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The Synchronicity War Part 1
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The Synchronicity War Part 1 (The Synchronicity War)

3.8  ·  Rating Details ·  2,102 Ratings  ·  126 Reviews
After almost a century of peaceful exploration and colonization of space, the United Earth Space Force stumbles across a shockingly xenophobic alien race that has more and better-armed ships and refuses all attempts at contact. As the outgunned Space Force is driven back in battle after battle in what appears to be a war of extermination, one officer experiences ...more
Kindle Edition, 287 pages
Published December 28th 2013 by Dietmar Arthur Wehr (first published November 19th 2013)
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11811 (Eleven)
Jul 05, 2015 11811 (Eleven) rated it liked it
This was a pretty cool military sci-fi novel. I don't usually indulge in that genre but I was in the mood and checked this out on audio. The production was outstanding. The narrator sounded like he was managing the cast of Star Trek or something and the action scenes were exciting because it was so well read.

There's a lot of hard sci-fi in here so you won't just read that someone jumped to light speed - you'll also learn the how and why of it. That's gonna be a plus for some people and a minus
Dec 12, 2013 BookBandit rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Humans explore the universe. Humans make first contact. Humans must wage war...

I came across this book by chance on Amazon and noticed a lot of 5 star ratings. I took a chance and downloaded it to my Kindle and am pleased I did, this is a great start to a new series by a relatively new author. I read somewhere that the author is a fan of the Honor Harrington series and it shows. The space combat centers around ship-ship combat versus "space marines"-ground combat.

If you like your military sci-fi
Jan 17, 2014 Tommy rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
It's not bad, but not yet up to the level of the Webers et al.
There's some potential here, but overall I found it lacking in execution... at least to my taste.
Still Wehr has been quite innovative on the tech-side, whereas on the other hand I'm not sure whether Newtonian physics has always been taken seriously while writing. But you better not expect too much realism in milSF, both on the science side, as well for the personalities.

The story itself (plot, there's not too much of such a thing) is
Emanuele Gemelli
Mar 01, 2014 Emanuele Gemelli rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: kindle
I mean, really? How can anybody judge this book deserving more than 0.5 stars? Everybody has the right to like it or not, but I think there are objective things which should guide your own judgement: plot and writing. Plot is non existent: as wrote here by somebody, it's pretty flat, flavorless and quite repetitive. Writing skills are those of a teener. But the non plus ultra is the author begging for 5 stars in amazon!!! You cannot be serious!
Jul 15, 2014 Jean-luc rated it did not like it
Shelves: space-opera
It's not often that I don't read a book to the end, but I could not bring myself to go any further than the first 40 pages. I don't know if it gets any better later in the book but the writing style is really lacking. Cliches, bad dialog. It's really hard to justify spending more time on this book!
Aug 03, 2015 Jan rated it it was ok
As far as sci-fi goes, it's not a total loss, but this book reads more like a train schedule. It feels so structured all of the time (yup, pretty much all the time). Something like: "if the 10:54 train leaves before the 11:08 train, but accelerates faster and bypasses the local station then it will arrive 5 minutes ahead of the first train. However if going faster means needing more fuel, the 11:08 train will need to refuel at a local station....". Replace train with space ship and you get the ...more
Nicholas Adams
Jan 25, 2016 Nicholas Adams rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: No one.
I got to the end of chapter 3, and could go no further. The synopsis caught my attention, but that was pretty much the only part of the book that engaged my imagination.

What I liked: The descriptive science behind the technology.

What I didn't like: The characters were flat, the dialogue was stereotypical and cliche, but (most of all) the 10% I read seemed to be more than 90% tell and 10% show. This is something, that as an author myself gets pointed out to me more often than I'd like (but it giv
Jan 13, 2014 Keith rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition was just ok. pretty one dimensional. shiloh does this, shiloh does that, shiloh has a vision.repeat.

The only thing making me want to continue the series is the CFP AI's, and the controversy surrounding them regarding their sentience.
Thomas Lafavor
Nov 04, 2016 Thomas Lafavor rated it it was amazing
Awesome start

Great start, looking forward to starting the next book. Good military-esque space book. Wouldn't classify it as a true military sci-fi as it doesn't have quite the same procedural feel, but an excellent book none the less. Somewhat like the lost fleet series by Jack Campbell
Nov 02, 2016 Alex rated it it was ok
Ending a book right before the climax is not suspending action, it's insulting to your audience. The rest of the book was ok, but laden down with heavy info dumps, and more than a handful of characters that didn't seem to need to exist (quite a few of them could all have been rolled into just one). I could go on, but I think I'd rather move on instead.
Stanley Marshall
Oct 22, 2016 Stanley Marshall rated it it was amazing
Pretty good book

I liked the premise of the book and the authors use of his characters, could have been a little better at character development but al in all a good book
Nov 04, 2016 Tim rated it it was amazing
Poor writing in the first chapters but gets much better later.
Tim Dees
Nov 06, 2016 Tim Dees rated it liked it
This is an okay space opera, but not compelling enough to get me to read the rest of the series.

Earth has a space force that is concerned mostly with policing space-borne industrial operations and exploration. So far, we're still alone in the universe. When a few starships get jumped by an unknown alien species, everyone has to reconfigure. At the end of this book, we still don't know much about our alien adversaries, except that they're just slightly more technologically advanced than we are.
Sep 28, 2016 Zozo rated it it was ok
A very weak book. The whole thing was a big logistical planning in the name of scientific accuracy. Ships had to refuel!! All the fucking time!!!

The technology was inconsistent. They could jump in sub-space and they had lasers (ooooh) but everything else was current technology and current namings and stuff.

The main character was boring, he just stood there and took the shit. He had visions to which the author didn't think to give any explanation or hint throughout the book.

The enemy was just s
Robert Romberger
Sep 28, 2016 Robert Romberger rated it really liked it
Synchronicity War part 1

Pretty much nonstop action interspersed with interesting tactical planning make for a pleasant read. I enjoyed this book right up to the cliffhanger ending.
ABR's full The Synchronicity War (Book 1) audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

There were several reason why I decided to pre-order The Synchronicity War (Book 1). One being the narrator, Luke Daniels, is one of my favorites, especially when performing a military science fiction story. Another being the Publisher, Podium Publishing, as I have , to date, really enjoyed every audiobook of theirs that I have listened to.

Military science fiction geeks will enjoy this s
Aug 25, 2016 Josiah rated it liked it
There are somethings I really liked about this book but I would feel remiss if I did address what I believe to be glaring flaws in its execution. #1 There is not on descriptive sentence in this whole book; not on color mentioned, one comparison made, one single tiny detail for our senses to absorb. There are no metaphors and not an ounce of prose. Now, I'm not one to sit here and cry foul if there isn't a sufficient amount of poetry in my sci-fi (that would be absolutely preposterous) but I have ...more
Don Viecelli
From Newsletter Number 72:

This review is on The Synchronicity War, Part 1 written by Dietmar Arthur Wehr. It is the first book I have read by this author. This book has been re-edited and reformatted as Edition 4. For some reason, the ebook is available for free. It looked interesting, so I decided to read it.

The story begins with Commander Victor Shiloh on the bridge of his Frigate starship named FE 344 looking for missing ship FE 319. He is part of a Squadron of seven Frigates investigating th
May 28, 2015 Bob rated it liked it
Shelves: military-sci-fi
Okay, this is firmly in my three-star rating camp. It was a solid story, interesting, moves well and seems realistic enough to be believable. I like the Honor Harrington subgenre of military science fiction, so for those of us who enjoy that, this is a good enough read. However, it is missing some things:
1) It was much too dry and technical, with very little world-building: it's very tightly focused on one character in the military, who isn't given any family or any home or anything outside the
Jan 04, 2016 Anna rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi
So I basically devoured this book in just a few days. Or let's say my ears did, because I listened to it on Audible. First of all, props to Luke Daniels, who, once again, did an outstanding job. He also read the Frontlines Series by Marco Kloos and I loved him there just as much as I loved him here. He's born to be a sci-fi performer it seems.

On to Dietmar Wehrs book. The author does a good job at depicting a believable sci-fi world with enjoyable characters and a few interesting twists. I espec
Derek Holmes
May 26, 2015 Derek Holmes rated it really liked it
Pure Sci-Fi in the vein of Star Trek - Enterprise, the early noughties spin off show starring Scott Bakula. Earth is in the early days of space exploration, slowly colonising nearby planets when all of a sudden and without provocation they are attacked by an alien race and Earth must mobilise its forces quickly, or face extermination.

The techie sci-fi stuff, explaining how hyper space works, or describing the weapons that are being developed and the actual tactics of the space battles are superb
Pat Beard
Jul 10, 2015 Pat Beard rated it liked it
I will be looking for the sequels. This is one of my favorite varieties of the science fiction genre and overall the book didn't disappoint

Would have given this a higher rating if it hadn't been too heavy with long expository passages that could have been condensed. For example, the briefing before the equivalent of the "Congressional committee" that funds the military was particularly onerous and I almost gave up on the book before I got to the end of it. In addition, some of the descriptions o
Oct 22, 2014 Mekerei rated it liked it
The Synchronicity War Part 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 are a space opera.

They are in the tradition of David Weber, Elizabeth Moon and E E "Doc" Smith. However they do not hold a candle to these authors.

I must have liked them enough to read all four titles in the series. I was on holiday and had pre-loaded these on my kindle and had limit WiFi to be able to download any other titles (I do have about 200 unread books on my Kindle - these are freebies and I was in a Sci Fi mood).

It is an interesting series
Nick Prins
Jan 24, 2015 Nick Prins rated it it was amazing
I thoroughly enjoyed this whole series.
The space battles take things to another level compared to other books ive read, most notably the opposing forces cant see each other (space is dark!). There are no magical sensors in these books where every ship somehow knows where every other ship is as soon as they enter a system.
The technical aspects of these books are brilliant, I love how the author keeps taking things in a different direction, you think its going to be a book just about space battl
Jul 23, 2015 Sherflei rated it it was amazing
Warning: this book will end with a cliff-hanger, so be ready with part 2 or you will have a problem!

To notch military sci fi in the tradition of Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet. The Shiloh character has many similarities to "Blackjack" Geary, but I find Wehr's writing to be less stilted and overall better. Good story, pacing, and balance between military scenes and personal interactions. When I finished part 1, I immediately had to get part 2. I suspect the parts 3 and 4 to be similarly "unresolved";
Jan 25, 2015 Robert rated it it was ok
Reading this was a weird experience. The story was great! Fascinating. But I hated the dry way that he wrote. There are the barest descriptions of anything scenic, what people look like, what the ships looked like. I read science fiction so the writers can paint a world for me that I fill in with my imagination. He is not a "visual" writer. Many times I felt it was simply dry reporting.

I must admit that I really don't like military science fiction. I dislike war movies as well. I picked this up
Mar 01, 2015 Kevin rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Just released by Audible it has some potential. I'm not certain where the title comes from but there is a lot that is not explained yet. This is what is holding my interest. If the book were a standalone I'd probably have gotten tired of it. It's one battle after another with no discovered or even guessed reason for the attacks and no idea who is attacking. I want to know where the premonitions are coming from, who the heck is attacking and how they know so much (I have suspicions), and how will ...more
Feb 14, 2016 Enzo rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Great piece of Science Fiction. Its a fast pace novel that tells the story of Commander Victor Shiloh in the Space Force. He is in a Search & Rescue when they discover the Ship they are searching was attacked. Which triggers a "vision" which he follows and saves the Space Force from an unprovoked attack by an Alien force. Which leads to Humans going to War. The book is simple but the characters and Shiloh are really good. Along the way Wehr adds Ai Controlled fighters which I wish he would ...more
Apr 06, 2014 Shane rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: military-scifi
This is an interesting first effort by the author. The universe created is well thought out and has much potential. There is plenty of military style action with good pacing and an interesting premise at its core.

So; those are the good parts. The characters are weakly developed if at all. This changes about half way through when the author introduces AI characters into the story. The AI's have more personality than any of the human characters. Lastly the title lists this as "Part 1" and the auth
Feb 10, 2016 Bruce rated it really liked it
I really enjoyed this series. All four volumes are basically the continuous story, and transition from one to another in the middle of scenes. So, count on reading all four, and do them in order. I do my best to avoid series like that until all parts are published, and this one has been.

I'm a fan of military sci-fi, and I think this rates among the best them. It has an interesting story, good action, and characters I liked and grew to care about -- even the AI characters. It had a bit of a "Grou
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