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Be More Chill
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Be More Chill

3.69 of 5 stars 3.69  ·  rating details  ·  4,715 ratings  ·  540 reviews
Jeremy Heere is your average high school dork. Day after day, he stares at beautiful Christine, the girl he can never have, and dryly notes the small humiliations that come his way. Until the day he learns about the "squip." A pill-sized supercomputer that you swallow, the squip is guaranteed to bring you whatever you most desire in life. By instructing him on everything f ...more
Paperback, 287 pages
Published September 1st 2005 by Disney-Hyperion (first published April 19th 2004)
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Jeremy Heere is a typical high school geek. Unable to socialize with other people, he instead chooses to analyze their reactions to him, tallying up insults and laughter on self-made Humiliation Sheets.

And he's damned tired of it.

All Jeremy wants is to be Cool. He wants to rub shoulders with the Hottest Girls in School. But most of all, he wants the attention of Christine, a girl in his drama club who won his heart over.

Jeremy doesn't think any of this is possible until he learns about the "squi
It’s Sad-Damaged-Teen-Audiobooks-That-No-One-Has-Checked-Out-In-Five-Years withdrawal time at my library, friends, and as I was going through the piles of broken cases and scratched disks, I stumbled upon a copy of Be More Chill.

“Huh,” said I, flipping it over. “Performed by Jesse Eisenberg. You don’t say.”

And I swiped it for my car ride home. Because I do love me some Jesse Eisenberg.

But… wow, friends.

This is not a book I was able to finish.

I don’t know if you listen to many audiobooks, but f
Mar 13, 2008 Sammy rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anybody
Recommended to Sammy by: Carolina
Imagine being controlled by a computer that talks in your head. Well you may think this is impossible, but somehow Jeremy manages to get this "computer" called a squip. Why? You ask. This so called computer gets you whatever you desire, at least that's what Jeremy thinks. "Going out. At least now i know which stage I'm up against. I'm getting prepped. I think I might have a shot," Jeremy says to himself. The only reason Jeremy is getting a squip is because of Christine. Be More Chill is the book ...more
Apr 10, 2007 Jessica rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: teenagers; any adult who wasn't cool in high school; middle school and high school teachers
Ned is actually a good friend of mine - we briefly dated when I was a sophomore in college and we've remained friends (the book is dedicated in-part to me, in fact) - but I swear to God, I'd love Be More Chill even if I'd pulled it off a shelf.

I really can't put it down; it's refreshing to read a young adult novel that's a quick read, but still a thought-provoking, laugh-out-loud funny one. His writing is so readable and fluid and his characters could walk off the page and fit in at any high sc

Are you popular?

Well, are you? Because, like, there's this pill. Yeah, it'll make you act, look, seem, sound, make, break, buy, sell, find, invent, STINK of coolness. And... get this, you'll be able to touch boobies

Nawww, dawg! I ain't playin' ya! You won't need no frizzy black wig or alter ego! No beaded curtains or orange hair! ('cuse my Brady Bunch flashbacks... I'm showing my age, yo.)

You just swallow this pill and then you like get this really hip computer chip embedded in your brain that
Helena Miller
Wow. I cannot believe how much I wanted to like this book and how disappointed I was by how misogynistic it is! Misogynistic, by the way, technically means "hates women" and, while I don't think Ned Vizzini (or the protagonist, Jeremy) hates women, I think this book INCORRECTLY represents high school girls as complete idiots. He presents the idea that if a boy simply wears the right t-shirt and says two "correct" sentences then she will instantly become sexually and personally attracted to him. ...more
Okay, so I picked this up because it was on my kids' desk, I recognized the author's name and it is on my daughter's summer reading list... It is a compelling read, a bit disturbing (from a parent's point of view), sometimes humorous, and probably altogether true - except the part of the super-computer that is swallowed and mind controlled, of course (at least not in 2008). The story of the cool vs not cool in school is an old story played out everywhere, all the time in pop culture - the geeks/ ...more
Cassi aka Snow White Haggard
Be More Chill follows the story of Jeremy Heere, a dorky theater-nerd who seems to spend all his time looking at porn and masturbating (yep that's your hero folks!). After failing to woo his crush with chocolate, he hears rumors of a new technology called a "squip" a microcomputer that can make you cool or smarter or whatever you're lacking. After selling some of his aunt's beloved beanie babies, Jeremy gets a blackmarket squip.

The squip changes his life--taking him from dud to stud in record ti
I don't get to read a lot of YA novels written from a male's point of view so this was really fun for me. I like how Ned Vizzini's mind works. While he's dealing with real-life experiences about boys being hang up on being Cool, on girls, masturbation and etc., he didn't make his story so cliched and ordinary - he put a bit of sci-fi-like action into it in the form of the pill called "squip," which basically ran the whole exciting course of the story.
Also, this book reminded me that boys also ha
Morgan F
Aug 25, 2011 Morgan F rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of The Deathday Letter
I was so eager to read this book because I loved Vizzini's novel It's Kind of a Funny Story, which I found to be both funny and perceptive. This book was more of it's immature little brother (although it technically is older).

The concept of a geek swallowing a supercomputer to become Cool is an over-the-top twist to the classic "dweeb becomes cool" story that fodders so many high school rom-coms. And although the premise is funny and ridiculous, I was waiting for the book to become serious. It
Guillermo Merlos
Summary:In the novel Be More Chill, a young teenage boy goes threw high school being the underdog. He is bullied and makes it by with only one friend. The day comes when he decides its enough and takes a drug called a "squip" which is a supper computer that is implanted into his brain to make him cool. He finally feels reassured in life but little does he know that with taking a "squip" there are consequences. He might be making the biggest mistake of his life.

Themes and Ideas:One of the themes
Cassi aka Snow White Haggard
Be More Chill follows the story of Jeremy Heere, a dorky theater-nerd who seems to spend all his time looking at porn and masturbating (yep that's your hero folks!). After failing to woo his crush with chocolate, he hears rumors of a new technology called a "squip" a microcomputer that can make you cool or smarter or whatever you're lacking. After selling some of his aunt's beloved beanie babies, Jeremy gets a blackmarket squip.

The squip changes his life--taking him from dud to stud in record ti
So here’s the premise: teenage boy is awkward, nerdy, uncool. He hears about a pill, a “squip,” that is a microcomputer that will give him instructions on how to be cool (or “more chill”). He gets a squip, becomes cool, and eventually the squip fails - its technology isn’t perfect yet.

You might have been thinking - wait, wait, as YAF shouldn’t this book have ended with the boy realizing he’s better off as himself, without the aid of a microcomputer telling him exactly what to say? No. No, that’s
cleverly plotted story.... Every teenager guy can relate in the situation. How I wish I can acquire this "squip" thing and become as cool as what most of us desire.
Unique perspective on the issue of being cool. My 15-year-old son thought this book was amazing and awesome and made me read it (I love when he does that).
Not very impressed, sometimes being inside of a teenage boy's head is no fun at all.
Dec 30, 2013 Sabrina rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People in need of a good laugh
first of all, let me say that Ned Vizzini's death is a horrible loss to the whole world. His books were so unbelievably realistic, with their ups and downs. His superior writing and strong characters who always develop somehow throughout the books are probably my favorite part of anything by Vizzini.

First of all, the dialouge was hilarious! The Squip especially cracked me up. For an emotionless piece of technology, it sure had a sense of humor. There were so many times when I thought, "Is there
“Being Cool (sic) is obviously the most important thing on earth. It’s more important than getting a job, or having a girlfriend, or political power, or money, because all these things are predicated by Coolness,” muses Jeremy Heere, protagonist of Ned Vizzini’s 2004 debut novel Be More Chill (29.) We have all shared high schooler Jeremy’s plight in our younger years (or perhaps in our recent years, as well): the struggle to be accepted by our peers. However, Jeremy has a seeming advantage that ...more
Jeremy is a dorky, hypersensitive teenage boy. He’s got a crush on a girl in his class (Christine), he spends way too much time online, and he keeps track of the myriad ways other kids pick on him on his specially formatted “humiliation sheets.” Everything changes when Jeremy gets a “squip” – a nano-computer that tells him what to do in order to be cool, get with girls, and increase his popularity. Jeremy’s squip has a voice like Keanu Reeves and generally its advice gets results - but not with ...more
This book is about a high schooler named Jeremy. Hes not very social. And hes a typical high school geek. And he also likes a girl named Christine who is in the drama club. But he doesnt want to be known by all that. He just wants to be a cool kid. So he takes this pill that makes him behave and become what he wants to be. But little does he know that the more he takes it the more consequences there will be. His main external conflict is trying to not take to many pills and trying to avoid to be ...more
Be More Chill was an interesting novel. There were parts I liked, and parts I didn’t like about the story, writing, characters, events etc. So lets start with the stuff I didn’t like.

One of the things that jumped out to me almost immediately upon reading it was some of the crazy verbs used for dialogue attribution. I recently finished Stephen King’s On Writing and one of the things he suggests that, as writers, that we never do, is to use superfluous adverbs when attributing dialoge. However, “S
Ashlyn Rae (TeenageReader)
Be More Chill was the second book I read written by Ned Vizzini. Although I didn’t like it as much as It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Be More Chill was seriously funny!
Jeremey was an interesting character to read about. He’s the weird type of nerd, who just wanted to fit in at high school. I thought that one of the main reasons why he took The Squip was because he wanted to get Christine’s attention. She’s clearly out of his league but it was nice how he tried everything he can to be with her. Some
In the world of high school, popular students rule. It’s like a binding agreement granted by no headmaster or principal in a certain school. And their power alone lies on their complete dominion over their classmates and every student in general through different corridors and four corners of a room. You have to obey them though and deal with whatever shit they may bring you along the way, because if you do not, there’s always a huge chance they are going to lambast and humiliate you in front of ...more
Carter Mooney
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ned Vizzini’s novel Be More Chill is an easy read and would be great to teach to a class of high school students if only there weren’t so many obscenities. The book starts innocently enough with a student who’s a bit of an outcast—Jeremy Heere. He’s just an average teen looking to make more friends and date the girl he’s crushing on. Everything changes one day when he’s told of the new nanotechnology of the “Squip”. The Squip is a small computer that can give commands and assist a student in be ...more
"Be More Chill". With that title and this cover, why wouldn't I, the then-16-year-old, bored-out-of-her-mind, dying-to-read-something-fresh-and-funny, NOT want to pick up this book? The very title caught my attention at the library, the many shelves of ongoing dull titles stretching out before me.

I snatched up the book and biked home (checking it out first, of course).

This book was the shit because it was fast-paced and just "chill", in general. It was laid-back and hip; I could seriously dig it
Be More Chill
Having Someone Tell You How to Live Can Be Good
Jeremy thinks that nothing is more important than being popular. What if you could swallow a pill that made you socially accepted on all levels? The Squip did exactly that for him. It took him from being a complete loser, who had “Humiliation Sheets” that listed everything that happened to him at school. After he swallows the Squip, he becomes the hottest and coolest guy at school. It tells him to say and act in certain ways, and he
Kelsey Trinkner
This book is about an average high school boy by the name of Jeremy. By average, I mean he's nothing special. Jeremy is the type of kid we would consider a dork. He's someone you wouldn't look twice at. All of that changes once Jeremy is informed about the "Squip." The "Squip" is a supercomputer the size of a typical pill that you swallow, just like a pill. This tiny electronic device guarantees you the thing you desire most in life. For Jeremy, he desires a girl, but not just any girl. Jeremy d ...more
Brittany Kerwin
Be More Chill is a young adult novel that follows a young boy through his day-to-day high school life. This novel shows the different types of peer pressure that is typically associated with this age group, such as the pressure to drink and do drugs. The main character is pulled in to do both, but the drug that he chooses to take is completely different than any that someone can name. This is a technology taken from overseas that inserts a microcomputer into the brain of whoever takes it. The ch ...more
In “Be More Chill,” Jeremy Heere is an unpopular drama nerd who daily records the injustices he suffers on Humiliation Sheets. He’s never been to a party, never been to a dance, never been on a date, never been kissed… he virtually breaks out in hives just sitting next to a girl. When Jeremy thinks all hope of ever being Cool is lost, he learns about “squips.” A squip is a microscopic supercomputer that is swallowed. It then works its way into your brain and tells you how to walk, talk, and dres ...more
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Died December 19, 2013.

Vizzini grew up primarily in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City. He attended Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, graduating in 1999. While still a teenager, he began to write articles for the New York Press, an alternative newspaper.

After he wrote an essay that got published by the New York Times Magazine, several of his essays about his young adult li
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