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Coraline Graphic Novel

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  8,310 ratings  ·  751 reviews
When Coraline steps through a door in her family's new house, she finds another house, strangely similar to her own (only better). At first, things seem marvelous. The food is better than at home, and the toy box is filled with fluttering wind-up angels and dinosaur skulls that crawl and rattle their teeth.

But there's another mother there and another father, and they want...more
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published June 24th 2008 by HarperCollins
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3.5 stars

Liked it. The story was interesting and fast paced, the characters weren't anything special but they were decent enough. Coraline was likeable, the talking cat was fairly witty, and the other mother was a good baddie… She was a little camp in her evulness but not in a bad way though.
There were some parts that were quite creepy, like the bad guys having buttons for eyes, and the other mother wanting to take Coraline's eyes out so she could sew buttons on her instead. The parts with the...more
Cara Marie
My rating here is for the graphic novel as an adapation, rather than for the story itself. I should probably stop reading comic adaptions of Neil Gaiman's books, because they never seem to really sing.

Part of it is how this is a very straight adaptation - I would have preferred it to have relied less on the boxes of text narrative, which seem to generally be taken straight from the book. The comic doesn't do anything other than what the book does, which I find disappointing in an adaptation. I'd...more
I was extremely excited when I saw the Coraline in graphic novel form. When the book first came out I totally fell in love with it. For a children’s book, it was completely frightening. The graphic novel does a great job of hitting the high points of the story and the illustrations are great, but I don’t think it should be used as a replacement for the original book. The illustrations that are in the book publication are even creepier than the color illustrations in the graphic novel. For exampl...more
Jul 21, 2008 Robin rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: those who like quirky graphic novels
This is the second graphic novel adaptation of a young adult novel that I've read recently. The first was Artemis Fowl which I liked and now this one. Oddly enough the written version of Coraline seemed much darker to me than this version so as much as I liked it, I didn't think it was as creepy and disturbing as the original.
Wow. I skimmed through some other reviews after finishing this and a lot of people really don't like the graphic novel version of this book. I've never read the novel version so I can't compare the two myself but I guess I can understand how a reader might not want or agree with someone else's artistic interpretation of a beloved story since we all take something different from them. I have seen the film version though and I have to agree with those other reviewers that I preferred the darker, g...more
Basic plot: Coraline is largely overlooked by her parents and ends up in a parallel world where her "other mother" is overly interested in Coraline.

Ah, the basic problem of being a kid: either your parents aren't interested enough or are too interested. This is one of the paradoxes of parenting. Finding a happy medium is nigh impossible.

The art for the graphic novel is good, but not mind-blowing. After having seen the movie, the art really threw me off. Nothing looked the same at all (not that t...more
Good story; adaptation was a big disappointment. P. Craig Russell has done some great comics, and at worst he still draws a very pretty picture, but this was mostly flat and literal-minded. The characters aren't very expressive (Coraline, who looks about 15 and very conventionally pretty, often just seems bored and mildly worried) and, with a few exceptions, the backgrounds aren't either... so it's hard to tell why Coraline would ever think the other house or the Other Mother was particularly co...more
Monica Edinger
I think Coraline looks too old and it is (as someone else noted here) creepier. The original has very scary illustrations, but not many.
I read the print novel and I'm now reading the graphic novel Coraline lives with her preoccupied parents in part of a huge old house--a house so huge that other people live in it, too... round, old former actr...more [close] Coraline lives with her preoccupied parents in part of a huge old house--a house so huge that other people live in it, too... round, old former actresses Miss Spink and Miss Forcible and their aging Highland terriers ("We trod the boards, luvvy") and the mustachioed old man...more
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Sam Ang
The full article of the review is available here:

Well, I guess everyone will have the same impression as I did the first time I read the title - "Shouldn't it be Caroline? Must be some typo there." And that is the same response people gave her.

Young Coraline was not happy with her life despite the fact that she was only a kid. The adults around her acted a little weird sometimes, making her the more mature one in her mind and she felt bored about that. Her...more
Sambil nunggu anakku main game di Timezone aku ke toko buku Gramedia dan tertarik Grafik Novel Coraline, karena berupa grafik novel jadi dalam waktu sebentar akhirnya tamat. Ini satu-satunya buku yang pernah kubaca sampai selesai di toko buku dan tidak perlu dibeli.

Bukunya sendiri berkisah tentang seorang anak perempuan yang bernama Coraline yang baru pindah rumah dan harus menyesuaikan diri dengan lingkungannya. Coraline bukan Caroline, koreksi terhadap tetangganya yang selalu salah menyebutkan...more
Coraline was just an ordinary girl. When she moves into her new house, she is surprised to find a door leading to nowhere. Or so she thinks. During the night, Coraline finds that behind the door, is the same world she lives in. But when she finds her parents, they are nothing like her real parents. Her mother ,with the button eyes, claims to be her other mother and the world Coraline has just been exposed to is the other world as well as everything and every person
in it is "the other" somethin...more
It may sound like heresy, but I found this graphic novel more satisfying than "World's End." Particularly as the story was less epic in scope and had a greater sense of relevance and immediacy. The "realistic" style of the comics artwork, which makes Coraline look like a teenager, is a great departure from the style used for the children's story (as well as the movie.) All these changes made this seem more like a "lost" chapter of "Sandman"—only without the trademark characters and with a genuin...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
karena bacanya pake misi: tengah malam, pake lilin, ditemani coffee au lait plus doughnuts plus masi agak plu.. yasud, kepala sambil berdenyut2..

tp ceritanya tetep bagus,
memang ga semenyeramkan itu.. if only i were still 9 y.o kayak CORALINE (yg di buku ini namanya salah terus di-spell sama tetangga sekelilingnya). Tapi ilustrasi dan cerita yang cukup, ga berlebihan merupakan gambaran fantasi yang ga norak.. mata kunci cukup ko membuat aq mendelik ;p klo ajah si ibu yang satunya lagi de...more
It turns out there’s almost no version of Coraline that doesn't win over its audience. The story works perfectly as a graphic novel, perhaps because Russell is such a broad talent. The original was great, the movie was pretty good as well, but the graphic novel is awesome. It’s still wonderfully exotic, fun, creepy, and just a little bit subversive. Perfect for kids and adults.

The Graphic Novel is a very entertaining read that I had trouble putting down. I think Gaiman has a wonderful imaginati...more
Mia Queen
“Kau betul tidak paham, ya? Aku tidak mau semuanya terkabul. Tak ada yang mau begitu. Apa asyiknya kalau aku punya semua yang kuinginkan? Semudah itu, dan itu semua tidak berarti apa-apa. Sesudah itu apa ya?”

Kalimat yang paling memorable dari novel grafis yang saya baca siang ini. Fiuh, stress juga 2 kali dalam minggu ini baca novel grafis, keduanya memiliki sisi gelap dan lucunya kedua memiliki nilai yang kuat.

Saya nonton filmnya dulu sih, baru baca novelnya, dan keduanya memuaskan. Bikin meri...more
Some readers have classified this book as a very dark novel. While it is on the dark side, I quite enjoyed the tale. Coraline walks through a locked door in her home into another world to find her "other" mother and father. Her real parents disappear and a black talking cat becomes her comrade in her search for her parents. Coraline loves to explore and the resulting story finds her hoping to rescue not only her parents but three other children (now ghosts) who are still trapped in this world. T...more
A graphic novel version of the well-known horror novel in which a young girl's work-absorbed parents go missing, and she discovers a parallel universe inhabited by her other-mother (truly evil), other-father, nasty rats that do other-mother's bidding, and a talking cat. P. Craig Russell's adaptation has the right tone for upper elementary and middle school readers—very creepy but not terrifying. Also, his panel designs and panel flow should present a fresh and thoughtful style that will engage a...more
Dec 07, 2008 Jess rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Gaimon fans who love graphic novels, kids who can handle 5th grade horror
Recommended to Jess by: the novel version
Coraline, an often bored girl with an affinity for exploring, finds an other world--complete with an Other Mother, Other Father, Other house, and sort forth--behind a room door previously sealed by bricks.

I didn't like it as much as the novel version, but I rarely like graphic novel version of books better. Oddly enough, it didn't feel as creepy as the novel illustrated by Dave Mckean. I chalk this up to the difference between shank and four hole buttons. Don't get me wrong - this is still a ten...more
Sumit Singla
After reading this book in fairly quick time, my first reaction is that of surprise. Coraline has been labelled as a book for children, but I felt it was anything but!

There are some creepy moments for sure.

Coraline is a lonely kid, with busy parents and some really quirky neighbours. She lives in a massive house, and these 'interesting' neaighbours live on different floors of the same house.

There are two old ladies who read Coraline's doom in tea leaves, and an old man who tries to train mice fo...more
Jennifer Rivera
Coraline is such an extraordinary book because the author doesn’t only tie in personification to some characters but he drills in the sense of horror into the book.
I think this book would be enjoyed by audiences older than thirteen because by then you have kind of gone through some of the things the main character of the book goes through (not the horror or the talking cat). Throughout the whole book, Neil Gaiman, the author, establishes this sense of mystery and we unravel it when reading al...more
Whooa merinding kok syerem..........Gk nyangka gw ni buku bikin gw merinding. Baca malem-malem, eh pas gambar "Ibu satunya" langsung berenti, tutup buku lanjut besok pas terang hahahaha Yang bikin serem gambar apa ceritanya ya? Kayanya dua-duanya mendukung deh.

Gk bisa bandingin dengan novel & filmnya karena gw belum baca novelnya & belum nonton.

Michelle. D.
OMG! This was so fricking awesome! I am so gonna read the actual book now.
This book was so EPIC! With the lovelessness and the buttons and the door and the hand and EVERYTHING!
Gah! This book was creepy and just overall fantastic!
A great read.
One Sentence Review: Considering how great an artist Mr. Russell is, I would have expected more to this than just a straightforward graphic novelization of the book (and maybe it could have tried to out-creepy Dave McKean's original illustrations, eh whot?).
I chose the graphic novel instead of the novel and I think I made a mistake... I am just not into graphic novels. I think I'll try again with the novel because I do love Mr. Gaiman's work.
I just finished reading this book to my class. It was definitely a good Halloween read... I love to pause at suspenseful parts. Kind of strange ending.
Based on Neil Gaimon's book, this graphic novel is actually a children's story with happy ending. Good one-time read.
I'll confess it: as long as I read this graphic novel, all I could think about was how much better the original was.

This isn't a bad graphic novel, it's just a broken one. It's based off the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, and since I enjoyed the original, I thought I'd enjoy this as well. But as it turns out, the story is just far better suited to a regular novel than a comic. See, the thing that made the novel so scary wasn't just what was happening, it was the way Gaiman presented it. Gai...more
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