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The Black Tattoo
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The Black Tattoo

3.47 of 5 stars 3.47  ·  rating details  ·  2,161 ratings  ·  263 reviews
Jack’s best friend, Charlie, is in serious trouble, possessed by an ancient demon called the Scourge who plans to use Charlie to bring about its evil ends—which, unfortunately, involve the destruction of the entire universe. Now Jack and the butt-kicking, sword-wielding Esme must contend with floating sharks, intelligent jelly, oversized centipedes, gladiator pits, and vom ...more
Paperback, 528 pages
Published January 10th 2008 by Razorbill (first published October 5th 2006)
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Jack's best friend Charlie has been sucked into a demon-fighting secret brotherhood and Jack's just along for the ride. Charlie suddenly has super-powers and an attitude to match, while Jack is just the same 14-year-old boy he was yesterday. As the brotherhood begins to disintegrate, a powerful demon named the scourge begins to take over and Jack and Charlie are forced to venture into Hell.

The book began with promise but quickly nose-dived after that. The main bad-guy, The Scourge, (sound's like
Really different. Different from what I was expecting, and different from anything I've read. Wow. It's getting a lot of negative reviews, many of them whining that the protagonist is a self-centered jerk. Um, good morning, readers! That wasn't the protagonist.

This is the story of a sidekick who realizes it's up to him to save the world. This is the story of a hero, trained all her life for one specific task, and how she deals with her world when it all falls apart around her. This is also, mar
With all the werewolves and vampire books flooding the bookstores nowadays, I guess YA lit is really going down to hell (pardon my language). I know there are still YA lit with good quality and are worth the effort, but it's becoming harder to come by.

Luckily we do not have any Filipino authors who jumped into the bandwagon in creating "paranormal romance". Else we would be reading TIKBALANGS (humanoid in form but with head and feet of a horse), MANANANGGALS (the old, beautiful woman capable of
There will be readers who will enjoy this energetic, enthusiastically written book, but I am not among that company. This young adult novel reads like the half conscious fantasy of a teenage science fiction-comics-video game fan, complete with gladitorial battles, emotionally agonized women with superhuman fighting skills, old, powerful swords, immature tyrants, legacies from dying mentors, terrible tapeworms, and the fate of the world hanging in balance. And, of course, a demon made tattoo magi ...more
Lolly's Library
First off, I'd like to break down my rating: I give the book 4 stars for its creative concept, but only 2 stars for execution, which averages out to that 3 stars. Okay, I feel better now.

From what I can gather, despite the book's unusual plot, this is basically a coming-of-age book, concerning teenage growing pains (mental and physical) and the point at which one learns to take responsibility for one's choices. The story essentially centers around two friends, Jack and Charlie, who seem to be yo
Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!*
I had somewhat high expectations for this book that … well, it didn't reach. The plot sounded intriguing to me, and I thought the first few chapters were great. I mean, Hell, a powerful demon on the loose, what could be more exciting than that? Unfortunately, this book dragged out for far to long, to the point where I just wanted it to end. Turned out this book was trying a little too hard to be funny rather than exciting. Don't get me wrong, I love some dark humor, but I felt like the constant ...more
So fun, so readable, and sort of cinematic at times...I don't know why, but it just seemed that way to me, but in a good, effective way.
Krista, Ambassador of Shimmy
To be fair, this review is for the audio version. John Lee, the narrator performed beautifully, giving a unique voice and life to each character. I'm not sure I would have the same affinity for the book had I elected to read in a traditional manner.

Sam Enthoven packs a bit of everything into this novel and, for me, it presented fresh idea, after fresh idea, after fresh idea. It tips the concepts of hell and humanity on their heads and casts daemons as gladiators.

The story also brings together co
Sharon Tyler
Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven is a young adult novel that is about friendship, dreams, life and finding ones true goals and worth in the context of the possible end of the world. This is a fast-paced novel, high in action and with a very interesting premise. However, the execution of the idea and the characterization of the major players seemed to be a little lacking.

Black Tattoo is a fantasy novel is a “teens need to save the universe’ story, with the premise being that a demon is released from
Kimberly Bower (gladeslibrarian)
You could say that The Black Tattoo is another of the countless good vs. evil tales where a trio of characters battle to save planet Earth from the forces of darkness. You could say that. Until you read this book.

The author's cast of characters could be any of the teenagers attending your nearby school. Charlie, the misfit, is bored with school, doesn't do homework, can't get a girlfriend, hates his life and desperately wants to be like his ultra-cool, good-looking, smart and ever-popular frien
I first picked up this book because I was (as always) sucked in by John Jude Palencar's cover art. I didn't begin reading it immediately but once I started, I couldn't stop and ended up finishing it within a day.

Enthoven creates his own quirky world and compliments it with a quirky and humorous plot line that takes many surprising twists and turns. The book follows the much used teenage-boy-thinks-he's-nothing-special-and-ends-up-saving-the-world routine but still manages to remain its own stor
Looking over the other reviews for this book, I can identify with both sides. Part of me really wants to like this book and there are parts of the book that are really likeable. The other part of me was ssooooo bored with the whole thing. The characters were poorly developed. Who was Jack? Why would he follow his best friend to Hell? What about Esme? Why should any reader care about someone she knows nothing about? The plot dragged on and on - 500+ pages. Really? But then there were the Chinj wh ...more
Sam Enthoven has written a fun, magical adventure in The Black Tattoo. It seems original in its plot twists and turns while at the same time being very derivative. Jack is the most interesting character in his Sam from The Lord of the Rings way.

The story as a whole is a save-the-universe adventure along with some interesting philosophy and theology all wrapped up in lots of action. There are often three sides to the same plot line going. At times it is slightly past Enthoven’s capacity. There is
Jan 09, 2014 Agitated_alphabet rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: No one
Shelves: stay-away
I happened upon this book back in 2008 while stuck in a mountain timeshare with my then 79 year-old grandfather, 74 year-old grandmother, mother, and older sister. My grandfather's only interest was in playing golf and watching the stock market on TV, my grandmother and mother contented themselves with investigating attractions and potential activities, and my older sister had commandeered the laptop we brought with us. Needless to say, I was bored out of my mind. When my mother agreed to buy me ...more
This book is like looking at the framework of a house. It's kind of boring, it's kind of ugly and it's just there. It's also a bit pretentious and the way the protag saves the day is just kind of eyerolling and I've seen it.

I feel this could have been an interesting story if it were better developed, if characters were more complex and had natural voices and aspirations--especially the kids. If there wasn't so much explaining the thing that is going on, grandstanding, and villain speeches, it w
Shawnee Bowlin
Sam Enthoven kept me enthralled with 'The Black Tattoo'. It was interesting from start to finish and even made me seriously think about hell and Heaven, good and bad, earth and whatever exists outside of it. I was impressed with his writing style and wanted more when I was done with the book!
Charlie was perfect for his role in the story. I was enchanted by Esme, rooting for Jack, confused by the Scourge, and sad about Raymond. The characters were lively, and I'm only naming a few who kept me re
This was a nice short read for me, only stopping because I had to go to work. In reality I think this story deserves 3.5 stars.
The story was nice, so was the world building. The idea of hell, demons and different planets and gods was interesting. Yet, I felt like the friendship between Jack and Charlie was not very convincing to me. Not enough for me to belive that Jack would willingly go to hell for his 'hotheaded, arrogant, bossy' friend. I feel like I'm missing more story, more information a
Rorie Pagnozzi
This book was really unique, and though the writing seemed to drag on and on with details and more details and little showing the unique perspectives and creatures and world in which the author created were what kept it going for me. I had trouble relating to the main characters and more often than not wished I didn't have to read Esme's side of the story. She had no emotions to attach myself to, and quite finely a perfect life. The man who raised her and she'd known to be her dad the whole time ...more
Judul : The Black Tattoo
Penulis : Sam Enthoven
Penerjemah : Lulu Fitri Rahman
Editor : Heni Setiani
Penerbit : LiniKata
Cetakan Pertama : Februari 2011
Tebal : 526 Halaman, HardCover

Awas, hati-hati ketika Anda tidak sengaja bertabrakan dengan seseorang yang tidak Anda kenal. Jack Farrell dan Charlie Farnsworth akhirnya harus berhadapan dengan Sang Laknat, Iblis yang terusir dari neraka karena awalnya bertabrakan dengan seorang laki-laki misterius yang diketahui bernama Nick.

Nick rupanya sedang menca
Alex Matte
This book would definitely be classified as fantasy as one of the main characters finds out that he himself has magical powers. What he doesn’t know is that he is not the one with these powers. That what started out as a blessing, would very soon become a strong curse. The reason why I chose to read this book was, and I’m not going to lie, the title and cover of the book intrigued me. When a teenage boy sees a book with the title “The Black Tattoo” and a guy with a cool looking tattoo on the co ...more
I made it to the end of the second book before giving up. I like a lot of the elements of this and wish I'd liked the result more. A group formed for the sole purpose of containing a demon was betrayed and now the demon is out and taking the form of a telltale black tattoo on whoever he possesses? And said demon talks someone into letting him continue possessing them all with a faintly foreboding air that he's playing nicely now and will probably enjoy disposing of said vessel later? Sounds like ...more
While this is certainly not the worst YA fantasy novel I've ever read, it also wasn't my favorite. Although the pacing was good, the twists weren't too hard to see coming. The plot was pretty standard: boy inherits magic abilities, boy must decide to use his powers for good or evil, etc., etc. Really not much more to it than that.

I will give Enthoven some credit, though: one notable aspect of this novel that I enjoyed is that, for the first third of the novel or so, the action happens to a chara
Rute Canhoto
Terminei a leitura deste livro a 21 de agosto de 2012. Dou-lhe três estrelas.
Comprei este livro numa promoção, principalmente porque li a sinopse e julguei que talvez me ajudasse na escrita de uma parte em concreto do meu livro, a qual ainda não quero revelar. No entanto, a história acabou por ser muito diferente do que esperava.
A ideia é engraçada, contudo não é o meu género preferido. Lê-se bem e tem muita ação, mas para quem gosta de um bocadinho romance, é melhor esquecê-lo, porque aq
Charlotte Phillips
Well, I wouldnt say this was the best book in the Bunch, but nor would I say it was the worst in the bunch. It was different to the other novels that I usually read. It wasn't predictable at all, and there seemed to be no romance in it other than the slightest hint here and there. The story itself was dramatic and vibrant with a lot of energy which seemed to inspire the reader to carry on. But the whole book itself felt a little slow, as if thhey were dragging it out, wanting to get to the point ...more
Sadie Forsythe
This book isn't at all what I expected. I thought it was going to be all dark and serious. Instead it falls somewhere closer to the writing of Terry Brookes or Douglas Adams (minus the sci-fi). It is funny. Yes, yes, the universe is in danger of being snuffed out in one abortive act of finality and everyone is in danger, but the characters (Jack especially) are still able to recognise the absurdity of the situation and let an exasperated explicative slip. Jack's insistence that most things in hi ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Angel  Cardona
The Black Tattoo is an entertaining book, but not one I'd really recommend. It's childish, mostly because the author tried to write it in the style of an action/adventure cartoon script. The main characters barely get any character development AT ALL, and the way the book is written makes it seem as if the characters are just there to complete a task. What I'd say is missing is the overall THOUGHT. The book is written in a manner like this; Action--->Reaction--->Action--->Dialogue---&g ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for

Jack Ferrell wishes he would have listened to his instincts, to have made his friend, Charlie, turn away. But since Charlie was already having a bad time, what with his dad leaving, he went along with it.

He met Nick, a guy who just casually asked if the boys wanted to take a test that they supposedly were fit for. Without hesitation, Charlie accepted, making Nick lead them to the beautiful Esme. Turns out Nick is part of a bro
Being a fan of the macabre as well as the illustrator of the cover John Jude Pelancar, I jumped at the opportunity to read this book. However, thirty pages in and I knew there was reason to be concerned. Perhaps it is best to begin with the good rather than bad. Enthoven created a highly imaginative world that plays and twists the various concepts of demonic possession and hell in some very original ways. His young hero is rather likeable, particularly as one views his own struggle with feeling ...more
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My name is Sam Enthoven. I live in London, England, and I write fantastical action thrillers for 11-15 year-olds. If you're reading this, you've reached the 'portal page' of my sinister, ever-evolving internet empire – bwah-ha, bwah-HA-HA-HA! Er, sorry.

With his rollicking 2006 debut THE BLACK TATTOO Sam Enthoven fulfilled his dream to become an internationally published author of fantastical actio
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