Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist
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Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist (Left Behind #3)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  22,795 ratings  ·  437 reviews
Only one series will take you to the end of the world as you explore eternal truth: the best-selling Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Now the entire series is available in an audio CD format. Each abridged CD is read by Frank Muller. It has been nearly two years since the day of the mass disappearances. In one cataclysmic instant, millions all over th...more
Audio CD, Abridged, 180 pages
Published October 1st 2000 by Tyndale Audio (first published 1997)
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First, I must dispute some of the claims made by other reviewers. They claim that this series is sexist, mainly because of the character of Hattie Durham. That is ridiculous, not only because such women exist in the world, but especially because there are other female characters (Chloe, for example) who do not behave in this manner. Additionally, there are male characters who have impure sexual motives as well. So, calling this book sexist is utterly unfounded. Secondly, they have called this bo...more
So, you're probably wondering why I keep reading these books if I hate them so much... I like the stories, I do, I just hate the writing. Hate is a strong word, and I hate the writing. I believe in the story - no knocking religion, knocking the books.

This is the third book in the series (of 15 OMG) and what I had hoped would ease off eventually just keeps happening - eternal recaps within the story. It's like the authors don't trust us to be able to keep up. Seriously, there is a chapter of abou...more
At this point I'm only listening to these for laughs and because they don't require much thought to follow. Being the third book in the series, there's a lot of time spent recapping the entire premise of the original story and the previous books, but most of this doesn't show up until the last third of the book.
Again, the author shows that he has very limited knowledge of science despite attempting to throw terms into the book, even allowing for dating technology back about 15 years...more
I'm really enjoying these books for some reason. They're like a fluffy VC Andrews book without the incest. Granted, I find them a bit heavy-handed on the morals and 'thou shalt nots,' but what else would you expect from a novel about the rapture?
Once again, I am enthralled by the subject matter of these books but I am so confused as to why it was not executed better. The writing is so laughably lacking in any sort of creative realm it is almost painful to me. The use of metaphoric language is absolutely nonexistent in these novels. Basically, I read this book in a day. And while I am a fast reader, that is a feat I have rarely achieved. I am convinced I did it because they are so simple to read. Straightforward, no frills, just boom boo...more
Meh. Meh. Meh. Lots of condescension and anti-intellectualism in this book as well, though I guess that's to be expected. Nothing of serious interest goes on, and Nicolae continues to be the most uninspiring and boring anti-Christ ever presented in book form. The Omen series was a good, somewhat schlocky set of movies dealing with the birth and rise of the anti-Christ. Sam Neill was an AWESOME son of the devil; charismatic, attractive, actually well spoken and wonderfully subtly evil. You could...more
I still hated the prologue of this book. When I am reading a series, especially one that's been out for a while, I hate rereading the same thing over again. I realize that it doesn't happen when the books first come out but I feel like it's poor style to write the same thing over again. It would be easy to show a new scene that would set the whole feeling for the rest of the book without relying on your old book.

Despite that, I actually think that I liked this book the best out of the first thr...more
Nicolae , book three in the Left Behind Series, was especially exciting to re-read. Bombs are dropping where Chloe and Buck live in Chicago. Rayford is flying Nicolae Carpathia around to New Babylon, Iraq, and other exotic places, while spying on the man he’s convinced will soon be revealed as the Antichrist. The story expands to include Ken Ritz, Mac McCullum, and Amanda White, and returns to a familiar character, Hattie Durham, to give her another shot at redemption.

In Israel, biblical scholar...more
Sep 24, 2007 Amanda rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Christians/those interested in prophecy
Shelves: spiritual, disturbing
This book picks up where the last one left off, with Steele going to fly the new Global Community plane for Carpathia and Buck finding out about the slaughter of his friend Tsion's family.

As the bombing of major cities by the Global Community starts WWIII, Steele is equipped to listen to everything said beyond his cockpit by a secret intercom system installed for him by the maker of the plane and his good friend Earl.

Buck makes a trip overseas to save Tsion and brings him back to the church to...more
Blogger and journalist Fred Clark has repeatedly attacked the book as being "Bad Writing and Bad Theology"[1] in a long running series of weekly posts[2]. He feels that after the Rapture the people of the world, including the heroes of the story, assimilate the disappearance of all the world's children with a monstrous rapidity that displays the ways that the authors have allowed their checklist of prophecies to be fulfilled to outweigh the consequences these events would have on the psyches of...more
Dorothy Bandusky
This novel is very exciting and does a good job of continuing the suspense of the previous books. However, I felt that the authors spent just a little too much time reminding readers of the characters' back-stories.
Sharal Hunter
Another awesome story in this series. I don't know if I should be irritated that each book ends with such a climatic cliffhanger that leaves me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next story to see what happens. This book also leaves me anticipating what will happen to the members of the Tribulation Force now that the Earth has been struck by the Wrath of the Lamb. Who has survived? Who didn't?

I highly recommend this series. This is the third book and there are nine more to go and I am eagerl...more
The library did not have book 2 (Tribulation Force), so I watched the movie instead. Then for some bizarre reason I chose to read book 3.

If possible, this one is more poorly-written than the first book in the series. I have to agree with the disrespectful treatment of the female characters - who are either shrews, domestic goddesses, childish, or quickly killed off. They have very little involvement as leads except in relation to the male heroes and villains. Nor were they the first ones to bec...more
Although the book is called Nicolae, I really didn't learn much more about the anti-Christ than I had from reading the other 2 books. Pretty much the only storyline I was interested in (and that I hadn't heard in the other books)was that of Ben-Judah and his escape. I am over the cheesy conversations between Buck and Chloe, Ray and Chloe, or Ray and Amanda. Despite all this, I'll probably continue to read through the series because I really want to know what is supposedly in store for us.
I think this is the one where the Antichrist proves his evilness by embracing all religions & espousing a humanist philosophy. (Sounds like someone has an agenda here.) This is the last book I read in the series. It's pretty hilarious. Also, I believe a good portion of the book is little more than an advertisement for the Land Rover. If you're an agnostic, this book will make you an atheist.
I am reading this series through to the end this summer. I finished book 3 and 4 on vacation. It is interesting reading and Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins make Scripture come to life with this series.
They are novels but they make you think...
Nathan Boxall
I enjoyed reading this book and like the action scenes, but the authors are obviously preachers rather than story writers. At points, it felt very preachy - but I was expecting that as it is a story about the end of times according to the Bible. Unfortunately, it was let down by some of the story telling. As it was the third in a series, it repeated itself a lot, there were whole chunks (pages at a time) that summarised stories of characters that I had just read two books about, I didn't need to...more
David Nichols
In which 25% of the remaining Non-Raptured Persons (NRPs) is killed by meteors, the Global Community bombs a few cities for peace, and Rayford Steele tries to convince Hattie not to abort the Devil's Spawn.
Christina Difilippantonio-jolley
Can't do it. I give up after this book. I don't care about any of the characters. They could all die, and I wouldn't care. Why? Because the writing is that bad. The characters are all flat and one dimensional. The authors instead rely on actions and impending doom rather than making it a character driven story.

And what was with Rayford's random wife that just shows up with a very weak back story. I felt like I missed some chapter, but I didn't. Just poor planning on the authors' part.

Also, this...more
Jasmine C.
Never underestimate your enemy, because you never know what they can do to you and your loved ones. Rayford Steele continues to work for Nicolae Carpathia, the AntiChrist, while Buck Williams does the same. Everyone has been told of a great earthquake that will come. No one but the Tribulation Force is ready for it. Meanwhile, Buck goes to Israel to find an old friend, Tsion Ben-Judah, who is being hunted for telling of Christ on national television. Tsion's family has been murdered and the kill...more
As the start the audio book, maybe it is me, but I do not like the reader's voice. He sort of bores me and puts me to sleep. However, I try to pay attention to the story itself. The beginning is a bit of a bore as well, vying for something to catch my attention. But I can see all the characters from previous book in my head from the movies, weird but helps the story move along for me.

It took about 35% before the story became quite interesting. I actually like the scripture passages quoted by th...more
1 1/2 stars.

These books just do not get any better as they go along. While the writing style may be marginally improved over the first book, this one still suffers from the same lack of imagination and storytelling abilities as the first two. As an example, at the end of the first chapter two of the characters are fleeing the center of Chicago in a rental car they got after landing at O'Hare. They see a "mushroom shaped cloud" in the direction of O'Hare and decide they need a sturdier vehicle, s...more
I found this book a harder to go along with than the other two. had a hard time believing how many people Nicolae could puppeteer to accomplish all those tasks without at least one of them being a believer. Too many tasks were resolved in too short of a time period for my taste. I know that this book is subtitled "The Rise of Antichrist", but given how many people the main characters interacted with in the last couple books, I would have thought more people would have questioned his rise to powe...more
Propaganda. There is propaganda that reads well and there is propaganda that is schlock. This is schlock.
A series of books about the rapture is always going to come with an ideological slant. Sure they are fundamentalist Christian and pretty damn right wing but do they have to flag their position on everything from abortion to the welfare state and back to gun control? Do they have to be so utterly paranoid?
If the success of this series is about the fast paced action well it often comes to a st...more
David Sarkies
Aug 18, 2012 David Sarkies rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Nobody
Recommended to David by: Some Christian Fundamentalist
Shelves: christian
I believe that I finished this book and I read about three pages of the forth book before I thought 'this is rubbish' and metaphorically threw it away. I guess it was simply the really poor writing skills of the author that ended up putting me off simply because reading even a sentence would make me cringe. Granted there are a lot of cringeworthy books out there, but I generally do not read them. It is not that I have anything against pure escapism, but even then the Left Behind series would ha...more
Kate Hyde
This is book 3 in the Left Behind series. I've found that the books seem to get slower and slower (and more full of fluff/back story) as you follow the series. I think this particular book was "just ok" for a couple of reasons.

First, the authors felt the need to retell almost the whole story from the last two books. I can understand their motives, since each book was published about a year apart. So if you followed the story as it came out, it may have been a year since you read the last instal...more
Summary: Rayford continues to work as Nicolae Carpathia's pilot. He meets up with Hattie, his old flight attendant who is engaged to Carpathia. Hattie is upset with her relationship and wants to leave Carpathia, who couldn't care less. World War III continues with a lot of talk about famine and disease but we don't see much, if any, of it. The best part of the book is Buck's mission to find rabbi Tsion Ben-Judah and rescue him from hiding after the murder of his wife and step-children. Buck's fa...more
Re-reading this series has given me a different perspective. For Christians who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible this won't disappoint. However, for people who do not believe in a literal interpretation, have a difference set of beliefs altogether, or are without a specific faith this is still an exciting series that for those people is more of the science fiction genre. In other words, these books are a good read regardless of matters of faith.
I find myself wishing the perfect e...more
The third book of the Left Behind series focuses on the rise of the man known by Christians to be the AntiChrist in the last days on Earth. Of course, the story is not told from Carpathia’s perspective, but from that of the believers we already know and love – Chloe, Buck, and Ray. Ray and Buck struggle with the most evil boss in the world, the Tribulation force grows larger (and smaller), rescue missions take front and center, and intense Internet proselytizing begins. Just another chapter of...more
The Tribulation Force has just started mending their wounds after one of their own has died. The beginnings of the great tribulation soar on as Nicolae has personal plans that are becoming more and more clear to the group that is against him. As all seems terrible for the ones on earth, God's prophecy rings true. What should end for this Tribulation Force? Who will remain alive after this is all over? And what has Nicolae planned (or already done) ahead of time during God's judgment?

This story i...more
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