Carl Goes Shopping
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Carl Goes Shopping (Good Dog, Carl #2)

4.21 of 5 stars 4.21  ·  rating details  ·  302 ratings  ·  62 reviews
When Carl is told to mind the baby at a department store, the faithful Rottweiler and his little friend do some mischievous exploring.
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published October 1st 1989 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (first published 1989)
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Cheryl in CC NV
Meh. Too much like the first book, except in this case the troublemakers leave the department store staff to clean up the messes they make instead of doing so themselves. I did like the bit about the pet shop...
Elizabeth Brown
After reading the first page I thought, this is going to be a good book. But I was surprised to discover that the rest of the pages had no words. Then I realized that just because this book does not have words does not make it lame. This gives the story teller an opportunity to introduce new words to the listeners each time the story is told. In addition, the story can be told from a different perspective each time. Each makes the book more interesting. It encourages students to pay close attent...more
Bryonna Potter
This book is the cutest. It's almost a picture book without words, with the exception of three sentences. It could be used to spark creativity and imagination to create the story. The illustrations are nice and they show a pet's love and protection for its owners.

Learning Experience: I would explain to the children how important it is to take care of others. Then ask them if they have any little bothers or sisters or maybe even a pet and see if they could think of anything they could do to help...more
Tishandra Mayfield
This was a really cute book. The dog and the child really got into a lot of mischief. They have fun exploring the store and the different items that are in the store. A child will really enjoy this book, while hearing about the different items that are in a store.

Bring in a cash register and have the cildren pretend play. They can make believe that they are employees and customers. Each will have a chance to purchase items and pasy for them, while the others will get a chance to scan items and...more
This book is adorable. It's almost a wordless picture book with the exception of three sentences spoken from the mother. It could be used to spark creativity and imagination to create the story. The illustrations are nice and they show a pet's love and protection for its owners.

Extension Activity: After reading this book to the class I would discuss with them the meaning of being responsible for taking care of others. I would ask the children with younger sibblings and pets to name some things t...more
Carl Goes Shopping is a wordless book with exception to the first and last pages of the story. The first page entails a mother saying to Carl, a Rottweiler, “I have to go upstairs to get Aunt Martha’s curtains. Take good care of the baby, Carl.” The setting is a fancy department store. While mother goes to get the curtains, Carl and the baby explore and discover the store. Carl picks up the baby by the back of the shirt or gives the baby rides on his back. He watches over the baby while the baby...more
Necole Penn
This book has a lot of humor and objects that stand out to children to keep them interested. The mall is the most exciting place for any child at any age because there are so many bright, and hands-on objects to see. Carl was a very curious pet dog but he made sure he kept up with his friend, mother's baby. Carl is the most responsible dog I have ever met or read about. He was able to get back on time, which shows that dogs and other animals have great time management and are a baby's and humans...more
I really enjoy this book. It is mainly a picture book with simply a few sentences at the beginning of the book and one sentence at the end. I’ve read other Carl books and most of these books end the same, with the last sentence being the same. Having it say “Good dog, Carl” on the very last page. During class while learning about the Caldecott award I was thinking, more like hoping that one of these books had won the Caldecott during a year. However; after reading the criteria for the award I re...more
Alexandra Day's "Carl Goes Shopping" is absolutely wonderful. It was everything that one would expect from a dog in a department store-silly, funny, and a little mischievous! Carl is asked to "take care of the baby" while Mother shops, but Carl does a little more than take care of the baby, he takes the baby on an adventure. With very few words (only those spoken by the mother), Carl's adventure is told through beautifully painted pictures and illustrations. We see Carl and the baby visit the to...more
I really enjoyed this picture book. This book is full of illustrations and although it has very few words the pictures tell the whole story. This book also shows a delightful relationship between a baby and her dog. Reading this book with children could be fun and entertaining. They can help tell the story and predict what will come next by looking at the pictures. Even though it has very few words, this book can be used to discuss different types of dogs children that their are different types...more
Paula Heller
This is a cute and funny story for children of all ages, because it is a picture book about a dog taking care of a baby. Children can use their imagination and make up their own dialogue when they are looking at the pictures. The book is also about family, because the dog in the story is almost like an older brother or sister who is looking out for their younger sibling. It shows children a variety of ways on how to care for and have fun with their family and friends.
Joy Colclasure
I really enjoyed this book. Although it has very few words the pictures tell the whole story. This would be a fun book to read with children. They can help tell the story by looking at the pictures and they can predict what will come next. This book also shows an adorable relationship between a baby and her dog. This book can teach children that their are diffrent types of dogs, for instance you can explain that the dog in this book is called a "rottweiler". Wow, another word for the children's...more
This is a very cute story about a dog name Carl left to mind the baby of his mistress. They went on an exploration in the department. Wordless Picture book. Children can use their imagination and be creative.

Learning Extension
After reading the story have the children to draw picture of dog and baby.
The way they see it. They will learn about relationship.
This was a really cute book. The dog and the child really got into a lot of mischief. They have fun exploring the store and the different items that are in the store. A child will really enjoy this book, while hearing about the different items that are in a store. It's almost a wordless picture book with the exception of three sentences spoken from the mother. It could be used to spark creativity and imagination to create the story.

This book is adorable. It's almost a wordless picture book with the exception of three sentences spoken from the mother. The illustration is surprising and direct. Carl is the baby body guard. The baby get out of the baby carriage to sit with Carl to travel around the department store. Carl the dog is patience, caring, and loving to the baby. Carl protects the baby and the baby reads a book to Carl, then goes to clothing to video department to get video to see each other in the television. Carl...more
I've loved the Carl books since my children were little and now I have a grandchild to share them with. This one is no exception. I love how Carl helps the baby go shopping. I have a big dog and a small grandchild. She delights in these books.
Yohan Choi
* It's a wordless book with easy to develop the visual skills for young children.

* I really liked to see the pictures of the dog how it takes care of his responsible child.

* The book is cute to read and silly.
Violet Lewis
I was very surprised to see that this book had very minimal words. It is illustrated so that children can look at the pictures and be able to tell what the story is about. This book can be used when the children are learning about pets, the five senses or love. This was a delightful book.

Learnig activity:

We will discuss all the senses Carl used in the story. As a class we will create our own words to the book as it relates to the senses. Ex) "The baby touched Carl's fuzzy ear". Each child will c...more
E.  Talamante
A beautifully illustrated book about Carl, a rottweiler, who is told to mind the baby while his mother goes out shopping. Both the baby and Carl decide to go on an adventure instead.
Carl and the baby rampage through a department store, causing havoc, while oblivious mom abandons her duties to indulge her materialism. Capitalism is corrupt.
Monique Williams
This book is basically a picture book with a few words at the beginning and the end. The pictures are very discriptive and you can follow along easily with the story as you go. I feel the book is appropriate for children ages 4 and 5. The book is not very long but an excellent book to use for vocabulary and literacy lessons.

Learning Experience:
As you go through the book you can ask the children to describe what they see in the pictures and what they see the dog doing with the child. You could al...more
I will rate this a 5 as the pictures are awesome and well illustrated.Except for the first and last page where Mom talks to Carl asking him to take xare of the baby and thanking him,the rest of the pages illustrate what Carl does with the baby while Mom is shopping.Extraordinary illustration add interest to young children who can flip the pages and "read" what Carl is up to!

Learning Experience: I will have dollar store items available to children along with play money so children can purchase an...more
Carl, who is a lovable Rottweiler, is told to watch the baby when his owner needs to go up the escalator to the second floor in a department store. This wordless picture book depicts Carl's adventures with the baby unbeknownst to the baby's mother.

Grades: K-2
Themes: Dogs, babies, mischief

Classroom use:

As this is a wordless picture book, the teacher and students could come up with text for each of the pages based on the illustrations. The students could imagine an alternate ending to the book. W...more
What a wonderful picture book! I really loved this book. This book was unique in the way that it did not need any text because the reader can just look at the pictures and understand what is going on. I think that this book can be great to use when we want to create a conversation with the children about what is in the book. The only sentences in the book was on the first page and the last page, and that was the only text the book needed. I loved the fact that Carl (the dog) was taking care of t...more
Toyin Dabiri
Carl is asked to take good care of the baby and he decides to take the baby for a ride to different places. Carl put the baby back before the mother comes back and pretends nothing happens. The baby's mother is pleased to have somebody like Carl to watch the baby.Children tell their own story from the pictures.

Learning extensions: Teacher asks the children to go to the center of their choice to explore. Some children can be in the art, science, and math center and engage themselves. The teacher...more
Michelle Cepeda
I absolutely loved this book! It has no words, which allows you to tell your own story using the pictures. It's great for children to look through and make stories, for teachers, parents, everyone!

Learning Extension: In the classroom, all the children would take turns making their own stories to go along with the pictures in this book. This would be done in either whole group or small groups (depending on how many copies of the book we have). Also, the children might make their own wordless book...more
Another in the Carl the Dog series that my son and I are hooked on. A story about a dog shopping is certainly one a 2-year old could identify with (no offense intended to either dogs or toddlers) and a nice contrast to Carl in the park. Carl became the pet dog my son could not keep in a city apartment (especially with a cat to fight him off: now there would be a story: Carl and the Hissing Cat!).
Once again, the pictures are a beauty and the wordless book is perfect for a toddler's creativity.
Monica Johnson
Super cute (N) nursery book. This book is full of illustrations. Only two pages of words. It's about a Doug let to babysit a baby! The illustrations make this book. Its a complete inactive book. The reader must help explain the illustrations to keep the story going. The drawings are so cute and hilarious. My daughter enjoyed this book. I do think it's a very cute book for little ones, but the most important thing is the need for your own words and narration. Otherwise, this book would be boring!
My son's great-aunt gave him a couple of Carl books recently, and this one became an instant favorite. My 16 month-old loves to take this off his bookshelf and toddle around with it, turning the pages and telling me, "Gee, gee," which I'm pretty sure means "doggie."
It's a mostly-wordless picture book that shows Carl carting his baby charge around an old-fashioned department store. The illustrations are detailed and fun to explore, and it's nice to see a rottweiler portrayed in such a positive li...more
Rick Bavera
This nearly wordless picture book (first page, telling Carl to watch the baby, last page, "good dog") tells the story through pictures alone.

Great way to encourage very young children and older ones to enjoy the story, help tell the story. Backgrounds of the illustrations add to the story, will probably be picked up by older kids and enrich the story.
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Alexandra Day is the pseudonym for Sandra Louise Woodward Darling. She is the author of Good Dog, Carl and the rest of the beloved Carl books, including Carl Goes Shopping, Carl’s Christmas, Carl’s Birthday and Carl’s Snowy Afternoon. Darling was born in 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a large and close-knit family. Painting was a popular family recreation, and almost every family excursion included...more
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