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The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
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The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  97,290 ratings  ·  2,208 reviews
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Mass Market Paperback, 458 pages
Published June 15th 1996 by Tor Classics (first published 1831)
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Melissa Rudder
I have officially been wooed by nineteenth century French literature. First Dumas and now this. I just finished reading Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, and it was fantastic. The characters, the themes, the literary structures… Ahhh… *swoons*

Before I proclaim my love affair with Victor Hugo, I have to mention some negatives. First off: very, very difficult book to get into. I struggled through at least the first hundred pages, and I’m not that hard to please. Secondly, up until this po
Okay, I'm glad I read this book, if only to find out just how badly Disney ruined the story for the sake of their embarassing excuse for a film. (the horrendous straight-to-video sequel, which I fortunately only saw previews for, will not be spoken of at all.) Victor Hugo has a gift for the most ungodly depressing stories, but he writes very well when he's not rambling pointlessly to stretch out his page count. But I can't bring myself to give this four stars, and for one simple reason: with the ...more
Apr 07, 2009 Chelsea rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Chelsea by: mary howe
ok... i'll be honest. i hated the first 150 pages and had i not been reading it for book club i would have abandoned it. about 300 pages in i started to think it was okay. around 400... i really liked it. at page 450 i couldn't put it down. i stayed up till 2am last night finishing it.

so... is it worth the painful first half to get to the second half? now that i've done it... i would say so.

victor hugo could have used a good editor. pages and pages of diatribes and descriptions that made me fe
Bill  Kerwin

I recently read Victor Hugo's “Notre Dame de Paris” for the first time, and was delighted and moved by the experience. Although it lacks the depth and humanity of “Les Miserables,” it possesses a grandeur of architectonic structure and an Olympian compassion all its own. Best of all, it gives us one of literature's most loving and detailed depictions of a city, rivalled only by Joyce's Dublin in Ulysses.

It is a shame that this book is so seldom referred to in English by its given name, for it is
ببساطة إحنا كبشر بنحتاج نمتلك الشفقه تجاه الغير
الشفقه اللى ترضى غرورنا البشرى وترجع لنا جزء من انسانيتنا المفقودة
وبراعة المبدع انه يكون من عالم مختلف وثقافة مختلفةوزمن مغاير لزمنك ويقدر يأثر عليك بالقدر الكافى.
فيكتور هوجو مش محتاج ان حد يمدح فيه فهو من القامات الثابته فى مجال الادب ومن البشر اللى يسجلوا ف قائمة الارقى على الاطلاق
واحدب نوتردامهى احب اعماله الى قلبى واكثرها تأثيرا
عمل لا تستطيع ان تنسى اول مره قرأته فيه لانك ببساطه أكيد بكيت فيه بدموع
تسلسل الاحداث عبقرى ونهايته المأساويه اعطت للع
Maha Maged
أو تدرين يا فتاة ما الشقاء ؟!! أن تكون إنساناً ولا إنسان، رجلا و لكنك مكفوف عن مصائر الرجال، أن تحب ولا تنال، لدرجة أن تخسر دينك في سبيل لذة الوصال، فلا تلقى بعد خسرانه منها إلا الصدود و النكال، أن تجد من حولك مجرد أكلون للحوم البشر ، أن تُنفي من قلوب البشر لذنب لا يد لك فيه
كمية البؤس و الشقاء اللي في العالم كتيــرة جدا و عقب انتهاء الرواية هينتابك يقين أن وجود شخص واحد يحبك نعمة تستوجب الشكر و الحمد طول العمر ..
أول معرفة بفيكتور هوجو و أكيد مش الأخيرة
♔ Leah.
This is definitely my favourite classic, I loved the dark atmosphere of the book, and the setting being Notre-Dame, which is one of my favourite places in Paris. It's not entirely dark and horrible, there are times when it can be humorous, but it's brutal in terms of showing what obsession can become when it's misunderstood as love and the true form of love shown by other characters.

When starting this book, it was really difficult to get into which is why I had to force myself to keep reading u
I don’t know about you, but I think about obsessional crimes and stalking as modern phenomena, exacerbated by life in huge cities. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame demonstrates that there is truly nothing new under the sun. Victor Hugo wrote this tale of obsession in the 1800s. The gypsy girl, La Esmeralda, has the misfortune of attracting the obsessional gaze of two men, the archdeacon Claude Frollo and his protégé, the deformed bell-ringer of the cathedral, Quasimodo. She, in her turn, is fixated o ...more
What happened to the beginning of this unabridged story!? For 300 pages, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame was scribed like a meandering storyline over a checkerboard, each square representing a chapter of the book. The few squares scribed directly by the line told fleeting, but essential parts of the story (about Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and Frollo). The more numerous squares adjacent to the scribed storyline told even less essential bits of the story. And, the majority of squares, several dozen chapter ...more
من الروايات التي سأشتاق لها بعد أن أنهيتها -رغم الكثير من المبالغات وعدم الاقناع المعتاد في الروايات الكلاسيكية-..
أربعمائة صفحة غنية بالأحداث والدلالات من وكر اللصوص.. إلى جمهور المسرحية.. إلى الأم الثكلى.. إلى استغلال الدين لأهداف شخصية.. إلى الخمسة شخصيات الذين تتناولت الرواية خيبات وتناقضات حبهم ونفسياتهم.. إلى ما هو أهم من كل ذلك وهو عقلية الشعب الذي يتعامل مع ما يحصل لأفراده كما يتعامل مع مسرحية مسلية!! لا فرق أن يحدث شيء جيد أو سيء لأي فرد المهم أن يحدث شيء ما وأياً ما يحدث سيمتعهم ويسليه
The writing is brilliant, the plot is unusual. But-- perhaps like in life-- where are the good guys? Esmerelda doesn't say much other than "Oh Pheobus!" She's a very flat character, imho. The book seems to be a study in love gone wrong-- romantic love, parental love, all gone wrong. There are examples of charitable love toward Quasimoto, and in the end he performs a selfless act for Esmerelda, but overall it was a very depressing look at love vs lust, and a study in what not to do. five stars fo ...more
When approaching and reading this fascinating narrative, the reader is well advised to try and forget the silly Walt Disney film based on the story. This work is far more finely wrought, more complex and subtle, more emotionally wrenching and profound than that ridiculous movie suggests. As with Les Miserables, attempts to dramatize such a long and multi-plotted work inevitably fall short and are best forgotten when one turns to the books themselves.

Many historical personages are mentioned in th
Chiara Pagliochini
« Fatto che si abbia il male, bisogna farlo tutto quanto. È da pazzi sperare di fermarsi a un punto qualunque nel mostruoso! Il delitto spinto all’estremo ha deliri di gioia. »

Avete presente quando, al mattino, vi svegliate con le migliori intenzioni e appoggiando il piede sul tappeto vi si stampa in faccia un’espressione di trionfo? Sentite che quella sarà una giornata straordinaria. Sentite che potete fare tutto. Poi infilate le ciabatte, andate in bagno e scoprite, per esempio, che lo scarico
"Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart." This has created a theme that stories have focussed on for centuries. It is one that we try to teach different ways with more unique characters.

When one first reads a synopsis of "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame", they would easily assume they will be reading another author's method of bringing this theme into their story. However, very shortly into the novel one finds that Quasimodo is not orginally this fully rejected outcast
Amazing book! Loved the author's view on things. I really felt like I was getting glimpses of a great mind by reading this book. You might want to read it with a highlighter for good quotes. I'm reading Les Miserable right now and again I really like Victor Hugo's writing. There are times where he really goes into depth about history, or something and it is hard to read but if you can get past those parts you will thank yourself because he has some great writing.
When I was in middle school, I'd watched and enjoyed the Disney animated version of the story, totally oblivious to how absolutely horribly Disney had "cleaned it up" for the children. Then one day, on the word of the day mailing list I'm subscribed to, one of the words had an example on its use pulled from the book. Just that one except was enough to totally floor me, I knew Disney really frelled with things, but I never remembered it being so extreme before. I had for some reason assumed the m ...more
Huda Aweys
اتعرض عليه النص دا معد كمسرحية ودي كانت اول مرة اقراه بصراحه .. ولاني موش قريت الرواية نفسها كنص ادبي فكل اللي اقدر اقوله .. او جايه اقوله هنا .. اني حبيت ازميرالدا اوي :) و شفتها ايقونه للحريه
Sanabel Atya
لقد صدق من صنفها مع روائع الأدب العالمي....واحدة من الروايات التي تعلق أدق تفاصيلها في الذاكرة،طويلاً وربما دائماً.

تعليقي العام// ما هذه العدالة التي لا يهمها تفاصيل القضية،لا يهمها مُتهم أو ضحية..بقدر ما يهمها كبش الفداء أو ذاك القُربان الذي سيُقدم للمشنقة؟! سُحقاً لها من عدالة... إنها حقاً عصور الظلام، كيف كانت أوروبا وكيف أصبحت!! ولكني أرى أن العدالة لا زالت منقوصة ولو بمقدار أنملة!

وصدق فيكتور حينما قال في سطور الرواية:
" وباء إرهاب المشنقة،أخطر الأوبئة لأنه لا يأتي من الله بل من الإنسان!"

There are so many excellent reviews of this book that I am reluctant to add one of mine. Unfortunately, due to my poor French abilities, I had to rely to translations of the book. I was surprised that the name was changed from the original French of Notre-Dame de Paris to The Hunchback of Notre-Dame in English, it is evident that Hugo intent was to focus on Paris in general and the Cathedral in particular rather than on the hunchback role.
I didn’t know that this novel spurred an interest into G
How I'm sorry I didn't read it after being in Paris. I would still have the it fresh in my mind even if 1482 Paris is a very different city from the one we're able to enjoy today. But in this book Victor Hugo takes us by the hand and show us that city and its incredible buildings, mainly Notre Dame (which actually left me in love with it when I went there, is just gorgeous and the view is breath taking).

The book is a bit slow, very descriptive, but once the story picks up and you see Fate unrave
This isn't a review of the book itself, but rather a sampler of its English translations. Since the ratio of English readers of Hugo to English translators of Hugo is perilously close to 1:1, I thought a quick taste test was in order, so I've whipped up this plateau d'amuse-gueules so that you can find your favorite. I've compiled as many versions of the opening paragraph(s) as I could find online; I had no luck unearthing Hazlitt [1833], but most of the others are here. I've ended with Hugo's o ...more
ارتفعت أسهم فيكتور هوجو في نظري جداً بعد هذه الرواية
إنها الرواية الثانية لهوجو التي أقرأها في أقل من اسبوعين
نقل صورة من المجتمع الفرنسي في هذه الحقبة، نقل صورة عن الثيوقراطية
رواية بعيدة عن الملل جداً سريعة الأحداث
لا تكمل إذا لم تقرأ
في أحدب نوتردام الأم تبحث عن الإبنة الضائعة
في (الضاحك الباكي) المصادفة تعرف البطل من يكون

في أحدب نوتردام الحنان والعطف من كوازيمودو الأحدب .. أي صاحب العاهة
في (الضاحك الباكي) مصدر الرقة والنقاء من (ضيا) أو نور .. أي الكفيفة

لازالت المقارنة مشتعلة في
Ali Sallam
من روائع الأدب الفرنسي

تأخذك بشكل ساحر إلى باريس في العصور الوسطى

فتحبس أنفاسك بين دوامة من مشاعر الخيانة والحب والأمل

بين كوازيمودو : قارع أجراس كاتدرائية نوتردام القبيح

وكلود فرولو ؛ رئيس الشماسه المعذب

وازميرالدا ؛ الراقصة الغجرية الفاتنة

والقائد فيبس ؛ الذي يخدع ازميرالدا ويوهمها بحبه لها

من روائع القصص العالمية
Stefania T.

E così, dunque, questo è Notre-Dame de Paris.
Poco c'entra Walt Disney, ancor meno la letteratura classica (francese): troppo oscuro, cupo e grottesco per il primo; incomparabile, eccentrico, differente per la seconda.

L'umorismo, il tocco allegro-cinico di Hugo, amabilmente scorbutico, consente al lettore di acclimatarsi serenamente, placidamente cullato da un'elegantissima, soave prosa di miele: e fino alla fine i toni divertiti e sbeffeggianti e la raffinatezza sonora e di sapienza della voce n
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Inês Beato
A escrita de Victor Hugo é absolutamente deliciosa e a forma como a trama principal da história foi construída é impressionante. É um
Livro pesado, poderoso e com um final triste e de certa forma surpreendente. A única coisa que me aborreceu um pouco e que faz com que dê "apenas" quatro estrelas a esta obra de arte é o facto do autor por vezes divagar por assuntos que não são essenciais ao desenrolar da história, bem como capítulos inteiros dedicados à arte e arquitectura da catedral e de Paris,
Feb 16, 2014 Lobstergirl rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Johnny Weir
Shelves: own, fiction

The novel falls short of greatness because it’s simply too operatic and absurd. A recluse living in a rat-hole, protecting the tiny shoe of the baby gypsies stole from her sixteen years ago. The coincidentally 16-year-old Esmeralda, stuck in a circular loop of capture and escape. The priest Claude Frollo is perhaps the least believable character – a man who has done good his whole life, until he casts eyes on Esmeralda and becomes a celibate man obsessed, no longer able to tell right from wrong
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Reading The Hunchback of Norte-Dame was a nightmare for me. I don't mind trudging through a certain degree of detail, but The Hunchback contained well beyond a reasonable amount of description.

The book starts out with a play no one is watching. We return to what is going on with the play again and again which distracts from the excitement of the crowd. We are then provided with an entire chapter describing Notre-Dame. Quickly followed by a longer chapter about Paris that doesn't pertain to the s
I listened to this on a French language audiobook, downloaded at no cost from The English title is The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

It was the first time I have tackled this classic of French literature. I suspect that I appreciate the fact that I made the effort more than I appreciate the work itself. I chose to listen on audiobook so that I would not feel compelled to look up every single word I wasn't sure of in the dictionary. This strategy worked for me. I unde
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Victor-Marie Hugo was a French poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights campaigner, and perhaps the most influential exponent of the Romantic movement in France.
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