The One Left Behind
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The One Left Behind

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"Mandy awoke in darkness. For a moment she didn't remember that Angel was gone, that she would not be coming back, and then the pain hit her like a physical blow."For the first time in her eleven years, Mandy is alone. Through a series of miscommunications, her entire family has left her by herself in their big house on Lake Michigan. But it's the absence of her twin siste...more
Hardcover, 144 pages
Published March 21st 2006 by Atheneum
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Jordan Federer
I absolutely loved this book! I loved how Willo Davis Roberts wrote this book. I like how things happen in this book that you wouldn’t suspect. For instance when Mandy is home alone for the weekend and someone broke in their house. The next day when she walked her dog and they find this wrecked car and that was the boy’s car that broke into their house. I would have never guessed anything like that would happen in this book! I like how the author kept this story alive for the whole remainder of...more
I had jus finihed reading this book, i think that it was a realy goood book. at first i didn't really like it, but then it started getting better and i couldn't put it down.
Mandy ended up staying home with her dog Henry, while her parents and brothers went out of town to do their own things and Uncle Frank went to her aunts. She would of been home with her twin sister Angel, but she had passed away from eating a hamburger that has e. coli in it.
The first night Mandy was home alone she heard somt...more
Eleven-year-old Mandy has spent a lonely summer without her twin sister who died a year ago. Now she is not only lonely, she is alone. Somehow every member of her large family has driven off in a different direction, each of them thinking that Mandy is with someone else.

With the family dog as company Mandy decides she'll just spend the weekend alone, rather than trying to track down her brothers or her parents who are enjoying a rare solitary weekend for their anniversary. Strange things begin t...more
Why did I pick this Book>?
uhmm well one because it was short book to read and I read the back of the book and I liked what I
read.(: Its taking place at Mandy house where she lives all by herself..she had a twin sister named
Angel but she died of food posin..So Mandy was all alone at home with
her only dog she had..The problem in this story is that Mandy one day she found
some kids of her age that were runing away from home because they were chasing them so
Mandy took them into her house and they...more
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Jan 06, 2009 Sarah added it
The One Left Behind is an intriguing story about a young girl. The author has thrown many twists in the girl’s path, as well as a few surprises about some characters. The style of writing has a unique distinction from other writers. The characters have distinct personalities, and are well established into the plot. It also provides an insight into the grief felt from the loss of a sibling.
My book is called:The One Left Behind.The author is Willo Davis Roberts.Its genre is mystery nonfiction.I choose this book because I havent read a mystery book.I didnt like the book,I loved it! :)I would totally recomend the book!What I learned 2 things in this book:that bad things happen,but you should make yourself sick because of that and that you have to be brave!The purpose for me was that to show young readers like that you should not be scared.This is a short summary of the book from chap...more
This is Roberts last book, published after she died. I get the feeling there was supposed to be more to it, because it seems a little incomplete. However, I've only read a couple of her other books and one I don't really remember well.
The One Left Behind is the fairly straight-forward tale of a girl who is accidentally left alone in her house for a weekend by her large family. (Home Alone, much?) She encounters a kid and his little brother who are on the run from some bad men and helps them esca...more
Douglas Larson
This, the last book written by Willo Davis Roberts, was published posthumously. It, like many of her works, has a nice sense of suspense and danger for the protagonist and it ends with a nice conclusion. Mandy, the protagonist, has lost her twin sister to food poisoning a year prior and is coping with that loss. Being accidentally left behind when her family leaves for the weekend, Mandy copes, not only with the loss of her sister but with new events that have transpired while she is home alone....more
The one left behind
By Willo Davis Roberts
Realistic fiction
139 pages

This book is about a girl named Mandy loosing her twin sister named Angel, because of food poisoning. Mandy did everything with Angel and Angel was always the one she hung out with. At first, Mandy was happy that she has all of the time to herself. However, she feels lonely only with her dog, Herry. Their parents have moved on, and she is the only one who feels alone. Their parents leave in their big house because they are going...more
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I read this book because I liked the back and I got it really cheap at a store. On the back it says how Mandy is trying to cope with the loss of her twin sister while she is home alone. She is scared of her own house without her sister(Angel). I wasn't expecting this to be a mystery (this is my first Willo Davis Roberts's book). Instead I was more expecting this to be a story on how Mandy came to better cope with the loss of her sister while she was by herself. However, strange things start to...more
My reaction to the ending of this book was, "that's it?!" 80% of the book was a lead up to meeting Zander and Dusty, yet we already knew before starting that Mandy would meet them. There was no suspense during the action. And there was no lesson. Mandy needed to deal with loss, yet she only began to make some progress with accepting she can't lean on her twin anymore. I didn't get the point of this story at all.
Through a series of miscommunications among her large family, eleven-year-old Mandy has been left alone for the weekend at her family's home on the shore of Lake Michigan. It soon becomes evident that she is not as alone as she first thought, however -- someone is lurking in the woods and along the shore near her house, someone who doesn't want to be found.

Roberts wrote many thrillers for young audiences, and this was her last. I haven't read her other books, so I don't know how it compares, but...more
Mandy is an eleven year old girl who is left behind in her huge house on the shore of Lake Michigan. Her parents have forgotten about her and to add to that mess, her twin sister, Angel, is dead. Mandy hasn't been able to get over the death of Angel which was when she was ten. She is very lonely until she comes across two boys who are on their own just like her. The boys are running away from men who want to hurt them so they turn to Mandy for help. Mandy doesn't know what to do because she is s...more
Laney J.
The book's name was The One left Behind. The author ia Willo Davis Roberts. The genre was realistic fiction. The lenghth was 144 pages.

Mandy's twin sister died of food poisoning. She felt that she couldn't live without her. Mandy and he twin had done everything together. Now, she's alone at home while the rest of her family is on vacation. She finds 2 boys, who are being chased by 2 men, including one who is the brother of the 2 boys babysitter. Mandy helps these boys hide from the men.

I though...more
Julie Pfeiffer
I would say this book is definitely for the younger reader. The main character, Mandy, is a twin. Her twin sister, Angel, died from food poisoning and Mandy doesn't know how to act without her. At the beginning of the story all the references to Angel were rather vague. Mandy then talked about her schizophrenic uncle that lived with them. I was secretly hoping that I would eventually find out that Mandy was schizophrenic and Angel was a figment of her imagination. Not so! Mandy gets left alone f...more
Emcwriter12 caltiere
I just got a book order and this book was in it. it sounds really good. ps im in 5th grade. im 10. i did not get held back.... okay so i wrote the thing before this before but im leaving it there cause im to lazy to erase it. I jsut got it today in school and i really want to start reading it. theirs this kid darnill and when i got it hes like (Quote) " you read that kind of stuff?"
i replied, " do you even know what it's about?"
he says, " yeah its about someone who gets left behind."
duh is h...more
Christian Singer
At first I wasn't sure what to think of this story, but it is a cute story worth reading.

Sometimes we're braver and more competent than we realize.
It took me a long time to finish this short book, but when I finally got at it, I wasn't disappointed. The book was well written and I am sure many people in the world have experienced her grief in some way, and can relate. The adjectives weren't very rich, but Willo Davis Robert's descriptions were great. The ending was very good, but I will say it did take a much longer time for the story to pick up then it should have. And I bet this book could have been longer, and if it had I would have giv...more
Not at all the book I was expecting. Firstly, I didn't realize the book was for pre-teens when I put it on hold at the library (though I think ages 10-13 would be better then the 8-12 it has on the inside jacket). I thought the book would be more about the death of Mandy's sister and how she struggled to find herself in the world without her and though this was part of the book it was also part suspense. I read the book in short sections over the course of about 10 hours. A very quick read. Defi...more
Thien Thanh
The One Left Behind
July 8th
At first i couldn't figure out the title of this book. But then i figured it out. Her twin died and left her behind and then her family left her alone for 3 days. And it kinda reminded me of the Home Alone movies. Because there was always an adventure when the kid got left alone. And they had to fight criminals. And that's what this 11 year old girl did. This book was really short. like a hundred somehting. i haven't read a book this short in a looooong time. it was...more
so good i read it in a day
I'd like to give this book two and a half stars. I like it a bit more than two stars, but not quite three stars worth.

The book gets off to a slow start, but once the action picks up, the plot is rather exciting and mysterious for a little while. This book is basically a thriller for kids, and for a couple of chapters, I was actually thrilled.

Once the mystery is solved, the plot sort of drags on until the very contrived, unbelievable conclusion.

Ho hum, maybe a ten-year-old would enjoy it more tha...more
I really almost wish I hadn't read this book. Not because it was in any way bad, or not worth the read, but because I was too old for it. I read so much Willo Davis Roberts growing up, and I loved her. I read everything I could find in my libraries, and did more than one book report with her stories. I think if I had read this book when I was younger, I would have appreciated the story more. As it stands now, I should probably have given it 3 stars, but the 4th was added for childhood nostalgia....more
Shlea Thé
Yeah it was okay. Not the best I would say. I just think it needed more action, more information, just more of something. It wasn't all that exciting but it was decent. It would have been better if it was longer with more information about all the characters with more plot twists. But this is a light read that you would be able to read in a day. I think it's more suited to 10 years old instead of young adults. Meh read, but it could have been better.
Sep 20, 2012 Yasmin is currently reading it
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Eleven-year old Mandy was mistakenly left home when the rest of her large family went their different ways during a long week-end. Everything was okay until someone broke into her house and stole some food. She ends up helping two other kids try to escape from kidnappers.

Not only is this a mystery, but it's about coming to terms with losing a twin sister. I kind of wish the author would have separated the two stories.
The One Left Behind is a fabulous book. I loved this book from the very start. (exept it slowed down at the end and ended with a typical ending; the police catch the bad guys and main character(s) and friend(s) get away from (murderer, bully, attacker, robber.......ect.) 'the bad guys' otherwise the middle and beginning were supercalifragilisticexpealidosisly great!
It was pretty good. I won't lie when I say I liked it. At the beginning I was getting bored but when I kept reading it got better. I liked that it made me feel like I was there. I liked that things happened that you didn't suspect. It's kinda sad that her sister died from food poisoning. But everyone has a number. Super amazing!!!!!
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Willo Davis Roberts was an American writer chiefly known for her mystery novels for children and young adults. She won Edgar Allan Poe awards in 1989, 1995, and 1997 for best juvenile and best young adult mysteries. Her books included The View from the Cherry Tree, Twisted Summer, Don't Hurt Laurie, Megan's Island, Baby-sitting is a Dangerous Job, Hostage, The Girl with Silver Eyes, The One Left B...more
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