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Tears Of The Giraffe
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Tears Of The Giraffe (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #2)

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  32,183 ratings  ·  1,831 reviews
Adjoa Andoh is the reader for this Mma Ramotswe audiobook.
Unknown Binding
Published by Little, Brown Young Readers (first published 2000)
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aPriL eVoLvEs
I think a lot of the reviews appear to ignore this is a series written as a tea cozy mystery genre type. Genres follow commonly accepted rules of plotting and characterization depending on the type of genre. Every once in awhile critics get excited over a "genre bending" book because a book didn't follow the rules. This series is NOT genre bending. What it is is an extremely well written, warm, amusing, tea cozy that lightly touchs on many aspects of African life, VERY lightly. A light touch is ...more
I don't seek out Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books, and yet when I run across them in a clearance rack I can't help but pick them up. Tears Of The Giraffe is the second in the series, and it is just as charming, just as gently comic, as the first installment.

My only problem with the book -- and it's little more than a nagging feeling in the back of my head -- is that the author's depiction of his protagonist, the exceedingly down-to-earth, compassionate and somewhat
I absolutely adored the first in Smith’s Botswanan stories, so after a while I set about tackling the sequel. I wasn’t disappointed.

TEARS OF THE GIRAFFE is the better book purely because Smith doesn’t have to carefully set up the situation and characters; we already know all about them, so he can just get on with it.

The best thing about this novel is all of the different ingredients thrown into the mix. We have another missing child, with a much more complex story this time around; we have a h
I read "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" several years ago. I remember it being fun and fresh and quirky, but it didn't grab me and I wasn't desperate to carry on with the series. Having now read "Tears of the Giraffe", I am eager to find out what happens next. This is, simply put, an exceptionally good book. Every person in the western, "civilised" world should read it and be humbled.

This time around, Alexander McCall Smith delivers a simple and heart-warming story, which is concerned far mo
I liked this one so much more than I liked The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Probably because there was a lot less character introduction and much more actual plot and events. Precious is so very likeable and I think she's highly amusing with some of her thoughts on women, men and the world in general. I love the setting and think it's very unusual and captivating. I really enjoy all the little stories that run through these books and the pearls of wisdom that everyone seems to have on offer. ...more
Janice (Janicu)
This book was charming. The main characters, Mma Ramotswe, owner of the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency and her fiance Mr J. L. B. Matekoni, are a little old fashioned in their idea of politeness and respectability, but refreshingly so. The mysteries that Mma Ramotswe solves are pretty straightforward to the reader; there are no twists in the solving of the crimes, but this is what is so charming about the book. Life in Mma Ramotswe's world is straightforward and full of moral fiber. Her story of ...more
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Visha Burkart
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I didn't like the mysteries as much in this second book; they seemed a bit depressing. Also, I found the repetitiveness of what white people don't understand about African/Botswana morality to be heavy-handed. I also started to get concerned that if I were an impressionable young man reading this book, I would feel pretty much like an awful idiot because of how many times the traits of men are belittled, even if tongue-in-cheek cutesy-wutesly (the bad ones, true, but still). Smith uses Mma Ramot ...more
I read the first book of The No.1 Ladies… series a long time ago and I don’t remember much about the plot, but I do remember I quite liked it. What appealed most to me was solving mysteries in the Botswana setting, how “simple” were the mysteries and reading about how they live there. Being used to read fast paced thriller or vast conspiracies, it was nice to read something “lighter” but enjoyable in its simplicity. The second book follows the same pattern: a couple of easily-solved mysteries an ...more
While I thought the book was just OK, it has some interesting topics for discussion. Why do Americans always think their way is the best way? And aren't we right most of the time?

How is it that everything works out so well for Precious? I find it too implausible. She is able to track down a lost man after 10 years by using just the right blackmail material that she learned from just the right disgruntled student. Seriously?

I found her reaction to the adopted children a bit out of character. Not
Chelsea Stephenson
I love this series....for you who want to know the order of the books...
1. The no. 1 ladies detective agency
2. Tears of the Giraffe
3. Morality for Beautiful Girls
4. The kalahari typing school for men
5. Full Cupboard of life
6. In the co. of cheerful ladies
7. Blue shoes and happiness
8. Miracle of speedy motors
9. The good husband of zebra drive
Lillian Carl
I realize this is only the second book in the series, but for whatever reason I read the first one some years ago and then skipped ahead to five and then to seven or eight or so, and am now making an effort to catch up.

But not too fast! The thing about a series you really like is not, IMHO, racing through them all but letting them sit there like money in the bank, waiting for you to savor.

This volume is the one where Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni finds himself adopting two children---without first check
Melissa Proffitt
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books are my favorite comfort reads: peaceful, unhurried stories about a country the author loves very much. I think this one is much more solid than the first, probably because there are two main plots interwoven with Precious Ramotswe's other investigations. In the first, she's called on to find out the truth about a young man's disappearance and probable death ten years previously, and in the second, her fiancé Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni (who must surely be one of ...more
This story took me deeper into the traditions of Botswana and their many gentle people, and gave some insight into the broader African conflicts - but mostly it was a wonderful story of Mma Ramotswe and her Detective Agency. The result of the cases that Mma Ramotswe takes on very often end up helping others in a very sensible way, and in the midst of her investigations we are also pulled in to her lovely life, where she is engaged to a very kind man who has surprisingly taken in two orphan child ...more
The second book in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series finds Mma Precious Ramotswe (still the only female detective in Botswana) happily accepting Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni's proposal of marriage. After a disastrous first marriage to a trumpet-playing scoundrel, Precious swore she would never remarry. But Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni, the proprietor of a successful car repair shop, is everything she could ask for in a man...kind, considerate and worshipful of the ground Precious walks on. However, not ev ...more
Ananth Subramanian
I belong to a generation which was brought up on Sherlock Homes, Father Brown, Agatha Christie, John Dickson Carr etc. Having read all of their books over many years, I am trying to identify a modern writer on crime novels. The hunt has been disappointing so far.

Alexander Smith was highly recommended to me. Well it falls far short when compared to authors/novels I had mentioned above.

Looks like I will have to fall back and read the old authors all over again.

I would appreciate if some one readin
Another nice pleasant, quick read about the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni has proposed marriage to Mma (Precious) Ramotswe. In this 2nd of the series we have three cases: 1) a butcher asks that Mma Ramotswe find out whether his wife is cheating on him, 2) an American woman hires Mma Ramotswe to find out what happened to her son who disappeared many years ago, and 3) Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni's maid plots to get rid of his betrothed because she has a very cushy job and doesn't wan ...more

Le lacrime della giraffa di Alexander McCall Smith è un libro gradevole e soprattutto diverso dal solito, a partire dall’ambientazione, il Botswana.

Protagonista è la signora Precious Ramotswe, fondatrice della N 1 Ladies Detective Agency, prima e unica agenzia investigativa di questo piccolo paese africano diretta da una donna.
Amante del tè rosso, gentile e di gran cuore, attenta osservatrice e portata alla riflessione filosofica, la signora Ramotswe rappresenta da un lato la tipica donna
Airmata jerapah? Rasanya kita di Indonesia tak pernah mendengar istilah itu. Ada juga airmata buaya, yaitu istilah untuk menyatakan kepura-puraan seseorang menangisi kesedihan atau kemalangan orang lain. Karena pura-pura sedih - sebab sebenarnya ia justru bahagia atas kemalangan tersebut - maka airmata yang diteteskannya itu disebut airmata buaya.

Tentang airmata jerapah, ternyata itu ada ceritanya sendiri di benua Afrika sana, tepatnya di Botswana. Para wanita di sana percaya, bahwa jerapah tel
Melissa (ladybug)
Tears of the Giraffe picks up where The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency left off. Mma Ramotswe has just agreed to marry Rra Matekoni. Mr J.L.B. Matekoni is a plain, good man who is an auto mechanic. That is one thing I love about his character in particular. My father is also a mechanic who can tell what is wrong just with the sound a motor makes. In this second book in the series, Mma Ramotswe has to track a sneaky wife and find an American who disappeared ten years ago all while having an relat ...more
Anne Hawn Smith
Again we meet Precious Ramotswe as her family begins to expand. Her friendship with Mr. J. L. B. Matekoni has become a trek towards marriage but before that can happen, her household is enlarged to 3 as she takes on the orphans Mr. Matekoni has been talked into rearing. Precious takes them in her stride and they prove to be charming and grateful adding a new dimension to the story.

Her secretary, who graduated with 97% has begun to take on detective duties and the contrast of personalities of all
This second entry in Smith's Botswana-set series picks up right where the wonderful "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" left off. Indeed, the two books are utterly seamless, and it'd be a real shame to read this without reading its predecessor first.

The book picks up with the engagement of "traditionally built" Precious Ramotswe, Botswana's sole woman detective, to local master mechanic Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni. While the structure is the same as the first book: a missing son as the central running
I got a little worn out reading all endangered-species policy books and wanted a fluffy mystery for a break. I've been meaning to read these book. The library didn't have The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on the shelf when I dropped by, but they did have this book, the second in the series. I don't get too caught up in reading things in order, so I picked it up. I'm really glad I did, because it was exactly what I was looking for: a lovely, character-driven (in a non-naval gazing way) story, dr ...more
MSJ (Sarah)
I don’t know what it is about this series that totally immerses me and transports me to a different time and place. I get lost reading about Precious Ramotswe and the country of Botswana. The TV could be blaring and the husband could be talking but I am oblivious to all that. Nope, distractions did not prevail this time.

Yes it is a cozy mystery but it is exactly what I needed to read at this moment. I craved something on the fluffy side but it also somewhat smart.

The second book in the series l
Derek Baldwin
This is fun and it becomes more apparent in this second instalment that the twee surface of the story is not an attempt to steer away from the harsher realities of life in Africa, in the same way that Mma Ramotswe's tactful and gentle approach to the people she deals with is a considered, and not a naive, strategy. Relatively little detecting goes on, much as before, but the story is charming and the ending is really quite moving. As undemanding escapism goes I don't think you could ask for much ...more
Harun Harahap
pas kemaren ketemu ni buku tuh seneng banged..coz ni buku yg daku cari2...cuma pernah baca buku seri ketiganya seh...tapi gw dah suka banged..jadi penasaran sama buku seri pertama dan keduanya..

masih menceritakan Mma Ramotswe sebagai detektif wanita no.1 di Botswana dan tunangannya Mr Matekoni..sebenernya cerita detektif ni ringan banged..kasusnya ga ngejelimet..bahkan bisa dibilang biasa banged..

tapi sisi lebihnya adalah di buku ni diceritakan tentang kebudayaan afrika..dan juga banyak moralita
I didn't find Tears of the Giraffe quite as absorbing as the first book in the series, although it has much the same charm and sweetness. I think the novelty wore off a little. I still liked it, but it didn't have much of a plot, which made it easy to set down the book and get more interested in other things. And it seemed somehow more simplistic – there was very little character development other than repeating the same lines set down in the first book, and the minor characters did not seem a ...more
I actually liked this one more than the first. Similar structure as the first with one case that spanned the whole book and then a bunch of mini-cases that lasted from a few pages to several chapters. I felt I got to know the main 3 characters much better (the detective, the secretary and the mechanic). I thought how the characters approached decisions was very interesting. Very different from how we make decisions in the United States. As with the first book, the author did an exceptional job a ...more
Book #2 in the series. Read if you like mysteries.
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Alexander McCall Smith is the author of the international phenomenon The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, the Isabel Dalhousie Series, the Portuguese Irregular Verbs series, and the 44 Scotland Street series. He is professor emeritus of medical law at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and has served on many national and international bodies concerned with bioethics. He was born in what ...more
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“Sometimes she thought that the people overseas had no room in their heart for Africa, because nobody had ever told them that African people were just the same as they were” 10 likes
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