Ice Trap
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Ice Trap

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At the start of Sewell's intriguing if uneven debut, Dafydd Woodruff, a surgeon in present-day Cardiff, Wales, receives a letter from a 13-year-old girl claiming to be his daughter and to have a twin brother. Flashback 14 years to Moose Creek, a tiny outpost in Canada's Northwest Territories, where Dafydd took a year-long post to clear his conscience after botching the sur...more
Hardcover, 340 pages
Published February 1st 2008 by Touchstone Books (first published 2007)
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Lori Titus
This book has a misleading title. Someone at the publishing house decided calling it a "thriller" would get better sales for it. This is a shame, because it's really a drama. If you come expecting a John Sanford type novel set in a northern clime, you'll be dissapointed.

However, if you like a drama with a forbidding, beautiful setting, characters who decieve each other, and a slightly naive (though lovable) main character who feels remorse for his mistakes, you may enjoy this book.

My main gripe...more
Paul Pessolano
Surgeon Dafydd Eoddruff is leading a pretty good life. That is, until he receives a letter from the sub-Artic wilderness of Canada. A young girl writes him telling him that he is her father and that she has a twin brother.

Dafydd, fifteen years ago, found himself in this desolate area of Canada because he was trying to overcome what may have been a child's death. A child's death, which he may have caused due to an oversight during a routine operation. The oversight may well have been the result o...more
Ice Trap is a clever novel written from the point of view of the classic "unreliable narrator." Sewell weaves a tale of a Welsh doctor who finds himself in the Northwestern Territories of Canada after performing a botched medical procedure, after which he needs to get away and regroup. This temporary assignment has permanent consequences for the young surgeon, who undergoes spiritual and psychological upheaval due to his experiences in the bleak town on the edge of the Arctic.

I liked the portra...more
Jan 19, 2009 Kasey rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: no one
Recommended to Kasey by: Costco flyer
Yeck!! So I stuck with it until the end, but it's never a good sign when you are two hundred pages in and still waiting for it to get good. None of the characters in the story were worthy of the reader's respect, and often I was disgusted with just how lowly and pathetic they could get. This is not a book I would recommend and am more than a little astonished that such a lame attempt at fiction made it to publishing. My advice to the author---keep your day job.
This book began with promise but completely fizzled out in the end.

Dafydd Woodruff, a married doctor in the UK, receives a letter from a girl in Alaska claiming to be his daughter and asking for child support and a relationship. But he never slept with the girl's mother. Dafydd travels back to Moose Creek to unravel the mystery of how Sheila Haley, his old nemesis, could produce blood test proving him to be the father of her 13 year-old twins.

Should have been an interesting story, but the autho...more
In a word -Strange. The characters way of thinking was odd. I guess I wasn't expecting weird. The description of the story, before I bought the book, sounded intriguing. A mystery set in the deep regions of Canada. DNA evidence that is impossible but seemingly irrefutable. Sounds great. I'm sorry to say that if I hadn't actually paid for this book, say I had bought it at a yard sale or something, I wouldn't have finished it. Usually if a book doesn't grab my attention in style and story by the f...more
If you picked this book up, put it down now!

If for one reason, the writing. An example, where there is nothing like seeing "mortally wounded" and have the character turn up later in the book. "Mortally" as in, "in such a manner as to cause death." This is in the preface setting up the story, so you know what you're in for by then. There are a couple of (intentionally) funny set-ups.

In addition, be ready for some of the most misogynistic writing a female author could put to paper. In this version...more
Um universo muito peculiar, um enredo diferente!
Cardiff doctor Dafydd Woodruff and his interior-designer wife Isabel have been trying for ages to have a child, but without success. All the more surprise, then, when he hears from Sheila Hailey, the chief nurse of a hospital in the remote Canadian town of Moose Creek where he worked for some months years ago, that she bore him two twins and would now like to tap him for child support. The real surprise, though, is that he never had intercourse with Sheila -- he loathed her -- and most certainly...more
Conta-me Histórias
Este é um livro de leitura simples, mas que prende o leitor ao longo das suas páginas.
Dafydd recebe notícias de um tempo remoto, que passou no Canadá, tentando fugir das suas memórias e de um erro médico que cometeu. Mas as notícias que recebe, vão desmoronar a sua vida como se de uma avalanche se tratasse. Ele e a sua mulher tentam, sem êxito, conceber um filho, e agora recebe a carta de alguém que diz ser sua filha, bem como o seu irmão gémeo?!
Dafydd duvida da veracidade de tal revelação, e pa...more
Close to a really slow read.

This story jumps a lot from past to present. It doesn't bother me when an author does that, but it may bother some.

While the characters were complex, I found that there was no originality. There was nothing separating the characters from ones I've read before. The plot was pretty good, but I found it took forever to get to the climax of the book. There was a reason for visiting the past - you needed to know what happened in order to figure out what was going on.

Nov 14, 2008 Christine rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of familial drama
Ice Trap is a "novel of suspense." Well, you could have fooled me! The narrative focuses on Dafydd, a doctor who flees to the Arctic after he bungles simple surgery on a young boy. Years later, he learns from a mysterious that he has fathered two twins in the icy landscape, but has no recollection of coupling with the supposed mother. So Dafydd returns to the Arctic, to uncover the mystery of his past, while his marriage and life suffer back home.

It's an intriguing set-up, but Ice Trap isn't exa...more
Mar 08, 2012 Karen rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: crime
Dafydd Woodruff was a very young surgeon when he made a nearly fatal mistake on the operating table. Shaken to the core by this event, he takes a locum position in the northern Canada wilderness to recover from his guilt and reassess. He spends a year in Moose Creek - just enough time to experience the frontier style life.

Fifteen years later, Dafydd is a consultant surgeon in Wales, trying to start a family with his wife, the marriage struggling under the pressure of infertility, when he receive...more
When I started reading this book, I initially found it to be quite disjointed in the beginning, and at times found it difficult to keep reading. The description of the main character is awkward, and the parts about his career as a surgeon are unfamiliar to practises in the UK, and so whilst reading the book, even though he is described as welsh, and seen as doing things typical of people from wales, it seems very foreign, and quite stereotyped. It seems quite obvious that the author is not welsh...more
Shonna Froebel
Published in Britain a couple of years ago, this was released in Canada this year. The book is set in the far north of Canada, mostly in a town called Moose Creek, and in Cardiff, Wales. Shortly after Dafydd Woodruff qualified as a surgeon, he made a huge mistake in an operation on a child. While he was cleared of any blame, he cannot forgive himself and runs to a job in the Canadian north, covering for a doctor on leave. While there he makes some friends, some enemies and finds some peace. Thir...more
Rarely if ever do I critic a book. This is my first. Ice Trap is not a thriller. It just does not have the making from page one to be labeled as such. A mystery, yes, thriller, no. That said I found the characters to be well developed in this book, in fact one of my biggest complaints about this book is that while the author Kitty Sewell does a wonderful job with being descriptive with the characters but I think she may have gone over board. Every time a female character is introduced into the s...more
Jun 17, 2008 Samantha rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of drivel
Okay, the title of this book, Ice Trap: A Novel of Suspense, is very misleading. Why? Well, because it wasn't suspenseful in the least. There wasn't one moment where my heart rate accelerated or where I held my breath in anticipation of what would happen. Very disappointing.

I'd been eyeing this book in literary catalogs, ear-marking the page so I'd remember to order it. Then I was at the Goodwill bookstore about a week ago and saw it on the shelf for $2.99. So I snagged it off the shelf and boug...more
Armadilha foi a minha estreia com a autora Kitty Sewell. Este livro foi-me emprestado por um dos meus colegas, João Freitas, que adora a escritora.

Dafydd é um homem casado e a sua mulher Isabel quer, acima de tudo ter filhos. Apesar de todas as suas tentativas não o consegue e por isso a carta de Miranda, afirmando que tanto ela como o irmão Mark são filhos de Dafydd, cai que nem uma bomba e coloca o casamento de Dafydd em risco. Mas como podem Miranda e Mark serem filhos de Dafydd se este nunc...more
This is a superb character driven mystery with plenty of twists and turns and lots of small town style gossip and intertwined stories that follows Welsh docter Dafydd Woodruff as he is forced to return to the Arctic town of Moose Creek to resolve the question of his paternity to two teenagers. In doing so he uncovers a lot more than he bargained for and ends up with his entire life turned completely upside-down. While this is a very well written book with engrossing characters and thoroughly gri...more
An enthralling and tense psychological thriller set primarily in the arctic which draws you in until you reach the stage you can't put it down as it explores the impact of a long lost "secret" on the relationships between a number of people. It is an emotional journey as we see the main protagonist's marriage break down despite his best efforts while at the same time he is subject to emotional blackmail of the worst kind by a brilliantly drawn evil character. In fact the principal characters are...more
this was an interesting story - kept me plugging along - though i was somewhat disappointed that i figured it out. while i think an author should lay the clues out there and not come up with some lame surprise ending that brings in new info at the end or some such thing, i am a little bummed when i figure it out way before it is revealed. i thought it was funny when dafydd referred to sports cars as erection substitutes. i also hated the name dafydd. anyway, i found him to be a seemingly benign,...more
This was an intriguing enough story about a man who learns, through DNA testing, that he is the father of teenage twins he's never met. Despite the fact that he doesn't remember ever having twin-producing relations with the mother, he goes along with it for the most part.

I tried to like main character Dafydd, I really tried, but just couldn't. He came across as weak and spineless and all too easy to manipulate. At one point in the story where he whines internally about his life situations that...more
I just finished this really entertaining novel. Wow, Kitty Sewell's descriptions of the north, the people, the wildlife are mesmerizing. It is definitely evident that she has spent time in the North. I am sorry to have come to the end and now hope I can find another Kitty Sewell novel to become engrossed in as much as I was in the Ice Trap. This is a great read for someone who is looking for a wonderful reading escape.
This book was good.... but not great. The plot was decent however, the author seemed to get hung up on details that weren't all that important, in my opinion. She did do a good job getting to the emotion that the main character, Daffydd, felt when he discovered he had fathered twins by a woman he never remembered being intimate with, then subsequently having his marriage fall to pieces. His search for these children, for the truth and for a lost love that brought about its own secret, was intere...more
Completely different setting from any other book I have read. As the title implies, the story takes place in the tundra lands of Canada, in a very small town. The plot: A doctor, living in the UK, gets notice that he may have a child over in Canada and the story involves into present life with his current wife to his days of living in Canada.

The doctor was trying to deal with a short falling and takes a job in a hospital in a small town in Canada. While there, a lot happens and it is different...more
Steve Betz
This book is the bizarro universe version of Northern Exposure. A physician does a sabbatical in the far reaches of Canadian sub-arctic wilderness. The problems for the doc start more than a decade later when he receives a letter from a teenage girl who claims to be his illegitimate daughter – a girl he believes he physically can not have fathered.

Ice Trap is a pretty good mystery and the unusual locale sparks up what might be blah in a more standard setting. The cover blurb makes it sound like...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Não consegui simpatizar com nenhum das personagens. achei que o principal era um autêntico banana, por ser enganado pela ex-mulher tão descaradamente e pela sua ex-inimiga. um daqueles livros que se esquecem facilmente...
This was Kitty Sewell's first novel and I think she did a great job. It is a drama and does not have much excitement, but it keeps your interest. It takes place in Alaska and is about a doctor who went to Alaska and worked in a hospital. 13 years later - he gets a letter from a little girl who says that she and her twin brother are his kids. He knows he did not sleep with the mother, so he gets really confused after a DNA test says he is the dad. He goes back to Alaska to meet these children and...more
The opening scene in this novel does not appear to tie to the next one. Nor the next. Nor ... I don't think I'm revealing any deep dark secret to anyone who's read more than 1 novel that opens like this that there IS a reason for the scene, and all will be made known - eventually.

I'm terrible with "whodunnits", even though I love them. This is more of a "howdunnit" (and the crime in question isn't murder in this case). I DID figure it out early on, even if I missed out on one of the nuances. How...more
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I was born a Swede and, like many wholesome girls, spent my adolescent years crazed with love of horses.
When I was 13, my parents sold their farm in rural Sweden and on a whim moved to the Canary Islands. From one day to the next the horses were gone and I was living in Franco’s Spain. There was a German school, the only one which offered a reasonable education, so I had no choice but to become an...more
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