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Crimson Sails
Alexander Grin
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Crimson Sails

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  4,228 ratings  ·  46 reviews
In a small fisherman's village there lived the widowed and reclusive Longren with his daughter Assol. The neighbors consider the family odd, which was true. Assol is waiting for her prophesied fate--that she will meet the man of her dreams when he comes to her on a ship with red sails.
Published (first published 1923)
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Scarlet Sails, a beloved Russian fairy-tale for adults and children alike, is a story about dreams coming true, no matter how silly or futile or far-reached they may seem.

(Because of this book, I even had a sailor suit when I was little :D)

Who hasn't had wild childhood dreams that we secretly hoped would come true? Alexander Grin wrote a book where they do. Written in the early 20th century, in the newly socialist Russia where realism and class struggle were supposed to be the ultimate goal in
Feb 12, 2013 Algernon rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Algernon by: Nataliya
Shelves: 2013

I first heard about it in a comment to Catherynne Valente's Orphan Tales . The comparison is appropriate, because Alexander Grin's novella is another 'modern' fairytale written in beautiful prose. I can understand now how it was possible for Crimson Sails to become a classic in Russian literature, despite the fact that (or posibbly because of the fact that) it is so different from the social realism literary current dominant at the time of its publication.

To resume the story, Assol is a Cinde
Darian Danilevich
Алые паруса - это отличная сказка, ставшая классикой. Два персонажа, такие одинокие и такие похожие, в конце концов, находят друг друга.
Однако в низкой оценке я отражаю своё недовольство, связанное с развитием сюжета.
Ассоль грезила алыми парусами с детства, и она пошла бы за любым человеком, который плавал бы под ними.
Артур увидел спящую девушку и влюбился, ничего не зная о ней. Он выведал её историю и купил нужное количество материи, благо, денег у него было достаточно.
Получается, он увидел м
What can I say about this book? It's terrific! Well written, innocent enough for kids but romantic enough for adults, short enough that you don't have to invest much time, but long enough for an evening or two. and I just love how characters act. He and she just believe in each other... though they've never met. What an incredible love story.
Mina Soare
Why read this? For the short version, skip the next two paragraphs. Be warned: this book has long descriptions - just like my review.

As a mix of romantism and simbolism (so it's written), combined with a fact that it's a third-person old-style narration, this book takes detail-oriented to a new level. As the action can be generally summed up in 3 to five phrases, which I won't do here, everything that sits still long enough is described: forest, ground, sun, flowers, drunk characters and sleepin
Read this as a kid and I think I liked it, but this time not so much. It's got a fairy-tale plot, but not much of one, and knowing what happens already it just didn't hold my interest. Insofar as the hero had a personality at all (the characters are more like archetypes), he was kind of pompous and annoying. The translation (from Russian) seemed a bit awkward in parts, and some of the images and metaphors didn't really work too well for me -- like "She noticed nothing along the way, as when she ...more
This was very cute. It's an arch-typical old-fashioned love story, but it had an ever so sight twist in that the "wonder" that occurred was indeed no wonder, but clever machination ^^ If not, I'm afraid it would have been terribly cliché. It's not though, and you've got to admit that the Captain is a sly bastard. NICE MOVE.

Extra points for being very easy to read. That's something I appreciate these days.

Also, it contains occasional stuff like this:
"Том, как ты женился?"
"Я поймал её за юбку, к
What a wonderful language! A kind modern authors aren't able even imagine to achieve. That is why it is worth to read classics - to remember how beautiful language can be, how colorful, how deep, how magnificent.

Talking about plot - it tells the story about how important it is to believe despite everything. When you believe - you will get what you want, all the world will help you.
That was a sweet little story, it truly is a nice thing when you stumble across an author like Grin by chance and are rewarded with such beautiful prose. Not a word wasted in this tale.

Definitely worth checking out, especially if you're one of those who insist on reading Russian classics. This is a nice change to the more depressing works you are used to.
Yiota Misiou
Μοναδικό, μαγευτικό, παραμυθένιο!!!
Olga Godim
This novella was my favorite book, when I grew up in the Soviet Union. Since its first publication in 1923, it’s had numerous adaptations in Russia, including a super-popular movie and a ballet. Now, it also has an annual festival in St. Petersburg named after it. The festival--a gala for high school graduates--takes place in the middle of June, during a prom night, a white night in St. Petersburg. The highlight of the night is when a ship under scarlet sails cruises along the Neva River, and sp ...more
Demonstrates the power in choosing to fulfill another's dreams, choosing understanding over ridicule, and contrasts that with other choices and other consequences. Well woven. One of the most beautiful and enduring love stories ever written. Of course, the Russian (Alye Parusa) is far more poetic and moving.
Đong Huynh
Văn chương đẹp, có lẽ một phần do bản dịch hay. Không nhất thiết một câu chuyện cổ tích luôn khiến người ta tin vào những điều kỳ diệu, mà khiến ta đôi khi cảm thấy lạc quan hơn vào cuộc sống, và như thế cũng đủ rồi :)
This is one of a small handful of books that fascinated me as a child and young adult, and stayed with me. This book literally STAYED with me, as I have moved all over the U.S. and from house to apartment, etc., countless times. It has lasted through numerous downsizings and purges as well. All this to say, the book is very special and I have not been able to part with it. To me, the way this book evokes images and feelings is so powerful, and the way the settings are described very vivid and se ...more
I adored Scarlet Sails as a child! I read and re-read it numerous times.

Scarlet Sails by Alexander Grin is a wonderful novel about dreams coming true. It is also a beautiful and romantic love story. The story is set in a small fishing village. In the center of the plot there is a young girl, Assol by name. As a child, she meets a wizard who tells her that one day a prince will come on a ship with scarlet sails to carry her away. The villagers laugh at Assol but she beleives that one day her dre
Thy Ngân
Không thích lăm các kiểu cổ tích làm người ta mơ mộng, tin tưởng hão huyền. Cũng không thích sự ngợi ca vẻ đẹp hình thể trước khi cô gái kiếm được hạnh phúc. Nhưng, người ta luôn có thể dễ tính hơn với những cuốn sách dành cho thiếu nhi. :3
Nấm Hương
Có những hình ảnh đẹp đẽ sẽ theo mình suốt cuộc đời. Nên làm sao không xúc động được, trước ý nghĩ về những biểu tượng của niềm hạnh phúc trong ngần, bất diệt, như cánh buồm đỏ thắm từ biển xa dần tiến về mõm đất, rực rỡ trong ánh bình minh, như bông hồng vàng tỏa sáng giữa bóng tối của căn nhà tồi tàn nơi anh Giăng sống. Còn mình, một mai lớn lên nếu nhớ về hạnh phúc, sẽ nhớ tới chiếc kính vạn hoa làm bằng ống nước, mỗi khi lắc nhẹ lại hiện ra hoa văn thật mê hồn. Đó là những niềm hạnh phúc có ...more
Actually, I'm not a big fan of romance, but I decided to give this book a chance. The wording and the language of the book is magnificent! Though sometimes there are too many describtions to get through the book... The beginning is really good - I liked how Grin describes childhood of the main heros and establishes their characters. However, the romance between heros looks too unnatural (view spoiler) ...more
Phân vân khá lâu giữa việc cho cuốn sách này 4 hay 5 sao, bởi nó hiển nhiên là một câu chuyện rất lãng mạn về tình yêu nam nữ, tôi không muốn mình sẽ được nhìn như là một người ưa đọc truyện lãng mạn cho lắm. Tuy nhiên nếu bỏ qua cái sĩ diện rất vô lý đó thì cuốn sách này thực sự đáng được đánh giá là tuyệt vời. Cách tác giả kể chuyện gây hồi hộp, tính cách nhân vật cũng thật đặc biệt và thú vị. Đặc biệt là cách miêu tả sự vật và thiên nhiên quá tinh tế và tài tình; nhất là hình ảnh cánh buồm đỏ ...more

Ο Αλεξάντρ Γκριν αφηγείται αριστοτεχνικά μια ιστορία μαγική, μπολιάζοντας αρμονικά -σχεδόν φυσικά- το παραμύθι με την πραγματικότητα・ τόσο αρμονικά που η αμφισβήτηση του φανταστικού (εν προκειμένω της προφητείας) είναι δεδομένη από τη μία, εδραζόμενη στον κοινό νου, και η αφύσική (τ)ρο(π)ή των πραγμάτων αποτελεί την αυτονόητη επιλογή -όχι δικαίωση- της ιδιαιτερότητας από την άλλη.

Το πλοίο με τα πορφυρά πανιά εξοκέλλει της ενδεδειγμένης συμβατικής πορείας της ανθρωπότητας επιδεικτικά -εν τη ρύμη
maybe i'm too old for fairy tales, but honestly, I don't think children should believe that if you sit on your ass all your life daydreaming and believing a prince will come, sailing a boat with scarlet sails to take you to your dreamland. I'd rather say go make your own boat with scarlet sails and sail away to make your dreams come true.
Aug 27, 2007 Amanda rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: lovers of a simple, lovely story
My sister and her husband asked all the guests at their wedding to give them a copy of their favorite books instead a of a wedding gift. Soem close family friends handed them this, and now I see why. It's a classic, simple story of dreams and love, like a fairytale. I liked it tons.
A wonderful, magical romance. I received this book when I was a child, and I still love it...
Elena Semenchuk
Its beautiful ...more
Only 84 pages in length, this little book packs a big punch! Powerfully poetic prose unravels the story of two youth from different places who are both ostracized by those around them. But fate brings their worlds together in a most unusual way.

This is a story that proves that the pursuit of true love and happiness can find attainment by people creating the means to bring it to pass.

Knížka o naplněném snu a štěstí. Příběh tak prostinký, že by se vešel do jedné až dvou vět. Krásná Assol, ostatními dětmi vysmívaná, očekává, že pro ni jednoho dne přijede "princ". Když dospěje, sen se jí splní - ve vesnici se objeví nádherná loď s nachovými plachtami a s jejím vyvoleným.
Na knížce je krásné, jak je napsaná: jednoduché, prosté a skoro až naivní vyprávění doprovozené stejně krásnými ilustracemi.
Little Demon
Mình không thực sự bị cuốn hút bởi câu chuyện lắm, thực lòng mà nói. Có lẽ đây là câu chuyện cổ tích hiện đại mà ở đó người đọc nên lờ đi cốt truyện quá hiển nhiên để thực sự thưởng thức được nó. Cũng không rõ đây là câu truyện cổ tích cho thiếu nhi hay người lớn, nhưng có lẽ với truyện cổ tích, người ta có quyền - và nghĩa vụ phải dễ tính hơn.
The book is incredibly sweet. It must have been written just to tell people to be a little kinder to others, and not to stop believing in the world which is full of beautiful secrets and wonders.
Excellent writing

This short book provides some poetic insight into love in Russia. It spells out, quite clearly, the philosophical concept of love in Russia!
Marina Nova
Странна книга. :) Но начинът, по който авторът описва историята, я прави хубава. Някакво спокойствие те обвива, докато четеш. И оставя приятно усещане.
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Alexander Grin (Russian: Александр Грин, August 23, 1880 – July 8, 1932) was a Russian writer, notable for his romantic novels and short stories, mostly set in an unnamed fantasy land with a European or Latin American flavor. He was a sailor, gold miner and construction worker, but generally lived a life of a vagabond.
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Бегущая по волнам Алые паруса. Золотая цепь Selected Short Stories Алые паруса. Бегущая по волнам (Любимое чтение) Блистающий мир

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“Я понял одну нехитрую истину. Она в том, чтобы делать так называемые чудеса своими руками. Когда для человека главное - получать дражайший пятак, легко дать этот пятак, но, когда душа таит зерно пламенного растения - чуда, сделай ему это чудо, если ты в состоянии. Новая душа будет у него и новая у тебя.” 3 likes
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