asked the young manga experts to suggest the best manga series they knew and so I read 1-2 of the...more

Okay, so it's a cartoon. You really can't ignore that fact... it's not even a LEAP to say "Hey, this is the Disnified, Astro-Boy version of the story of Buddha..." because it IS.

Osamu Tezuka was heavily influence by early Disney animations, and he is the one who gave us Astro-Boy... and here we have, in his distinct artist style, the story (and the sub stories) of the Buddha.

You'll find a fresh way of looking at this tale, mythological or not, and probably, you'll find a new understanding too, o...more
Fun and easy retelling of the events that preceded the birth of the Buddha, as told by the grandfather of Manga, Osamu Tezuka, Buddha, Volume 1: Kapilavastu
is the first of eight volumes of the graphic novel adaptation of the Buddha's life.
Nicolas R.
Written by the late great Osamu Tezuka Buddha, Vol. 1: Kapilavastuis a great start to a great series. Interestingly enough, Buddha (at this point known as Siddharta) is barely in the story, appearing as a newborn baby. The actual main characters of this book is the pariah Tatta, the brahmin Naradatta, the slave Chapra, and his mother who I don't think we ever learn the name of. The story focuses on their journey. Mostly Chapra's goal to rise up from his slave caste even though it is forbidden. T...more
Tanvir Muntasim
Consistently anachronistic, but always entertaining manga take on Buddha's life, I was very impressed with both the artwork and the effortless storytelling of the first volume and keenly looking forward to the the remaining 7 volumes!
every bit as charming & engaging as i'd hoped it would be. and FUNNY! much funnier than i'd even expected. i think the translation is wonderful, though it's almost impossible to tell unless it's awful...
Aug 11, 2007 Roos rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: comicslover
Shelves: comiculun
Baru baca satu, tidak lebih dari 1 jam....lucu juga... pake guest star segala... kayaknya memang harus lanjut kedua dan seterusnya deh... 8 yak?
Superlative! Stunning! Touching! Graphic! Would like to breeze through the other 7 parts.
Shashwata Datta
Wow. what a read.can't wait to read the rest. :)
Sandra Cañete
Un Siddartha sin duda muy humano.
Part 1 of a 7-part graphic novel series about the life of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. This introductory book provides a context for the world into which Buddha is born: violent, with a strict caste system in place that is characterized by its stifling immobility. We meet Chapra, a slave, and his mother, who somehow befriend both a pariah ("Untouchable", the lowest caste, treated as non-human) and a Brahman monk. Both Tatta the pariah & Naradatta the monk have connections to the mystical...more
This series is about the life of Buddha, yet this volume merely mentions the birth of Siddhartha over a couple of pages. The rest of the volume is about a slave child, Chapra, and his attempt to rise above his station to become a nobleman; a pariah child, Tatta, with mysterious powers; a disciple of a prophet, Narradatta, who is sent out into the world to look for "the chosen one".
The graphics are interesting and well done. The author even puts in a cameo appearance in a few fr...more
Hugo Resendiz
This story is around the arc of the birth of Siddartha. There’s no main character (maybe Tatta, but the story is not told only on his perspective), and each chapter is told on parallel or on another point of view on different set of characters, a similar style that he use on Adolf. Tezuka takes some liberties, like appear in the story or making modern jokes, even one character on a rage brakes the vignettes. This helps lifting a lightly the serious veil, but not affecting the story or losing the...more
Graphic novel telling the story of Buddha's life (though he doesn't appear much at all in Vol 1) and the climate in India of that time. Don't know what to think of it yet. Lots of unexpected nudity. Not sure how close it is to historic fact (for example, many of the characters in volume one are completely non-canon creations). Just wanted to try the talents of the godfather of manga. And see if I could finally understand Buddhism. (Though I am actually pretty familiar to his life, thanks to Sund...more
I have a basic knowledge of Buddhism, and know a very simplified story of Buddha's life. So when I finally decided to read the whole series I couldn't help but think "How did Tezuka manage to make 8 books out of this?"

To help convey the story AND teachings of Buddha, Tezuka has put many fictional characters into the story to put Buddha's teachings in action. In fact, most of the first book tells the story of Chapra and Tatta, fictional characters.

Chapra is a slave boy who has a bundle of goods s...more
Nov 06, 2008 Tyas rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: manga
The full review was published in Animonster. This review has been abridged.

Osamu Tezuka. Siapa tak kenal nama ini? Meskipun kita tak pernah membaca ataupun menonton karya-karyanya, kita pasti ingat bahwa ialah yang dikenal sebagai ‘dewa manga’ dan ‘bapak anime’. Pendidikan formalnya memang kedokteran. Namun, Tezuka tak berniat menjadi dokter karena sebenarnya ia takut melihat darah. Yang ia bidani justru ‘kelahiran kembali’ manga dan anime sehingga dapat bertumbuh-kembang menjadi seperti sekaran...more
The tale of the Buddha's life is told peripherally to those of fictional, central characters. There is Tatta, an untouchable who can inhabit the bodies of animals. He is joined by Chapra, a slave who wants to become a warrior. Also there is Chapra's mother and a young monk. Their lives are impacted by the birth of the Buddha.

I picked this up excitedly expecting it to be a graphic novel telling of the life of the Buddha, but instead it is the story of others alive during his lifetime and how thei...more
Semua kehidupan itu suci...
Hiks. T__T

Komik/manga ini berhasil mengaduk-aduk emosiku!
Banyak adegan-adegan konyol yang sangat komikal se-komikal-komikalnya sebuah komik (apa sih?! xD). Namun di sisi lain, banyak juga yang bikin miris dan menyayat pergelangan tangan... X_X

Lho kok tangan?
Karena tangan lebih penting daripada hati?
Gak gitu juga sih... tapi karena memang pada akhirnya perbuatan lah yang membawa dampak sebab akibat, bukan niat.

Ceritanya sendiri sama sekali belum masuk ke dalam kisah San...more
Jan 17, 2012 Colin rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Fans of modern manga/comic newbies who are looking for something a bit different
Shelves: four-star
Kapilavastu is the first volume (of eight) from Osamu Tezuka's epic Buddha series, which is a manga retelling (re-imagining may be more accurate) of the life of Siddhartha Gautama. Not that you'd really be able to tell that Buddha was its focus just by reading it alone--Siddhartha himself isn't born until the end of the first volume draws close, just in time to have a few prophecies thrown his way.

The bulk of this first volume concerns itself instead (mostly) with characters entirely of Tezuka's...more
Connor Sheridan
I decided to read Buddha after seeing a video on TED.com of book jacket designer Chipp Kidd explaining his process of creating the perfect book jacket. He designed covers for all 8 volumes in this series. Buddhism has been a very interesting topic to me as of late, and I was excited to read this visualization of the Buddha's life. While I do believe it is brave, well-made, and inspiring in its message, I was not the biggest fan of this graphic novel. The art style switches, albeit not dramatical...more
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From Wikipedia:
Dr. Osamu Tezuka (手塚 治虫) was a Japanese manga artist, animator, producer and medical doctor, although he never practiced medicine. Born in Osaka Prefecture, he is best known as the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion. He is often credited as the "Father of Anime", and is often considered the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney, who served as a major inspiration during his f...more
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