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The Nightmare Dilemma
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The Nightmare Dilemma (The Arkwell Academy #2)

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  705 ratings  ·  112 reviews
The thrilling fantastical mysteryseries, Arkwell Academy,from YA author Mindee Arnett continues in The Nightmare Dilemma.

Dusty Everhart might be able to predict the future through the dreams of her crush, Eli Booker, but that doesn’t make her life even remotely easy. When one of her mermaid friends is viciously assaulted and left for dead, and the school’s jokester, Lance
ebook, 384 pages
Published March 4th 2014 by Tor Teen
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Rashika (is tired)
***This review has also been posted on The Social Potato

Afinished copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my opinion in any way.

This was definitely one of my most awaited sequels for the year and when I got a copy in the mail, you would not believe how loud I screamed. When I finally got around to reading the book, I was so glad to not have been let down. I wouldn’t say it got better or worse, it was just the same level as awesome as T
Alex B.
Soon, Mindee, SOON
Sophia C
This book was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was not exempt from “sequel syndrome”. You know, when the second book is not as good as the first? I loved the first Arkwell Academy book, and it was so nice to get into the series again. I also like how, unlike a lot of mystery novels, this was a continuation of the first mystery and added more mystery on top. Meaning: it’s complicated, but I like it. The beginning of the book eased me back into this incredible magical world, and I had no trouble r ...more
The Nightmare Dilemma is a solid, entertaining sequel to The Nightmare Affair, beautifully avoiding some of the pitfalls so common in second books of a series and taking us on a complete journey with Dusty instead of leaving us on the final page but only mid-story overall. The synopsis is a bit misleading in a way that doesn’t do this book justice, giving readers the idea that we’ll have to deal with a love triangle when Dusty’s ex-boyfriend reenters the picture to give Eli a run for his money, ...more
Alice Liu
4.5 stars. I didn't read the first book, so I was a somewhat of a disadvantage reading The Nightmare Dilemma. There was enough information for me to follow the story, but I was a bit perplexed at the very opening when Dusty is so rebellious that she isn't trying to help a friend who has been attacked. Not having read Nightmare Affair, I wasn't sure if there was a reason for her reluctance, or if she was just being immature. Throughout the book, her rebellious nature is often reactive, but as she ...more
I really enjoyed The Nightmare Affair and thankfully The Nightmare Dilemma was even better!

Dusty, Eli and the rest of the Dream Team and for that matters the rest of the hiding magical society, are still recovering from the consequences of the battle with the evil sorcerer with the black phoenix pet and the break of the Will.

If I had liked Dusty before, I simply adored her in this one. She's got this quirky and sarcastic sense of humour and she's beginning to try and learn to put a filter betwee
Unfortunately, I didn't like this novel as much as I'd hoped I would. The romantic aspect of the book completely ruined it for me. And no offense to Twilight lovers, but it was like reading another Edward and Bella; and we all know how that went.

I was expecting a great paranormal mystery, but what I got instead was a book mainly focused on the romance rather than the actual plot.

Eli and Dusty constantly acted like a couple of rabbits in heat- they would have random spouts of lust and then st
A good follow up for its predecessor, The Nightmare Dilemma is fun and full of trouble!

Tensions are rising in Arkwell Academy with the magical restrictions gone, a mermaid hospitalized by being assaulted, and Lance being the accused. It's also hard to tell who's friend or foe when magic kind start taking sides against each other creating drama. Things get especially complicated for Eli and Dusty when they find out her ex-boyfriend is being released and returning to school.

As usual, Arnet writes
The Twins Read
This review can originally be found at The Twins Read.

Actual rating: 3.5/5

When one of Dusty's friends is attacked and accusing eyes are cast on resident jock Lance Rathbone, Dusty is doubtful of Lance's participation in the heinous crime. She's all set to find out who the real perpetrator is but it's not as easy as it seems. The dreams she shares with Eli are no help either seeing as how they're more nightmare than prophecy. To complicate things even more Dusty's ex-boyfriend is back and he's a
Monica Williams
This is the second book in the series featuring nightmare Dusty Everhart. Dusty is a real nightmare, she can link up with her dream partner Eli Booker to help predict the future through the dreams they share. Dusty and friends go to school at Arkwell Academy- a special school for the magically gifted and other supernatural beings. The story picks up after the events of the first book. Dusty is once again summoned to help. Brittany, a mermaid has been brutally attacked and Dusty is asked to read ...more
Mmmm. Mmmm again. I had so much fun reading this book! Beside the pillow punching and tantrums I needed to make.

I swear I'm going to legalize the prescription of sequel in the future for mentally-unable-to-wait patients. I so need the next one. I have a feeling about it, and, well, god help us.

I kind of read this one in a single breath. It never seemed to leave my hands today.

Dusty grew so much. Eli grew on me too, but his mood annoys me. Paul was sweet. I always end up defending the villain,
Well, the truth is this book had quite the boring start. Actually, it wasn't exactly boring. The action was just pretty slow, and I like my books eventful.

I don't think I'm going to be picking up the next book in this series however. It's not because I didn't like the story itself, but because the crossed-lovers story-line was somewhat annoying, especially at the end.

Edit: 07/23/14.

Truth is, I didn't appreciate how super-duper-hot Eli is supposed to be simply because hot guys in YA books are get
Van (Short & Sweet Reviews)
Disclosure: I received a review copy from the publicist in exchange for a honest review.

The Nightmare Dilemma is the sequel to last year’s fun paranormal mystery The Nightmare Affair. Dusty and the gang are all back in the latest installment. It’s been a month since Dusty and her friends defeated the Red Warlock and broken the Will (rule/law governing magic use) enabling everyone the freedom to use magic without any restrictions/consequences. Since Dusty, Eli and Selene worked so well together i
From Children's Literature review:
Dusty Everhart returns in this sequel to The Nightmare Affair (2013). Since high school sophomores Dusty and Eli defeated the evil Marrow and broke The Will, students at Arkwell Academy have been able to practice magic much more freely-- with some disturbing results. Fights between various sects of magickind have increased, and after an attack leaves mermaid Britney Shell in critical condition, Dusty's assistance is requested by a Magi Senate member. As a Nightm
Buzzwords: Dreams, amateur detective work, prejudice, romance (a hint of love triangle, a dash of star-crossed romance), thwarting evil plots

When their friend Britney is attacked, Dusty and Eli are again recruited to use their dreams to solve the mystery. With the help of their friend Selene and an unexpected source, they again stumble into a problem that's much more than they expected - and get ready to save the magic-world. Again.

With humor, action, and some serious teenage drama, this book is
Cristina (Girl in the Pages)
I was pleasantly surprised by the first book in the series, The Nightmare Affair, after stumbling upon it at my local library despite never having heard of it before. I was able to pick up the sequel right away, and found it to be a charming installment in a series that seems to be finding its own footing better and better in each installment, although with some less-than-original elements.

In my review of The Nightmare Affair, I mentioned how the series did seem to borrow quite a bit from the Ha
It may be just me, but the style and pacing of the Arkwell Academy series reminds me of the early Harry Potter books. (Even some of the plot elements are similar.)

Still, this series is able to stand on its own merits and I quite enjoyed following the "dream team" as they sleuthed their way through another mystery. The only fly in the ointment for me was the revelation of (view spoiler)

Read This: You like detective/ sleuthing? You also like paranormal? This is a book for you.
Movie Adaptation? I want to see more of these kind of books being turned into movies. It's light, fluffy with a touch of paranormal and good plot.

I know the first one was a so- so kind of book but this one was pretty amazing. I really enjoy reading about this world. It's got funny little quirks like the technology having a personality and all the different types of magickind. It just makes for an overall g
Actual rating: 3.75

When I read "The Nightmare Affair" earlier in the year, I loved it, thinking it a blend of Harry Potter and Vampire Academy, with its own distinct flair. This book was a little disappointing. The plot was very complex at first, but it did come together a little over half-way through the book. Characters new and old are present and each one lends a certain atmosphere to the book. I liked the majority of the characters, but some I didn't for various reasons. Dusty is as
Jessi Larie

This book was so adorable! I loved The Nightmare Affair, so I was super excited for the sequel. And it didn't disappoint!

I love Dusty. If she were a real person, we'd be good friends! She's snarky and funny! She's also strong - she may have had moments of weakness, but she didn't fall apart when things got tough. She took action.

Eli kind of irked me a few times in this one. His mood swings almost gave me mental whiplash…I wanted to smack him! There was a reason behind it, sure, but I feel like

I enjoyed this book more than the first. I also forgot a lot of what happened in the first book.

I found it hard to hold a grudge against Paul--probably because I don't remember well what he did. I think he genuinely likes Dusty, though, and regrets his misdeeds. However, I don't particularly want her to date him again.

For the record, there isn't a love triangle, though I was nervous there would be one.

Dusty's frustration with Eli's hot-and-cold behavior toward her was completely merited, and I s
Soma "Insomnia Of Books"
The thing is, I read the first book in this series a long while ago. So, many of the details were not very clear in my mind. And I had forgotten some of the characters' names, but luckily, from the first page, I got back into the world like I had never left.
Dusty, one of the rare Nightmares, defeated the most evil of enemies. And she thought her problems are over. But there's much more to come. Someone has almost killed one of Dusty's friends. And the rumors are spreading. And Dusty can't real
Eh bien, c'était fun! Je referme The Nightmare dilemma comme on rentre de voyage, encore émerveillé de ce qu'on a vu et impatient d'en parler.

Ce second tome prend place quelques mois après la fin de The Nightmare Affair, et n'est pas exempt des défauts inhérents aux suites de très bons premiers tomes.

Disons-le tout de suite : il est moins bon que le premier. C'est dit.

Mais il est tout de même génial. So... Let's go!

- Commençons par les rêves : J'aime toujours autant le concept. Et je sais, c
Abbe "The Awesome Senior" Hinder

Wow is the first word that comes to mind when I think about this book. But it's not the kind of wow that's like,wow. This book knows how to pack a huge punch.It's also not that wow that's like,wow. This book is pretty great.It's more like:

From boredom. It seems to be an ongoing thing with this series. I likedThe Nightmare Affairenough to warrant it three stars but I can't give this one anything higher than a two because I was so bored out of my mind that I had to stop reading it for two months.
Ashleigh Paige
See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten!

3.5 stars.

After enjoying The Nightmare Affair thoroughly, it took me a surprisingly long time to get to its sequel The Nightmare Dilemma thanks to my moods not being in favor of it and a lot of review copies getting in the way. When I got the time for a free read and I finally felt like I was in the mood for Dusty’s shenanigans with her friends at a secret school for supernatural creatures, I finally got to it and found myself satisfied. It’s not as good a
Hannah (The Curiouser & Curiouser)
Read to 50% and then skimmed the rest of the book. It was boring, tedious, and I really, really wanted to punch Dusty by the second chapter. Which is kinda disappointing because the first in the series was not this bad, at all. I remember liking it well enough, though I would have to say for the life of me I cannot remember exactly what happened. It wasn’t memorable in any way.

I felt like I was reading a bad impersonation of Nancy Drew. All Dusty and her crew do is wonder around their magical bo
Hope Molinelli
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ta§chima Cullen
Well, I didn't think The Nightmare Dilemma could have been any better than The Nightmare Affair...


Guess I was wrong.

Sophomore reads can sometimes be a downer. It is so nice when they manage to keep up with their predecessor! The Nightmare Dilemma had all the magic that drew me to The Nightmare Affair. Best of all it had Dusty in all her glory. I love this character, she is a smart mouthed Nightmare. Quite literately, she feeds on other people's dreams. Though lately the only dreams she has been
The Nightmare Dilemma is the sequel to The Nightmare Affair, a book that I really enjoyed despite some of the tropes that the author used. In this book we check back in with our heroine Dusty Everhart, Nightmare and dream-seer as she tries to get over her trust issues (view spoiler). The relationship between Eli and Dusty's now at this awkward stage where Dusty feels ...more
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The Nightmare Affair (The Arkwell Academy, #1) Avalon (Avalon, #1) Proxy (Avalon, #0.5) Polaris (Avalon, #2) The Nightmare Charade (The Arkwell Academy, #3)

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I rolled my eyes. "Like you'd even miss it."
"Ha, ha.”
“Eli grinned, a dimple appearing on one cheek. "Could it be you're starting to care whether Lance Rathbone lives or dies? Miracles and wonders abound."
"Shut up”
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