Savor Me Slowly (Alien Huntress, #3)
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Savor Me Slowly (Alien Huntress #3)

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  4,031 ratings  ·  168 reviews

Mishka Le'Ace was created to be an undercover operative...literally. Her beautiful body has been mechanically augmented to give her superhuman strength -- strength she's going to need. Her latest mission sends her to rescue Alien Investigation and Removal agent Jaxon Tremain from torture and death. With him, she discovers a passion unl...more
Paperback, 384 pages
Published December 26th 2007 by Pocket Star
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 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
Okay.. Where do I begin... This book was very deep. The dynamic between Jaxon and Mishka was beyond awesome. Again all the characters I loved and Hated equally, but that's good! Even though I understood Mia's motivation, there were times when even she should not have been allowed to do what she was doing. Action was great, Hilarious, and oh so sexy!! The villians I even loved to hate.

It takes a strong soul, man or woman to not only be real & honest with themselves, but to do the same for the...more
This is a reread for me. I read it for the first time years ago, and it was the book that introduced me to Gena Showalter. My original grade for it was 5 Stars but it seems like my tastes have changed a little over the years because this time around I have to give it 4 Stars.

If you're reading this series in order and are about to start this one, you should know that this book is written in third person. The first two books, Awaken Me Darkly and Enslave Me Sweetly, were written in first person a...more
Although this is the third book in Showalter's Alien Huntress series, it was the first I've read thanks to one of my book sharing bud's. Now I'm going to have to go back and read the first two because I enjoyed this one!

SMS is a passionate, you're-the-one-for-me type of love story, with steamy enough sex to satisfy even me! It's also a fun futuristic paranormal too boot. What sets this series apart from some of the other paranormal romances out there is the fact that the protags and baddies are...more
I like this series but I'm just NOT crazy about it. I'm not even sure if I would recommend it. I mean, it's good, I'm having a nice time reading it but it's definitely not one of those reads you'll treasure and try to remember forever.

This book IMHO wasn't as good as the last one. I just never clicked with the two main characters, I was way more interested in other things that were going on. It was a nice read though, I do like the Aliens theme and the not-knowing-what-will-happen-next feeling...more
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
The 3rd book in the Alien Huntress series, but its actually the first one written with a third person POV. I enjoyed this aspect of the book. I can say I would've love to see Lucius thoughts in the previous book. So job well done with this one!

We meet Mishka, who is sort of an assassin. She's really not human, not completely. She was created in a lab and has parts that are robot. I loved the voice in her head that was a bit of a computer processor. 5% chance of this, 90% chance of success at tha...more
This has to be my favorite so far. Loved Jaxon's story. There was so much that I loved I am not sure where to begin. Can I just say that Mia was in there and she was a major bitch. I mean seriously! Then there was Dallas that was being protective of his friend but was a jerk. UGH!! I wanted the smack them. Le'Ace was wonderful and perfect for Jaxon. My heart went out to her after all that she went thru.This book had me anxious to find out what was going to happen next! The ending was so sweet an...more
I thoroughly enjoyed this the first time I read it. I remember liking it a lot, though I don't remember much of what happened.

But trying to reread it now is just not happening. I've been desperately skimming and skipping because I'm just so fucking bored with it. So I wonder if maybe my tastes have changed. Or maybe I'm just not in the mood. I dunno. I'm not changing my rating, either way.

Jaxon Tremain, Mishka Le'Ace what can I say about these two story I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! Gena Showalter is a genius when it comes to making up these world of different species>>>>> I've been reading the ALien Huntress series backward each story stands alone so you could read them backward I'm definitely picking up book 2 and 1 ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
Ever since I bumped into the cover of the 6th book in this series, I've been tempted by its hotness. It's shallow, and normally I'm totally not the judge a book by its cover type, but seriously, that is one hot damn cover.

Dark Taste of Rapture (Alien Huntress, #6) by Gena Showalter

But most of my friends don't like Showalter, and I tried her other series once, and it totally didn't work for me, so I didn't really want to read it. But that cover was so delicious...

So yeah, in the end my inner horny teen totally won out, and I decided I should try...more
This is the third book in the Alien Huntress series, and the fourth I have read. I started with the fourth (which should really be the fifth), then went back and did the first three. Four was great, one and two had a lot of potential, but the first person POV was a bit of a turn off. Not getting to know those totally Alpha macho men was such a waste. But in Savor Me Slowly, Gena Showalter goes to the third person narrative, and it pays off.

Mishka Le'Ace is human. Sort of. Created from mixed DNA...more
PepperP0t (
Even through the pain and bruises of a brutal beating Jaxon Tremain is attracted to Mishka Le’Ace who neither is certain if she is there to kiss or kill him until the very last moment. But he isn’t alone in this attraction and Mishka is definitely “feeling human” about him as well. Her latest assignment: to rescue the kidnapped AIR agent from his particularly brutal aliens captors; find out if he has given them any information; and get Jaxon to pass that same information onto her. Every relation...more
Laura the Highland Hussy
Okay, so I wasn't sure what I was in for with this one, and it was so freakin' good that I put the kids to bed early to read it! I could NOT put it down!
Mishka was created in a lab to be the ultimate weapon/soldier/assasain. But no one counted on the fact that while she may have been created, she was still a person. She is ordered to obtain captured A.I.R. agent Jaxon and if he hasn't spilled his secrets to the deleseans, to get him to trust Mishka and spill to any means necessary. And...more
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Vanessa theJeepDiva
WOW, best in the series so far. The couples from the first two books were back and had major roles in this book. I love it when characters still continue to have roles in later books in a series. This book is nonstop & keeps you guessing the entire time. We know from book one the Mia has premonitions on account of her Arcadian half. We know that Dallas is alive only because he has taken in a large amount of Arcadian blood. Well he sees Jaxon dying in one of his premonitions. Jaxon’s friends...more
This is one of my favorite authors! Usually her books make me laugh--a lot. I really liked her "Playing with Fire" and "Nymph King." She has a great sense of humor.

It has been so long since I read the two preceding Alien Huntress books--I vaguely remembered them; therefore, I'm going out on a limb here in saying this could be read without reading the other two and you should still enjoy it. I remembered abit about Mia Snow and I remembered the golden skin alien was being hunted for her skin and...more
Pat aka Tygyr
Jaxon Tremain, an A.I.R. agent, is captured and tortured. But he refuses to tell anything. Le'Ace is called in to use her skills on him. She spirits him away. She finds she can't make herself kill him or torture him. Instead she falls in love with him. What's an assassin to do when she cannot do her job? The Shor (alien race) are on earth and infecting and killing humans. When Le'Ace's boss and Jaxon's both want info on the Shon and they are approached by one named Nolan, they decide to work tog...more
Savor Me Slowly is book #3 of the Alien Huntress series but the first one I picked up. After reading this one I am very interested to start the series at the beginning get the entire background to what led up to this novel. The simplest way to describe this novel is to think; MIB meets Anita Blake and their love child is the killer cyborg Mishka (Le'Ace) of Savor Me Slowly.
The novel begins with Jaxon Tremain hanging from a rack, having been tortured for days by an alien race intent on gatherin...more
I liked the idea of the book but I didn't like how it was executed. With h Le'Ace being half machine and all, it could have taken many directions but it was so generic. Same goes with H. For a scarred hero, his backstory was so poor. Other than that it was an ok read.
(view spoiler)
Mishka Le'Ace is part human, part machine. She was created in a lab by men who have used her, punished her and upgraded her, her entire life. There were no hugs, no care and no asking what she wanted. She was treated worse than the most abused dog. Her latest job is to rescue and interrogate A.I.R. agent Jaxon Tremain. When the two meet fireworks explode for both of them. While they both are assigned the same case, Jaxon by A.I.R, Mishka by the ruthless man who punishes her for his own pleasure,...more
I am enjoying the Alien Huntress books. This is about Mishka Le'Ace who is a killer with a secret she hasn't told anyone. She meets Jaxon Tremain and starts to feel differently toward him. She's saved him from torture and possibly death. In taking care of him she feels herself softening towards him and is fighting it all the way.

It has a good story with a lot of action.
I could not finish this. I tried to read more but this novel failed my expectations. This is my second book from Gena Showalter and for the same reason I did not finish this was because of unlikable characters.

Mishka has a machine arm (oooohhh, scary)and has a troubling past. She's scarred but I do not feel, even just a tiny drip of sympathy towards her. I should be crying a river for a poor girl like her, sadly, I wasn't.

The story was romance then layered with science fiction, it just didn't do...more
I was worried about this series, but after reading #5 I went back and started at #2. (I don't like Mia and didn't care about her book. Ha!) This series is exciting and racy. Gena can do no wrong!
Mishka is a cyborg operative that is forced to follow her master's commands or suffer pain. But she risks it all for Jaxon, an AIR operative that is honest to the core with his agency's secrets, and the case that he is currently handling. Mia and other operatives hate Mishka for her past actions, but we have been given a glimpse on what she really is.

The tension in the story is palpable, and I like that the story flow surprises me at every turn. Along with the hot scenes between Jaxon and Mishk...more
I love this series, but the story just seemed like an excuse to put the romance around, which is fine but I didn't like either of the characters.
This is my third Showalter book, and if you checked out the other reviews, you know I had to comment on the nonsensical covers. Well, folks, this one at least makes sense. And I like the art. While I would prefer some of the alien tech, the weapons, the deadly femme fatale-ness to show on the cover, this is still clearly Mishka. Plus, I like tattoos. So kudos to the publisher for putting some thought into the cover instead of giving us another random female in a random teddy.

OK, on to the goodne...more
Mishka Le'Ace is an alien/human/mechanical hybrid designed to carry out the bidding of her creators. She has been trained (read:abused) from a young age to obey commands even those against her will. When she's ordered to torture information from AIR agent Jaxon Tremain, she gets more than she bargained for. He is willing to be tender with her and tease her and love her and save her. As a whole, the series introduces a new alien threat that will continue to be significant and fascinating as it co...more
A very sweet hot read with a lot of heart. I really liked Jaxon and Mishka as a couple.
Keep in mind that this is an adult book, and there are explicit details!
"Tell me what's going on in that head of yours. Tell me what you're feeling." He stiffened. Closed his eyes for a moment and moaned. "Good God. I just realized I'm Cathy."

"I don't understand."

He gave a wry shake of his head. "I've got a beautiful woman underneath me, and I'm asking to discuss our feelings and future. Hell, I want to discuss them. I'm pathetic."

Do not melt. Do not freaking melt. "Look, Jaxon, it's not you. O
Puke puke, and triple puke. I was feeling quite violent towards this book a time or two. First of all, human hero. Boooring. Whatever. It started out good, but soon got slow, then evolved into boring and borderline painful. Let me say I hated, HATED Le'Ace. She sucked big rotten apples. She wasn't annoying or too big for her britches, but she was majorly flawed and revered for it. Big and bad and oh so misunderstood. Minor spoilage from here. She kills people, admits to killing INNOCENT people -...more
Paranormal Haven
Jaxon Tremain is an Alien Investigation and Removal agent (A.I.R.) and because of the sensitive information he holds, Jaxon has been captured and continuously beaten for it. Before his captors could kill him, undercover operative Mishka Le'Ace saves him but not without a motive of her own. She has been ordered to use any means necessary to get the information from him about a new race of aliens on earth who are spreading a virus that is killing women. Even though she desires Jaxon and sees him a...more
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Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels. Her series include White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress and Intertwined.

Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, and have been transl...more
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