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Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection Volume 1
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Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection Volume 1

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  240 ratings  ·  33 reviews
With the fabric of the universe torn, all that stands between us and invading horrors is a team of cosmic misfits. Led by Star-Lord, the newly-minted Guardians of the Galaxy include a who's who of the mightiest -and most bizarre - protectors the stars have ever seen! Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Gamora, Adam Warlock, Mantis, the all-new Quasar, Cosmo the tele ...more
Paperback, 296 pages
Published August 12th 2014 by Marvel (first published August 5th 2014)
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Holy Pama! That was an entertained ride!

This TPB edition is the first volume of two, containing the issues from #1 to #12 inclusive, and it's a tie-in edition to the film, since previously this series was published in 4 volumes, instead on only two now.

Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Illustrators: Clint Langley (covers), Paul Pelletier (1-7), Brad Walker (8-10), Wes Craig (11-12) with the assistance of Carlos Magno (9).


One question, though... who are you again?

Not exactly the easiest place for somebody fresh from the movie to start with Guardians of the Galaxy. There's a lot (a lot) of backstory required to understand who these people are, what they're doing, and what the hell is going on. I'm slightly ahead of the curve: I know who Adam Warlock is, and I know what the Kree and Skrull are. And a few other things. Apparently, this series drew heavily on the Annihilation event that preceded it, and that I haven't read. It would have been better if I had ...more
***Green Theme Buddy Reads Book #2 - Again, Gamora and Drax ARE is Mantis, and a whole bunch of other alien characters...there's my rationale***

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This is not your Chris Pratt Guardians. This is the 2008 version, not the Bendis. I enjoyed it a lot, in the first half, but then, like the characters, it got too cosmic. "I hate that cosmic shit" This version also includes Adam Warlock and Quasar...but not the Wendell Vaughn Quasar I'm familiar with (this one is half-Kree, and possibly daugh
NECESITO MÁS. Es increíble lo mucho que me gusto esta historia. Adoro a los personajes. Los comentarios de Rocket son los mejores. Me dieron muchas ganas de rever la película.
Lo súper recomiendo.
Unless like Brian Bendis' current run, stuff is actually happening in this series.
This covers issues 1-12 of the 2008 reboot of Guardians of the Galaxy. I really enjoyed most of this. The first 6 issues were probably the best, and I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Phyla, Drax, and Moondragon in issues 11 and 12 (though I did not like the art style of 11... far too cartoony). I think I need to go back and read some of the Annihilation comics to get Phyla's backstory as Quasar.

The first six issues were really funny, and I particularly liked the use of Debrief Log to int
The "Complete Collection" contains the first twelve issues of the "restarted" GOTG series, as opposed to the 1990s series. There's some great stuff in here!

However, this is a rough intro for fans of the movie, because you'll have no idea (1) why these people are where they are or (2) who these OTHER people are, like Warlock and Phyla-Vell. Movie fans will unfortunately be better off starting with the Annihilation collections. The Star-Lord mini is almost required reading for this GOTG series.
This graphic novel pulls together the early issues of the comic that came about after the reboot of the team that occurred in the recent film. The team is mostly made up of the characters seen in the movie, but a few more powerful superheroes and interesting characters are added to the mix. The team finds themselves trying to balance there disparate personalities as they are confronted with a galaxy that seems to be suffering from cosmic tears and a super religious organization called the Church ...more
Will Robinson Jr.
For those who want an introduction to the Marvel Cosmic Universe. This was a pretty good jumping on point. Dan Abnett has created an exciting and always changing space opera. There is a lot of back story you may want to know before jumping into this first volume of the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy series. But the cool thing is that many of the members of this team are officially working as a team for the first time so the book has an origin kind of feel. I didn't have much trouble following the ...more
Well, it does appear to fix one of the problems I have with the newer series. They actually seem to have a storyline that is theirs and theirs alone to deal with. And it actually strikes me as something that would cause the formation of a group. They don't seem to be dropping whatever current event is happening to them in order to become a part of whatever is going on to other teams in the rest of the marvel universe. Which isn't to say they don't crossover to a major event that was going on at ...more
Holden Attradies
I'll start this off by saying what many others have said: it's not the best starting place for someone trying to get into the team. There are so many things you need to be familiar with from the Marvel universe. But I, luckily, had read most of what I needed to. I'm sure a few quick Google searches could have got me caught up too.

One I got things straight and was able to dive into the comic I found it VERY enjoyable. The narration through the after reports of the team were funny and a genius way
Shane Perry
Like most, I picked this up because of the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie and wanted to read what director James Gunn found so appealing. Got to say, the man has good taste. I am a bit of a novice when it comes to cosmic Marvel. I tend to prefer stuff situated on Earth. Nevertheless, this is a fun first 12 issues of Guardians. Definitely better than the current Bendis run on the title. The art gets better as the book goes on, which is a plus. I also love that the stories are generally 2-3 iss ...more
Daniel Joslyn
Perhaps a bit-in-the-weeds-y for those coming in just having seen the movie (the actual start of the Guardians story is probably somewhere around the "Annihilation" mini-series), mostly due to an overdose of Adam Warlock-ness, but if you're willing to jump in with both feet it is just so much fun. For those looking for more Starlord, Rocket Raccoon (HE DRINKS OUT OF A MUG THAT SAYS ROCKET RACCOON ON IT), Groot, Drax, and Gamora, this is the place. I also really enjoyed Mantis and hope she appear ...more
Michael Nash
I've complained before about the way Marvel Comics, and particularly Marvel Comics dealing with "cosmic stuff" are really bad about throwing the reader into the deep end and expecting you to know 50 years of comic backstory, and that in general I don't want to deal with them. Dan Abnett's run on Guardians of the Galaxy is a study in how to deal with the massive Marvel continuity correctly. Over and over, Abnett drops a few lines that provide you all you need to know about introduced characters a ...more
Adam Weinert
This is my first forray into GOTG, I was a little out of my depth, but I was very happy to be in the water! The story is filled with action, literally non-stop action, and very funny dialogue. Who knew a raccoon and a Soviet-era dog could be so funny. I have so many questions, but to the degree that I was keeping up with the story, the GOTG were doing their best to keep the Galaxy in its place.
A lot of people rave about the DnA cosmic novels and I can see why. A brilliant plot with excellent artwork that has immediately made me want the next in this series. While this book introduces the GotG as a team, it doesn't introduce the characters or back story; it picks up directly after the Annihilation storyline so looks like they'll be my next purchase in the Marvel universe!
It has a long introduction, where the characters are introduced and a smattering of backstory is presented. Once that's finished you get into the real story. Of course it ends on a cliff-hanger. So, as far as the writing, it's top-notch. It's quirky and funny, and serious all at the same time. The artwork is incredible, a lot of motion, action, and cool character design. Very good.
Just in time for the release of the movie (which i'm sure is a total coincidence ;)) the Abnett and Lanning run on Guardians of the Galaxy from 2007 is back in print. The team is comprised of the familiar characters we've seen in the trailers along with a few extras and serves as an introduction to this new team formed out of the events of Annihilation (as is my understanding).

This series was a mixture of action and humour, swearing was present in the series although it was censored using skull
This isn’t my usual style, but I thought I would try it anyway because I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.

I couldn’t finish it; it didn’t hold my attention at all. I appreciated the art and I think people who like superheroes would love it.
Pretty good. I got used to thinking of the Guardians lineup roughly reflecting the movie. But there are a lot of other characters here and they're pretty interesting.

The authors made an interesting choice to have multiple seemingly unrelated stories going on. Like there is a health crisis that basically starts and stops offscreen for no reason.
Daniel Russo
It's chaotic as all get-out, but a rollicking good time nonetheless. Some familiarity with the Marvel universe would help cut down on the WTF factor, but only a bit. Just dive in and go with it!
For the first comic book I've ever read, I really enjoyed it. I loved the movie based on The Guardians of the Galaxy, and this book did a great job bringing me into the world that started them.
Not sure what to rate this. I wasn't blown away, but I didn't dislike it. I think it deserves about a 3.5 stars so I'll round it up to 4. I like the mix of characters - they're an interesting group. But for a volume 1 it sure jumped into the story quickly and made it hard to follow at first. This is called "The Complete Collection" but there's obviously some backstory here that would help explain some of the storyline or subplots.

But it was a light and enjoyable ride.
Stefan Nardi
I absolutely loved this book. I love the Guardians and this story is fantastically written and gives a different perspective on Marvel events occurring on earth at the time.
Lesbian space dragons!

Psychic Russian dogs!

Giant secret head bases!

Top notch funny space opera fun.

(Much better than the movie.)

First comic book I've read and it was fantastic. I think I am becoming obsessed with comic books now. Welp.
The artwork isn't my favorite style, but the story is good.
Entertaining. It is a good intro to the Guardians as a whole, and introduces some of the other characters as well. Looking forward to volume 2!
This was okay... It started off very slow. Turned out to be an alright story.
This was just so good!!!!
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