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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Prelude
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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Prelude

3.32  ·  Rating Details ·  382 Ratings  ·  60 Reviews
Prepare for Marvel Studios' newest big-screen blockbuster with these all-new stories taking place just before the film! Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? And how does Korath the Pursuer fit in? Then, as Gamora begins her quest for the Orb, see firsthand why she is the considered the most dangerous woman in the universe! ...more
Paperback, 168 pages
Published July 8th 2014 by Marvel Comics (The Walt Disney Company) (first published July 2nd 2014)
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Kelly (and the Book Boar)
Find all of my reviews at:

A certain group of bullies “friends” here are constantly riding my butt in an attempt to get me to read superhero-y stuff. I keep fighting the good fight, but I have to admit I have embraced a certain group of intergalactic warriors as my type of peeps . . .

Houston commercial photography

When a movie makes eleventy trillion dollars and People’s current “Sexiest Man Alive” takes a backseat to Andy Dwyer a potential replacement People’s Sexiest Man, the powers that b
A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
*Book source ~ Library

Ok, so I’ve never seen the movie and I’ve never read any of the comics. Now, I’ve watched other Marvel movies, so I have an idea who Thanos is and the gems. But everything else is new to me. I don’t know who all the players are like Nebula, Gamora, Tivan and someone named Ronan, but I’m sure it’ll come together eventually. I only enjoyed 3 of the 7 offerings in this volume. That includes story and artwork.

For Prelude 1 & 2 and the last one, Dangerous Prey, I give 5’s t
Sep 05, 2014 Cornerofmadness rated it liked it
Shelves: graphic-novel
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Trade paperback of several Guardians origin stories:

Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1-2
What were Gamora, Nebula, Rocket, and Groot doing just prior to the scenes when the movie started? A pretty good intro to the characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude: Dangerous Prey
Gamora meets with The Collector. I think I like Dan Abnett's writing when he's not trying to write 283 main characters in a single story.

The Invincible Iron Man #55 (1973)
Introduction to Drax the Destroyer. Drax calls Iron Ma
Tobin Elliott
Aug 25, 2014 Tobin Elliott rated it liked it
While this does act as a bit of a prelude to the movie, overall, it falls flat. The art is serviceable, the storylines shockingly boring, considering what Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have done in the past.

In fact, though it also showed how far comics have come in 45 years, the more interesting reads were the backup issues that introduced the individual members of the Guardians.

Put it this way: if you're looking for some great secret that deepens your understanding of the movie, these aren't the
Mathew Carruthers
Mar 15, 2015 Mathew Carruthers rated it really liked it
Entertaining stories that serve as an intro to the film, along with some reprints of some early appearances of several characters (Drax, Warlock, Rocket, and Groot). Rocket Raccoon teaming up with space...pretty amusing. Drax the Destroyer telepathically sending a plea for help to Ironman - equally amusing. Groot invades the Earth as a very verbose monarch from Planet X in Tales to Astonish - beyond belief.
Sharon Powers
Jul 17, 2014 Sharon Powers rated it really liked it
Book Review by: Sharon Powers.

If you would like to see the review with all the graphics, sources and references, please visit my blog at:

Everyone knows who Superman is. Likewise, we all know Batman, The Avengers, and, of course, the X-Men. But I've been asked, "Who the heck are the Guardians of the Galaxy?" It seems only fans of these comic book heroes have any idea who this bunch of miscreants are.

The Guardians of the Galaxy have come to the center of t
Nov 21, 2016 Grace rated it liked it
Actual Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

This is the prequel to the Marvel Cinematic Universes take on The Guardians of The Galaxy. There were elements a really loved, but others that fell flat. I'll go into that more through my PROs and CONs.

- Nebula's back story. That is something that is not present within the Marvel Cinematic universe and I personally think that in at least one of the Guardians movies, they will touch on that. It reveals how cruel Thanos actually is as a villain and as a father
Oct 23, 2016 taeli rated it liked it
read 10/4/16
Wing Kee
Aug 01, 2014 Wing Kee rated it did not like it
Terrible! Pointless, boring and offers nothing to the story.

This is why I usually don't read companion books to movies as most of them are only there to make a quick buck and don't really have much to offer in terms of story. This book is exactly that:

1) The world is not discussed at all, there is nothing new added to the universe and the art is so very utilitarian that it's insulting to read it. Guardians should be full of colour and weirdness and here it's just boring, uninspired stuff. Disapp
Jan 26, 2015 Katherine rated it liked it
Okay, so this was a 3 star book for me. The prelude part is servicable, the actual comic is fine, and the old stuff, well, it's old.
The prelude to the movie stuff was interesting. A bit more on Gamora- nice, but still could've used more than we did. A candid bit on Rocket and Groot- had to be one of my favourites. They are in for the highest pay, but they may also not be above helping because it is the right thing to do (as long is money is involved). It really paves the way for character develo
Jul 07, 2015 Kyra rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics
In general, a resounding "meh". The tie-in comic for Rocket and Groot is fun but it doesn't add much; the one about Nebula and Gamora is pretty to look at and interesting, but mostly it just makes Gamora's motives in the movie even more confusing, and the one with Gamora and the Collector just irritated me because yes, "deadliest woman in the galaxy," cool, sure would've been nice if the movie had remembered that part. The non-movie comics...well, comics Peter Quill has a more interesting ...more
Apr 19, 2015 Josh rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics
Groanians of the Laxity, more like it. But seriously, the first two prelude issues were filled with cheap children's book art and writing, except a character cuts her own arm off, so not sure who the target audience was here. The prelude about Gamora was a little better written, a little more fun, and tied into the movie directly but the art was similarly unremarkable. A quick comparison to the included issue #0 of Marvel's current Guardians of the Galaxy comic reveals how weak these prelude ...more
Mar 05, 2016 Andrew rated it it was ok
I confess – I have not seen the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie yet. However, I remember the original team when they were first created in the comics back in the mid-70s. Since then, the entire lineup has been replaced with other Marvel characters.

Someone at Marvel got the idea to provide an introduction to the members of the team by reprinting the original and/or early appearances of the characters in one volume. Great idea. Except – some of those stories are part of a larger tale, and lack cl
Aug 24, 2014 Marcus rated it liked it
At first I'd like to point out that I have never read a Guardians Comicbook before. I bought this because of the movie and to get to know the character.

The comic consists of several small stories with the characters Drax (& Ironman), Nebula, Gamora, Rocket & Groot, Rocket and Hulk, Groot by itself and Peter Quill. These are comics from different Time periods and describe the characters before they were part of the Guardians. And every story having its own drawing style was refreshing and
May 29, 2015 Eliran rated it really liked it
I really enjoyed this book! I wish I knew about it before seeing the Guardians movie, cause it set up and introduced all the main characters from the movie(and even answered some questions I had from the aftet watching the Guardians of the Galaxy movie).
Overall, this book is a collection of different comics and stories that are about the main players from Guardians of the Galaxy: Nebula, Gamora, Thanos, Star-Lord(Peter Quill), Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Racoon, Groot and even Adam Warlock! I def
Sep 07, 2014 Alex rated it did not like it
This collects some new comics made specifically for the movie tie-in, followed by the original appearances of most of the GotG, and a reprint of the first of the GotG reboot. It's good that no one used these to pitch the movie, or it would have been filed next to the bad ideas in a giant warehouse like Howard the Duck 2 and the Ark of the Covenant.

The writing and art in the tie-in don't have the same attention to detail that the other new book have. The original appearances are fascinating, but
Amanda Thompson
Nov 06, 2014 Amanda Thompson rated it liked it
Shelves: gn-manga
This is a collection of short comics released before the GotG movie to help acquaint audiences with the characters. Some of these comics showcase the modern incarnations of the characters, while others show the original appearances decades back.

Some of these shorts were great, others were...straaaaaange.
The modern shorts -including one about Nebula- were all great, beautiful. It was the older shorts I had problems with, just because they were all so odd. Definitely not comics from the Golden Age
Jason Lilly
Oct 16, 2014 Jason Lilly rated it liked it
Shelves: graphic-novels
Okay, so this isn't what I expected. Guardians of the Galaxy: Prelude is a collection of stories from Marvel's anthology that involves each of the members of the newest Guardians crew. If you're a fan of the movie, these stories may confuse you, as it seems the filmmakers have ignored a large portion of each character's back stories. But if you would like to read the true origins (or at least some back stories) of these characters, then you may enjoy this book.

The highlight for me was chapter 2,
Jan 06, 2015 James rated it really liked it
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1-2 give a little background on the MCU versions of Gamora, Rocket and Groot. I would have liked to see more story, and that is the point. The Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comic #1 deals with the Collector and is pretty cool.
Iron Man #55, Strange Tales #181, The Incredible Hulk #271, and material from Tales to Astonish #13 are reprints of material from the 50's and 60's that was just okay. It is the Peter Quill story in Guardians of the Gala
A bunch of small back-stories for each of the Guardians. The modern stories are ok - a young Gamora story was pretty good. A Rocket and Groot story was okay, the "I am Groot" thing doesn't seem to translate well to comics. A small snippet of a story of Gamora and the Collector. And a Starlord origin story I've read before that is pretty good. But then it also contained old reprints - all more terrible than the list - Drax the Destroyer, Rocket and Groot - just plain awful - pointless, stupid, ...more
Eric Moote
May 26, 2015 Eric Moote rated it liked it
Recommends it for: GoG fans, people needing / wanting to brush up on their Marvel history
Recommended to Eric by: My gut.
Shelves: graphic-novels
Overall: a down and dirty collection of Guardians' books before the store begins.

I would say it was entertaining to see these characters diverse beginnings. I knew Rocket Raccoon was in a Hulk book, but to have an opportunity to read it without buying it was fantastic. Other than that, it seemed pretty random (because the history of the GoG characters was very random).

I would recommend this to: GoG fans, people needing / wanting to brush up on their Marvel history.
Jana Denardo
Sep 03, 2014 Jana Denardo rated it liked it
Shelves: graphic-novel
There is a story written for the movie but it's Nebula's story and I just didn't care. And the beautiful art in the last chapter (the GotG .01 thing that was in the other graphic novel) is actually a tie in to the 2013 reboot.

But the bulk of this are original character appearances in the 50s and 60s which really show you how comics have changed over the decades.

Also, space clowns. Do I need to say more?

I think it will disappoint people only interested in the movie and nothing else.
Rachel Evans
May 08, 2016 Rachel Evans rated it liked it
A really interesting look at various characters before being introduced to them in the movie. In this graphic novel you do see and understand the ongoing competition between Gamora and Nebula and you also see Groot and Rocket at work, but not much about their past. This novel gives you the background of how Starlord's mom and his dad got together, so that was interesting, but how Starlord lost his mother was different in this than in the movie.

Not too bad and a good little read.
Jan 04, 2015 Richard rated it it was ok
Shelves: graphic-novels
Although stated as a prelude to the movie it has almost no reference. One of the more recent books relates to back filling Nebula's story and another is a reboot of Quill's history but even this has nothing to do with the movie. The rest are first appearances of characters although don't expect them to be like the movie versions.
This book gave me a taste of what I could read but that's it - you'd be better starting with the Annihilation omnibus
Oct 09, 2014 Katie rated it liked it
It was an ok story. I liked reading more about nebula the best. Then I enjoyed seeing Sif, one of my favorite characters. If you loved the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" it would be a good idea to give this a chance. I mainly only liked the two prelude issues, infinite comic #1, guardians of the galaxy #0.1. The rest of the issues in this volume were old comics from the 50's and 60's, which I don't really like.
Aubrey Hansen
Mar 18, 2015 Aubrey Hansen rated it really liked it
This prelude was an assortment of comics, some modern and some classics from the archives, relating to the characters that appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy. There wasn't an overarcing plot through the volume, but rather a collection of snapshots about the various characters. Some of it was old lore from vintage comics that might not even apply to the new storyline, but it was still interesting to see how the characters had originally appeared.
May 14, 2015 Laura rated it liked it
Overall with this book I enjoyed the first 2 and final stories, the others in between we're a bit meh. The one thing I felt let them down was the bright colours of the art work, it was so bright it made me feel sick which is ridiculous. The variation in the characters from story to story was very bizarre, to say the were in the same collection but Gamora could look totally different in every page, just threw me.
Nov 28, 2014 Alicia rated it really liked it
A combination of story that leads directly into the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and reprints of classic issues featuring each of the main players in the movie. The old issues were a total kick; as a very casual Marvel reader, I have limited experience with the 1960-80's storylines, artistic styles, and dialogue styles, so it was all "new" to me; the level of melodrama was fantastic.
Not having seen the movie, but having heard great reviews, I was curious when Celena brought this comic book home from her work place. Turns out that Guardians of the Galaxy is a comic series with a heart. A fun romp that creates the background for the Central
Characters to the film. Looking forward to capturing the film now.
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