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The Farseekers (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, #2)
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The Farseekers (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #2)

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  4,669 ratings  ·  147 reviews
In the two years since its takeover of Obernewtyn, the secret community of Misfits has flourished. Protected by their remoteness, Elspeth Gordie and her allies have worked hard to develop their forbidden mental abilities--all in preparation for their inevitable confrontation with the totalitarian Council. And though their training is far from complete, the Misfits can no l ...more
Unknown Binding, 312 pages
Published by Penguin Books (first published 1990)
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Well, it's better than Obernewtyn, for sure.

*Spoilers for Obernewtyn, the first book*

Continuing my re-read of the Obernewtyn chronicles, I devoured most of this one in a night. Interestingly, it's set some time after Obernewtyn ends, and therefore we don't get most of the fight against Alexi and Madame Vega, nor Rushton's work at being made legal owner of the place. Possibly because Elspeth is out of it for a while thanks to the burns to her legs? Anyway, we open here rather abruptly to discover
Bree T
It’s been two years since Elspeth and Rushton successfully ousted Alexi and Madam Varga from Obernewtyn and Rushton took his rightful place as the Master. Since then it’s been a peaceful place to live, with the ‘Misfits’ embracing their differences, even establishing ‘guilds’ where they can join and better hone their particular talents. It has become a refuge for others just like them and due to their location they’ve been relatively unbothered by the Council. Elspeth uses her position as mistre ...more
So I got the first one from the library and towards the end of the first book I knew this was something interesting. But it wasn’t until the second book (at the end of the second book no less) when I knew I had something fascinating in my hands. The moment that really got me was when the horse Gahltha pledges his loyalty to Elspeth and promises to help her and never leave her side (there’s a reason why of course) but I was so moved by this previously-arrogant horse and his devotion, that my hear ...more
I'd really like to give this one 4.5 stars. I tend to be quite sceptical as I read books, assuming that the author is leading me into a long boring part of a story where no real action or surprising plot twists can be had. I love it when an author proves me wrong.
The action in this book is really rather good. Definitely engaging and absolutely capable of keeping me wanting to read more.
I must say, that by the end of the book I was getting a bit sick of all the obstacles. I tend to get impatient
Shannon (Giraffe Days)
This review contains some spoilers of the first book.

It has been two years since the climactic events of the first book, Obernewtyn , occurred. Elspeth is about seventeen years old and still recovering from the burns to her feet and legs, not helped by the aching cold of the mountains in winter - the same mountains and weather that keep Obernewtyn, now a safe refuge for misfits with unique powers, safe. Under the new master of Obernewtyn, Rushton Seraphim, the Misfits - as the ruling Council has
This isn't quite as good as the first in the series (mostly due to repetitive word use--see: "guild" and "guildmerge"). But, once you get past the beginning, it's a pretty lively story. I enjoyed the growing equality of humans with animals, though I wonder--are all animals equally smart? How do they feel about eating them, then? There are ethical questions that should be mentioned that never are. Also, I feel like Carmody often singles out one random character to die in each book. Most of the ti ...more
I think this book was really brilliantly written! I love her character - kind, caring and selfless. The situations she gets herself in are so bizarre and cliffhanging, it makes you want to read more and more. On one note, I reaaaaaaaaally think the 'romance' between her and Rushton should be increased. I think she should stop working so hard and being serious all the time and have time to relax. She scolds Rushton for being serious when she is like that also. Hope something cute happens in the n ...more
My re-read continues. I felt like the writing was slightly better in this one, but still not stellar. I think the main problem is that overall it's pretty formulaic fantasy writing. Y'know: good vs. evil. Carmody's characterization isn't earth-shattering by any means. But I love all the feisty friendly disabled folks, and the premise is what gets me on these, still. I have to say, i WAS kind of disappointed that Elspeth gets magically cured in this one. I forgot that part. On to the next one!
Abbie Kline
This is a fantastic book. It is also far superior to book number 1 (Obernewtyn)- so don't let the first one stop you from enjoying the rest of the series.
Elspeth, a young woman with varied supernatural powers is a compelling heroine. The plot is fast with many vivid side characters (Maruman being one of the best). This book, and the subsequent books in the series, weave a complicated overarching plot while doing a good job of resolving more immediate issues within the smaller one book plots.
Holly Pannowitz
Love this series!

Although the time that passes between books (2 years for this one) takes me back a little.

I need more Rushton and Elspeth love! They are always so distant from each other and it drives me crazy.

Carla *Jen7waters*
So much better than the first one (Rushton, love!:D) and Dragon is such a great character.
*PT*Cuidado com o Dálmata - Obernewtyn e The Farseekers
A compelling follow-up to the first book, it continues with the adventures of a misfit named Elspeth, who has the abilities to 'mind-speak' to animals and other 'farseekers' and has coercing and healing powers. These powers are believed to be the result of a nuclear holocaust caused by 'weaponmachines' created by people.. Misfits are seen as dangerous freaks by 'normal' people and are burned alive if they are discovered, by the totalitarian council that rule the fictitous land. Sharing the rule ...more
The Farseekers is the second book in The Obernewtyn Chronicles and it is even better then first book. The story presumably takes place many months after the events of the first book and follows Elspeth Gordie and fellow Misfits who have created their own government in the once frightening Oprhanage Obernewtyn, that is now a safe haven for all Misfits. The Misfits are searching cities from the Beforetimes for clues to their creation and the worlds demise and discover a library that is a true trea ...more
Esta história é rica em acontecimentos inesperados e empolgantes, que prendem o leitor da primeira à última página. Alguns mistérios são desvendados, mas surgem sempre novos e há muitos que estão ainda por descobrir. Tal como no livro anterior os animais têm um papel importantíssimo! Desde os delírios de Maruman, à coragem dos equídeos como Gahltha e à sabedoria dos Agyllians (pássaros Guanette) e tal como os funaga, também estes têm as suas próprias missões a cumprir.

Trata-se de um livro de esc
The Farseekers is the second book of the Obernewtyn Chronicles, a series following Elspeth Gordie, an orphaned mutant with exceptional mind powers in a post-apocalyptic world. Elspeth has a fate she must follow: to find and destroy all the machines which created the Great White(the event that destroyed her world), and this fate is becoming harder and harder to refuse. (You can read my review of the first volume here.)

In 'The Farseekers' Elspeth and some friends from Obernewtyn begin a two-goaled
This is book 2 in the Obernewtyn Chronicles:
Book 1: Obernewtyn
Book 2: The Farseekers
Book 3: Ashling
Book 4: The Keeping Place
Book 5: Wavesong
Book 6: The Stone Key
Book 7: The Sending
Book 8: The Red Queen (final book, to be published November 2013)
Reminds me of The Books of Pellinor, but I found these much more readable. I really like the Pellinor books, but felt they were almost self-satified. The Obernewtyn books were easy to read (the first book is half the size of some of the other books in the
I love this series so far. It's set in the future after an apocalypse and the world is rebuilding. The main character, Elspeth, is labeled a "misfit" because of her ability to speak to others through her mind. Misfits are considered mutations caused by the apocalypse and are burned or sent to work camps. Elspeth and her friends go on many adventures to try to help other misfits and fight against the unjust powers that be.

I am so glad I discovered this author and this series. Highly recommended!
This is currently my favourite book.

"The Farseekers" has depth, character relationships and developments, vivid imagination, a cunning plot line, beautiful descriptions, purpose, love, loss, home, friendships, development of minor characters, brilliant weaving in of new characters and an altogether fascinating read.

I fully recommend it and am going on to read the next one as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.

A well deserved five star novel.
Re-reading The Farseekers reminds me of why I fell in love with the Obernewtyn Chronicles as a teenager. Carmody writes in a good combination of foreshadowing and story telling without falling into the trap that a lot of fantasy authors do where they smother a fantastic tale with too much detail. Even though I have read the series before, I can't help but feel excited for what waits in the next books.
The Farseekers by Isobelle Carmody is the second book of The Obernewtyn Chronicles. It was first published in 1990, three years after the first book Obernewtyn. That was back when books in a series weren't cranked out year after year. Readers nowadays are more impatient. Yes, that includes me!

For me, The Farseekers was a good bit better than Obernewtyn. It's set two years after the end of the first book, Elspeth is now 17. Being older opens Elspeth's character to a lot more possibilities. All t
This was definitely an intriguing read. The plot has a great many twists and turns throughout which have to be unpicked in order to make it through to the end of the book, however, none of these twists seem out of place. Each make the story flow in directions that as soon as they're there you think they were always meant to be.

I enjoyed a number of things about this book. First and foremost Elspeth herself. I found her character intriguing within the first book, but here she comes into her own
The Farseekers was an amazing read. Everything about it was brilliant:
First of all, the writing.
The entire Obernewtyn series is written so beautifully and makes the book that much more special because it is more than just a story, more than just a good idea.
The story;
the story itself is brilliant! the plot changes often and there are unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader hungry for more. this makes it book that you can't put down!
it is so much better than the first book, everything ab
A more satisfying book in terms of length and pacing than the first installment of the series. The world has begun to feel much more full and realized as we visit more areas in the Land, and the plot is also significantly better at pulling the reader in. There was greater care put into character development and getting to know the other main characters, and the loss of one of them later in the book felt more dear than Cameo's (long foreshadowed) death in the first book. You can definitely tell t ...more
The second book in the series is different in feel to the first book in many ways.
For a start, while the story starts at Obernewtyn, the plot mostly takes place in other places, with the main charator, Elspeth, travelling around throughout most of the book.
Also, there are far more other charactors that Elspeth is friendly with, an obvious result of the change of leadership at Obernewtyn and the time that has passed between the two books.
I really enjoy reading the descriptions used to describe th
Neill Smith
In the second book of the Obernewtyn Chronicles, the Misfits are able to consolidate their holding of Obernewtyn and to understand and begin to develop their powers. In a quest to rescue a powerful Misfit they realize that the future of Obernewtyn is connected with this quest and they find unexpected allies in a group of rebels who are also working against the Council and the Herder Faction who are trying to dominate their world. During her quest Elspeth is named The Seeker by Atthis, eldest of ...more
It's been awhile since I read the first Obernewtyn book, so it took me a few chapters to remember what happened in the last one, but I enjoyed The Farseekers just as much as Obernewtyn. I was a bit disappointed to see that the romance between Rushton and Elspeth that blossomed at the end of Obernewtyn didn't really continue into The Farseekers, but the plot was very well crafted and executed. I love the concept of Elspeth's quest that gets revealed at the end of the book, and the post-apocalypti ...more
I am re-reading this series after maybe 10 years of not having re-read it again and again. So, I'm re-discovering which book, in the series, I like and don't like. I am definitely liking this one better than the first one because this book is more action-packed than the first book. Understandingly, there are a lot to set up for this Chronicle and the first book was used to get things going and now, it's got going...

Elspeth was feeling restless. She should be happy in Obernewtyn where she is free
I had a hard time with this one at first. It hasn't been all that long since I read Obernewtyn, but I find my memory is already pretty foggy about what happened. I spent the first two or three chapters of this book just trying to figure out who on earth all the characters were and where they came from and what was going on! But once Elspeth starts out on her journey I got totally hooked, on the book itself, but also on the entire series. I enjoyed the first book, but it didn't really draw me in ...more
Kathy Huynh
So I couldn't put this book down. It is a fairly short book and I finished it in one day. The plot is very interesting and the new levels and change of Obernewtyn all the more. Unfortunately the author fell short in her writing. The many characters introduced in this book had plenty of potential for the reader's to fall in love with but Carmody could not execute it right. The excitements of the plot twists were also ruined by the blandness of the writing. Our protagonist borders on unlikable at ...more
Great story however protagonist lacks character development. I'm not sure how old she is meant to be but she does not mature and grow with the story. I'm finding this a bit frustrating.
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Isobelle Carmody began the first novel of her highly acclaimed Obernewtyn Chronicles while she was still in high school. The series has established her at the forefront of fantasy writing in Australia.

In addition to her young-adult novels, such as the Obernewtyn Chronicles and Alyzon Whitestarr, Isobelle's published works include several middle-grade fantasies. Her still-unfinished Gateway Trilogy
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