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The Universe in a Nutshell
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The Universe in a Nutshell

4.1 of 5 stars 4.10  ·  rating details  ·  17,447 ratings  ·  406 reviews
The brilliant theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has become known worldwide for his adventurousness ideas about the principles that control our universe. "The Universe in a Nutshell, " a fascinating follow-up to "A Brief History of Time, " unravels the breakthroughs that have evolved in the years since the first book was published. Abridged.
Audio Cassette, 0 pages
Published November 6th 2001 by Random House Audio (first published 2001)
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Ivan Vukovic
I really liked "A Brief History of Time" much more.

While it isn't that bad (it's actually very good), in comparison with Brief History, it seems only to have many more illustrations and fewer thorough explanations.

I understand that Hawking tried to write a popular science book with a branching non-linear structure without depending heavily on what has been said in the previous chapters, but I don't think that's actually possible. At least I honestly doubt it could be done without losing a signif
Yes, I'm a dork, and in addition to reading grammar books for fun, I also read science books. I've been told that Stephen Hawking is not as complicated to read as one might assume. While I did learn a lot from this book, I also was left with a lot more questions. Furthermore, the illustrations were either confusing or totally unnecessary.
Marty Hirst
Now I read this book cover to cover, line-by-line, methodically going back over passages that were "challenging", line-by-line, got to the last page, closed the book and said out loud; "Nope, sorry Steve, you lost me there".
Kelly Enck
Stephen Hawking, stated in, " The Universe in a Nutshell" that our history is filled with infinite potentiality and what we "got” was due to disturbing the quantum field by our "observations."
Profound, I thought, and pondered about his theory for months.

To better understand Dr. Hawking's theory, I read everything on quantum physics I could understand and a pile of books on the brain, Bruce Hood's "The Self Illusion" was the most helpful. Below is what I believe correlates with Hawking's theory
This is my first time ever audio book. It is enjoyable, esspecially because of the voice - is calm. I am used to listening to scientific materials, most of them in form of debates. But listening to an audio book is nothing compared to reading - you cannot turn back the page or re-read a passage, you cannot make notes with a pencil on the page, you cannot highlight key definitions, aseertions, or conclusions in the text. Eye-sight is also a much more efficient tool in gathering information than t ...more
Sanabel Atya

لن أقول أنني فهمتُ كل ما ذُكر في الكتاب..لا يهم، فقد خرجتُ بأفكارٍ جديدة,,
وتعميق لما كنتُ أعرفه.
على أي حال...إن مثل هذه العلوم، بالنسبة لي أراها، أكبر من يستوعبها عقلي الصغير جداً...ههه وفي كل مرة أتأمل، أسأل نفس السؤال: كيف تمكنوا من ذلك؟!! ما هذا الذي يحصل...؟ وأتوقف على الأسئلة لئلا اصاب بالجنون.
تلفاز من القرن الماضي،يُثيرني،وأقول عنه أنّى لهم هذا... فما بالكم بالكون !! :/
ليس هنالك ما يُسمى سفراً خلال الزمن،، ويحدث في شروط فيزيائية معقدة جداً، احتمال توافرها صفراً !! هذا ما خلصتُ إ
هبه النيل
الكتاب جيد لكن يشوبه الصعوبات الناتجة عن الترجمة فلم أكن مدركة لاغلب المصطلحات العلمية لاختلاف التوحيد اللغوي للترجمة
ورأي الشخصي ان قراءة الكتب العلمية تجب بالانجليزية اوقع واكثر عمومية من أي لغة أخرى
Hawking is an exceedingly clear and occasionally quite funny writer, not easy when the topic is quantum physics, etc. I would be lying if I claimed to understand much of this book, especially in the audiobook format in which an exceedingly pleasant British voice hurls a flood of Hawking's words and concepts, one more challenging than the previous one. It might, repeat: might, have been possible to understand this material on a printed page, which in this case included a lot of nifty diagrams, on ...more
Mike Ogilvie
I really enjoyed A Brief History of Time and so was looking forward to The Universe in a Nutshell and its updated material. I was hoping it would be a "dumbed down" version of some of the high-end theoretical physics ideas that I haven't had the time or brain cells to keep up with.

While I'm sure the content is dumbed down from Stephen Hawking's level, most of it is covered at a level and speed that kept it out of my comprehension. To be honest I find a lot of modern theories and ideas very skept
Jose Vera
Stephen Hawking es uno de los más conocidos físicos teóricos del momento. Pese a la enfermedad que padece Hawking ha logrado revolucionar el pensamiento científico y la forma en como vemos el cosmos.

Este libro publicado por primera vez en el 2001 es una pequeña ventana al mundo de la astrofísica, física cuántica y física teórica.

Aunque escrita en lenguaje sencillo y durante algunas páginas nos parece entender a profundidad lo que Hawking quiere decir, poco a poco se va ahondando tanto en concept
Concise overview of the structure of the Universe. But unless you have certain knowledge in Astronomy, you hardly understand this book fully.
Bruno Cunha
Mais um livro lido e dessa vez um bem mais técnico que os que estou acostumado a ler. Não que eu não goste, muito pelo contrário, adoro, mas é que normalmente leio sobre ficção fantástica e livros sobre esses assuntos; teoria do buraco negro, teoria da relatividade de Einstein, (E=MC^2), teoria das cordas e, para minha surpresa, a nova teoria das branas e p-branas, não são muito aceitos pelas pessoas “normais”. :)

Como digo, esses são assuntos pra você ler durante a viagem de ônibus para o trabal
Enjoyed reading this after reading Hawking's much earlier "A Brief History of Time". It contains much more information and advancements relevant to more recent times. It is a relatively simple read as far as physics books are concerned. One does not need formal education on the subject to grasp most of the concepts. There are times when you will have to re-read a passage, if you're like me, and still not 100% comprehend the true complexity. However, even though it was just a tad bit complex for ...more

Decir que Stephen Hawking es uno de los mejores físicos del siglo XX no es dar una gran noticia. Su gran capacidad, unida a la enfermedad que le ató a una silla cuando aún era joven (Esclerosis lateral amiotrófica, o la enfermedad de Lou Gehrig, llamada así por un jugador de béisbol), le han convertido en un icono.

Hawking se ha dedicado a intentar unir la Relatividad y la Mecánica cuántica. Ha publicado muchísimo y suyo es el mérito de la formulación del primer efecto medible (aunque aún no haya

Mohamed Hassan Ali
اديت للكتاب نجمتين على قدر الإستفادة الشخصية و المتعة.. و الحقيقة المتعة قلت عشان الإستفادة كانت قليلة.. لكن المحتوى العلمى خارج عن التقييم

الكتاب ليه ترجمة تبع سلسةعالم المعرفة، لكن لقيت ان الترجمة مش مفهومة أوي، فقلت إن المشكلة في المترجم.. قلت أقرأه بالإنجليزي و أمري لله.. لقيت إن اسلوب الكتاب أصلا مش سهل أوي، يعني فيه كتير من التعبيرات العلمية الفنية اللي الكاتب مش بيفسرها في كتاب المفروض انه موجه للعامة

في الفصل الأول و التاني اتكلم هوكينج عن النظرية النسبية و عن الزمان، بس للأسف شرحهم بإسلوب
Bob Nichols
This book doesn't do much to clarify Hawking's earlier work. There are more pictures and diagrams, but the narrative is overly abbreviated or unclear. Other books by other writers do a better job of describing the same material (and even Hawking's own theoretical contributions).

There are a few observations in this book that stood out as ways of conveying difficult concepts. Spacetime is best viewed not as passive background, for example, but as an active participant "in the dynamics of the unive
This book serves as a reminder of just how large the gap is between popular science offerings geared towards the masses, shiny magazine articles and Discovery Channel TV shows full of CGI graphics and a taste of the science behind them, and the actual world of theoretical physics. I consider myself something of a 'space geek', but after reading this book it's clear that I am no physicist. While the theories contained within the book are abstract enough on their own to confuse most people, the at ...more
Dale Gomez
This book describes the things of which dreams are made, and topics philosophers have been questioning for millenia. Open your imagination if you read this book, because you will need it. As Hawkins quotes his good friend and collegue whose name eludes me at the moment, science is imagination in a strait jacket. I couldn't agree more and noticed this very fact in my experiences in the field of science. The best scientist (or at least most likely to be ground breaking) seem to have a bit of a cre ...more
For the average lay-person, such as myself, this one is a little hard to keep up with at times.

I'll admit it; my brain is nutshell-like, and therefore, Hawking's rate of explanation required me to review some concepts several times.

But just because you got a bachelor of arts to avoid that math requirement like I did, don't let that stop you from trying to grasp at least 50% of what Hawking is saying here. Absorbing a fraction of genius is better than absorbing none at all all.

In fact, I'd wag
Eh. This is an okay book. If you are looking for a book that provides good information about the universe I'd say go ahead and read this book! I personally didn't like this book because I couldn't understand it. I only read the first 100 pages. I wasn't going to make myself suffer through another 100 pages. I just really didn't like it. But, It wasn't the worst book in the world. I can say that Stephen Hawking is one of the smartest man on earth. Maybe I would've liked it if he described and exp ...more
Viktor Malafey
книга важча для сприйняття рядовому пролетарію ніж "коротка історія всесвіту",
в даному витворі більше уваги приділено квантовій механіці: невизначеність Гейзенберга і кіт Шрьодінгера :)
але написано це так просто і чітко, що просто дивуєшся.
знайшов два дуже влучні відгуки:
Sanday Times:
"Эта книга обручает детские чудеса с гениальным интеллектом. Мы путешествуем по вселенной Хокинга, перенесение туда силой его разума"
і від New York Times:
"Живо и интригующе. Хокинг от природы наделен даром учить и р
Marcos Junior
Aquele papo todo da física quântica sobre espaço-tempo, buracos negros, universo em expansão e big-bang parecem coisa de maluco? Só que ao mesmo tempo você gostaria pelo menos de entender o que este pessoal está falando? Então o Universo Numa Casca de Noz é o livro para você.

Stephen Hawking é uma das figuras emblemáticas da ciência atual, principalmente quando uma esclerose lateral amiotrófica o deixou em uma cadeira de rodas com os músculos todos atrofiados. Rompeu as fronteiras da comunidade c
Madelyne Miller
Stephen Hawking's "The Universe in a Nutshell" is remarkably challenging yet it taught me a lot. His view on the world and how "out there" he is able to go with his thoughts is really impeccable. My personal favorite part of this book was when he elaborated on the idea of time travel. He is able to put it into an actual realistic view with actual scientific evidence. People say his writings is difficult to understand with his reputation, but he worded his ideas as simply as he could dealing wit ...more
Kate Savage
Our past is pear-shaped and you're just a hologram!

This book presents itself as a primer on physics, but I think it's best to start with other pop-sci books, like A Short History of Nearly Everything, Cosmos, or Uncle Tungsten. These books are all more clear and comprehensible, and will teach some of the basics (like how spectography works). But none of them go so far into the brave new world of general relativity and quantum mechanics as Hawking does. My mind is still itching with the (exciting
Pablo Martinez

This is not an easy book. But it's a VERY interesting one.

Despite being supposedly "accessible", it throws out incredibly complex concepts that I'm still having trouble to grasp, let alone understand.

I'm going over this once again. This is to be read carefully.

I've also realized that a lot of the latest sci-fi authors use this concepts in very original ways, so this is a great read for hard-scifi lovers.

- كتاب ممتع جدا من كاتب أكثر من رائع
- الكتاب عبارة عن جولة بين أكثر النظريات الفيزيائية شهرة في وصف الكون "النسبية العامة" و"ميكانيكا الكوانتم".
- يربط الكتاب بين النظريتين بطريقة شائقة جدا واسلوب سلس، وسهل في معظم الأحيان.
- كذلك يتطرق الكاتب في جزء كبير لنظرية الأوتار، أصلها وتعريفها ومدى قبولها في المجتمع العلمي.
- أجمل ما في الكتاب أن الكاتب يتحدث عن نظرياته الخاصة فيما يتعلق بالثقوب السوداء.
I like to think that Steven Hawking wrote an astrophysics book that anyone could understand. I would like to believe that I learned something about space and time, two thing I care deeply about. I know, however, that once I finished the first two chapters of Universe in a Nutshell, I couldn't follow a thing. The subject matter seems too abstract, and few of the illustrations help to correct this problem. The only way it could be clear is if the reader had some prior knowledge of the subject, whi ...more
Blue Phoenix
Easy to read, easy to understand, suitable for most people (though you may need some basic knowledge about quantum physics and other fundamental stuffs).
Like its title, the author tried to "compressed" nearly everything we know about the universe until now into this tiny little book without making people really confuse. Though this is a really hard topic to discuss, the author's way of writing is easy to understand (like story-telling) which helps us get the ideas really quick.
It is quite a famo
So here's the thing, bear with me...I am not scientifically minded nor am I mathematically minded. I think you probably need to be one of those two things, or a light mixture of both, to read this and 'get' it.

I say this because this is the 3rd time I've read it. The first two times actually involved sitting down with a book in my hands, then I had the bright idea that what I was missing I might pick up if someone else read it to me...hence the audio book.

Guess what...yep. I am still in the dark
I love Stephen Hawking.

I love how he does not make his ideas readily accessible by dumbing them down, but instead maintains a certain level of technical proficiency in his writing that makes the reader think. Same to say about "A Brief History of Time".
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Stephen William Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England. His parents' house was in north London, but during the second world war Oxford was considered a safer place to have babies. When he was eight, his family moved to St Albans, a town about 20 miles north of London. At eleven Stephen went to St Albans School, and then on to University College, Oxford, his father's old college. Ste ...more
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