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Dust World (Undying Mercenaries, #2)
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Dust World (Undying Mercenaries #2)

4.08  ·  Rating Details ·  3,114 Ratings  ·  81 Reviews
The Galactics arrived with their Battle fleet in 2052. Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell-burners, Earth joined a vast Empire that spans the Milky Way. Our only worthwhile trade goods are our infamous mercenary legions, elite troops we sell to the highest alien bidder.

In 2122 a lost colony expedition contacts Earth, surprising our government. Colonizati
Published March 28th 2014 (first published January 1st 2014)
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Mike (the Paladin)
Well, here we go again. This is the second volume in this series (The Undying Mercenaries). Possibly surprisingly...

I still like it, 5 stars worth.

What have we here? Why we have first class, grade A brain candy. Our Hero is advancing in the Legion and things that by all rights and according to all logic should get him killed permanently (that's called being "permed" by the way, not to be confused with coiffure care.) James McGill is apparently one lucky guy.

Anyway spared "perming" he and his Leg
Eric Allen
Jun 12, 2014 Eric Allen rated it really liked it
I'm not going to write out a full review for this one. Why? Because it's pretty much copy and paste from any other book B.V. Larson has ever written. It was enjoyable and entertaining, but if you've reviewed one B.V. Larson book, you've reviewed them all. I had a lot of fun with this one, and do enjoy this new series of his. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys military sci-fi. The only real drawback to this series is the "undying" part. Nothing murders dramatic tension faster than immortality. ...more
Jul 12, 2015 Tendency rated it it was ok
Ugh. Second verse same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse.

Basically the same as the first book, but on a different world and with more of the main character being magically unable to do wrong and somehow possessing of a magic dick that gets him laid in all circumstances despite being a tool.


At least throw in a plot twist like the main character thinking his way out of something instead of just blundering magically into a solution.
Don Viecelli
Sep 30, 2014 Don Viecelli rated it really liked it
From My Newsletter Number 80:

This review is on Dust World by B.V. Larson. This is the second book in The Undying Mercenaries Series I have read by this writer. I am currently reading Book 3, Tech World, which will be reviewed next. I did not know until recently that the author had a series going. The first story, Steel World, was one of the best science fiction stories I have read recently (see My Newsletter #54 for my Five Star review).

This book includes a Timeline of Events for the reader to c
Christopher Downing
Apr 24, 2016 Christopher Downing rated it liked it
It's just really simplistic scifi writing. Pulp scifi... or popcorn scifi. Shallow but fun for a while... but perhaps the shallowness began to bore me.

UPDATE: I came back to this one and finished it, enjoying it more this time. It is simple military fun, but I was much more in the mood for it this go-round. I am actually starting the next book in the series immediately following this one. So there.
Mar 14, 2016 Mathew rated it did not like it
Shelves: audiobook
And... I'm done with B.V. Larson. His main character can never do wrong, he has every woman falling over him. The women in the stories are simpering objects - crazy, simple, and only good for sex and the simple tasks the main character needs them to do.

I LOVE the fights and concepts. If he knew a little reality about how humans interact and wrote that, these would all be five star books.
Eric Arseneau
Oct 26, 2016 Eric Arseneau rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Th main character carries it

The story was entertaining, a little long and slow, but the main character was kept consistent and did what I'd expect him to do as I'd come to know him. Enjoyed it, on to the next one in the series :)
Oct 24, 2016 Jason rated it really liked it
Shelves: favourites
The adventures of James McGill continue in the 2nd book of the series and continue to entertain. Plenty of action, humour and suspense. Never a dull moment in legion Varus.
Phil Hendricks
Oct 05, 2016 Phil Hendricks rated it really liked it
McGill does it again, even after breaking all the rules. The Nairb, what a fun bunch of accountants. They seem to be McGill's best ally. Bring on the next ???? World.
Oct 06, 2014 Zachery rated it did not like it
Shelves: could-not-finish
While James McGill may have matched the "dumb jock" stereotype in the last book, he appears to have undergone a partial lobotomy sometime before "Dust World."

His company gets sent to deal with a lost colony. Their ship is attacked by Squid aliens, who kill the alien pilots of their ship--instantly showing that these aliens aren't a member of the Galactic Empire, as they reply to smaller even smaller threats with genocide.

They have to pick between two worlds to land on. One is an aquatic world, w
Aug 08, 2014 Trey rated it liked it
The first 2 books have been great for what they are. A military space sci-fi series that doesn't require you to think too hard and are relatively easy reads. This is not a bad thing. Sometimes I just want a series I can read through in a couple days and this fits that and more.


Interesting world building concept. While the idea of a galaxy wide empire composed of hundreds of different races may not be realistic it is fun to read about. The interesting part comes down to Earth's once resource
Jun 02, 2014 Jim rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Here I Am, Dead Again!

I once thought being a soldier was tough but this guy has it really rough! Specialist McGill has the unfortunate pleasure of getting killed, some times very gruesomely, and coming back to life with his memory intact! That wouldn't be pleasant! Bad enough getting shot and living through the recovery with the memory of that pain, but to die and come back again! I dont know. Makes for interesting reading though.

It seems to me that with their regeneration machine, the military
Jul 08, 2014 Nicholas rated it liked it
Not as great as the first novel. It started out quite interesting, but sort of fell apart towards the end, followed by an extremely quick wrap-up that left me thinking, "Wait, why didn't Larson go into THAT more?" It seemed like he realized how long and drawn out the story had become, and so quickly skipped through the denouement.

Larson also left a gigantic Chekhovian bazooka on the wall, (view spoiler)
Aaron G Wright
Jun 26, 2014 Aaron G Wright rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Loved it, great series!

I'm a big fan of BV Larson's, I've read all the Star Force series as well as Element X. These two books were just as good if not a little better. The first story "Steel World", takes place on Earth the year is 2122 or so and follows the life of a young man who has to enter the present equivalent of the Army. We go thru indoctrination, training and his first mission. This is good well and will keep you interested through out. Dust World is a continuation from the first book
Jim Kratzok
An excellent story from start to finish. It's a great thing to find an author whose writing just happens to work for you as a reader. I've enjoyed every book by B.V. Larson that I've read so far.

Dust World continues the saga of the Undying Mercenaries, Earth's contribution to the Galactic Empire. James McGill is a mercenary in Legion Varus, a much maligned group that gets sent out to deal with issues that other legions won't or can't handle. McGill is an interesting character in that he still ma
Sep 03, 2014 Isaac rated it liked it
Book 2 of the Undying Mercenaries series is very similar to book 1. This review will only mention things that are different.

Larson is good at making aliens seem very alien. The beings encountered in this book are not Star Trek aliens (humans with makeup and minor prosthetics), they seem like real beings that have their own histories. The story line is also more interesting than book 1, with a bit more complexity. It also has a few unfortunate cliches, and the protagonist comes across as being th
Oct 26, 2014 Emz82 rated it really liked it
I'm really glad I started this series. I didn't really gravitate towards sci-fi books as a general rule, although I love books where worlds and civilisations are created using the classic 'what if' scenario. I tried the first book on a whim and to my surprise enjoyed it, so here I am finishing book two. The author has excellent world creating skills and I really see the images of people, places and situations when I read.
What if the world was now governed by a more powerful alien race? What if
Jul 30, 2015 Joe rated it really liked it
Book two of the Undying Mercenaries series finds James McGill back in action with Legion Varus. This time around, Varus finds themselves heading to a world where a colony of humans have set up residence, a big no-no in the Galactic Empire laws since humans are little more than backwater savages to the Empire. Varus is harnessed with the unpleasant task of possibly having to erradicate the colonists to ensure the survival of Earth when their ship is attacked by group of unknown aliens. Varus gets ...more
John Bechill
Sep 17, 2014 John Bechill rated it really liked it
So this was my favorite of the three so far. It read like a book should read. The character made logical decisions based off the context of his situation. It had a well developed flow when reading. Continues to develop the drive and personality of the man character.

the part of the book I liked most was the introduction of the new alien antagonist. While single minded, they are made out to be interesting and description well formed. the clones of the humans they generate are an interesting tange
Nov 12, 2014 Barbara rated it liked it
Shelves: sf
These are something of a guilty pleasure for me as they really are just brain candy, but I do enjoy them.

On the plus side, I do think the author handles the impact on behaviour and tactics that result from being able to be revived when you die.

On the negative side, I don't understand why the main character hasn't been permanently killed yet. He seems to spend all his time, lurching around, ignoring orders whenever he likes and acting on impulse. While this sometimes means he saves the day, just
Henry Lazarus
Nov 13, 2014 Henry Lazarus rated it liked it
Valus is mud because of losing mercenary contracts, but Earth has a secret. Before the Galactics came they had sent out a colony ship. They’ve sent a radio signal home and it’s up to Valus to solve the problem. But there’s a bigger problem when their ship is attacked by lizards and they end up landing on Dust World (paper from Amazon) where they find that the lizards have a habit of capturing the colonists and turning them into slaves. The remaining colonists are fighters and don’t want anything ...more
David Foster
Jun 21, 2015 David Foster rated it really liked it
This whole series is good fun. The "undying" part of the mercenaries makes war and soldiering completely different. The plot is fast-paced, with plenty of battles to keep you awake and entertained, and yet the main characters a full-fledged people, complete with their own doubts and inner struggles. The reader does have to work a bit to avoid asking "Why are all the bigwigs and generals constantly letting this low-ranked soldier in on all their discussions and planning?" but if you can get past ...more
Mar 31, 2014 MegaSolipsist rated it liked it
It is not as good as the first, but still entertaining, and although the main character is just too good or lucky for my personal tastes, it is amusing that they still manage to kill him off several times. I just wish he would get killed in battle more times as well.
I did get irritated by the amount of times McGill breaks the rules and disobeys orders and just generally makes retarded decisions, but in the end I found it enjoyable enough that I will get the sequel (on the kindle, because they
Michael Gibby
Aug 25, 2015 Michael Gibby rated it liked it
Starting to get formulaic. I am hoping book three bucks the trend. In case you are wondering, the formula is this. Lowly ranked individual defies orders because he knows he is right, takes tremendous risks to save the universe, gets court marshaled, somehow gets off the hook and actually gets promoted. Rinse and repeat. The writing is not bad, but this author needs to find a new pattern. By the way, this was the exact formula from his last series with only one exception - the brilliant ...more
Jeffrey Oliver
Jul 31, 2014 Jeffrey Oliver rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
BV Does it Again

I really enjoyed this book; a decent plot, lots of interesting action, and characters you can care about. Unfortunately, I didn't read Steel World first, now I will have to go back and read it, and it probably won't be as good as it would have been. Don't make my mistake!
May 09, 2015 Manuel rated it liked it
More of the same... It continues with the same rhythm and it ends to be quite entertaining.
That said, it is not a memorable book. It continues on the same line of the first novel and it shows that it is a book written on a rush, focusing on the constant action, and with some lack of attention for the details.

Michael Spencer
Apr 02, 2014 Michael Spencer rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Dust World......

Dust World......

2nd in the Undying Mercenaries Series(1st was Steel World) and another really action packed interstellar military tale unfolding the decline and potential destruction of Earth and every Terran in the universe by a gigantic Galactic Empire. Give them both a look.....
Jordan W
Oct 16, 2014 Jordan W rated it really liked it
Shelves: favorites
I really enjoy this series, I think the author does a great job creating a Earth where we are part of a giant empire that expands through the universe. He develops the characters really well, and the battle scenes make this book a page turner. I can't wait for tech world to be released next week. I am starting his other series now.
Sep 30, 2014 Julian rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2014
Just as good if not better than the first book in this series. A great and exciting military scifi book from the ever reliable BV Larson. I really enjoyed the ending of this book and look forward to finding more out about the empire as this series moves along. What the empire tells us about their power and dominance vs what their actual status is, will be interesting to discover.
David L Kester
Feb 19, 2016 David L Kester rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Good. Entertains my space Marine side

Like the previous book in the series, not great reading or terribly creative, but very entertaining.
Anything space Marine style gets my attention usually.
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Brian Larson is an American science fiction and fantasy author
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