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My Five Senses Big Book (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1)
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My Five Senses Big Book (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1)

3.87  ·  Rating Details ·  489 Ratings  ·  81 Reviews
How do you learn what the world is like?

Through your five senses! Each sound and taste, each smell, sight, and touch helps you to discover something new. So find out more about your senses-what they are and what you can learn through them about the exciting world.The world awaits!
Paperback, 32 pages
Published March 15th 1991 by HarperFestival (first published 1962)
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Meghan Collins
"A world of a child is a world of discovery" is a direct quote from the author of this book, Aliki. These are the first words I read on the inside from cover and I could not agree with him more. These words really resonated with me, and helped me connect with this book.

The illustrations are amazing. The book walks through the five senses with children, through the eyes of a little boy. He is very young, and I would say preschool age and learning about his five senses. The pictures are very deta
Jul 12, 2011 Sharena added it
Shelves: language
Great book for young children! I used this book for the theme of the month. One of the activities they did for touch/feel: they made a picture using oatmeal, sand, salt, and pasta. After the art project, we had a chance to talk about all the different textures.
Nov 20, 2012 Savanah rated it liked it
Reading Level: 1.7 (Lexile: 590)
Interest Level: K-2nd grade
Genre: Nonfiction, Informational
Main Characters: A boy
Setting: NA
Point of View: Narrator

This is a nonfiction book in which the author’s purpose is to educate the reader on human’s five senses. The author shows that picture of a boy and the body part that is associated with a particular sense. The book tells the reader how we use that sense and why it is useful to our daily lives.

I have actually used this book in a 1st grade classroom in
Geneva Roberts
Mar 30, 2014 Geneva Roberts rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: nonfiction
My Five Senses is a great book to introduce the senses and what they do to young children. The illustrations are clear and go along with the facts, the content of the books vocabulary is understandable for young children to understand. The book gives wonderful examples on how each of the senses are used in everyday activities that children could relate to such as "When I bounce a ball, I use three senses. I see, hear and touch" and "When I look at the moon and stars, I use one sense. I am seeing ...more
Brenda Barrino
Book Title: My 5 Senses by Aliki
Description: A young girl describes each sense and the body part that corresponds.
Focus: Using the 5 senses as a resource for adding details to strengthen writing.
Teach: W.1.5 With guidance and support from adults, focus on a topic, respond to questions and suggestions from peers, and add details to strengthen writing as needed.
a. Introduce, read, and review book
b. Review 5 senses
c. Discuss how writers can use their 5 senses to help add details in their stori
Ashley M.
Nov 26, 2012 Ashley M. rated it really liked it
Shelves: health
This book teaches children the five senses in a understandable way for children to comprehend. The Vocabulary is appropriate for young children and will have children thinking about the different senses they use. This book is basic however a teachable tool for young children in a preschool setting learning the functions and purpose of these senses.

Durning center time have centers set up for practicing the using your different senses. Have a center with different materials to touch and feel. Enco
Emily Galicia
Mar 01, 2014 Emily Galicia rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: february
I think this a great book. I think that this would be a big help if I teach about senses. This book is very engaging because it explains the senses, its function through a body part, and different actions. This book is very detailed in having children see why your senses are used in different ways. I think that even when it is a little long if the teacher reads it with enthusiasm the class would make a great discussion out of it.
Mar 03, 2014 Emilee rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: february
I thought that this was a really cute book to read to teach the five different sense. What I really liked about this book is that it not only talks about the five different sense but it talks about situations where you may use more than just one sense at a time. I also really enjoyed the illustrations.
Mar 11, 2014 Rachel rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: february
I think this is a great book to teach children about their senses. We learn about eyes and ears, the nose, the tongue, and fingers. All of these help us with our senses. Children will learn that senses make you aware, you are always using your senses.
Summary: This children's book teaches young readers about their 5 senses. Readers will learn what their five senses are followed by what we use our 5 senses for. What the reader may not know is that we can use multiple senses all at once!
Review: Although the ages for this children's book are 4-8 years old I would be mindful that this children's book is very slow paced. However, for teachers and parents there are plenty of examples for each sense that we can test our students or children on. The
Ting Zhang
Nov 04, 2015 Ting Zhang rated it it was amazing
This book “My five senses” was written by Aliki. It suitables to use for the ages range 3 to 5 in the early childhood classroom. It tells about children can see with their eyes; they can hear with their ears; they can smell with their nose; they can touch with their fingers; they can taste with their tongue; they can do all this with their five senses. I like this book because it provides in an understandable way for children to think about the different senses they use. The Vocabulary is approp ...more
Iman Tabbaa
Nov 06, 2012 Iman Tabbaa rated it it was amazing
Shelves: all-about-me
We use our senses everyday and through many eperiences. My Five Senses takes us through some of the experiences where we use our senses just doing everyday activities.We see family, we hear fire trucks,taste food,smell flowers, and touch water.Some times we use more than one sense at a time and sometimes we use all of them at one time.

I am doing a learning center for the five senses. The center will include hands on activities for children to explore their five senses. I woud read this book firs
Apr 01, 2014 Dominique rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 5-senses
My five senses is a great to book yo use to teach children about senses. This is the perfect book for reading to kids, and for kids to begin to learn to read. It is very well thought out, covers an important topic, has a seamless match between the words and the illustrations, and has a generous amount of repetition to learn the five senses.I would use this book in the classroom to describe to children our five senses, see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. Also i would have them tell me which body ...more
Mrs Bond
Mar 12, 2009 Mrs Bond rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: picturebook, health
Great introduction to the five senses. This text can be divided into four sections. The first is simple description of the five senses with large photos showing a child using those senese. The second section uses common examples that a child might encounter in their world as they see, hear, smell, taste or touch. The third section talks about combination of senses and activities. Again, all examples are things young children will relate to or understand. Final portion of book goes back to the si ...more
Paul Hardin
Jul 14, 2013 Paul Hardin rated it liked it
This would be a great non-fiction book to read to your classroom because it deals with the 5 senses. Aliki, one of my favorites, does a great job of adding pictures that children will not only like, but understand as well. He does a great job of mingling different races within his books. This would be a great book to read while discussing the five senses and the corresponding body parts. Any book by Aliki would be beneficial in the classroom because he covers a variety of topics and really does ...more
Amy Groesbeck
May 01, 2009 Amy Groesbeck rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
This is an awesome book! It’s a great text to use when introducing the five senses. The book first explains each sense, “I can see with my eyes.” The text is accompanied with a correlating picture. The book continues to give examples of how we use each sense and how each are commonly used together. I used this book during a discovery lesson where the students applied their senses to determine what items were secretly concealed in a box. We were discussing the five senses at the time, so it was a ...more
Joann Aubain
Oct 16, 2012 Joann Aubain rated it really liked it
Great book! Especially if you're teaching senses. It is very engaging and explains the senses, function through a body part and different actions. I feel this book is very detailed in having children see why your senses are used in different ways. Seems a little long however if read with enthusiasm I can see how it will be interesting.

A learning experience can be to have the children break into small groups of five senses. The teacher would show different pictures of actions that require one or
Molly Robbins
"My Five Senses" is great for children in Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten. It explains simply in the text, and with detailed illustrations what each of our 5 senses are and how we use them for different things in our life. This book would work great for ESOL students to get them familiar with this. There are not many words but the illustrations give clear meaning to the text so the students can refer to the picture if they do not understand the text. You could integrate science into this activi ...more
Maria Rizo-campos
I like this book because of the vivid color that is used to represent each sense and the kind of descriptive sentences that the author uses to get children’ attention. For example: in the sentence sometimes I use all my senses at one. The pictures that goes with this and the word aware, it is well explained for young children. It is a good book to discuss with my English Language Learners students (ESL) because it has vivid illustrations, which go with the important vocabulary, and the easy repe ...more
Mar 05, 2013 Libby is currently reading it
A 4-5 year old child can practice their vocabulary skills in a shared reading of My Five Senses with a caregiver. As the story is read aloud, the child is developing the practice of reading, and participating in receptive language, which will later help the child to produce more instances of expressive language independent of the caregiver. A vocabulary building tool, My Five Senses is an excellent book suitable for children age 4-5.
Faith Barron
Feb 17, 2013 Faith Barron rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 3601-ell-s
My Five Senses written by Aliki is a wonderful book for teachers to read to students who do not really understand what the five senses are. This book breaks down all the senses in a very simple self explanatory way. Makes this the perfect book to introduce to an ELL student. Finding a book that makes a topic, that can be complex, easily understood is the way to go. This book is also really great because for each sense it gives real life examples of what any child might go through at home.
Brittany Wood
My Five Senses was a great book for children who are learning about their senses. The book explains all of the senses that we have and different ways that we can use them. Also it shows you that you can use more that one sense at a time. This book touches on all of the GELDS standards. I would encourage all teachers of young children to read this book to there students where that can further understand their senses.
Kristina Bulluck
This is a very good book to explain what the 5 senses are to children. It also gives examples of when you use your senses. This book is easy to read and understand. I really enjoyed this book.

LE: I would have different stations set up for the children to explore with their senses. For example for touch would have cold, wet, rough, smooth, ect. For them to touch. Would have all the stations set up.
Ragan Brown
Oct 12, 2010 Ragan Brown rated it it was amazing
Shelves: five-senses
This book talks about the five senses in some different ways. First it names each of the senses. Then it shows how we use the senses. It suggests a game (counting how many senses are being used when doing something). Last, the book goes over how senses make us aware.

The pictures are simple and nice looking. They connect with the words on the page and so are easy to understand.

Teaching with this book:
Toddler, Prek

The Five Senses
Sheena M
Nov 15, 2013 Sheena M rated it really liked it
Shelves: informational
This book provides accurate kid friendly information about the five senses. The text is repetitive and use simple decodable words that will allow emergent readers to read without much assistance.
I would use this text to reinforce science lessons about the human body. This book would be appropriate for kindergarten students or level A readers.
Mackenzie Rodeghier
Feb 05, 2013 Mackenzie Rodeghier rated it it was amazing
This big book would be a great resource to use with emergent readers! Not only would emergent readers gain practice with letters, sounds, and words, but they'd also learn a great deal about their senses and they ways they all work together to help us each and every day! Even more proficient readers could learn a lot from this simple text!
Elizabeth Mcdonough
This book would be good to introduce the five senses. The book gives examples of what you do with each sense and the students can relate to the examples. The book uses repetition to introduce each sense and what body part we use and then goes into more details of what you use each sense for. Great science resource!
Dec 01, 2012 Elaine rated it it was amazing
Read with kindergarten - great reinforcement of five senses work they were doing in the classroom. Also nice to get students thinking about the ways they use their senses to do different things, such as a discussion of how many of their senses they were using to listen to the story and how many I was using to read them the story.
Nov 27, 2013 Nicole rated it it was amazing
I would defiantly recommend this book for the classroom. It clearly describes and illustrates what our five senses are, what we use to utilize them, and what types of thing we get from them. I have used this book in a pre-k class room and my students loved it. They all liked to yell out what sense they would use for different situations the book describes.
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Aliki has written and illustrated many books, both fiction and nonfiction, loved by readers throughout the world. The books were inspired by a word, an experience, or the desire to find out. Aliki lives in London, England.
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