A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County, #3)
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A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County #3)

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  12,720 ratings  ·  469 reviews
Sara Linton, medical examiner in the small town of Heartsdale, GA, is called out to an apparent suicide on the local college campus. The mutilated body provides little in the way of clues -- and the college authorities are eager to avoid a scandal -- but for Sara and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, things don't add up.

Two more suspicious suicides follow, and a young woman i...more
Hardcover, 346 pages
Published September 16th 2003 by William Morrow (first published 2003)
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I think I'm going to have to give back my English Lit degree. I don't know how I got to book three in this series without realizing that half the characters are named after characters in Wuthering Heights. Really? Hareton Earnshaw? Cathy and "Eddie" Linton?

It's useless to argue that I'm just reading this series out of boredom because I am clearly working my way through the Grant county series. With this novel, however, I am losing some of my like and respect for the characters. I like Jeffrey a...more
I really struggled to finish this book for a number of reasons. Firstly there is practically no character development. In the last book, Lena wasa screwed up and Jeffrey and Sara were flirting about not knowing how to commit to their relationship. In this book, nothing had changed! I got bored of Lena shrugging people off and yelling for them not to touch her, and I got frustrated with Sara and Jeffrey falling in love and then arguing and running in the other direction! Either kill Lena off or g...more
Richard (Davros)
This is one of the worst books I have read in a long time.

I would love to give it a lower star but it probably was better than that. I got into Karin slaughter as a good friend knows I am into Guts, Gore and Bloodletting; the more macabre the better. This failed in *EVERY* aspect. I was not even concerned over Tessa - or whether she would lose the baby, save for how long she [Slaughter] was going to drag it out for? Answer - too bloody long.

It was my own fault, I should have deleted it off the c...more
Barbara Mitchell
I'm gradually becoming a solid fan of Karin Slaughter's mystery novels. In this one the lead characters are Sara Linton, medical examiner, and Jeffrey Tolliver, Chief of Police, of a small college town in Georgia. The college plays a large role in the story; it's supposedly a school for dorky types who don't fit in at the better known large universities in Georgia. Judging from the scene at one dorm party, though, these kids don't seem very nerdy at all.

As this gripping story begins, the body of...more
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I give high ratings to Karin Slaughter because I really enjoy her books, even though I'm a bit of a literary snob and don't generally read contemporary fiction. I have spent the past few years reading a lot of non-fiction and her writing has been my reason for returning to fiction.

These books have a 'Murder She Wrote' element to them, wherever her main character -Sara Linton, pediatrician/smalltown medical examiner- is murder just happens to show up. This wouldn't be such a problem for me as a...more
Out of the Karin Slaughter novels I have read this is my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong it was enjoyable because of the characters I have come to know. These characters are well written and I enjoyed the next chapter in their fictional lives.

In this book a suspicious suicide occurs sending out the town Medical Examiner Sara Linton. She is called out while with her pregnant sister. This particular death might have remained a suicide if it wasn’t for the stabbing of Sara’s sister at the crime...more
I won't rehash the plot, as that has been done before. I will simply give my opinion.

A Faint Cold Fear is the third in Karin Slaugher's Grant county series. It is well written and follows the same main characters as were introduced in the first book of the series, Blindsighted. All of their personal stories are furthered and continued to hold my interest; however, I did feel that there was too much focus on Lena. I find her character traits to be less and less believable, and frankly, I'm beginn...more
Not very good

First the positives:

The over-arching storyline of A Faint Cold Fear is really a pretty good story. I did want to know who did it so I read until the very end.

Now, the negatives:

A shotgun IS NOT a rifle. They are both long guns, but they are different. This is not specialized knowledge. Ask anyone who knows a thing about guns and they'll explain the difference. It's not hard. I can't believe no one caught that at the publishing house, either.

I also cannot believe that any college ca...more
Dick Edwards
I heard this young woman present at the National Book Festival on 25Sep2010. She is a good presenter, relaxed and with a good sense of humor, and made me want to read her books. This book kept me reading to the end, because I suspected who the killer was. However, I was wrong, so therefore I consider this to be a good mystery. I perceive a major flaw, however, unless I am just not reading it intelligently enough. There were about 5 murders, and when the killer reveals himself, he says that one o...more
Dana Delamar
Another great entry in the Grant County series. There were a few things I didn't quite buy (the "talking killer" at the end is never one of my favorite devices, and here it seemed especially "off"--why the killer confessed to that particular person at that particular time didn't ring true to me), but the story had a strong mystery at the center and plenty of twists and turns. The characters of Sara, Jeffrey, and especially Lena are all well-drawn, and for me are the reason this series is so comp...more
Karin Slaughter's books are very character intense. She's just as interested in the murder mystery aspect of the novel as she is her characters' development and how they deal with what's going on around them. Although I don't really like any of the characters in her novels, I am interested in their lives. One of the problems with novels like this is after awhile you have to wonder why bad things (like murder) always keep happening to them. I mean, how many times can you have your primary charact...more
Veruit het slechtste boek dat ik al van haar heb gelezen - en dan zijn we nog maar drie boeken ver in de serie over Sara Linton.

Het neigt hier meer naar chicklit dan naar een thriller. Dit door de totale ongeloofwaardigheid van het verhaal:

De pingpongrelatie van Sara en Jeffrey: mensenlief beslis nu eindelijk eens of je bij elkaar gaat blijven, of ga door met je leven!
Dat er weeral iemand in de nabije omgeving van de hoofdpersonages (dodelijk) getroffen moet worden: hoe onrealistisch is het dat...more
Her books essentially have every main character being raped, killed, or beaten... The themes of how women are abused is a prevailing theme, and I have to wonder if this author has experienced this and is trying to work thru it by her writings..... I just don't buy it. Lena's sister is killed and she is near death and then in violent relationships as she resorts to drinking post trauma........ Sara was raped when younger and stabbed, HER sister is attacked and loses a baby... just too much to be...more
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Actual Rating: 3.5

It only took about 20 pages before something happened, and it shocked me enough to the point where it felt surreal, and that maybe I had misread. While it’s certainly possible that this was the whole point, it was so unexpected and upsetting. And then it seemed like this certain aspect of the entire plot was shoved underneath the rug and only addressed if it was necessary to drive the emotional plot between Sara and Jeffery forward. I sincerely hope that what happened will be a...more
I could swear I've read this one before. I liked it, but it felt familiar. I might have read another book of the series.
Karin's descriptive powers are a delight. At the beginning, she elaborates on the effects of a young man with body piercings who has jumped/fallen/been thrown from a bridge. It is a particularly gruesome end result.

I enjoyed the basic story line which starts by depicting what looks like a suicide by someone who seems capable of the act. It turns out to be a more complicated sto...more

Grant County Georgia medical examiner and pediatrician Sara Linton is called to a crime scene while with her pregnant sister Tessa. Tessa wanders off to relieve herself while Sara joins her ex-husband police chief Jeffrey Tolliver. It appears that the victim is a male college student Andy Rosen and that it was an apparent suicide. Both Sara and Jeffrey think there is more to his death. When Tessa does not return Sara and Jeff search for her. Sara finds her just in time and they whisk her off to...more
I'm feeling like a few other reviewers. The Grant County series started out well but has gone down hill. I truly don't care for the characters and other than waiting for the crimes to be solved, I wouldn't have continued with the book. The females have become pathetic creatures. Both Sara and Lena want to stick with cheating or abusive men. It's time to quit Grant County.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Eve Nolon
Insert all of the "I am reading this series again" intros that I've already written twice. The first time I read this one I didn't like it at all; I think I gave it one star and called that a gift. I am not sure what I didn't like... I have a feeling that it was all of the decisions Lena made through out the story. Drove me insane first time 'round, but this time not so much. I still feel like the Sara and Jeffrey fighting is there just to be there and serves no purpose other than them not getti...more
The investigation of an apparent suicide of a university student becomes so much more, including on a personal level, putting the nerves of both characters and readers on edge. Then another apparent suicide, but wait, this one doesn’t add up.

The story is once again told from the points of view of three characters, Dr Sara Linton who is both a pediatrician as well as the county coroner, chief of police Jeffrey Tolliver who also happens to be Sara’s ex-husband. And Lena Adams, a former detective n...more
Theresa Hernandez
Although I really liked A Faint Cold Fear, it's my least favorite book in the Grant County series so far. It doesn’t seem to have that same gripping tension from the first two that kept me reading long after I should have gone to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, no one does the whole creepy thriller quite like Karin Slaughter, but I just felt like something was missing from this one. That little extra something that pushes itself under my skin and keeps me riveted. That said, it is a thoroughly enjoya...more
The third installment in Slaughter’s Grant County series is both violent and unsettling. The story features pediatrician and medical examiner Sara Linton, her ex-husband Jeffrey Tolliver, and ne’er do well Lena Adams. Slaughter’s plot speeds along, and her characterization (while at times maddening, as Adams does very stupid things) and dialogue are engrossing.

The story is set in fictitious Grant County, Georgia. A student at Grant Tech has apparently committed suicide and Linton and Tolliver a...more
If I lived in Grant County, Georgia, I'd run for my life. This place is like death, incorporated. How many times can any one character face rape, and attempted murder? I think I could buy all this murder and mayhem, if perhaps, the protagonists lived in a big city - or even a big town. But all this unexpected horror in one small town stretches my ability to suspend my disbelief. And despite being with these characters for a couple of books - I still don't particularly like them.
I've never seen a book full of screwed up people in a relatively small georgraphical area in my life. It didn't make the book complex at all. It made it a chore to get through the murder mysteries that make up the core of the book. Just once I wanted ONE of them to get a clue. Or stop whining. Possibly get a clue AND stop whining. They were all adult, professional people and yet they acted like they couldn't remember that to save their lives. UG!
Wow! Karin Slaughter really knows how to write a murder mystery! She wastes no time getting to the action and suspense of the story. She just rips the band-aid off. It's not for the faint of heart. It is very graphic in places, so much so that I had to skim over some parts.

Slaughter kept me interested and turning pages until I unraveled the mystery of who was murdering people on campus and why.

Great story!

Emotions escalate in this, the third book in the series. Jeffrey is one scary dude letting his anger fly at Lena though she's in a precarious enough emotional position in her mind after what she's been through. I'd want to be as far away from every character in this book as possible. The anger gets old fast. The responses are so inappropriate.

While in her first two in this series, the author deals with unpalatable subjects, this one is needlessly vulgar, cheapening it. For instance when the char...more
I am really enjoying this series. I like the characters and their relationships. I find myself wanting certain things for the characters. Hope these two get together... Hope this one isn't insane... Hope this one feels better... Those types of things as if they were real. I think that what should happen when characters are well-developed. I look forward to what the series brings next for each character.
This was #3 in the Grant County series where Sara and Jeffrey are investigating suspicious suicides at the college. I love the continued character development of Sara, Jeffrey and Lena. The detailed scenes are fantastic, you can picture them while reading, even the gross descriptions of the suicide/murder scenes. Yuck! but... so well done!
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Karin Slaughter is the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of fourteen thrillers, including UNSEEN, CRIMINAL, FALLEN, BROKEN, UNDONE, FRACTURED, BEYOND REACH, TRIPTYCH, FAITHLESS, and the e-original short stories “Snatched” and “Busted.”

Slaughter was born in a small southern Georgia community, and now resides in Atlanta. She is widely credited with first coining the term "inv...more
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