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When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits
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When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits

3.96  ·  Rating Details ·  910 Ratings  ·  118 Reviews
When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits
Hardcover, 238 pages
Published October 22nd 2007 by Grand Central Publishing
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While this book contains great information as mentioned above, it also contains some not so good information. In Chapter 10, “Asking For Trouble“, Mary Ann mentions that the use of metaphysical tools and activities like tarot cards, pendulums, automatic writing, casting spells, séances and Ouija boards will cause the attention of earthbound spirits and eventually cause your house to attract a few. I have to say only about half of this is true. Tarot cards and pendulums are powered not by an outs ...more
Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum
I absolutely loved this book!! It is written by Mary Ann Winkowski who is the renowned paranormal investigator behind the tv show Ghost Whisperer. Winkowski can only see earthbound spirits - those that haven't crossed over into the light yet. This is different from mediums who can see spirits who have crossed over. I guess even paranormal gifts have their own categories. Her gift also includes being able to 'cross over' earthbound spirits by creating a white light and sending them into it, bring ...more
Mar 14, 2008 Christie rated it liked it
Recommends it for: Those curious about ghosts
Recommended to Christie by: My Mommy
Shelves: new-age
I think what compels the reading of this book is everyone's deep desire to KNOW what happens when we die. Anyone who professes to have some sort of inside information draws us in. I also think that from "creepy feelings" to "dreams" to seeing something unexplainable, each of us has had some sort of experience with the "other side" and we want to put some sort of meaning to those experiences.

Terribly written (writing is obviously not her gift), I found this to be an interesting look into one woma
Angel R
May 16, 2009 Angel R rated it it was amazing
I loved this book so much. It tells you a lot about spirits and what they do after they pass on. It gives a good look into the after life. I thought it was a very touching book. It helped to comfort me a little and helped me to deal with the loss of some of my close loved ones.
Jun 19, 2017 Doreen rated it really liked it
Shelves: completed
interesting quick read-The one thing to remember is that we will all die and the right thing to do is cross into the white light. Earthbound spirits are all around.
Oct 16, 2010 Rachel rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I read this trying to get into the mood for halloween--and of course I'm somewhat interested in the topic of ghosts as well. This was a fun read. She sounds sincere and believable, for the most part. I'm not 100% sold that she's telling the truth, but she sounds more sincere than some other people who allegedly see ghosts. She left a lot of questions unanswered, though, and that is what caused me some hesitation.

I was all with her when she explained her "gift" and her childhood, growing up with
Sabrina Rutter
Jun 06, 2009 Sabrina Rutter rated it it was amazing
This was a very interesting book! Mary Ann Winkowski is the inspiration for the show The Ghost Whisperer. Mary is not a psychic who can look into the future or visit crime scenes and get visions of what took place there, but she can see ghosts!
In this book you will learn about the many reasons people choose to become ghosts and how it effects those being haunted. You will be shocked by some of the reasons that people would choose to be ghosts instead of moving on to be with their loved ones in t
Interesting book on dealing with earth bound spirits.

I felt that, ethically, some of it didn't match what I felt was right (such as telling spirits what they want to hear rather than the truth as you perceive it to get them to leave), and the writer's Catholic upbringing showed fairly clearly.

Not the best book in its genre, but not the worst either.
Chad Boise
Feb 16, 2012 Chad Boise rated it it was amazing
This stories shared by Mary Ann is this book are fascinating, enlightening and overall informative of life after death to say the least. For those who may wonder what happens after we leave this body yet before we step into the light this is a must read. C'mon Mary Ann, tell us more!
Jan 07, 2009 BookActivist rated it it was amazing
Great book! Really made me think about things. I would suggest this book to ANYONE who has experienced or is experiencing the paranormal. It will provide you a lot of insight into this world. I believed every word she wrote. Very well written also and easy to read. ALso a page turner.
May 07, 2009 Jenny rated it really liked it
Great book! And after reading this I will now watch what I say at funerals!!!
Natalie Drozda
Mar 07, 2017 Natalie Drozda rated it really liked it
I have to admit that I was skeptical before reading this book, as I always am with such works, even given my own experiences, connections, and abilities with the spirit world. However, overall, I was pleasantly surprised and did find a lot of useful information here. Mostly, I had it reinforced that my abilities usually do not entail communicating with earthbound spirits, but rather people who have crossed over, and then communicate through dreams etc. However, I have definitely had experiences ...more
Lara Cholip pulkowski
May 31, 2017 Lara Cholip pulkowski rated it it was amazing
One of my favorites. I believe after reading this book
Mar 01, 2017 Sara rated it it was amazing
Even for skeptics, this is a really interesting book. She's the one who the show Ghost Whisperer was inspired by. I really loved this book, and highly recommend it.
Sep 05, 2013 Janie rated it liked it
Shelves: non-fiction, ghosts
When Ghosts Speak: understanding the world of earthbound spirits
by Mary Ann Winkowski

I have to admit that I had to read this book for a ghost genre study, or I probably wouldn't have touched it.

Ms. Winkowski has been seeing dead people since she was a little girl. Rather than tell her she was imagining things her Italian grandmother embraced her gift and began taking her to funerals of all the people from the old country as they died. Grandma also had a “gift.” It was putting on and removing cu
Feb 14, 2011 Megalion rated it it was amazing
I don't often read non-fiction but I recently lost a dog that felt to me above all my other dogs, a soul companion. His loss has been really hard and when I heard about Mary Ann and some of her stories (told 3rd or 4th hand), there was enough element of truth to them that I felt that I could honestly believe what she had to say.

Usually my inner skeptic is looking for the rational explanation in everything but before my dog passed away, I had the oddest striking clear and apparently random thoug
Bored Housewife
Quite vague.

Quite vague.

I liked this book as a work of fiction but as a work of non-fiction, which is its claim, I found it to be surprisingly lacklustre.

I have great faith in the author's skills, which was why I bought the book in the first place. However, she could have easily done away with a few chapters in that the various stories offered as example of the supernatural were repetitive and long winded in some respects. However, I do realise she was writing for a particular audience that clam
Aug 21, 2012 Ann237 rated it it was amazing
Amazing book! Written by the woman that the TV series "ghost whisper" was inspired by. She has a true and caring spirit about her that just jumps from the pages. If one has fear of a "spirit" that may be lingering around, or if there is something that has been going on and you just cannot put a hold on what it is, this woman through her book may assist with many of those fears, and unanswered questions. She is a believer in God, and that shows in the works she has done. She has also worked with ...more
Feb 26, 2013 Denise rated it it was amazing
What a great book! I had my reasons for reading this book and am happy that it somehow found its way to my home.

Mary Ann Winkowski is a paranormal investigator behind the TV hit series Ghost Whisperer. Mary Ann’s gift is different than that of other mediums in the fact that she can only see “earthbound spirits” or in her words, those that have not yet crossed over. Mary Ann’s unique gift allows her to help these earthbound spirits crossover as she makes the white Light for them to enter into.

May 29, 2016 Susan rated it really liked it
This was... fascinating. I do love delving into things that are new to me.

Are ghosts real? Well, the thing is that not everyone experiences them all the time. But some people claim to have experienced them on certain occasions. Those events appear to be personalized. How do we measure that with science, which is currently the only "standard" by which we judge objective truth? (This is my reflection, not what the book is about.)

The author claims that she can see and talk to 'earthbound spirits.'
Oct 11, 2008 Megan rated it it was ok
Oh boy where do I begin? I've had many a "haunting" in my lifetime and I am eternally curious and open minded about what happens to energy yet I found this book by medium Mary Ann Winkowski a bit hard to swallow. I am most likely to appreciate spiritual opinions which don't flaunt drama or theatrics. I have never, in all of my sensitivity, been of the mind that one "shouldn't talk to or acknowledge" spirits. There were a few occasions in the book where even spirits who have "crossed over" or gon ...more
 Barb Bailey
Sep 16, 2008 Barb Bailey rated it liked it
I actually rate this book a 2 1/2.
Although this book is not completely a biography...its as close enough to one to list it on that shelf. This book is insteresting....and as my Grandmother would say...I believe should be taken with a grain of salt (or perhaps Sea Salt). Do I, and would I beleive everything Mary Ann writes....well I'm skeptical..... so no. But , yes, I do believe in good and bad spirits. And I believe, with God all things are possible. Mary Ann often remarks of her catholic faith
Jun 26, 2008 Wendy rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: Anyone interested in the paranormal.
I liked this book a lot. I don't watch "Ghost Whisperer" on TV, but I'd heard author Mary Ann Winkowski (GW consultant) interviewed on the radio a few times and found her interesting. She's very down to earth and likable, and skeptical of all the "ghost buster" style TV personalities that are so popular right now. Hers is a believable story (if you believe in the paranormal) and I had no problem at all with the writing.

I found this book fascinating which is why I gave it four stars, I did not g
Feb 24, 2012 Sue rated it really liked it
Shelves: esoteric
This was so interesting because I had known a lot of it from other sources. I especially liked the part about the White Light, the funerals, and the animals.

As wonderful as Mary Ann's powers are, I did not appreciate the proselytizing on page 73: "I let murderers and thieves go into the same light as angelic-looking children and sweet little grandmothers. I can't believe they are all going to the same place, and I hope someone is on the other side to sort it out."

Mary Ann needs to read up on kar
Oct 21, 2012 Lisa rated it really liked it
If you want to know about some of the spirits that our with us this is a must read. I read it in two evenings. I couldn't put it down. The photos are awesome. I love how she gives practical advice for those of us who think we may have some earthbound spirits with us. though, I am happy that I do not. I think. She even describes the different types of spirits based on how they died and why they might be here. she has over 50 years experience and has helped so many spirits cross over to the light. ...more
Jun 14, 2008 Laren rated it liked it
Shelves: memoirs, unexplained
The author is the person on whose life the CBS TV series "Ghost Whisperer" is based. I was interested in reading how she reconciles her experiences with her Catholic faith, but she didn't give any information on that in this book. She didn't come across as some nut job as so many do, and she points out that much of what you see on TV is not how it really works for her. Most importantly, she advises that if you somehow fail to go into your own light when you die, your spirit should remember to go ...more
Jun 17, 2013 Lisa rated it liked it
An interesting book, for the most part, I did enjoy it. The writing was average and she did ramble a bit. The information was good. I agreed with part and disagreed with part, but I must say her written view of suicides bothered me a little. Possibly due to my experience with loosing my brother to suicide. I could never call him selfish and I believe that suicide is a much more complicated subject than Mrs. Winkowski seems to make it out to be. All in all, it was worth reading, but I wouldn't ca ...more
Kim Smiley
Apr 21, 2009 Kim Smiley rated it really liked it
Originally read in January 2008, I reread this book while waiting for others to arrive at my library. Still a good story about a woman who can speak to the dead.

Interesting book of the "real-life" Ghost Whisperer. You follow the life of Mary Ann, who from an extremely young age could see earthbound spirits. Through the guidance of her grandmother who also had the gift, she learned how to interact with these spirits and cross them over to into the light.

If you've ever lost a loved one, this book
Aug 19, 2008 Sabrina rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: people who like the show Ghost Whisper
This book is about the woman who inspired the hit TV show Ghost Whisper. Mary Ann Winkowski gives you insight on how she is able to see earthbound spirits, and how to understand them. She also gives you advice on how to surround yourself with positive energy, and how to get rid of negative energy. She is a devote Catholic, and her practices are not witchcraft. If you are curious about death, which most of us are, then this is the book you should read. I found it very interesting.

Sabrina Ashley
Dec 11, 2007 Cheryl rated it it was ok
I was somewhat disappointed in this book. I really thought I'd get more information on actual occurrences. Maybe some detailed events, but it was rather light and more self-serving. Too much sending them into "the light" and not enough about what actually happened. The subtitle "Understanding The World of Earthbound Spirits" did nothing, for me, to substantiate that. There was interesting stories, but that's not what I bought the book hoping to read. I appreciate what she does and would have mos ...more
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A happily married, devout Catholic, suburban mother and full-time paranormal investigator, Mary Ann Winkowski has been able to see earthbound spirits, spirits that are trapped on earth and haven't "crossed over," since she was a little girl. Mary Ann works with these spirits to help them make peace with what keeps them here - whether it be people they can't let go of or homes they love. "
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“One woman called me after her grandmother had died. She explained that she had taken some of her grandmother’s furniture. They had put Grandma’s rocker in the family room, and even when it was empty, that chair rocked back and forth a mile a minute. The woman also mentioned that whenever she walked past the room when the chair was moving, she could smell her grandmother’s signature perfume, a distinctive scent called Evening in Paris. Given all the signs, I couldn’t blame the woman for thinking that the ghost of her grandmother had moved in and reclaimed her rocking chair, but I did not pick up on any earthbound spirits in her home. I reassured the woman that I believed her grandmother had crossed over into the Light and was fine, although it was possible that she just stopped by to visit from time to time.” 1 likes
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