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Fallen Angels (SparkNotes Literature Guide)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  5,876 ratings  ·  835 reviews
An exciting, eye-catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers' bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover.

A coming-of-age tale for young adults set in the trenches of the Vietnam War in the late 1960s, this is the story of Perry, a Harlem teenager who volunteers for the service when his dream of attending colle...more
Paperback, 309 pages
Published May 1st 2008 by Scholastic Paperbacks (first published October 7th 1983)
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In the past four months, I've changed jobs, been forced to move out of my apartment back in with my parents temporarily, and begun the arduous task of DIYing a long neglected house into a livable space without, y'know, electrical wires dangling into the sink and cracked wood-paneled walls. I am finding it hard to have the attention span for any reading above an eighth grade level, and even find myself momentarily overwhelmed by Tess Gerritsen. (Let's meditate on that for a moment. Body Double? C...more
Once again, a young adult author surprises me with a piece of hard hitting fiction transcending the inadequate categorizations that we try to slap on literature. At this point I don't know why I'm still surprised when I pick up a YA book and it blows me away with its authenticity and depth, but it keeps happening.

Fallen Angels is a quick read. Once I started rolling on it, I finished it in a few hours. The plotline is standard, though the fluctuation between mundane and boring to hellish and vi...more
This is the story of one soldiers tour in Vietnam. It shows the war through his eyes. He is a soldier mostly for economic reasons, not because he has a particular position for or against the war. It details both the boredom and life threatening action of the Vietnam war.

This will appeal to teens who like war violence. Boys who want to be soliders or like war will like this book. It is very realistic, not a "James Bond" type of violence, and the soliders reaction to it is very realistic. Some tee...more
Perry is a very young man from Harlem with not many options. So he signs up with the army during the Vietnam War. Welcome to a world of very unpleasant educational opportunities!

Those first few days in country are strange, new and sometimes exciting. The men, well...boys, really, admire another guy's larger, nasty-looking gun. Perry learns the first rule of war - "Hours of boredom, seconds of terror." He sees his first dead bodies and learns that a dead friend is a human being to be treated with...more
Joe Lunievicz
Apr 19, 2011 Joe Lunievicz rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: 15 and up YA's and adults.
Recommended to Joe by: saw it in bookstore as faceout.
Walter Dean Myers has been writing YA, gritty, urban fiction for a long time and he is very, very good at it. He writes boy books for boys with African-American protagonists. I picked up a special anniversary edition of Fallen Angels last week while I was at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver because I’d read Lockdown, his 2010 release, and loved it and the subject matter – the Vietnam War – interested me. I can still remember sitting around a table in the cafeteria in ninth grade talking to...more
War. Many think it is just a game. But to the men and women fighting, it is a living hell. U.S.A., 1960's, Perry is drafted into the U.S. Military, and sent to the front-line in Vietnam. Perry is a young African-American man, working towards getting to college. Perry's family lives in Harlem, whom have a military background. Perry never wanted to go into the military, his mother mainly the reason. The draft got him to go, of course right to the front-line. Facing a new group of friends, Perry le...more
I thought that Fallen Angels was one of the best books that ive ever read. It really shows the life in vitnam and what they really had to go threw. I would give it 5 star rating. I would also recomend this book to anyone that likes war books.
Erin Sterling
I had trouble getting into this book. I found this a really hard book to get through emotionally. I don't tend to pick up war books (in fact, I've started Sunrise Over Fallujah, also by Walter Dean Myers, about twice and couldn't get past the first ten pages or so), I think because of the inevitability of dying in the book and the notion of soldiers dedicating their lives for something that powers way above them are deciding. That being said, the book was well-written and thoughtful and heart-wr...more
Wow. Just...wow. Walter Dean Myers accomplishes the high-wire task of writing about war for a younger audience with all its attendant boredoms, brutalities, and nightmares while making the telling unnervingly easy to comprehend and the characters too easy to identify and sympathize with. Myers shows us the Vietnam war through the eyes of Perry, a young man whose enlistment seemed like his best option for a future, until he's actually in country. We are with him whether he's bonding or clashing w...more
Walter Dean Myers wrote the book Fallen Angels. It is about America and the Vietnam War. Well as said by the main character in the book, Richie Perry. He goes through a lot of changes and sees some of his good friends die in battle fighting for a cause that no one could agree upon. The book has 4 other main characters, Lobel, Johnson, Brunner, and Peewee. The book starts off talking about the experiences of Perry while he is serving in Vietnam. His best friend, Peewee becomes instant friends wit...more
Jared Sharp
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Fallen Angel by Walter Dean Myers. I can truly say,up to this point it is the best book I have ever read. The cover art and the title peeked my interest and when I read the summary on the back, I became very interested. The book started right off with the plane ride to
Vietnam and Perry meeting Peewee. Peewee became his friend. The interactions between the soldiers, and commanders and their day to day life with each other was the most interesting part of the book to m...more
Fallen Angels should not be overlooked as a novel and any person interested in reading about the human aspect of warfare should pick the book up post-haste, you will feel every tear-jerking, heart wrenching, happy, brotherly, and loving moment the account has to offer.
A great deal of time has been given to attempting to understand the circumstances and political and social ideals of the United States and its Brinkmanship policies during the Vietnam War. Although many have forgotten the Korean...more
Van Phan
Myers, Walter Dean. Fallen Angels. New York: Scholastic, 1988.

Characters: Richie Perry is seventeen years old narrator and protagonist. Kenny Perry is Richie’s little brother and whom he shares a close relationship with. Richie’s mother was in a phase of depression and alcoholism. Harold Gates, also known as Peewee, was Richie’s friend during the war.
Setting: 1967 Harlem and Vietnam
Theme: family relationships; prejudice; social responsibility; loss of innocence; reality of war; understanding lif...more
Caleb Jones
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The book starts off when a boy named Richie Perry joins the army. He joins thinking he will not see any battle. He quickly learns that everything people told him about not seeing firefight was a lie. Then as the story progresses more and more of Richie's friends die. By the middle of the book Richie is longing for home and is just trying to survive each day left in Vietnam. Richie's best friend Peewee is the only thing that keeps Richie sane and vise versa for Peewee. Richie and Peewee finally...more
Erin Reilly-Sanders
I was rather amazed at how real this book felt. The characters are all entertaining but it's their dialog that feels so real and honest that it draws the reader in. Myers was in Vietnam and, I assume, drew heavily on his own experiences for this book. While it is awful and violent, it isn't overwhelmingly so, often portraying the boredom of sitting around in camp and focusing more on the feelings of the characters rather than their actions. In fact, the mediation between feeling and action is ra...more
Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers is remarkable book with tons of humor and touching moments. The author does a perfect job in making the dynamic characters with great deal of detail. The characters act natural and think like like you think they should. This book shows true realism of of what soldiers think and do during wars. The authors make you each character distinct characteristic making each unit and memorable.
The story is as deep as the characters with each event leading to another. Each...more
Richie Perry does not know what to do with his life after high school. He lives in Harlem, New York. He cannot afford college. The army seems to be the best option. After signing up and going to basic training, Perry is shipped off to Vietnam. There he meets a true friend, Peewee. The people other soldiers he meets are here for different reasons, but one thing they all have in common is getting back to the World alive.

I enjoyed this read. War stories always are fascinating to me. It makes me app...more
I think that this book would be appealing to teens who are interested in warfare or what happened during the Vietnam War. Boys would also be interested in the relationships that Perry develops during his time in the military. This would be particularly appeal to teens because of the current conflict/war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This book addresses the need to be a strong older sibling, loneliness, questioning what you want to do with your life, dissatisfaction with you position in life, and the...more
Grant Lira
My book is really good so far. There has been some important stuff that has happened since the last time I reviewed it. First, there were a couple of fights. Next, one of there generals died. His squad took it really hard because they got ambushed and saw him get shot with their own eyes. I think that this had an up side because I think it made them closer and made them realize how real the war is. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make things sink in. Last, we learned about Perry's mom and how...more
Alec B
Alec Bachman

Fallen Angels is a story of a one year tour in Vietnam during the war. It is told through the eyes of 18 year old Richie Perry, who once lived in the ghetto in Harlem Mass. and lost his chance to go to college. He is sent to the front lines deep in Vietnam. It mainly goes through his life at camp and him and his comrades trying to relieve themselves from the extreme boredom that comes from sitting in a military camp all day. Also, it describes the fighting against the Vietnamese sold...more
• Igor Kovalyov
• APA citation: Myers, W. D. (1988). Fallen angels. New York: Scholastic Inc.
• Genre: Multicultural
• Awards (If applicable): Coretta Scott King Award Book
• Format: Print
• Selection Process: Recommendation
• Review:
Fallen Angels is a gritty realistic tale of young adults and their experience through the Vietnam War. I think that this book was amazing because of the sense of reality that is painted all throughout and our main characters grow with each and every experience. There is m...more
I would have liked this book had there not been so much swearing. However, it is a story based in the Vietnam war, and it’s understandable that the most realistic approach would contain a lot of swearing. For young adult literature it’s very true to life and contains fairly developed ideas about life. Not all soldiers are numb to killing, for some each one is remembered and burdened on them. It shows the sacrifices and the terribleness of war. Perry is from a poor family in Harlem who joins the...more
Kathy Hiester
Fallen Angels takes an in depth look at the life a teenager named Perry and his hopes of living out the American Dream. With a cheerful attitude and the intelligence of someone aged and experienced Perry decides at a young age that he would like to go to college. However due to the political and social climate of the United States Perry decides to enlist in the military instead to reach his dreams. What he finds in the Army is racial and social prejudice during the Vietnam War. This book takes u...more
This book was exponentially well-written and blew what little I thought about modern warfare waaayy out of proportions.

Okay, so this book has your typical main character, a teen ( like many of Myers' books), Richard Perry, that has just graduated from high school. Perry coming from the streets of Harlem, really isn't left with many choices about what to do with his life, so he volunteers to serve. And mind you, this is story is based in a 1960s setting, so during this time the Vietnam war is ha...more
Alex Mcnally
Reading Strategy #1 Preview
I have chosen Fallen Angels because out of the nonfiction, it had seemed the most readable. From looking at the cover, I was able to tell that a lot of fighting would go on and the main character would probably lose several friends. From skimming the back of the book, I saw that the character was only seventeen years old.”Seemed like a good idea at the time” (Myers 13).

Reading Strategy #2 Use Prior Knowledge
I don’t know much about the Vietnam War, but I do know that i...more
Brennan Large
Goodreads Review- Fallen Angels By Walter Dean Myers
By Brennan Large, P. 2

Predict- As I read the book, I realized the soldiers were going to be deployed to Chu Lai. As I got to know the main character, Richie, I thought to myself he would be killed in the Vietnam War. However, at the end of the story I learned Richie finally was allowed to leave the war and fly home, but he had to witness many friends’ deaths, and had to fly home with caskets. For example, on page 308, the text read “We got to O...more
This book was, honestly, the book that made me a serious writer. Walter Dean Myers has always been a fantastic author in my eyes, but this really cemented that belief in me. This book not only helped me through some of the hardest times of my life (with Perry's character providing me some grounding in my real-life situation), but it's also changed my life entirely.

Yes, that sounds cliche, but honestly, this book made me decide to join the military. Can I guarantee such a strong reaction in other...more
Eric  Looby
Set a purpose: I chose to read this book for a few reasons one because I needed a realistic fiction book to check off my reading list. Second because I have always been interested in warfare and wanted to read a book that was based on warfare and had a well known Author. Thirdly because I have heard good things about this book and I wanted to read it for fun.

Predict: When I predicted what this book was going to be about I was completely wrong. I began reading and it started out with them explai...more
Robert Moushon
Myers, W. D., (1988). Fallen angels. New York : Scholastic.

Characters: Richie Perry, the main protagonist, an African-American male from Harlem who enlists in Army. Kenny Perry, Richie’s younger brother, and his Richie’s mother. There is Peewee Gates, Richie’s comrade. Sergeant Dongan, an antagonist, a prejudiced army leader.

Setting: Vietnam during the Vietnam War, 1967-68.

Themes: Coming-of-age young adult, War, Civil rights movement.

Genre (assignment tags): CSULB Course 1 Classic, War, Young...more
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Stacie Williams
Stacie Johnson

Walter Dean Myers was born on August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia but moved to Harlem with his foster parents at age three. He was brought up and went to public school there. He attended Stuyvesant High School until the age of seventeen when he joined the army.

After serving four years in the army, he worked at various jobs and earned a BA from Empi...more
More about Walter Dean Myers...
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“That night the mosquitoes ate us up. I had bites all over my body. Back home I thought mosquitoes never bit black people. Not as much as they bit white people, anyway. Maybe Vietnamese mosquitoes just bit blacks and whites and didn’t bite Asians.” 0 likes
“You are not in Disneyland,” he said. “The little people you see running around over here are not Mouseketeers. Some of them are friendly, and some of them have a strong desire to kill you. If you remember that, and manage to kill them before they kill you, then you have a good chance of getting through your year of service here.” 0 likes
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